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She wants him to get into her pants.

do anything I command, pet?"

Michael nodded again. He was confused about why she would suddenly come to question his loyalty, but he said nothing.

"You know that I can take my slut into the highest realms of ecstasy by using you any way I want to? You know that you are my fucktoy, even with that worthless dick of yours, don't you?"

He nodded a third time, his breath quickening as her words sank in.

"You know you look like a whore in that thong, don't you, slut?"

He groaned in response and she laughed at him again.

Suddenly, he felt a warm, wet mouth engulf his cock. It was so unexpected that he could not help but buck his hips at the sensation. He felt the slap of his mistress' hand and knew it to be a silent order for stillness. Even so, the way the wet tongue slid over the heat of his arousal was incredible. Something about her technique was different tonight, but it felt too good for him to question it.

The mouth bobbed up and down on his cock, lightly grazing his length with teeth on occasion. Usually he didn't like it because he was worried she would decide to bite him, but this time it was with just enough pressure to drive him crazy. The tongue seemed to roll against his erection just as a pussy would squeeze and massage his cock in the midst of orgasm. The attention was building him higher and higher until he was gasping and racing toward completion. And then, it stopped.

Michael cried out in frustration, thrusting blindly into the air, hoping for any sort of friction to take him over the edge. Eventually, he calmed enough to stop moving and catch his breath. Once he had calmed sufficiently, he heard his mistress' voice from the darkness.

"Did you like that, pet?"

He nodded excitedly and was rewarded with one long, slow lick up his cock.

"Do you want more, pet?"

So eager was he to cum, that he temporarily forgot himself and pleaded.

"Oh god, yes, Mistress. Please."

A firm slap landed on the side of his hip, as close to a spank as she could get while he was in this position. Then he felt her swat at his erection. Even that amount of stimulation was enough to send another rush of blood to his nether regions.

"I didn't ask you to speak, slut. Now, try it again. Do you want some more?"

He nodded, desperate for the return of that delicious mouth.

"That's a good whore."

Michael nearly cried out his joy when he was yet again engulfed in the wet heat of the eager mouth. Small thrusts of his hips did not seem to get him into trouble, and so he began to gyrate until he had worked out a rhythm.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

He groaned, then froze when he realized that his mistress had asked him a question while sucking on his cock. Suddenly, the lips sank down his shaft and the mouth sucked hard. His body responded without his consent and his hips lifted off the bed. God, he was close.

He felt his mistress' hands behind his head and was barely able to register confusion before he opened his eyes and saw his mistress, a devilish grin on her face and his blindfold in her hand. Nervous, he looked down his body to see the head of another man, lips wrapped firmly around his cock.

"This, pet, is one of my lovers. You can go ahead and stop now, Roderick. I don't want you to have to spend too much time on his useless prick. It's dreadfully small, isn't it?"

The other man stood and grinned at her, wiping the saliva from his lips as he did so. The woman opened her arms and Roderick moved towards her. They embraced, and Michael watched them kiss, just as passionately as she had kissed him when he'd first walked through the door.

Hands began to wander and in a matter of minutes, the two were naked and fucking on the bed beside Michael.

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