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Jane took her son face in her hands. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

"I've got a virgin!" then she kissed her son hotly on the lips, her tongue slithered inside Todd's mouth as she wrapped her arms around her son. They hugged and kissed for a long time.

When they broke their kiss, Jane asked "Give me your hand."

Jane slide her wet panties off and guided her son fingers between her legs and gave him a full tour of her sex.

"This is my clitoris," she said, as Jane pressed Todd's finger against the hard rubbing at the top of her slit.

"Can you feel it? Right there." Todd gasped an affirmative noise.

"Rub it, like this." Jane moved her son finger in a slow circles around her clit. She sucked a breath through her teeth. Her belly flexed.

"Yesss...just like that. That ..feels.. so... gooood."

Todd played with his mother clit for a few minutes until she spread her legs wide apart, showing her son her wet cunt.

"Now, ...Put your fingers inside me." and Todd did.

Her pussy seemed to suck his fingers inside. Todd moved his finger in and out, fucking her gently.

"Oh...that's so good...Now ...use your tongue on my clit,... just like you did ..with your finger."

Todd shifted around and got on his knees beside the bed. Jane laid her legs down on her son's shoulders as he moved in between her thighs. His tongue rummaged in the hair a bit before rediscovering her clit and started pushing it around. The taste was strange, but good. He'd heard about a woman pussy tasting fishy. His mom pussy wasn't anything at all like fish, and he liked licking her. Jane did, too, as her moans filled her bedroom.

Todd kept it up until his neck started getting tired. When Todd backed off she grabbed his head and pulled him against herself.

"Don't... stop, lover. I'm almost... there! Keep... licking, ...OOOHHHH"

Her hips began bucking up. Todd could fell her pussy becoming even wetter as she climaxed against his tongue. Jane sighed her pleasure as her climax finished.

Todd was having some trouble getting air, so he was glad when she released his head. Todd sat back and stared at his mother pussy. There seemed to be something leaking from between her lips.

"What's this?" Todd asked as he traced a fingertip along her slit.

"Mmmm, sometimes I squirt when I come," Jane answered dreamily. She started scooting over on the bed.

"Come up here."

They lay side by side. Jane kissed her son again. This time it seemed kind of dirty to Todd because his face was still covered in her juices. She didn't mind, so he didn't worry about it.

"Rub my breasts." Jane said.

They cuddled together, kissing and caressing, each other for a long time before Jane asked, "Do you want to fuck me now?" her hand slid down his body to his hard cock.

She looked him in the eyes as she asked, "Or should I suck you now?"

"How about both?" Todd answered excitedly.

Jane grinned sweetly. " I was hoping you'd say that!"

She kissed her way down her son chest and settled between his legs. Her hand gripped his cock as her mouth slowly slipped down the shaft. Her whole body moved as she sucked his cock, rolling in time with her mouth. As good as her mouth felt on his cock Todd's eyes were drawn to the mirror across from the bed and his mother beautiful ass, the curves of her cheeks, the deep divide of the cleft. The sight of his mom ass wiggling as she suck him off made him began thrusting up into her mouth, fucking her face. Jane suddenly pulled off. She lick the tip of his cock.

"Hold on, lover, don't want you to come too soon!"

They kissed again, rolling around until Todd laid between his mother legs.

"Oooo, lover, You and that hard cock of yours are just what I needed."

Todd raised on to his knees and shoved, his cock skittered along her thigh. Jane reached between they and set her son cock against her wet hole.

"There. Now push, slowly, and try to hold back awhile."

"OH, ..OH.. OH Yes, it feels so good, ....just like I thought it would..." Todd cried out as he sank his cock in to his mother pussy.

The thought that

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