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"I will tell you more than I told them if you will promise to protect me." Her offer had the ring of truth to it and so I agreed, telling her to wait here while I fetched something for her to drink and tried to find something that would give her body a bit of protection.

At last Harsha and I sat opposite each other, she sipping on a glass of iced tea, her third, and the first she had not downed in a few gulps. I had located a piece of Sayali's clothing that covered the girl's loins, but left her breasts exposed, a most distracting display I had to admit. As I passed the room where the two women were beating Sayali, the sounds of leather striking skin had diminished significantly, probably due to exhaustion on their part.

Harsha put her glass down and after taking a deep breath, she launched into her amazing story. "Everything I have said about Sayali is true. She has been with both sexes; she has had multiple male sex partners at the same time, all true, but at the same time, not true." Her statement perplexed me greatly. I asked, actually demanded, her to explain this mysterious comment about true and not true. She cast her eyes downward for a moment, took another even deeper sigh and continued.

"Let me go back to the time I first saw Sayali in the showers with the other girls in the college. It was last year and she had just blossomed. Her development had sparked the interest of a number of senior girls who were attracted more to girls than boys. Sayali was easily coaxed into joining them for some innocent fun that soon became more passionate and quite a bit more demanding when it came to what the seniors desired from her. One thing led to another and soon Sayali was being regularly marched back into the deepest recesses of the showers. This area was known to all as the province of those only interested in girl-girl activities. By the end of the year Sayali was the pet of the top lesbian in the college; a student so well connected that no professor or administrator dare interfere with her on such matters as those involving Sayali and herself."

"During that summer I was told that Sayali was introduced to a very rich and most influential lesbian who decided to take the girl under her wing, so to speak. To make Sayali acknowledge her control and dominance when it came to their relationship, she would have her deliberately offer her body to a number of male gangs that sought out young girls to have sex with. Sayali did as she was ordered on many occasions, becoming quite popular with one particular group of males. I know for a fact, because Sayali told me, that she was most unhappy over her patron forcing her to have sex with males, which was disgusting as far as she was concerned. In fact this is what led to their breakup just before college resumed this year."

Everything began to fall in place, but the picture that was taking shape was not one that either I or Neleema could be happy about. I dreaded having to break this news to all involved, but then I caught myself. What about the mark that was supposed to be on Sayali's body? Without that as evidence, Harsha's story was just that, a story, one of fiction if you chose not to accept what she said. "Where is the mark" I asked.

Harsha looked down at her lap and fidgeted some. I was beginning to become a bit annoyed at her behavior. Just as I was about to escort her to either the pit or the bedroom where Sayali was being beaten severely, she brightened considerably. "I think it has to be between her toes. The mark is broken up into eight sections; that must be where it is."

I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. However there was still the matter of Harsha's relationship with Kanan. "Why didn't you tell Kanan about where the mark was?" I asked.

Harsha's answer took me by surprise.

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