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His wife's first experience with lactation and sex.

I chose a bra and panties that were very much like the ones I saw in her luggage. I wanted it to be just like I was a voyeur to their past affair. And then him telling me the hot details I had fanaticized about was the icing on the cake. He had kept the panties she was wearing the first time he fucked her and as we talked he handed them to me. He said that since we had moved he would often masturbate playing with her panties and thinking about her.

He said that before the first time he penetrated here....... it all started as a work friendship that turned romantic and then sexual. He said it started with just making out and masturbation but gradually increased to everything except penetration.

He told me that she made up the story to me about her Dr. wanting her off birth control because she wanted sex with him to be something that was very special.. All throughout their affair he was having unprotected sex with her while during much of that time I was using condoms. He said she was on birth control for most of the time they were having sex, but when I started talking about wanting to move she went off the pill for real. She thinks I still believe they never had sex during their affair and that the first time I watched them together in Vegas was her first time to take him all the way.

As we talked about their past he could see I was aroused and he told me to masturbate if I wanted to. When he told me about the first time he penetrated her, I asked him how big he was.....he opened his pants and showed me. He even let me stroke him some. That was super hot. He did not want to cum since he would be with her the next day.

I remember stroking him and looking at his cum hole flare open as I pulled my fingers back over the head and thinking about how much hot sperm must have squirted out of him into my wife's belly getting her pregnant.

She was in love with him during the affair; even she admitted that.....And she still is... I now know that a woman can love more than one man. I think the emotional connection also makes the sex a lot hotter.

The morning before she went to be with him the first time in Vegas, she asked me to give her a douche as she bathed. She wanted to be totally clean of any of my semen before she took him. That was so symbolic to me. Then she dressed and we went together to meet him. We all shared a glass of wine and talked frankly about what we were about to do.

We agreed that if anyone could not handle it, we would call it off. I knew it was now or never. He told me that he would honor that as long as penetration had not occurred, but at that point there was no turning back. We had already talked about condoms during some of our phone conversations before actually meeting and decided that everyone would enjoy it better if they had unprotected sex.

We agreed they I would watch some but they would also have some privacy during the weekend. We were staying in a 4 star hotel in a suite with a separate bedroom so it was perfect for what we all wanted.

Beautiful is the best word I can use to describe the sex that I saw between them that weekend. It was not just fucking or sex, they were making love. Seeing him undress her, the kissing, the initial penetration, her orgasms, it is all etched in my mine in infinite detail. I love sharing it with others who have had similar experiences of interest.

he has a masters control over his own orgasm and can bring her to climax over and over and not cum himself until he knows she's ready for it. He likes to shoot as she's just starting an orgasm that is incredibly hot to watch as both their bodies cum together.

That's the hottest part for me when they have sex.

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