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Elanessa betrays Sister Anetta with a cup of potent tea...

As we where getting the drinks he said to me, Damn your wife is hot tonight, are you sure I can't take her into the bedroom and fuck her silly?

I laughed and jokingly said, The only way into my wife's panties is through me and by the looks of your cock bulging in your pants, and you may do anything to get in them.

"You mean I have to pleasure you first and then I can have at it with your wife" " It all depends how you perform big boy, as I took the chance and ran my hand across his pants, feeling his now very hard cock. He gasped and moaned as he felt me squeeze his meat. Lets get these beers out to ever one and talk about this later I said.

Soon the party was winding down and everyone was starting to leave. My wife was tired and wanted to go home too, but I wanted to stay and help Charles cleanup the mess. He offered to let me stay the night if I wanted so that this would allow my wife to go home. Sounded like a plan and off she went.

As we were cleaning up the place, we were laughing at stupid stuff when Charles asked me if I was serious about what I said earlier. I told him I was, and that I have been looking for ways to give him hints about my lust for him. As it turns out, he to has had many a fantasies about me also. Small talk followed and I would slip by him, making sure to rub against him as I passed.

Let's have one more beer before we finish cleaning up I said.

We sat down on the deck and relaxed. After a few minutes I went over and sat next to Charles and threw all caution to the wind and told him that I would love to suck his cock. His eyes lit up and said he was just thinking the same thing. I moved closer to him and lightly kissed him on the lips, our moustaches touching and feeling his tender lips got my cock stirring. We soon found ourselves locked in a deep hard kiss. I broke our kiss and started to take his shirt and shorts off, all the while tearing my clothes off. When I took his shorts off, his cock sprung out at full attention. It was beautiful, a good 8", thick and just as hard as can be.

He pulled my shorts off and my 6" hard cock sprung out for some action. We locked lips again and it felt so good to feel his hard cock rubbing against my cock that I thought I was going to blow my load right there. I started to kiss his neck and work my way down slowly to his nipples. There I sucked them and nibbled them to his delight. He was moaning and reaching down to my cock, slowly stroking it. We were both moaning with desire. I continued down his hot smooth body, kissing every inch as I went along. When I got to his cock it was dripping with pre-cum so I flicked my tongue on the tip and licked up all that sweet juice from his cock. His eyes were closed, head back, anticipating what was to come.

I grabbed his cock and slowly wrapped my lips around its swollen head. What a lovely cock he has I thought as I started to move farther down his throbbing shaft, reaching around and grabbing his ass to pull his cock deeper into my mouth. Soon his cock was banging the back of my throat as he started to fuck my mouth with hard fast hip thrusts.

Man, your mouth is so fucking hot and warm he said as he grabbed my head to bury my face deeper into his crotch.

I could feel the head of his cock swelling and I knew the magic moment was getting close, but I had other ideas in mind... I had him sit down a chair as I continued to suck his cock deep into my wanting mouth. It was driving me crazy sucking his cock and smelling the musty manly smell of my newfound lover. I lifted his knees to his chest, and let my wandering tongue head down to his man pussy. I twirled the tip of his tongue on his smooth ass hole.

"I want you nice and wet because I am going to fuck this tight ass".

He answered with a loud "yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard and fast". I soon was on top of him, pushing my swollen cock head slowly into his tight virgin ass.

'Easy lover" he said as I slowed down just a bit until his sphincter muscle relaxed and accepted my hardness.

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