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A wolf finds her mate.

I wanted him to take me, to fuck me there, in the garage. For a moment, my emotions stalled. What was I thinking of? For God's sake, Cass, you've only known this guy two minutes. What I should do now was turn and walk away. Nik was dangerous. He was a driver in my team. This could, and probably would, be a huge mistake. Except that my body wouldn't move.

This wasn't me, this person here, standing naked except for my coat, my body pulsing with lust for someone I barely knew. God, I didn't know what to do. What if he rejected me? What if he turned away with a smile and sent me home. Alone. No. That wouldn't happen. Not the way he was looking at me.

Slowly, very slowly, without breaking eye contact, he placed his hands on my shoulders and slipped the coat from them. I could feel the material slide over my skin, sensuous as a lover's touch over my back, my bottom, my legs. I realised I had been holding my breath and released it as a sigh. And then he leaned forward and began to kiss me, his tongue sliding along my lips before forcing its way between them. This was the only part of our bodies touching until the power of his kiss reached the rest of my body and I reached towards him. I grasped the tied sleeves of his overalls and used them to pull him towards me. His fingers barely touched my skin, the lightest of caresses along the tops of my arms.

We must look ridiculous, I thought. Me totally naked with a coat around my ankles, him fully dressed in his racing overalls. Except that it didn't feel ridiculous. It felt wonderful and didn't know how much longer I could wait.

I was trembling when I moved closer to him until my nipples just touched his jersey, stroking them against him with the tiniest of movements, my focus alternating between my mouth and my breasts. His fingers slid up to my neck, into my hair, pushing my face hard against his. His kisses were hard, powerful, insistent and I strained to push back against him. My fingers fumbled to untie the sleeves and then I pushed his overalls down over his shorts. Tentatively I slid my hand over his stomach, desperate for him to be aroused. I wasn't disappointed. His cock nudged my fingers as firmly as I'd hoped, straining against the cotton of his underwear. I ran down the length as he angled his body over mine, moulding the shape of his cock with my fingers, massaging it more upright in his shorts.

His kisses were bending my neck back and I gave up the struggle to keep my balance. He slid his arm around my waist, leaning me against the bonnet of the car. The metal was icy under the skin of my back and I gasped. But it was deliciously cold, contrasting with the heat that was already burning in my breasts and between my legs. He took hold of my hands, raising them above my head, stretching my body, exposing me to him. I didn't care. This was what I wanted, to be exposed totally to him, naked in front of him. Completely under his control.

He stood between my legs, easing my knees apart with his own, allowing the car to bend my body. His lips left mine and his tongue circled my nipple, at first only lightly, then he took it between his lips, sucking red-hot fire into the nerves, forcing me to arch towards him.

This isn't me, I thought. This isn't who I am. But I couldn't help it. I wanted to feel the burning, wanted to feel the heat of pain to counteract the iciness of the metal. But much more than that, I wanted to feel his heat inside me. I began to rub my groin against his, sliding back over the chill bonnet, spreading my legs wider. He responded, rubbing his cock against me so that I could feel his hardness against my pubis.

'Oh God, oh God,' I muttered as his lips transferred to the other breast, leaving the first hungry for attention. He retained his grip on my hands with one of his, and clamped the other firmly over my wanting breast, his fingers plucking at the nipple, teasing it, twisting it, pulling it. His cock was pressed firmly against me, grinding, pushing, its hardness damped by his clothing.

He dropped to his kne

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