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Once this whole mess is behind us, I'll admit to Zo__ that I'm also pregnant but that I want to keep it. She'll want to abort hers and I'll talk her out of it by telling her that the baby's a spark of hope in the darkness of her trauma, or some bullshit like that."

"You honestly think that making her give birth to a rapist's child will be enough to persuade her to go to college?"

"I wasn't lying about what I told you downstairs," Katrina continued, genuine sincerity permeating her words, "the experience of motherhood unites all women; and when I hold my grandchild for the first time and show Zo__ how beautiful he or she is, she'll realise how important it is to get a better life for herself in order to get a better life for her own child. And while she's at college, I can start over on being a better mom to Zo__'s half sibling as well as Zo__'s kid, and it will all be thanks to you."

"So I was just a walking sperm bank, is that it?"

"That's exactly what you were," Katrina confirmed, making me feel stung by her response, "not that I don't appreciate your help; in a lot of ways, yours is the most important contribution of all. But you're a guy; you'd never understand what it means to carry a life inside you, to spend hours delivering it into the world; although, if you're decent enough you might stick around to watch it grow into a person. My ex-husband lasted fifteen years before bailing out, and there was no one to support me except myself. Not this time though, Zo__ and I will have each other, we'll have a picture-perfect future together with our respective kids, and I'm afraid there's no room for you in that picture. Plus, I can't have you telling the cops that I paid you to get this whole thing moving. So I'm sorry, but as much as I would've liked to keep you around for your lower body strength, I'll just have to hire someone else to clean the pool."


If you put a gun to someone's head, there are only two kinds of people who will do anything other than exactly what they are told: psychopaths and trained killers. I will leave it to you to guess which one I am, and which one is more dangerous.

In the split second that Katrina finished her sentence I swept one hand around and swatted the gun aside, while at the same time clenching my other hand into a bear paw gesture and rabbit punching Katrina in the throat; not hard enough to do any real damage, but just enough to have her gasping for air. The gun dropped from her hand and I caught it deftly in mine and pressed it underneath her chin whilst gripping her throat with my other hand.

"Breathe..." I murmured soothingly as Katrina continued to choke, turning pale faced at the magnitude of her mistake.

"Now that was an incredibly stupid thing to do, my dear," I said softly, dropping my fake American accent for my more sinister British one, "wouldn't you agree?"

"P...please...don't kill...my daughter." Katrina pleaded between breaths.

"Why on Earth would I do that?" I replied with perfect upper class British elocution, "She didn't try to shoot me or plot to stage my murder as an act of self defence. You on the other hand..."

"But...I'm pregnant...with your child." Katrina continued to beg while still struggling to catch her breath through her temporarily collapsed throat.

"Are you really, Kat?" I asked her, lowering the gun down to her belly, "Because at the right angle, a bullet can be made to pass straight through the womb and out the other side, missing all the internal organs major blood vessels, and thereby killing the embryo whilst leaving the woman alive." A look of pure horror spread across Katrina's face as she absorbed my claim and the feigned knowledge of biology upon which it was based.

"No, please don't do that," she pleaded, genuine tears welling up in her eyes, "either kill me or leave me alone, but I'd rather die than live through that; and you'll never forgive yourself if you kill your own unborn child."

"You're right," I said immediately, taking the gun off her belly, "just a Solomon's test."

In spite of the menacing situatio

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