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A man has a threesome with both of his girlfriends.

Elsa also came into the room with a small hand fan made of eagle feathers and some smoking sage. She walked around KC, Brita, and me, explaining that she was smudging away any evil spirits or bad karma that might have followed us for some reason. She then declared us pure and in a sanctified and spiritual loving environment. Elsa closed the door and left the three of us to make love.

KC and Brita both came to me with kisses and hugs, and then they turned to each other. I had seen them each with other women, but not with each other. I wasn't sure whether this was a first for them, but to watch them you wouldn't know.

Brita took the lead, and soon we were naked and on the bed. We took turns being the focus of affection for the other two. I detected no reticence by either woman to be with their counterpart or me that night.

When I was at the center, KC showed Brita how they could both simultaneous fuck me by tribbing with my cock between their wet pussies.

Before long, the overpowering scent in the room was not the incense or sage, it was the aroma of sex -- it was the aroma of love.


There were now six of us who were sisters to one another and wives to Mark: Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, KC, Brita, and me. We tried to find a vocabulary for what we were to one another and couldn't come up with anything better. A few other terms we tolerated were fianc__es, girlfriends, lovers, and sex toys. There was at least one term we didn't like and neither did Mark: harem.

Put six other women together with one man they all loved and you'd have a melee that would draw the police and press from miles around. This wasn't our group.

We knew we were in an unusual situation, and so we were especially solicitous with each other, always seeking to give more than our share to each relationship. We were hardly in uniform agreement about everything, but a culture of give and take, negotiation, and compromise developed between us that I'm not sure Mark was even aware of. He just saw a harmonious group of women who he loved and who loved him.

When we had a problem with one particular person, we adopted a process of approaching that person and inviting them to be 'with' us. The two of us would go off and make love -- sexual sapphic love. We would suck, lick, lap, sixty-nine, finger, use toys, kiss, and anything else we could think of to make love with that person and to be loved by that person. Once we were sexually sated, we would then talk about the problem, if it even existed any longer.

We did not keep track of how many times Mark made love with us, or how many orgasms he gave us or someone else gave us. On his part, Mark seemed an expert at spreading his charms around all the females present.

The night at the villa when he was with KC and Brita after giving them rings, I asked my three sisters whether they felt short changed by him in the lovemaking department. No one had a complaint.

Sheila added some perspective to the conversation, "If we didn't have an open relationship with Mark, I might feel some imbalance. Instead, we have the other guys around and we can make love with them if we want. Since I'm perpetually horny, I choose to do that all the time. I've made it with four guys so far today: James, Carter, Andy, and Ryan. Do I miss Mark? Yes. Am I desperate to have him, no. I hope I don't sound disloyal to him. I love him just as much, maybe even more so, because he has provided for me in some way."

Margo gave us a further point of view; "Andy and I have always had an open marriage; if we didn't, I think we would have separated long ago.

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