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Sam and Frank collect their Grand Prize.

Would be pulled tight against her teeth, her mouth open slightly, as she sucked in her breaths. Her cheeks, the skin of her face would be pulled tight, the muscles jumping twitching, as the pure, unadulterated terror, no...primal horror emanated from that agonizingly haunting beautiful face.

The man's hands, garnering attention, rose from their position of rest. Fingers splayed wide, pointing at the woman, seemingly reaching to touch her exposed sex. Then a pause, before a sickly off color bolts of lighting spewed from the ends of his fingers, arching, writhing, and striking her in her most delicate places. The sharp smell of ozone spiked in the air, and the rumble of sound too close thunder, immediately followed by the howling, agonizing scream of pure, primordial pain from the woman.

The man's face didn't even flicker, no pause, no blink, not even the tiniest of acknowledgment of the pain and suffering he was inflicting on her, would pass over his demeanor. Slowly, his hands would twist, turn, the fingers moving, guiding the lighting to caress her skin with its pain filled touch. Slowly each flickering tendril of lightning would gather, moving from its fan like emanation, before tightening down to a small, concentrated few inches of skin, right below the womans navel. Her head would start thrashing, shaking, a motion of panicked denial, as the gathered lightning slowly traveled down, further and further, but pausing a second before reaching her exposed cunt. Then with a slight flick of his hands, the concentrated flickering bolts jumped, and began lickin, striking, stroking, blasting, the lips of her pussy. Seemingly an occasional bolt would pry itself between her lips, and slip down, touching her clit.

The woman's howling cry of pain transformed, seemingly rising up into the almost inaudible levels, as her eyes seemed to bulge, her mouth gape open. Her former expression of terror, immediately transformed, transmuted into a shocked, stunned expression of pure ecstasy. Each time a bolt of lightning would flick against her clit, every muscle in her body would clench, her breathing would freeze, and the muscles of her legs would twitch, her toes spasm, before releasing. Shock, after shock, after shock would striker through her until with one greater wailing shriek, her eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth would fall open, and a pulsing, jetting stream of clear liquid would shoot from her pussy, her legs clenching one last moment, the ligaments standing out like iron bars, before her entire body collapsed into a weak, unresponsive state. For a few moments, the lightning would continue, then a frown would appear on the man's face, and with a few tiny zaps, the lightning ceased.

A minute frown would appear on his face, and with a leaden step he would move over to the twi'lek. One hand reaching out, he would lay it on her breast, palm wide, and hold it a moment. "Test 123-A5, Subject experienced extreme pain, followed by a moment of sexual ecstasy so great, subjects life functions ceased. Beginning resuscitation."

Placing one hand on each side of the twi'leks chest, just above her massive breasts, he paused. Then the sound of zapping, the woman's mouth would open, her body spasm, and her eyes would flutter open, eyes unfocusing.

"Resuscitation successful. Ending the day's session, to allow the subject to recover."

His hands would momentarily slide down, grasping one breast in each hand, his fingers squeezing slightly, her flesh pressing between his fingers. The womans eyes would fly to the face of the man, her eyes suddenly focusing, a lesser expression of fear on her face.

After a few moments of squeezing her breasts, and then tweaking her nipples.

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