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Hanging out in the dorm leads to streaking.

Or kissed or sucked them - my gosh!

Alice looked at Nancy's attempt to cover her breasts and giggled. "Last night you wanted me to look at you. And do all kinds of things to your breasts. Don't you remember that I made love to your breasts for maybe 20 minutes? And how you came from just having me go nuts over your tits? And me going crazy made you go crazy, and it was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced in my life!"

Nancy felt dazed at this news, but could sort-of remember Alice sucking her breasts. It must have been true. She loved having her tits sucked and played with. But guys usually would just kiss and suck them for a few minutes before moving to her pussy, so Nancy had never come close to cuming from nipple play before. But twenty minutes - lord! What a patient lover Alice must be!

Nancy reflected that she might well have cum just from having Alice suck on her breasts. This probably was why she had written the "0" and the "1" on the paper. She certainly could have had a tiny cum from having her breasts get so much attention. Yes, it wasn't that Nancy was really attracted to girls, but this was the first time anyone had ever really made love to her breasts! So how could she - how could any girl, even a 100% straight girl - resist? That seemed reasonable.

Nancy reflected that it was only natural for her - for any woman - to enjoy it when anyone - even another woman - licked and kissed her breasts so patiently and expertly. What's more, everyone knows that breasts are beautiful. Everything in our society screams that beasts are sexy! So of course anyone - guy or girl - would want to kiss and suck them. No big deal. That didn't mean anything, really.

Any girl would kiss another girl, and kiss her breasts as well. And any girl - even straight girls - would love it when someone - even another girl - paid wonderful attention to her breasts. All that didn't mean anything serious. Even a 100% straight girl like herself couldn't resist it when someone as warm and friendly as Alice had paid so much attention to her breasts. No big deal. Calm down and take a deep breath, it didn't mean she was gay. Maybe, just maybe, a little bit bi-curious, but that was all.

Then Alice continued. "I thought our breast play was the sexiest thing ever. But then things got so much hotter - you really loved the tribbing."

Nancy stared at Alice the Angel's friendly face, and thought frantically to herself, "Tribbing!" She had read about it, of course. Pussy grinding, beaver bumping, it went by many names. A bisexual friend had told Nancy that even though lesbians often tribbed, beginners did not usually do it, and that in her opinion it was the most wonderful, intimate sexual position possible.

But did Nancy and Alice really rub their pussies together? Evidently Alice was experienced at lesbian lovemaking. Did the two of them really engage in the most intense girl-on-girl action possible? And did Nancy really like it so much? If all she had done was to kiss Alice, and then they had played with each others' breasts, Nancy reflected, then she was still straight. But if she had enjoyed tribbing....

"You don't remember tribbing? You were so wasted - maybe I should refresh your memory?"

Alice leaned towards Nancy, who was too lost in thought to move. But the kiss came, and Nancy liked it. In fact, it was great. In fact, the best ever, the sweetest and most loving kiss Nancy had ever experienced. Were all girl kisses so much better than boy kisses, or was it just that they were so new to Nancy? Or was it that Alice was so very, very special?

As they kissed, Alice's hands gradually started to roam all over Nancy's body, starting with her arms, neck, and shoulders.

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