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Holly gets a chance st revenge.

Whenever he sensed her taut pose faltering, he sucked hard on her blood saturated flesh and nuzzled her clitoris again. She reacted with another bout of sobbing ecstasy, shuddering her taut body in his embrace.

Each iteration was slightly less intense until, uncounted times later, her stamina finally collapsed. Ned was unable to spawn any more tasty tidbits from his drained waitress. He was satisfied that he had taken all she had to give for now.

He rested Jacklyn's ass back onto the table. Her tearstained eyes were closed and her breathing irregular. He presumed she was merely exhausted from her stupendous ordeal. He stood by and watched as she recovered her sanity. In time, she took a deep cleansing breath and the tear-soaked eyelids slipped apart. Ned wiped his face on a spare napkin. They shared a long stare, both feeling content with the outcome of his visit. Ned leaned over her prone body, draped languidly on the table, and kissed her lips. The smooch gave her a taste of her lingering feminine residues.

Ned left the depleted Jacklyn lay there to swoon in her afterglow. Stepping outside, he hesitated on the sidewalk. Where would his day lead him next?

The Quickie Clinic

Although Ned was ejaculating volumes of briny fluids on a regular basis, he was also ingesting a rich diet of fine food. His primary aerobic exercise was vigorous sex. He recalled his doctor's instructions to have his hormone and electrolyte levels analyzed periodically. Today seemed as good as any for a medical checkup. He walked into the onsite health center.

The lab technician on duty this day was Candy. She was dressed in a pink and white striped clinic uniform. It was her favorite set of clothes. She wore them during the day and for a while, during the evening, onstage. She doubled as the clinic's candy striper by day, helping out around the neighborhood clinic. But during the bawdy weekend dinner shows, she entertained the delighted guest coach tutors as 'Candy Stripper'. An encore performance inevitably came later, overnight in a coach tutor's private suite.

But today, Candy ushered Ned to a typically equipped examination room. The padded table was sectioned for various folded positions, including chrome foot stirrups, folded in for now. She pointed to the side counter with its stack of open-backed paper gowns and asked Ned to don one. She nonchalantly stayed in the room, ready to assist as he stripped his shirt and shorts. Ned told her the gowns were a silly inconvenience; he sat on the padded table naked, ready for Candy to proceed with the procedures. She took his temperature, blood pressure and pulse and checked his eyes and ears with a stereoscope. She recorded the measurements on a clip-boarded medical chart.

Preliminaries completed, they moved on to the main event. Candy gathered prerequisite facts for the coming analysis. She took a clinical pose, setting the clipboard chart on the counter as she faced Ned.

"When was the last time you ejaculated?"

"Over an hour ago."

"Okay, then, let's proceed with sample collection."

Candy flicked her hair behind her back before pulling the waist tie on her candy striper smock, folding back the lapels and shrugging it off her shoulders. Her arched back lifted her bare moderate breasts to Ned's admiring gaze. He noted her dark puckered nipples. She inquired of Ned's level of libido.

"Do you need more time to balance your system?"

Ned took note of the appealing feminine mammary flesh newly exposed to his view. He felt a familiar stirring in his loins.

"Probably not" he replied.

Candy nodded, pulling the waistband string tie and dropping her scrub pants to the floor. She leaned forward and her tits jiggled as she stepped in turn to push them off her ankles. She checked the time and made a note on the chart.

"Okay, then. The arousal phase has commenced. May I proceed with the sample extraction?"

"Yes, please" Ned grinned.

Candy positioned the chrome stirrups up and out.

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