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She's handcuffed and shown off.

In fact I found her hirsute look very sexy. That's anew Sarah I thought with all the jet-black hair in her unshaven armpits.

She had on a black mini skirt and no panties. Her bushy pubic hair was visible even from this distance. She wore the skirt up high so that the tops of her stockings would show when she moved around a bit.

It was then tat I saw the two men. They seemed very burly and not exactly her type. But then how was I to know who were her type we were now strangers in the marriage. They all sat in the living room, her in the middle and chatted a bit. She then offered them a glass of beer Then she led them back upstairs towards the bedroom and since they were behind her, they could see up the back of her very short skirt. At the top of the stairs, she looked down and had seen that they both had very large bulges in their pants.

At that point, she reached out with each hand to get a better idea on how big and hard they were. They both moaned in ecstasy. She apologized for getting them both so excited. She found lead them to our bedroom. I followed up the stairs and since they themselves were busy with they hey did not notice me looking from behind the open door. As they arrived in the bedroom, she once again reached for their very prominent bulges. First she unzipped one and took out a very nice looking cock. About 11 inches long, nice and thick. She then unzipped the other mans pants and took out his very large cock. She asked him how big it was and he said it was 13 inches long and very very thick.

Even I was amazed at the size of the cocks. The man with the 13-inch penis was a monster. His cock stuck out a mile and even Sarah looked fascinated by the size. They both reached for her and helped her pull off her white top. One of them (the man with the 13-inch cock "Good you have stayed hairy. I love hairy armpits and I will never let a woman who shaves her body hair touch my phallus". Now I knew why my wife had stopped shaving her armpits.

Her armpits were awfully bushy. He made her lift her arms and he played with the long hair in her untrimmed furry armpits. If a man with a 13-inch penis tells a woman to stop shaving her underarms I guess woman has no choice but to do what he says. She threw caution to the wind and told one of them to help her out of her bra. Her nipples were now very hard and sticking right out. She then lay down on the bed, in the middle and told them to finish getting undressed.

They were both naked in no time. As they then crawled into the bed, one on each side, they each took one of her 38D's in their mouths and starting sucking them. This drove her crazy with lust. The feel of two hungry mouths sucking both of her tits The 13 inch giant left her tits and rummaged her furry armpit thicket. He pulled at the long tufts of jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. She reached down and took a hard throbbing cock in each hand. After a few minutes of sucking her tits, one man moved down to eat her hairy pussy. He was eating her like crazy. The other then positioned himself so she could suck his big cock. This was the big thick one the one who was 13 inches and I suspect growing more was pushing and she had a hard time getting it past her lips. No sooner had she got that big cock in her mouth, she let out an earth shattering orgasm. She then told the man eating her she wanted him to fuck her right now. He climbed on starting filling her up and pounding her hairy pussy. The 13 incher indicated he was about to cum and she took him out of her mouth just in time to see him squirt all over her face and her pillow. At the sight of seeing his friend cum all over my wife's face he then exploded inside her.

She then got up on her knees and starting to suck the 11 incher cock back to life. Then the big cocked stranger moved behind her doggy style and starting ramming that big cock of his deep in her pussy. She was already wet and had the other mans cum dripping down her legs, so he entered her without too much problem.

My cock grew immediately.

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