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Professor teaches Tiffany what he has while another watches.

After a while, I started to relax and my cock began to soften.

After what seems like an hour and several cream going on and off my face, Vicky did a final rinse of my face. I opened my eyes and truth to be told, my face has never felt so clean before and I was definitely beginning to like the whole idea.

Vicky then meticulously dry my face with a towel and adjusted my seat to about 45 degree where I was still comfortably half lying down. At that point, I was so relaxed I completely forgotten about the hardon I had earlier on, and the sight of Vicky in her tiny bikini gave my cock a gentle wake up call. I felt it twitch a little in my shorts which was pretty obvious in the way the fabric moved. I did not know if Vicky noticed, but I did not expect anything more from her other then the side show she was giving me.

Vicky then went to the shelf and took out another tube of cream and with her beaming sales smile, brought the tube to her face and said," Sir, maybe I could introduce another product to you."

I was thinking, "Here we go, get the man in the room, lock the door and sell him everything you could find on the shelf."

I was about to dash out of the door when Vicky said, "Sir, this is our latest product, a male genitals wash."

I flashed my most surprised look and said," A male what??!!"

Vicky then half hopped to the chair, sat half of her tiny ass onto the side of the chair and said in a most sultry voice, "Sir, this is our latest hygiene product for men. A foaming cream to wash part."

I gave another puzzled look and said, "Well, didn't they call that soap??"

Vicky then moved her bikini clad body forward, placed one of her hand on my torso and said," This is different, it is perfumed and will keep ...fresh and clean the whole day. It will also leave a very fresh scent throughout the day. We also have it in fruity flavors."

I almost laughed out loud when I heard the last statement," Fruity flavor?! Why do I want my to taste like fruit."

Vicky then giggled a little, covering her mouth and then whispered in my ear," Sir, the flavor is not for you, its for your girlfriend when know....suck it."

"Wow...I never thought of that," I said as a matter of fact, although still a bit surprised.

"Well, I don't know...really," I said, still hesitant about it.

But all my resistance was broken when Vicky said, "Sir, if you buy one of this today, I will give you a demonstration on how to use it."

She said that with the sultriest of smile with her slender finger running along the length of the tube, and I had to say yes to her offer.

Vicky then spent the next 5 minutes preparing a small basin of water, towels and stuff. I did not idle during the wait, not my eyes at least. I had a lot of fun watching her moved around in her bikini, occasionally bending down, giving me an eye feast of her ass and cleavage. My cock had awakened from his slumber and is now rock hard again. Although knowing very well that Vicky was going to rub her soft hands all over my cock in just a few minutes time, I still could not help but feel a little nervous.

Vicky finally settled down and sat herself on a stool right in front of my crotch. She then placed her hands on my thighs and asked me softly," Sir, as I mentioned , we have a few fruity flavor to choose from , what would you like."

Feeling a little naughty, I shot back the question to Vicky and asked," That depends on what was your favourite."

Vicky giggled a little, then took a tube off the stool beside her and said, " I prefer banana flavor."

I looked at her and said, "Well, its seems to be an appropriate flavor, so banana it is."

Vicky, realizing what I was referring to, covered her mouth and started laughing.

"Here we go Sir," Vicky said, almost cheekily, and hooked her fingers into the waist band of my shorts and pulled it off slowly.

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