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Chester always enjoyed a visit from his niece Eve.

"No darling, that was called squirting - also sometimes female ejaculation. It usually comes from a certain kind of orgasm, called a g-spot orgasm. It's not pee, and there's nothing to be embarrassed or scared of. It's a normal, and incredibly sexy, function of the female body." To reinforce his point, he intentionally ran one finger across her g-spot again, and she nearly jumped.

"Well it's amazing." She giggled and let her body stretch in a way she was probably completely unconscious of, but he recognized - that was the move of a woman whose body had just been properly satisfied. He smiled to himself, and looked up into her eyes, while he increased the pressure of his fingers just a bit. "Do you want more?"

She hesitated for a half a second, but then she replied, her voice husky and far more mature than the giggle a moment before. "Yes, please."

He grinned, kissed her belly and then got up swiftly. He grabbed her shorts and panties, handed them to her, make a shushing gesture and then swiftly lifted her off of the couch before she even realized what he intended. Her quickly carried her toward the hall. He noted that she was a little heavier than Jackie - Amanda's curves were more voluptuous, where Jackie's body was all tight and well-defined muscle. He liked the juxtaposition.

Amanda was careful not to speak as they moved quickly through the house, to his bedroom. She opened the door for him, and he carefully closed it behind them with his foot. He carried her to the bed and gently laid her down on it. He went back momentarily, to lock the door, and when he returned to the bed she was sitting up looking nervous and guilty.

He started removing his clothes as he approached the bed. By the time he got to the foot of the bed, and crawled up on it, he was naked and her eyes were dark again - like she wanted to devour him. He worked his way up beside her, with touches and kisses on her body as he passed over it. When he got to her abdomen he gently encouraged her to sit up enough, so he could remove her tank top and gaze over her stunning body.

He rested on top of her, intentionally settling his aching cock between her thighs. Then he gave her a gentle but intense kiss before he pulled back to stare into her eyes "What's wrong sweetheart?"

She was clearly caught between confusion and desperate need, and he wiggled his hips a little to make it harder for her to tell the difference. "What if your wife comes home?"

This time he didn't stop the kiss to respond. He continued exploring her lips, sometimes tracing his own along her chin, while he answered her. "Relax. Her sister called in the middle of our date night, some kind of boyfriend drama. She's going to be there all night. And I promise you, there is nothing at all wrong with what we're doing." He punctuated this statement with another intense kiss, and as he felt her fingers once again tangle in his hair, he knew she wasn't thinking about anything anymore - nothing besides what he was doing to her.

He debated on either eating her out or trying to finger her again, to make sure she was fully revved up for round two. But he decided to try a different tactic, to make sure she was as relaxed as possible. He slipped to the side, and turned their bodies, so he was spooning her from the back. His fully stiffened cock was nestled between her ass cheeks, and he wrapped his arms around her, to explore all of her while he whispered in her ear.

"Darling, are you a virgin? Or at least, were you before tonight?" He kissed along her neck, and waiting patiently for an answer, trying not to push her too hard.

She replied hesitantly, "Does oral sex count as sex? I've heard it doesn't really count."

He chuckled against her neck. "Well, there is some debate on the subject. But my view is, if you believe oral sex doesn't count, you're not doing it right."

He nibbled at the spot where her neck met her shoulders, and she ended up giggling on a gasp, as she pulled her head back to give him better access.

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