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During weekends she used to go back home while I chose to stay, as I didn't have any real home to go back to anyway.

It's on one of these weekends alone that I first got the curious idea to try out one of my roomie's red thongs that she had carelessly thrown over the couch. It was initially a bit difficult to tuck my cock in since it had grown to its full 6" length due to the thought of wearing such a sexy garment but I managed to calm myself enough to make my member fit. The feeling was so great that I wanted to try out a bra next. It didn't take me too long to find one hanging on her doorknob.

It's at this point that I have to describe myself. See, I'm only 5'6" and my body is really slim. A lot of people have asked me how I manage to stay in shape and frankly I have no idea. My derriere has always been a bit overproportioned to the rest of my body and I've always been very proud of it. I've always kept a shaved body; it's always made me feel sexier. I prefer to keep my hair at shoulder length, my hairstyle often being called feminine to a certain degree. So when I stepped in front of the mirror in my sexy red thong and black bra I just couldn't help but get turned on at the sight of the sexy little vixen that greeted me from across the mirror. I looked so hot that I could've have done my self. A fact clearly noticeable from the tent I was making in my panties. I must have come at least 4 times that day.

And so began my journey towards cross-dressing. I learnt how to do makeup by watching YouTube tutorials and practiced on myself using my roommate's cosmetics. I also started experimenting with my hot little bubble butt, fingering it at first but later advancing to pleasure myself with bananas. I got so turned on in my playtimes that sometimes I would come without even touching myself. During the weekends I stayed indoors all day dressed up in my feminine attire. Those were some of the best times of my life.

I was so sad when teaching school came to an end because that would mean an end to my dressing. I never thought I'd be able to be a girl again. I was shaken from my reverie with the bus coming to a sudden halt and the conductor shouting out the name of my stop. I jumped up, grabbed my luggage and sprinted out the door. The short walk down the dirt road leading into town was uneventful and before long I wandered into the small town of Liyagama (Women's Village).

It didn't take me too long to figure out the teacher's quarters which were located quite close to the town center but also somewhat isolated from the nearby buildings. I decided on setting up in my new lodgings and freshening up before a night around town. I had been given the keys to my small apartment earlier and it took me only a few minutes to find out room 304. No one saw me enter but I guess it was still a bit early and people were at their respective workplaces. After looking around the bathroom and kitchen to make sure the appliances were in order I settled to the bedroom for a change of clothes. That's when disaster struck.

Although I say disaster, it was actually a blessing in disguise, a fact that dawned on me a few days later. What I thought to be my luggage bag was filled with female clothes. There was an assortment of casual clothes, denims, short skirts and sun dresses to some sarees as well, combined with some makeup and 2 pairs of 3" heels. My clothes were nowhere to be found. The only possible explanation was that my bag had been switched with someone else's (I should have never bought such a common looking luggage bag).

I was thinking of running to the town and buying myself some spare clothes since I started work the following day but then it hit me. The school was expecting an English teacher but they had never seen or heard about me before. The teaching school had been too ignorant to fill out the form properly and had left all the particulars for me to fill in and had just signed and sealed my appointment letter.

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