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A master shows off his slave for random bus riders

She whimpered and bit her lip as she bounced on the bed. Her huge tits were jiggling. Every movement of my fingers she matched with her whole body, working her cunt up and down around my hand. She bit harder on her lip as she got ready to cum, then opened her mouth wide and let out a yell of joy.

"Fuck me," she begged. "I'm gonna cum!"

I shook my head. "I want to see you cum first," I said.

"That'll be damn easy, stud man ... oh, oh-oh yes!"

Shanti gasped as I picked up speed inside her cunt. I shoved my fingers rapidly into her, stretching her pussy opening. It was much tighter than her asshole-I figured it had been fucked far less often. I felt my cock throbbing some more, getting bigger slowly as I pounded my fingers into her cunt.

"Oh, yeah-oh, yeah!" Shanti's eyes and mouth were wide open.

Her tongue traveled around her lips, licking them sensuously as she felt my fingers sliding deep into her wet flesh. She jerked her body against me, her thrusts working opposite to mine, so thatmy fingers plunged firmly into her cunt each time. She reached up and put her hands on her tits, squeezing them as she got closer to her orgasm. I could see by the look in her eyes that she was on the brink, ready to cum. But I was taking my time, enjoying the sight of Shanti's nude body quivering in delight as I finger-fucked her.

Shanti's fingers closed tightly on her breasts, gripping them as she arched her back. She shoved her hips forward, catching each finger-fuck. She was ready to cum! This night was kinkier than I thought. She tugged at her breasts as I fingered her, puffing the firm mounds of flesh up She maneuvered her nipple until it pointed right at her mouth, then thrust her head down until she could close her lips around the firm pink bud. Shanti's tits were so big that her nipples fit nicely into her own mouth. She sucked on it as I finger-fucked her-and then she groaned, letting her tits fall back down and throwing her head back.

She molded her hands to her huge breasts and started jerking them up and down wildly, practically screaming, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

She shuddered as her orgasm burst. I fucked her even faster with my fingers, watching her cum with delight. Her eyes were wide and her fits bounced. She moaned loudly, so overwhelmed she looked like a wild woman.

I felt my cock surge as Shanti came and moved my thumb up and began to manipulate her clit as she went on climaxing. I knew she'd like that, and she did. Shanti's whole body twitched and throbbed as I began to jerk her clit up and down with my thumb.

Her climax must have intensified then-from the sound of her moaning, it was incredible.

I watched her body gyrating as Shanti's cum squirted over my fingers, her pussy juice dribbling all over me. She was really wet, and her orgasm just kept on. It must have lasted a minute or more-and as Shanti's hips ground to a halt, she made it plain that she didn't want to stop. She reached up and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down on top of her and between her legs. I slid my fingers out of her, parting my lips as she kissed me. Shanti shoved her tongue viciously into my mouth, sucking on my tongue and biting it.

"All right, baby," she said. "Now it's your turn. I've just cum for you. Now you should cum-cum in my pussy!"

She reached down and felt my cock. It was getting hard, but wasn't quite all the way erect. Shanti giggled as she felt it, rubbing my balls and stroking my greased prick.

"Still a little soft?" she growled into my ear. "Did Chitra wear you out? Mmmm ... that's sexy ... I'll have to get you hot enough to fuck me properly!"

I rolled off of her, nuzzling her neck as she released my cock. She spread her legs even wider as she moved her hands between her thighs.

"What turns you on, Ratan? Do you like to see a chick touching yourself? Rubbing her pussy?"

Without waiting for an answer, Shanti thrust one hand into her slit, pressing two fingers up her pussy.

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