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Derek Strikes Back.

His cock growing harder by the minute. He started groaning, and reaching for my tits when someone walked around the corner. I hurried away, leaving the old man standing there with a bulge in his pants. As I stood at the bar, I saw him walk over to his son and whisper about what had just happened. Looking up to see them both staring at me and smiling.

The alley started to empty, and I busied myself cleaning the bar. The dad and son sat at the end of the bar, drinking and continuing to flirt. Soon, the alley was empty except for the three of us. I told them it was getting close to closing time, and I could serve them one more drink. They told me to pour us three shots of tequila, and asked me to come around the bar and take it with them. I stood in front of them and gave them a cheers before knocking back the tequila, feeling it warm running down my stomach. As I started to walk away, the son pulled me into him. His legs spread open on the chair, my body tucked in close. I started to pull away, but he tugged me in deeper. Leaning into my ear and telling me he heard what I'd done for his dad. And now he wanted some attention to.

I looked over to see the old man rubbing the bulge in his pants-clearly turned on by the sight in front of him. I felt his son stand against me and start rubbing like his dad had. The sight of the two old men so turned on by me sent my pussy into overdrive, and I happily obliged to the son's grinding on my body. This time, there was no one to interrupt us, and I soon had his hands groping all over my body. I groaned as he gripped my tits, my nipples rock hard and aching for stimulation. "Sounds like she likes it, Dad. Just like you said she did." His dad groaned in response, and I decided there was no need to fight my desires.

I lifted up my shirt for the son and put his hands on my bare tits. Reaching my hand down to rub on his cock. He leaned down and grabbed my face, pulling my lips to his and shoving his tongue into my mouth. His dad, watching, groaned at the sight of what I was doing to his son...unable to believe the sight that was finally before his eyes. I reached over and grabbed onto the dad's hard bulge and started rubbing them both simultaneously-even leaning in to kiss the dad from time to time. We stood there for quite awhile, just rubbing, groping, and sucking on each other's faces.

Soon, the old man pulled me over to him and took my tits into his mouth. I stood there, letting him suck on my nipples while his finger rubbed outside of my tight shorts. His son came behind me and started unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts, pulling them down to reveal that I'd forgotten to put on panties. At this point, I was in the middle of the bar completely naked with two older men rubbing and sucking on my naked body. I thought about the cameras recording what was happening, and the fact that my pervy old boss was doing to watch everything tomorrow-probably while he stroked his own dick to the sight. I completely lost it and gave into my desires.

Sinking down on my knees in front of the old man, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was short and thick, covered halfway down the shaft in rough gray hair. Hungrily, I put my lips on his purple cockhead and started sucking his cock slit like a lollipop. The old man grabbed the back of my head and slid my mouth down his shaft, pushing his belly and balls into my face and making me gag while he pumped my throat.

Soon, I felt my hips being pulled up until I was on my hands and knees sucking the old man's cock. His son was lining up behind me, arching my back to give him the perfect angle for penetration. I wanted to see what was about to fuck me. So, I quick switched around and took the son in my mouth. His cock was shorter than his dad's, a little stubby and also covered in thick, coarse hair. I let his bush tickle my nose as I pressed my forehead into his fat belly and sucked hard.

I quickly turned back my attention to the old man and lined myself back up to be fucked by the so

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