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..or perhaps I should say that your parents won't be reimbursed by their insurance company. Is that really what you want?"

Simon thinks it over for a moment, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that she had expected (and very much hoped he would). And of course that conclusion is that he's already been through way too much to leave her office with both an unsigned exam form and a large bill; not to mention rather annoyed parents.

The decision made, he reluctantly turns around to reveal a crimson face as well as a pair of underwear that are quite atypical in two respects: they are both stretched almost to their absolute limits, as well as appearing to be very damp in the front. Of course both 'abnormalities' have the same painfully obvious cause...a large rigid penis leaking copious amounts of pre-ejaculatory fluid!

Even though such a display was exactly what Dr. Missy anticipated she still can't help but be very happy with what she is seeing, though with that said she believes that it is well past time for those pesky underpants to be removed completely. With that thought in mind, she says "all right Simon now that we understand each other I'll need you to add those [pointing rather disdainfully at his underwear] to the rest of your discarded clothing, and then lie down on the exam table...on your back of course."

He would be shocked at her instructions, if only they didn't seem to mesh so perfectly with all of the other embarrassing things he's had to do already: since he honestly doesn't seem to have any good options he carefully (not to mention reluctantly) slides his undies down and off shortly before his bare back, bottom, and ball-sac all make first contact with the paper-covered exam table. Of course, there seems to be little risk of his impressively swollen manhood touching the paper since it's so strongly pointing toward the ceiling.

In truth, while it's highly unlikely that he would ever be able to get genuinely comfortable while reclining completely nude and furiously blushing on her examination table she doesn't even give him the opportunity to attempt such an improbable feat as she immediately ups the embarrassment ante by saying that "I'll need you to scoot down until your bottom is about even with the end of the table."

He begrudgingly does so, only to have his anxiety levels surge once again, when he belatedly realizes her intentions: she obviously plans to have him place his feet in the stirrups so that she can spread his legs high and wide. He momentarily considers refusing, but then thinks better of it, after all he still wouldn't have a signed exam form and furthermore "she's already seen everything, how could it get any worse?"

In short order, his legs are spread very widely indeed causing his genitals to be about as well displayed as humanly possible, while Simon himself is left feeling even more exposed than before. With this finally accomplished to her satisfaction she gathers a few supplies, and then begins putting on yet another pair of exam gloves. It truly is all Dr. Missy can do not to smirk openly at her poor patient's predicament, yet she just about manages it as she says "before I begin the final part of your examination I just want to let you know that I have a few more questions for you."

"First Simon please tell me, if you have any idea...why is your pubic hair so sparse?" He's uncertain as to whether or not this question bothers him less than most of her other ones because it seems less personal or if he's just starting to grow numb to her embarrassing inquiries.

Either way he answers her without hesitation "I guess I was never really very hairy, you know, down there or anywhere else for that matter but I'd recently been thinking about trying out for the swim team and I'd heard that they either shave or wax their legs and sometimes even their, uh groins so I did that and it's been slow growing back. There's not anything wrong with me is there??"

If she could answer him honestly

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