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Neil seduces Heather.

Nick turned his head towards his mother who was blushing heavily, her head becoming as red as a tomato. She also nervously fiddled with her fingers, probably knowing that something was about to happen.

"She shared some very naughty things with Grandma... Naughty things she wants to do with her sweet boy..." Aileen turned Nick's head back to her, seeing an equally red flush on his face as well. "Do you want to know what she said to me in the restrooms sweetie?" She asked with a foxy tone.

Nick gulped and shook his head very slowly after a bit of thinking about the possible options himself.

Aileen let out a giggle and leaned towards Nick until her mouth was close to her grandson's ear. "She told me that she wants her baby boy to fuck her, right here in this van, on the backseat behind her husband's back..." She whispered seductively.

Nick gulped again and could feel his cock already swelling to full mast once more, his own mother really wanted to cross the final line with him, and right here on the spot of all places.
His grandmother then surprised him. She unlocked her seatbelt and immediately straddled his lap, her legs on each side of his, her massive breasts a few inches away from his face and her hairy pussy already pressing up against his erect cock.

Carrie let out a soft gasp as she watched her mother-in-law straddling her son without any hesitation, she really went on with the fantasy she had described to her in the restrooms at the petrol station. She could feel her arousal growing with the second, her pussy already contracting and moistening.

"Truth be told sweetie... Grandma also got really aroused by your mother's fantasy... So... Do you... Do you want to fuck Mommy and Grandma? Make love to us while our neglecting husbands are so close?" Asked Aileen with a whisper, her nipples hardening while she slowly gyrated her pussy against her grandson's rigid member.

Nick looked up to his grandmother's sparkling eyes through the cleavage of her breasts, knowing that there was no way for him to say no, even when there was a chance to get caught.

"Y-yes Gran... I want to... I want to fuck you and Mom... I've dreamed about it for so long. Fucking you both while Dad and Grandpa are so close... I don't know why but it arouses me even more... I want to love you both like they should have been doing all this time."

Aileen smiled and relaxed herself on top of him. "Then make love to me and Mommy sweetie... Do whatever you want to me... I am your woman now..." She whispered, surrendering and offering herself to her grandson, seeing the love and lust in his eyes.

The first thing he did was bringing up his hands up to the bust of her summer dress, with a quick motion he stretched it forward and pulled it down, releasing his grandmother's marvelous tits with a bounce and a jiggle.

Nick licked his lips as saw the pair of tits he fantasized about so long right in front of his eyes. He leaned forward and started to suckle on one of her diamond-hard nipples, quickly switching between both of them to equally appreciate the sensitive nubs.

"Oh God! sweetie!" Moaned Aileen as she felt and watched her grandson suck on her glorious breasts. As a reaction she used one hand to push his head against her tits harder while her other rested on his shoulder to maintain balance.

Nick's tongue and mouth ravaged between the two globes. Sucking, kissing and licking her nipples, painting the soft flesh with his saliva as his tongue squirmed around every nook and cranny. At the same time his hands dropped down, raising the dress up to her waist before grabbing a handful of her jiggly butt-cheeks.

Aileen's hairy pussy was now in the open and rapidly wetting as it mashed against her grandson's thick meat-stick. Her labia ran across his shaft before resting on top of his cockhead, her lips molding around it and wetting the fabric of his shorts.

The added pressure of Nick's hands kneading and pushing her ass in all directions increased her arousal greatly, the sounds and feel of him slurping on her meaty breasts and the fact that

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