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Will she get what she wants for her birthday?

But poor Tommie, don't you understand yet, Slut is a slave here, even more of a slave than you are, what she thinks doesn't matter, in fact if she's being trained to not think, isn't that so Slut?"

"Yes Mistress, slut doesn't think, slut only obeys." Amy rattled off the phrase without thinking about it, only then realizing that it was another phrase that had been programmed into her at night. She died just a little bit more then.

Kneeling before him Amy reached for his belt and finished unbuckling it, then pulled it from the loops. Reaching back to his trousers she unbuttoned then unzipped him and eased the trousers down his legs, carefully removing each foot.

She saw that he was wearing a pair of pink panties.

"Hang those up and take everything laundry room and hang them up. You'll drop the suit off at the dry cleaner tomorrow during your lunch hour."

When Amy returned Tommie was kneeling at Nancy's side his head on her knee as she stroked his hair. She pointed at slut with her other hand, then pointed to her other side. Slut knelt at her other knee, legs spread and hands on her thighs, head bent and mouth open.

"Now Tommie, get up and move over there." She positioned her two playthings on their knees on either side of her, facing each other. Slut saw that Tommie was now naked, except for a plastic chastity device, locked on with a small paddlock.

"You see slut, he has to go through airport screening in panties, with his chastity device in his handbag, it gets x-rayed, then he puts it on and locks it in the men's room. I mail the key to him at his hotel before he has to come home so he can repeat it on the trip back."

Amy couldn't look Tommie in the face, then Nancy tossed a small key at her.

"Unlock him Slut."

Amy crawled to her fellow slave, her hand trembled as she reached for the lock, holding it steady with one hand she inserted the key and turned it. It clicked open and she pulled it loose.

"Disconnect it, pull it off him."

She fumbled with the device, but quickly figured it out and freed Tommie's penis from his chastity device. Tommie prayed that Nancy wouldn't detect that anything was different. Usually on his business trips he kept himself in chastity the entire time, this time he didn't put it on as he usually did, and then started his affair with Sylvia. In fact they had made love just before she drove him to the airport, she had been the one that put on the device.

"Tommie I am going to give you a treat today, you know how I dislike giving oral sex, or allowing anal, but with Slut here whenever I decide to allow it, you can have her."

Amy looked at Tommie and saw him blush.

"Lay down on your back Tommie, I'll give you a welcome home tonight. Slut! Give him a good welcome for me, and get him hard with your lovely lips."

Tommie had hoped to shower and clean up before anything like this would happen, but Nancy hadn't given him a chance. He looked at Amy with wide eyes. She blushed and gave a little smile to him.

His cock was still soft and as she took it in her hand it seemed a little sticky, she was worried that it might be a bit funky after spending several weeks encased in it's confining tube, but then it couldn't be worse than licking Nancy's ass.

Her lips pursed and she kissed the tip of his cock, it started to stiffen as soon as she had taken it in her hand, she licked below the head and tasted ... what?

She engulfed the slowly rising cock in her mouth, slurping with her tongue and was sure. Yes a little funk, but not that much, and not man-funk. She tasted a woman's juices, tacky on this cock.

This cock that had been home only a few hours, not enough time for him to have been with his wife. Not only that, she knew the taste of Nancy. Not that Mistress tasted unpleasant, but this tasted different, and sweeter, nicer, better, even mixed with the man smell of Tommie.

She looked up at Tommie, her eyes wide, a smile on her lips, her lips wrapped around his now hard and erect cock, she knew, she knew that he chea

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