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Daddy teaches his little girl not to sneakily buy clothes.

This left about two inches of his dick out in the cold. Mrs. Jones yelled out in surprise and started to look back to see what was happening and who had invaded her pussy. At the same time this huge invader caused her to shudder in passion and caused her pussy to clamp down on it.

Before his mom could see who he was, Rob took his hand and shoved her face back into Mrs. Zamora's pussy. The commotion caused Mrs. Zamora to open her eyes. When she saw Rob with his dick in his own mother's pussy she told him,

"Fuck her hard honey, just like you did me!"

Rob didn't need to be told to fuck his mom hard. Rob was overcome with pure lust, he just needed to fuck someone, anyone, even his own mother! Rob continued holding his mother's face against Mrs. Zamora's pussy and he drilled her pussy just as hard as he could! After only a few strokes of Rob's massive dick in her pussy, Mrs. Jones began to fuck back! She still did not know it was her son who was giving her such a great fucking! Just that the dick was huge and it felt great! Since Rob was holding her face against it, she continued eating Mrs. Zamora's pussy.

While Mrs. Zamora's pussy was being eaten by Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Zamora was watching her best friend's pussy getting fucked by Mrs. Jones own son Rob! It was too much for Mrs. Zamora and she erupted into a massive orgasm. When Mrs. Zamora had her orgasm she thrashed around so much she fell off of the chaise lounge!

Rob was close to Cuming in his mom's pussy. He let go of the back of her head and grabbed her by the hips. He increased the pace of slamming her pussy with his hard dick. Just before he let loose his mom shouted out,

"I'm Cuming!"

Rob unloaded his seed into his mother's greedy pussy. Rob pulled his still hard dick out of his mom's pussy and grabbed both of her ankles. Rob flipped his mom over and onto her back. It was at this moment Mrs. Jones saw who had just stretched and so soundly fucked her pussy. Mrs. Jones was on her back with Rob in between her out stretched legs. Before she could protest, Rob slammed his dick back into his mom's dripping pussy and Mrs. Zamora dropped her own pussy down onto Mrs. Jones open mouth, preventing her from speaking.

While Rob was pounding his mother's now willing pussy, he reached out and grabbed Mrs. Zamora's huge tits and began massaging them. Mrs. Zamora leaned forward and took Rob in her arms. She gave him a passionate kiss, sticking her tongue deep within Rob's mouth. Mrs. Zamora ground her leaking pussy on Mrs. Jones's face.

Rob's mom was frantic. She couldn't believe what was happening to her! What started out as hers and Anita's usual Saturday pussy eating party, had turned into an incredible incestuous liaison! What was even worse, she loved every minute of it! Mrs. Jones had never been fucked so well in her life! Right now her son's dick was stretching her pussy beyond anything she'd ever had in it before, except when Rob had been born! Rob was ramming his mom's pussy harder and faster than her husband ever had! Mrs. Zamora's pussy was leaking in her mouth like never before. Both women were so hot they could have set a forest on fire! Mrs. Jones couldn't believe what was happening and especially the fact that she was not protesting! In fact, instead of protesting, she wanted more! Right now she could care less that this huge dick was her son's. All she cared was; it was huge, it felt fantastic, it filled her pussy like never before and it was fucking her silly!

Rob was fucking his mom with wild abandonment. He was open mouth kissing Mrs. Zamora and tweaking her massive tits at the same time. After a few minutes of furiously fucking his mom, Rob felt her pussy clenching his dick as another massive orgasm over took her. He pulled his dick from his mom's pussy and sliding up over her tits, he shoved it into her mouth. Mrs. Zamora moved back and bent over to help Rob's mom suck his dick.

Rob continued fucking both of them in their mouths. After several minutes he announced,

"I'm going to Cum!"

Rob dumped his second load of Cum int

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