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Liam discovers his Mistress's passions.

For the second time I found myself both surprised and confused.

I was surprised at how many men were looking and then commenting on my pictures. There were even two comments from women. I had never in my life had anyone say to me some of the nasty things these men were saying, and yet the confusing part to me was my reaction.

I was fully aroused and wet. These perverted men had gotten to me. I couldn't believe that as I read I was actually imagining hung8 sucking on one of my hard nipples. I could almost feel blknight sliding his huge cock into me from behind. I even imagined sucking on the cock of 1hotcpl while his wife used her tongue on me from behind.

I can't remember when I had ever felt so aroused without having been touched. If it weren't for Robert being there I surely would have taken things into my own hands in front of that computer.

As I was reading, Robert who was standing behind me began to lightly press himself up against my back while rubbing his hands up my arms and shoulders and then back down. I could feel his stiffness through his boxers and the thin nightgown I was wearing. It seemed to me that this whole scene had excited him just as much as it had me.

While reading the last comment from a man who said he would love to have me suck the cum from his cock while my husband took me from behind, Robert must have pulled his cock from his boxers.

I could now feel a hot, hard cock rubbing up my back, through my hair, and then along side my neck. As I leaned back into him, Robert slid himself across the back of my neck and over to the other side. I felt him push forward and then his cock was sliding against my flushed cheek.

Robert must have been really turned on at this point because he was beginning to leak his hot juice along my cheek as he rubbed.

Just as I finished reading, I felt Robert's cock slip across my cheek, and push all the way to the side of my mouth. It was at this moment in time that my whole sexuality began to suddenly change.

As I felt Robert touch my lips, I closed my eyes and suddenly I was being seduce by some faceless perverted stranger.

When this man pulled my face around I had no choice but to open my mouth and allow him to slide his hard cock past my lips.

As he slid the head over my wet tongue, I couldn't believe I was actually trying to taste his juice leaking from the tip.

Here I was, a woman who had never thought of any man but my husband, trying to get my first taste of cum, and from a complete stranger.

The stranger suddenly pulled my chair around so that I was now facing him as he began to pump his hard cock into my mouth. Before long he had grabbed me by my hair and began to fuck my mouth as if I were some slut that he just paid for to use any way he wanted.

At this point I actually was that slut. I was the slut who now had her hand pushed into her panties, trying to peak at the same time some stranger was going to unload his cum into her hungry mouth.

I was so amazed when this stranger's cock began to grow bigger and harder. He began to fuck even faster and all I could do or rather all I wanted to do was tighten my lips around his nasty cock so that I would not lose one drop when he shot off into my mouth.

Suddenly the stranger arched his back and froze while letting out a deep animal like moan. I felt the head of his cock swell and then he blasted my tongue and throat. He began to wildly fuck my mouth again as shot after shot of his thick cum was filling my mouth then sliding down my throat.

He was fucking so hard that he slipped out of my mouth and before I could get him back in, I felt his cum hit my cheek, nose and lips.

When I felt this stranger actually shooting his nasty cum all over my face I lost it. My whole body began to shake as a wave of pleasure over took my entire being. I had never in my life had an orgasm that ripped through my whole body the way this one was doing.

In the middle of my orgasm I felt another blast of cum hit my lips and open mouth.

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