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Paul sets things right.

Moving his wet finger towards her lips, "Open your mouth, slave," Joe told her as he held his finger close.

Joy opened her mouth slightly allowing him to place his finger on her lip. Her tongue darting out to lick her lip as he rubbed it across.

"Ooo, it is still you I taste, Joe," she moaned, adding, "It's a little more salty than before."

"What you just tasted baby was my essence, a drop of my cum," He told her.

Joy felt his finger slide a little deeper and she hungrily sucked his finger.

"Ooo, mmm, Joe," she moaned a little louder.

Joe took his hand away from her wet pussy and slapped her left breast hard.

"Ouch!" Joy screamed.

Her hand almost went to cover her sore breast and she thought she had better not.

"That slap was for not saying 'Sir', slave."

"Sorry, Joo, Sir," she replied, almost making the same mistake again.

Joe placed his hand back between her soaked thighs cupping her pussy getting more of her juices on his fingers. Breaking contact from her pussy he brought his wet fingers to her lips.

"Now, slave, what do you taste?" He asked as he placed the wet fingers on her lips.

Joy quickly sucked his finger deep in her mouth thinking it was the same taste as before. This time it wasn't the same, this time it had a sweet less salty taste.

Hesitating just a second she answered, "You, Sir."

"Nope not this time, slave. You have just tasted your own juices again,"Joe told her, adding, "I told you before you taste great."

What Joy did not see was the huge smile Joe had on his face.

Leaning closer to her face he reached up and lifted the blindfold that covered her eyes. It took several seconds for her eyes to focus on his face. Joy knew he meant business when she looked into his light brown eyes and saw the specks of gold in them staring back at her. What she saw in their depths she did not like. Gone was the tender smile and longing in his eyes. His eyes had taken a darker glow, something sinister lurked in them making her body shudder uncontrollably.

"Sit up on the bed, slave. You are not going to like what I have to say right now," He told her in a stern tone.

Joy placed her hands on the bed pushing her self up to a sitting position and lowered her head. She felt his fingertips lift her chin.

"Slave, it pains me to no end but I have to punish you for last night. I had hoped it would be awhile before I had to do this to you. You have to understand what is about to happen must be done," Joe told her, his eyes looking deep into hers.

"Yes Sir, I understand," Joy only managed to say it in a whisper. Her breath caught in her throat, never had she felt such pain in her heart as she did at this moment knowing she was the cause of the disappoint on Joe's face.

Joe went on explaining why he had to punish her for her actions and those actions would not be taken lightly.

"Do you understand what I am telling you, my slave? Yes, you're my slave now. You belonged to me from the moment you asked me to train you to be my slave and I accepted. You had no right to disrespect or dismiss me the way you did," he told her adding, "Now stand up. Remove the t-shirt, slave. You will not need any clothes from this moment on for the rest of today."

"Yes Sir," Joy said as she turned her body, her legs going over the side of the bed. Hesitantly she stood up on wobbly legs.

He watched as her hands grasped the bottom of the shirt as she lifted it up her body and over her head. She held the shirt in her hands.

"Drop it to the floor, slave," Joe commanded and watched the shirt fall from her hands.

Joy wanted to cover her nakedness, but she kept her hands by her sides lowering her head. For the second time today she stood totally naked in front of Joe. This time was different than before. This time she did not want to be naked in front of him and her pussy betrayed her by clenching tight, forcing some of her juices to flow down her thighs.

Joe stood up in fro

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