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Delilah reached inside his sweatpants and released John's long rigid shaft. She wrapped her hand around it and pumped the tight skin up and down. She heard him moan.

Andy pulled back from the kiss, and looked into her dazed eyes. "John said you'd come around. I'm glad. I've wanted you ever since I saw you in the car. When I saw John fingering you and watched him suck his fingers, I thought my dick would explode right there." He bent back in to kiss her again, and putting his arm around her, pulled her to him. This time he was gentler as his lips met her bruised ones. His tongue danced through her lips to and searched for hers. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and returned his search. When their tongues met, they caressed.

John's hand still massaged her breast and as the kiss became more passionate, he pinched her nipple and twisted it slightly, as only he knew how she liked it done. John removed his hand from her blouse and Delilah's hand from his stiff member and shifted her position so that she was now facing Andy. He moved to kneel in front of her and watch.

Andy's mouth continued quenching its thirst for Delilah's luscious mouth, and his fingers moved seductively massaging her bare thigh. They inched themselves just under the hem of her skirt and stopped as if waiting permission. Still absorbed in Andy's passionate kisses, Delilah felt her skirt being undone and her hips being pried upward to slip the skirt off. She obeyed the silent command. Then nimble fingers undid each button on her blouse tracing her heated skin from button to button. She was coaxed upward by John's tender touch and he slid the smooth satin off her shoulders.

"Andy." John said, trying to break Andy's spellbound quest. "Andy, look at this beautiful woman."

Andy pulled back to drink in Delilah as John pulled her to her feet in front of the sofa. He moved her until she was facing Andy directly between his legs. Andy's eyes were fixed to hers as she first stood up and moved before him. Then he slowly began to survey her inch by delicious inch. First her neck with its inviting hollows that flowed into her lovely slender tanned shoulders. Then, his eyes traveled down to her bra. Her generously full breasts spilling over the green satin and lace of the delicate bra. He could see her nipples already erect poking at the lace as if begging for attention. He moved his hand down to soothe the discomfort growing in his loins. Andy continued his visual voyage down her midriff to her small waist, which flared into full hips, and then to the flat of her abdomen. His eyes locked on the green lace panties, which covered a precious prize he anticipated savoring. Moving his gaze to the gentle V between her thighs, his mouth watered as he visualized what lie there, and his tongue licked his hungry lips. His eyes traveled down her long shapely legs to the black sling back heels on her dainty feet. He looked back into her eyes and smiled. Delilah shivered with delight as she watched him look at her body.

Andy moved his hand inside his shorts and began to fondle his cock. The sight of Delilah standing before him excited him greatly, and he pulled his manhood from his shorts to show Delilah what she had caused. Her eyes widened when she saw his tool. It was beautiful. It was the color of light chocolate and thick. The head glistened with a drop of cum which had seeped from the slit and covered the purplish hood. Now it was she who licked her lips in anticipation.

"More Andy?" John queried, and Andy nodded.

Standing behind Delilah, John unfastened her bra and.

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