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A romantic story of a meeting while on vacation.

She gives a little "O" of surprise when she sees the pilot follow her Master into the house. She bows her head and looks at the floor, embarrassed and flushed. She does not lose her composure though, and sits quietly.

She hears her Master invite the man to sit down and asks if he would like a drink. She listens to the pilot say a beer would be great. Upon hearing him, Sorenna gets up from the cushion and walks slowly across the room to the kitchen area, feeling the eyes of both men on her. She nervously gets the beer from the refrigerator and also gets one for her Master.

A beer in each hand, she goes back into the living room. She stops first in front of the guest, opening his beer and smiling at him as she bends forward slightly to hand it to him. Her eyes sweep the pilot from head to hip, taking his measure. Her tits fall forward, giving him an uninterrupted view of her deep cleavage. She blushes prettily as she hears his indrawn breath and sees his eyes are fastened on her almost exposed mounds. Then, with a seductive smile at him, she gives him her back, knowing he getting quite a view of her ass brazenly on display.

She walks slowly, sensuously, to her Master, forgetting the other man as soon as He looks at her.

She stands in front of Him positioning herself between His legs. She lowers her body to the floor, and sets the beer down next to her. She spreads her knees wide, sits on her heels and straightens her back, thrusting her tits forward, her hands clasped together behind her back. She bows her head slightly, eyes on the floor, silently offering all of herself to her Master. She remains still for several moments, then reaches beside her, picks up the beer, opens it and from her knees, hands it to Him.

He accepts the beer from her hand and places it on the table next to him. He takes a moment to savor the sight of His lovely girl, supplicating to Him. He loves the look of her so submissive to his every suggestion. He can see her trembling, but knows its not from fear. He can feel the waves of desire flowing off of her.

He takes in her soft red-brown hair, spilling over her shoulders, her soft, pink, pouty lips, moistened with her tongue to make them shine. His eyes travel down to rest on her prominently displayed cleavage, catching his breath to see those lovely size D orbs being offered to Him. His eyes continue to rove over her body, noting the details of her body; her trim waist, her tanned, smooth skin, her long, sexy legs that wrap around Him so well.

Lowering His arm, He plunges two fingers into her pussy, checking her wetness, her hard nipples already indicating to Him her arousal. His fingers slip inside her easily, feeling her adjust her hips to allow Him all access to what is His. He smiles down at her, reassuring her with His approval. He pulls His fingers from her wetness, and sits back in His chair.

He whispers to her, "Relax."

She twists to a sideways position, sitting cross legged between his feet. She wraps her arms around His calf, and lays her cheek on His knee, looking over to the pilot. She feels His hand in her hair, stroking it, petting her.

He says to her, "Go now and greet him as if he were Me, him taking My place this time."

Without saying a word, she turns her head and places a kiss on His knee. She bows her head with eyes lowered and says, "Yes, Master."

She unwraps her arms from his leg, and slowly crawls across the floor to where the pilot sits. She knows He is watching her and smiles in her knowledge.

As she reaches a spot near the pilot, she finds one of her questions is answered.

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