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Dad catches son sniffing mum's panties.


"Maybe if you didn't whine like a fucking child, I might actually want to give you something more," I snap back hotly.

"Oh, I'm a child now?" Fury burns in his tone, and alarm runs swiftly chilling down my spine as his hand slips over, gripping painfully at the back of my neck. "You little bitch. Maybe I oughta just take what you owe me, huh?" His cock lining up roughly with my tight-closed lips, fear wrapping coldly around my heart. "Maybe teach you not to be such a fucking tease."

Panic like icicles in my quickening pulse, my mind scrabbling frantically for a way out. Would he really...I wouldn't have thought him capable. I've never been in this situation. God, I don't know what to do. A mass of impulses crowding contradictory in my head; struggle, run, scream, fight, beg and plead...but it's an altogether different instinct that steps forward as I sit there paralyzed, that lifts my head to stare steadily into his eyes. That speaks, cool and firm and unflinching. "Eric, you're not going to do this." The rest of me watching terrified from within, wondering what I've just done.

For a moment, it just seems to provoke him further. "I'm not, huh?" A snarl, and I fear that I've made an awful mistake. But then I see the inward flicker of his eyes, the slowing of doubt and of reflection. Looking away from me, down into himself, the furious quickness of his breath abating. When he finally moves again, long seconds later, it's to lift his hand from my neck, releasing me. "No, I'm not." A look in his eye not so far from apology, though it hardens quickly back into anger as he moves to crawl clumsily back to the driver's seat, limbs stiff with brooding. Staring at the windshield as he settles in, looking out into the night. Bitterness in his voice. "I tell you what, though, I am done giving out free rides."
I don't respond immediately, trying to quickly reassemble my clothing, to cover myself as unobtrusively as I'm able. My heart still pounding from the nearness of this escape. Only once I've finished buttoning up my blouse do I cautiously ask, "What do you mean?" A quiver of outrage held quiet in my heart, horrified at what nearly happened.

"Just what I said." Sharply, glancing pointedly over at me again. "I'm not a...I'm not gonna force you to do anything. If you wanna just call it a night after all I did for you, well, that's your decision. Just don't count on me giving you a ride home."

It slowly dawns on me what he's implying. "You can't be serious." Indignation bubbling up inside; I try to hold it back, afraid of provoking him again. "We're ten miles out of town. What do you expect me to do, walk?"

"Hell, you're a smart girl. You'll figure something out." He simpers at me snidely. "'Course, I'd be happy to take you - if you make it worth my while." His hand rubbing vulgar and suggestive at his crotch.

God damn it. This is barely better than before. Helpless, hopeless anger circulates in my head, a maddening mixture of fury and despair; I stare into my hands as though to find an answer written on my palm. I could have been at home right now. I could have been peacefully sleeping, safe and warm in the bunk above David's. Or even...god, why the hell did I have to do this? I don't even know anymore what I was hoping to accomplish. Just another of my stupid fucking ideas.

Self-loathing slithers like a serpent in my gut. Maybe I should just do it. Give him what he wants, so I can just go home, put an end to this disaster of an evening. What's one more blowjob, after all? One more time used. Wouldn't even be the first I've given him. And it's not like I've got much virtue left to lose...

"Well?" Eric demands impatiently. "I don't wanna wait around all damn night. Go down or get out." Scorn seething in his eyes, barely touched with lust. So simple, so obvious how little I am to him. Less than nothing. Valued only for my holes.

Somehow, this settles it for me.

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