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They're held prisoner at a cabin in the woods.

"Got a light pretty lady?"

A shadowy figure in the next alley asked. It could be Norman, right height, right size. I stopped and stammered.


I came unconsciously closer until he grabbed my elbow and pulled me into the alley.

"No light? But I bet you're fucking hot stuff, aren't you bitch?!"

It was Norman and he pulled me deeper into the alley and pushed me up against the wall before reaching his hand under my skirt and fingering my crotch for ages.

"Feels like you need a good hard fucking bitch, don't you?"

I gasped and made to say no but my head nodded and as whispered a "yes'.

"That's what she said too, despite what she's saying now" he hissed as she tugged my skirt up and around my waist before pushing me down on all fours and quickly mounting me from behind in a rough doggy style. As his cock slid into my hot, wet cunt I gave into my role as helpless female and gave a pitiful sob, wincing as my knees were jarred into the hard, stone surface of the alley. I heard and felt his hairy balls slap against my arse cheeks as he pounded into me bit my lip to stop from calling out.

Then I felt his hands in my hair, yanking on it, pulling it hard, pulling my head back as he continued to fuck me. His hand curled around the right side on my face and groped me then his fingers fish hooked my mouth and pulled at it. I felt like such a piece of meat, subject to whatever he wanted to do to me. Was this how Ruth had felt? Had he been telling the truth and she had been wet too? Had she gone along with it as meekly as I had?

He mashed my face down now until my lips touched the dirt underfoot, he positioned himself behind me so that he was bent over and my arse was at an impossible angle sticking up while he fucked me, it was so dirty and so nasty yet why did it feel so good? Finally, he exclaimed and I felt a warm flood of his cum rush up into my pussy before he shoved me over and leant down and hissed at me.

"Say nothing you little bitch, you wanted it, you know you did!"

And with that he left. I stayed on my front on the ground a few moments before slowly getting to my feet. I had a lot to think about as I slowly made my way home.


I didn't see Norman for a couple of days after that, I was working shifts and he never seemed to be around the apartment's complex we lived it. I should have been delighted, relieved even but there was a part of me that missed him, wondered what new depravity he had in store for me and feared that he was tiring of me.

At work my partner Maya, still seemed determined to find Ruth's assailant but the more I re-read her evidence the more I was beginning to believe Norman that the young student had been asking for it and had not been at all bothered when it had happened and had only raised objections after it was over and after she had realised what she had done - that was certainly how I had felt after his little 'reconstruction'. Maya was starting to annoy me now. I hadn't noticed it so much before but she really was quite the man hater. I knew she was a lesbian (and had made a fairly clumsy pass at me in the past) but the way she was speaking now about male suspects was really starting to aggravate me. 'Should cut off his balls', "Hang him by his nuts", "castrate the bastard' were a few of her more eloquent thoughts on potential criminals that I could not help but imagine as Norman (and they may well have been).

One day after shift while she was laying off verbally in that direction I found myself imagining whacking her on the skull from behind with my nightstick so knock her out, stripping that sexy, tanned body naked and handcuffing her to the bench and getting Norman in here to show her what she was missing. I imagined him roughly ass fucking her there and me standing in front of her playing with myself. It was all I could do to stop myself masturbating there and then at this fantasy.

"You Ok Chloe? You look like you're somewhere else."

"Uh? What? Yeah, sorry just thinking about a case."

I hurried home and continued the fantasy

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