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Lonely suspicious man is pursued by enamored kitsune.

Without warning, the woman wrenched the door open and yanked Emma from the car forcefully by her arm.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Emma shouted, trying to pull away from the larger woman's grasp.

Officer Thomson twisted Emma's arm behind her back and shoved her against the front of the car. She leaned her head down to whisper into Emma's ear.

"When I tell you to do something, it is a very good idea to listen." She yanked her cuffs from her belt and slapped them tightly over Emma's thin wrists.

Emma's breath began to come more rapidly as the panic started to set in.

Officer Thomson brought up a hand and pushed Emma's head down on the cold metal of the car hood. "Are you ready to listen now?"

"Yes, officer." Emma said shakily. She was terrified of saying the wrong thing to cause another reaction from the volatile woman.

"Good. I turned my lights on because you were driving dangerously slow, then you proceeded to ignore me until I used the siren."

"I was lost in thought, officer. It was not my intention to ignore you."

"But you did. So how do you think we should proceed?"

The question took Emma by surprise. How was she supposed to reply to something like that? If it was up to her, she wouldn't be in the situation at all.

"I just..I really need to get to work, ma'am. I cant afford to be late."

The pressure on the back of Emma's head released, but the cuffs remained secured around her wrists. Emma slowly raised herself back into a standing position and faced the policewoman.

"Then I suggest you do exactly as I say." Officer Thomson said, a slow smile creeping over her lips. "I want you to get down on your knees."

Emma stared at officer Thomson incredulously. This woman didn't seem to be acting professionally at all. She was obviously abusing her power, but what was Emma supposed to do? Miss Thomson likely would not take no for an answer. After much hesitation, Emma slid down onto her knees.

Officer Thomson towered over the smaller woman, her smile widening.

"Good," she purred before turning her back to Emma. The woman's plump bottom was now directly in front of Emma's face, "Now you can kiss my ass." She demanded.

Emma's jaw dropped. Was this woman insane? There was no way in hell that was going to happen.

"I don't think so." Emma replied, attempting to rise to her feet.

Officer Thomson spun back around, her eyes blazing. Before Emma could fully regain her stance, the woman shoved her violently, sending her toppling to the ground. With her hands still cuffed behind her, Emma struggled to raise herself from the compromising position.

"I suggest you do what I fucking tell you to do. It'll be easier for you that way, trust me." Officer Thomson placed one of her legs on either side of Emma's prone form before squatting down. Her ass was just inches away from Emma's face.

"Get away from-" before Emma could finish speaking, Officer Thomson released a long, loud fart before crushing Emma's nose with her huge posterior.

Emma's cheeks burned beneath the larger woman's rear as she thrashed about, her nostrils stinging. The officer swayed her hips from side to side lewdly before raising herself off the poor girl's face.

Emma immediately flew into an upright position, gasping for fresh air.

"Want to try again? This'll be your last chance." Officer Thomson said in a mocking tone.

Emma wrestled with her options in her mind. She could do as the woman had commanded, even though it was utterly degrading, or she could defy her and risk who knows what kind of repercussions. This woman was obviously insane, but she was a cop.

Begrudgingly, Emma pursed her lips and quickly touched them to officer Thomson's ass before backing away just as fast. The woman chuckled to herself as it all played out.

"Come on, now. Kiss it like you really mean it!"

Emma scrambled back to her feet, her face reddening with anger.

"I did what you said, now let me out of these handcuffs and I won't go to your superiors about this!" Emma felt as if she had finally gotten one over on the woman.

Officer Thomson's smile began to

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