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Daughter & best friend deepen relationships.

They left through the exit door, onto the parking lot and straight to Edwin's car.

Edwin opened up the door and pushed her into the back. Mary fell across the backseat, her short dress hiking to reveal no underwear and a perfectly hairless vagina. Without thinking, Edwin bent down and kissed the top of her vagina. The softness of her skin excited him so much he grabbed her legs and pushed them towards her chest so that her vagina lipswas exposed. He kissed her at the top of her slit, then slid his tongue down her slit and back up again. He felt her squirm and her legs push back against his arms. Edwin put his hands on the back of Mary's knees and pulled them apart even farther making her pussy more accessible for his tongue. Edwin began lapping her slit like a dog drinking water. Gently at first but with increasing pressure with each stroke.

Edwin felt Mary's hands grab at his hair and rub his head. When he heard her moaning, he decided to change tactics. His tongue found her clit and started to gently suck it, changing her moans to whimpers. Her hands were frantically trying to push his face into her pussy. He changed tactics again and started to quickly flick the clit with his tongue. She was so wet and he wanted to just bury his face in her pussy, but he had to hold back. His 5- o'- clock shadow would rub her raw if he did and he had a long couple of days planned for her. Her whimpers turned into words, "Oh,god," "please don't stop," and "make me cum hard," were the few things he could make out. He felt her tensing and recognized she was on the verge of cumming. He started to flick his tongue even faster and sent her over the edge. She tried to get away, but he moved his hands causing her legs to fall on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her thighs so she couldn't move. Her moans of protest were unbelievably loud to his ears. But he knew he couldn't stop, even with the chance of getting caught. He kept flicking his tongue on her clit until she literally passed out from overstimulation.

Edwin stepped back from the car and looked at Mary. Her dress was pulled dow just below her breasts and her pussy and thighs glistened from her juices. She was completely passed out. Edwin knew he couldn't wait until he got her home. He wanted his cock to taste her delicious pussy right now. Edwin got into the back seat and closed the door.

Mary felt all warm and fuzzy. She had never cum so hard before. She knew that it wasn't her vibrator that made her cum, but a man. She couldn't grasp who because her head was so foggy and honestly it felt so good she didn't care. She would worry about consequences later. Now she just wanted to take a well-deserved nap. Mary felt her legs being moved around. She frowned slightly, but her body felt like jelly and unresponsive to anything she wanted it to do. She felt something touching her vagina again. She was still very sensitive there and flinched. Then she realized her legs were in the air pressed up against a very warm body. She felt arms wrap around her legs and then a hard demanding cock being rammed into her pussy. Mary's eyes popped open and she screamed, her overstimulated pussy was roaring with sensations. She felt her head was going to explode. She tried to push away the invader with her hands but they were already slick with sweat and just slipped away.

"Stop!" Mary screamed, "Please, I can't take it!" She continued screaming and begging him to stop, already feeling another impossible orgasm building up.

"Shhh. Shhh. Don't worry, Mar." Edwin said, "It's me."

Mary was so confused.

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