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A washing machine can do more then wash.

I put a ball gag into her mouth roughly.

Dragging her to the front room I threw her to the sofa.

I went to the phone and dialled uncle Peter, her husband.

"Hi uncle Peter, I have some bad news for you, Aunty Shirley is here and she has told us she wants a trial separation, I don't know what it is all about, but she did tell mom something about you not treating her right, no I am sorry she said she will not speak to you, she needs to sort her life out, she wants you to pack a couple of cases of her clothes and I will pick them up later she will be staying here."

Shirley sat there dumbfounded,

"I am sorry uncle Peter, she said if you try to come around she will go somewhere else, she needs at least a month, ok I will be round later to pick up the cases, bye uncle Peter."

I turned slowly and looked at Shirley, her mouth open, she could not believe what she had heard.

"If you try to leave or use the phone I will chain you to the bed, you will do as you are ordered at all times."

My mother and father came downstairs, he was dressed as a man to go shopping.

I told my mother she was to pick the clothes that he would wear, and to make sure that she got a wig and make-up. My father blushed, but he accepted that he had relinquished his post as head of the family.

As they left to shop I took Shirley into the bedroom, I undid the cuffs and got her to strip off all the clothes she had on.

She stood there defiantly, I put a handcuff on each wrist, leading her to the table in the middle of the room, I pushed her over the table, locking the handcuffs to each table leg, fetching some rope I tied her legs to the other legs of the table.

I stood back and looked at her sexy body draping the table, her ass firm still carried the bruises from the earlier spanking.

"So you think you are in charge, well we will see what happens over the next few days."

I reached for the vibrator from the drawer, turning it on I pushed the tip along the gash of her pussy, as soon as her hips started to move I pulled it away, I placed it against her tiny rosebud that was exposed, I saw her buttocks tighten as I increased the power, pushing gently against it the tip sank just into the entrance, she screamed against the ball gag.

"Do you see? you are powerless to stop me, I will control your body and your mind soon, you will obey me, I will make sure of that."

I put the vibrator away and reached for the paddle, I let it caress her buttocks, her cheeks tightened as it moved over them, I raised the paddle and brought it down hard, the ball gag doing it's job muffled her screams, six more strokes had her whimpering.

I removed the ball gag and held my cock against her mouth, she refused to open, I pinched her nose and she was forced to open it, I slide my cock inside.

"Make one move to bite it and you will be sorry."

I used her mouth like a pussy, thrusting in gently at first, holding her head still I went deeper, she retched as my cock hit the back of her throat, but I continued, each thrust making her gag, she screamed around my cock trying to get it out of her mouth, I kept thrusting feeling my sperm rising, with one last thrust I spewed my cum deep into her throat, then pulled out and sprayed her face and hair, soon she looked a mess, my cum dripping from her hair onto her face, I replaced the ball gag and put the blindfold on her, then leaving the room I shut the door.

I showered then drove to uncle Peter's house, as I knocked on the door he answered and let me in.

"What on earth is this all about? she seemed ok yesterday."

"I have no idea uncle, I was just told to come here and get some clothes."

He pointed to the cases by the door.

"If she wants more let me know and I'll sort some out."

I said ok and left, putting the cases into the boot and then driving home.

I staggered into the house with the cases, leaving them in the front room.

I climbed the stairs and opened the spare room door, Shirley was just as I left her, the sperm had dried on her hair and face, she looked a right mess, I took the

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