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A gift of forgiveness.

I stripped out of my clothes and using a favorite boot knife of mine, cut her out of hers. With ease I hoisted her up onto my bed and crawled up her body. She was laying flat on her back so it was easy to tie her hands and feet to the bedposts. She was writhing under me as I licked her breasts, such perky pretty things they were too. I couldn't help it any more; I bit her, taking her whole nipple into my mouth and clamping down hard enough to leave teeth prints. She bucked up under me, grinding her pussy against my knee as I wedged it tighter against her. She tasted so good in my mouth I knew I had to slow down or it would be over before it really began. I licked a path down her body, she was a small one, she couldn't have been around maybe 5'5" tall, but that suited me fine. When I got to her pussy, I found it dripping wet. A second before my tongue found her clit I shoved three fingers into her and had to stop with surprise. She was a virgin. Now that gave me pause for a moment and I sat back on my heels to study her. The poor girl was in throes of heat, she wiggled and jerked, moaning softly, begging for more and I was having an attack of conscious. With a shrug I figured what the hell. Instead of finger fucking her, I began to eat her out, teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue, tracing little patterns against it, finally having to hold her hips down as she ground into my mouth. She smelled so pure, and tasted so sweet on my tongue, so this was innocence. I noticed how her body was positively humming beneath my hands and I could hear her breathing getting harsh. I pulled back slightly and flicked my tongue rapidly over just the tip of her clit where it poked out. Suddenly her back arched and she let out a scream that sent me nose deep into her pussy. Her cum washed out of her throbbing cunt and into my mouth and I sucked deeply from her, pushing my tongue as deep into her as I could get to lap out all her juices. Her body quaked and throbbed under my hands and face for what seemed like ages.

"Very well done, my pet." The voice from behind me had me spinning around, my face still wet with her juices. Instantly I slid off the bed to the floor and put my forehead to the floor inches from His boots.

"Thank you, my Lord, she is ready now. I have a treat for You, Sir, she is a virgin." I whispered softly.

The bald man from the pool hall smiled down at me and stroked my hair gently a second before he grasped a handful and used it to pull me to my feet. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as he leaned in close and delicately sniffed at my face, letting his tongue dart out and taste her cum on my lips. He let go of my hair and I began to undress Him, licking and kissing my way down His body. When I had Him fully naked, I stayed on my knees and began to worship His cock. My god, He was so hard in my mouth. I rolled my eyes up to look at Him as He held my head steady and I noticed Him studying the girl. I knew that gleam in His eyes and it made me want Him even more. I doubled my efforts and was rewarded when He suddenly thrust me away from Him, shaking His head at me.

"Not yet, my pet. I want to enjoy the fruits of your labors first."

The girl on the bed came around to her senses enough to stare at Him.

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