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A stranger comes to you each night, she will be yours . . .

The sound of leather on skin followed by a whimper, a cry, and the voices of Masters, Mistresses, and slaves filled the room. The volume was perfect; everything in the background while still being able to converse at a normal level.

We went to the far end to look at the throne. It was placed about eight feet from the table and there was no place setting in front of it. However, there were writs cuffs dangling from the end and an ankle spreader on the floor connected to the table.

"This is the Head Master's or Head Mistresses throne. Each night there is activity in this room, one of the players is appointed to be in charge. They rule all play and can take anyone they desire for any purpose they see fit. It is quite erotic. One moment you may be flogging someone and the ruler decides, yours is the ass to be flogged. Turn about is so unfair and kinky."

Olivia sat in the chair and gave me a knowing look. "It appears I am the Head Mistresses tonight."

I was speechless as Olivia let out a deep and evil laugh. The background moans produced a heady aura in the room. The sins of floggings past were still alive.

"Take hold of the table and prepare yourself slave."

Olivia stood, snapped her fingers and pointed to the end of the table. "NOW!" she commanded. My pulse quickened and my cocked stiffened. This change in attitude took me very much by surprise.

Turning to the table, I did as Olivia had instructed. As she fastened me in position she played with my body and gave me the rules of engagement.

"Whenever we are in this room, we will address each other as Mistress, Master or slave. Our roles will change depending on the mood du jour. I enjoy receiving a flogging as much as I enjoy giving one. Do you understand, slave Bradley?"

My reply was a bit delayed and incorrect, "I understand."

Crack.....the sting of Olivia's hand across my face startled me. She grabbed my face by the cheeks and turned me to face her. Her eyes were torches and I could sense the power.


She released my face and lowered her voice, "Let's try this again. Do you understand, slave Bradley?"

"I understand Mistress Olivia." My voice was sure, but humble.

"Good, now let me gather a few suitable instruments."

I watched Mistress Olivia select a leather flogger. Dragging the straps across her own breast, she gave a few knowing moans. She acted as if I wasn't there. The flogger handle had a leather ball on it and she slowly flicked her nipples a few times with it before bringing it to her mouth and fellating it.

Mistress then proceeded to suck and lick the entire handle as if it were a cock. After a few licks she looked at me and gave a teasing laugh as she set the flogger to the side. "Oh how I love to suck cock. From the looks of yours, I bet you wish I would come right over there to suck you off; don't you."

A trick question for sure. A 'Yes' meant arrogance and assumptive thinking on my part; while a 'No' meant it really wouldn't happen. I was trained well.

"Mistress, I am here for your pleasure. Do with me as you please."

Mistress Olivia smiled and began the process of selecting clips for my nipples. Each type she lustfully tried on herself first. She finally settled on black, rubber coated clothes pins, adorning her own breasts with them. Four surrounded each nipples and one was firmly clamped onto the nipple itself. She moaned in the pleasure each produced as it clamped onto her skin.

Armed with the flogger and a like number of clothes pins, Mistress Olivia approached and wedged herself between my body and the table sitting on the its edge. She was in position to take my tongue or my cock into her pussy if she desired. I knew better.

Mistress Olivia took one of my nipples in each hand and began to tease them.

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