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The Female Alphas Caucus is formed.

" All this babble as I was pushing my cock relentlessly into her.

The relief of feeling her hot little pussy around my cock calmed me and I was thinking, 'This is too fast, just got in the room and I'm ready to get off, better slow it down, take more time, don't want to end it now.'

I pulled out of her and lifted her dress off. God what a perfect little woman, hardly five feet tall, everything in proportion, sweet little pert titties jutting out, round hips and ass, and the tightest looking shaved pussy I had ever seen. And despite her protestations about 'should not be doing this' her eyes blazed at me, she was ready to be 'taken'. I carried her to the bed and lay her down, stepped back and removed the rest of my clothes.

She spread her legs wide open and reached out for me, "Oh Jim, take me, do what you want with me, it is so wrong, but use me for your pleasure."

Well I certainly did that. The problem was that I was sure that she was ready to fuck steady for four hours or more. And I had my limits. But with careful planning I got through the ordeal. After the first session, I ordered room service for lunch. She hid in the bathroom when the attendant brought the lunch. We hurried through the meal, sipped some wine and showered and fucked again. She did not complain but I could sense she could have stayed in the bed for the entire time.

What had my wife and I produced here? From a forlorn little housewife dressed in drab clothes, to this provocative little lady who could fuck like a feeding piranha. I was beginning to think I had bit off more than I could chew. But her words were always sweet and lady like and constantly reminded me that I was a great lover despite her stated reluctance to seduce me.

We met several more times at the hotel. It was not difficult at all to convince her that she should do some downtown shopping. And in fact it soon became obvious that she was available virtually any time that I desired her. It was still all very pleasant and fun to me, there was never any pressure from her for more meetings; she was just ready when I wanted. And so we continued on, teasing and cajoling on the phone or by Email, and she continued playing the shocked but fascinated object. More often than not when we did meet it was I ending the sessions for a variety of reasons, while she always seemed to be prepared for more.

Her attitude fascinated me. Despite her protestations before during and after our meetings, she did not display any emotion other than that she loved doing 'it' with me. There were no feelings of guilt or remorse apparent in her expression or body language that might confirm her negative words and statements. In addition there were no words or actions that indicated that she wanted anything more than to fuck me on occasion. It was all quite perfect, for me at least.

During one of our erotic telephone exchanges I commented on her apparent insatiability, suggesting that she wanted more sex than I could provide at one time.

She responded, "Oh Jim, why do you say that? Of course I enjoy when we do it. I do have many little orgasms when you are in me, and when you do stop, I could do it again easy. But if you are not ready then, I don't mind, I love the way you use me. Are you angry with me for that?"

"I am not angry at all Anna. You are a wonderful lover and I enjoy every minute of our encounters. But sometimes I worry that I cannot give you enough. Maybe I should get some help," I suggested.

"What do you mean? What kind of help? You are just teasing me aren't you," she said seriously.

"Did you ever think of a threesome with two men Anna? You would be certain of getting all you wanted that way." I was half serious and half pulling her leg, provoking her to see what kind of reaction I might get from her.

"My God Jim. Two men at once? However could I do that? I have never thought of that. My goodness Jim, how crazy."

She seemed quite certain about her lack of interest, so I dropped the

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