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I am the hungry wolf and I run endlessly with my mate.

Pre-cum starts slowly dripping from your head.

You press your one hand against my ass cheek, to push it apart, while using your grip on my hair to force me against the headboard, listening to me beg for you to go slow. To please be gentle. You don't care, your going to do what you want. You want to fuck my ass and that is what your going to do.

You keep pressing down on my body, pinning me down so I can't move. You rub your cock against my asshole and I start crying harder. You laugh and shove your prick in. Once your buried into my ass, you grunt and say "fuck". You can feel me trying to relax at your dick widening my back door. Pulling it all the way out to slam it back in again. I keep crying and screaming. I'm begging you to put more lube onto your cock. When you pull your cock out of my ass you spit into my hole. You start laughing at me as you start slamming your cock back into my ass. You tell me, that this isn't for me, it's completely for you. But, if I keep begging, and you might consider it if I'm a good girl. However, to show how good of a girl I am, I could spread my ass cheeks for you.

So I do as you ask.

You keep laughing as you keep slamming it into my ass. You're not going to stop shoving it into there. You were loving this too much. Grabbing the flashlight again, you turn it on so you can watch my tight ass stretching and grabbing onto you. My ass tightens around you as you slide in, not wanting you to invade it. However, as you slide out, it grips you so tightly as for you to not leave it.

My ass is all red from your brutality. The color is making your balls grow really hard. There is a familiar ache growing deep inside of you, but, you don't want it to end. You want to keep fucking my ass. You want to claim your new fuck hole. It's all yours. You love claiming my body, and reminding me that I am your fuck toy. I'm your cum slut. However, this time your monster doesn't want me to cum. It wants to be a beast and dominate over it's new found hole. You want it to be all about you, but your monster needs it to be all about you.

You start scratching down my back, hard enough to make welts. Every time you do, I tighten down on your dick. You're loving every minute of it.

You tell me that your about to cum, and to not take my hands off of my ass. You wrap one hand up in my hair, and the other one between my shoulder blades. You know that at your next thrust, your going to start releasing your seed deep into my body. You pull out and while your shoving your cock back into my tight ass, you pull my hair impaling me deeply on your cock while using your other hand scratching hard against my back causing me to tightly grip your cock while it's being driven deep inside. Causing you to grunt while pumping your seed deep into my body.

You pull your cock most of the way out, and slam in again, doing everything the same, but instead of scratching my back, you dig into my breast. Pinching my nipple and breast hard, feeling as if you're going to make it pop under the pressure. I scream and you keep cumming. I keep my ass cheeks spread for you, and you keep fucking me hard. You let go of my hair and grab my other breast. Switching between pinching my nipples and abusing my breasts. Every time you squeeze, you can feel my body milking your cock. You love this feeling, you love it so much that even when your done cumming, your cock is still hard, and it feels as if your about to cum again.

I'm begging you to stop, but you tell me to shut the fuck up, and be the fuck toy that I am.

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