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A Halloween tale at Christmas time.

"Well twenty five percent of the door and let's just say I could of got it a little cheaper if I'd given him what he asked for; but the idea of that man coming anywhere near me gives me the heebie jeebies," Wendy shivered.

And so all was set for Transvixen's big debute and they were all excited. Posters of the band were torn down by randy teenage boys as soon as they were posted and the flyers became collectors items. There was a real buzz among the rock aficionados and the cover band followers. Who was this new band and who were the two hot chick guitarists? Could they play or was it just a gimmick?

And then it went to shit.

Wendy called the band together for an emergency meeting the day before they were due to open.

"Tony's pulled the plug," she stated morosely.

"He saw the fliers and the band's name and put two and two together. Said he isn't having any band fronted by a couple of sissy homos playing at one his venues," she explained.

"I tried to reason with him, but its no go I'm afraid. I'm looking around for another venue now," she said.

Wendy was almost crying but she was too much of a professional business woman to do so. Panti felt so sorry for her mother. All the effort and work she had gone to, to remake the band and all the posters and flyers were for nothing now. The punters would think them unreliable and unprofessional and would stay away in droves from whatever other venue Wendy found for them.

Something her mother had said kept going around in Panti's head: 'Well let's just say I could of got it a little cheaper if I'd given him what he asked for.'

Panti burst into the ante room of Tony Carlotta's office suite. She was wearing her navy blue business suit with the micro-mini skirt, cream satin blouse, black patent leather high heels and sheer taupe pantyhose. Her makeup was heavy but perfect; her sliver jewellery twinkled in the lamplight.

"Oi you can't go in there!" Tony's secretary screeched.

The secretary was wearing a black leather mini, a tight leopard skin blouse that hardly contained her huge breasts, towering black high heels and black stockings. Her makeup was heavier even than Panti's. Panti bet that she did a lot more for Tony than take dictation.

"You can tell Mister Carlotta that Panti Pops is here to see him. Tell him I'm from Transvixen," Panti demanded.

The secretary smacked her gum.

"Oh yeah I seen the flyers. That's the tranny band ain't it?" she looked Panti up and down with distain.

Panti looked back at the secretary with equal distain.

"Well I'm sorry Mister Carlotta is busy," the secretary looked at Panti like she was a dog turd on her shoe.

Panti knew this was a make or break moment and strode across the ante room and flung open the door to Tony Carlotta's office and strutted inside.

Tony was yelling into the phone when Panti burst through the door.

"What the fuck! Who are you!" Tony growled.

Panti stood just inside the door; hands on hips and Tony took in the resplendent apparition. His eyes were drawn to her long legs clad in shimmering hose and worked up to her slim waist, pert breasts, elegant neck and pretty face framed by her jet-black ringlets.

"I'll call you back," he snarled into the phone and slammed it down.

The secretary entered and pushed in front of Panti.

"I'm sorry Tony, this bitch, or whatever it is just burst in. I told her not to and..."

"Shut up Lucy; I've told you a hundred times it's Mister Carlotta not Tony, unless we are alone. Don't let the door hit you in your fat arse on the way out," Tony barked.

Lucy backed out sheepishly and closed the door behind her.

"So what can I do for sweetheart?" Tony continued to examine Panti unashamedly.

"I'm Panti Pops."

"I bet you are," Tony leered.

"I'm one of the guitarists in Transvixen. My mom Wendy Grayson had a deal with you for us to play at the Chelmsford dance hall."

"Well don't stand there all formal Miss Pops. Take a seat," Tony gestured to an overstuffed couch against the wall.

Panti was glad to get off her feet;

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