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Why we never go to THAT island...

Did we embarrass you?"

Mom gave them a sheepish smile and replied, "A little."

Younger one then asked. "Since you had the opportunity to check us out, which one of us do you think has the bigger cock?"

I was shocked by my conservative mom's boldness; without looking up from the water filter, she meekly answered, "Before I can make a definite statement. I'd have to see them again, up close and hard."

In an instant, the two men were out of their clothes and around the dining table, with both their dicks being stroked to erection by my sexy mom. They were so similar, it took mom a while to choose, but when she picked the junior's; he yelled, "Yes, and to the victor go the spoils. I get to go first."

He quickly spun mom around, bent her over the dining table, pulled her sari and it got detached from her body. He then lifted her petticoat above waist, at that time she was without her panty. The guy moved in to fuck her from behind.

Right then I nearly panicked. Even though I had encouraged this, and even though I was standing there watching it happen, I suddenly wasn't sure if I wanted another man screwing my mom other than my dad. Well, it was too late. Mom had a look of pure ecstasy on her face as junior carpenter pushed thick, ten-inch pleasure stick inside her, stretching and filling her vagina than she was accustomed to, he had to go slow. But he eventually got it all the way in.

My dick was already getting hard.

It must have felt wonderful, because mom climaxed after just a few full strokes. She bit her lower lip and pumped her ass backward to make sure she was getting everything he could offer. Feeling mom's pussy contracting must have been too much for him because, unfortunately, he quickly blew his load. Mom's disappointment (and junior's embarrassment) caused him to leave without saying another word through the back door of our house. As if he lost a battle.

I rubbed my cock wildly without opening the zipper, and within seconds I started to come in my trouser!

Meanwhile, the elder one went to mom and repositioned her so that she was lying long ways atop the table, on her back. I watched with fascination as my mom spread her legs and guided the second stranger's erection to her love-hole. With one slow but steady push, he sank his big shaft all the way inside, once again filling mom's cunt to the brim. Then, as he began pumping into her, she sighed with joy, wrapped her legs around his hips, and humped her pelvis to meet his every thrust.

He had held her the edge of the table, to prevent her from sliding. This freed his hands to unbutton her blouse and open the front hook of the 36C bra. He then squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples while he pumped in and out of her love-nest. My mom's naked body was being rocked by the violence of his strokes, the flesh of her thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm. There were every possibility of the legs of the table get damaged by his violent thrusts. He turned out to be a much better lover than earlier one, giving mom three good orgasms before he climaxed. Then, as his cock exploded inside her, she had one more super strong orgasm. They were really slamming into each other, all squishy and hot.

When they were finished, they went to the bathroom. Mom stopped at the door, "I have to use the toilet." What she wanted was for elder one to wait while she went, because she's very shy about anyone seeing her going.

When mom returned, she licked his cock and balls, and when he started getting hard again, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked him back to full erection. She was loving slurping away on his big, fat boner, giving him the blowjob, he deserved.

I think she would have continued until he came down her throat, but a phone call interrupted them.

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