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Scott is stripped naked and examined by the committee.

"It was amazing", she said, and I believed her, not knowing in that moment whether I wanted to be that man or her nipple.

Around that time Cynthia came across another guy who asked her if she wanted to become a cam-girl. She immediately agreed without giving it a second thought, believing that this would be the easiest job she has ever had. Indeed having men watch her was the most natural thing for her and making them pay for this privilege seemed to follow the same logic. One thing was a bit different though - Cynthia could never pretend. So she got to know the men (and women) she found interesting and only then she would perform for them, tease, direct and then let go of her self control, making them as well as her explode with pleasure.

Maybe this is the time to say something else about Cynthia - she had orgasms like a man (her words), a short burst of pleasure after which she would go back to an uninterrupted baseline. However, unlike the typical male she could make herself cum again in the same short intensity a few minutes later, with the next viewer that came along - that is, if she felt he was worth the effort.

Cynthia would laugh about how easy it was for her to make a man cum and how sometimes she discovered that she did not even need to get naked - all she needed to do is let the man she was chatting to know that she knew how he was looking at her, how he wanted to masturbate while she looked at him. For some it was enough. Men she chatted with either ran away or were completely captivated by her simple understanding of their needs, not noticing that instead of turning her into their fantasy they allowed her free reign - inducing the fantasy into their minds, owning them and then letting them go as she pleased.

Cynthia was aware of her powers but she was not a dominatrix. After a while, in one of our discussions, she said that she was a 'generous queen' or princess. She did not want to be cruel unless she suddenly felt drawn to this and therefore did not resist the sudden attraction - she wanted the power but used it to enhance pleasure, theirs and her own, never painfully teasing and always loving to release. Her unique way of going about her job meant that people got addicted to her without an idea that they wanted out of this addiction.

But she got bored easily and she could not sustain any form of routine. Ideas, however, just came to her, always there just at the moment when boredom seemed to be settling in.

In one of those moments of insight Cynthia was looking at her naked body - she always put her makeup first - and suddenly had an idea; she was going to catalogue and price herself. She circled each nipple and wrote a number next to it, then her arms, hands, feet, legs, going up and down her body adding more and more details as she did so. At the end she looked like some kind of a sexy medical sketch.

She then turned to list the relations between her body parts to fantasies; she wrote, for example, 'mouth - fuck, suck, cum in, cum on, look at, tongue play, talk from, whisper, shout...' etc etc. She worked for hours, detailing and pricing and when she was finished she had an extensive catalogue of herself as 'the perfect interactive sexual object' - this was how she titled it.

I asked her, joking about it, if she would only use it online or in reality as well, having a special aid looking at her having sex and counting. "Worth a try", she answered, "Will you be the one counting or trying?" (She always had the last word).

So the online guys paid for any little thing she could imagine doing or showing or saying to them, maximising her control over herself and obviously anybody else.

When we met in reality for the first and last time she was hardly what I thought she would be.

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