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It was not of his choosing.

One time, a man was demonstrating a new table saw and when he got a look at my mom's round rosy nipples, he nearly lost a finger.

On one occasion, my mom told me to wait for the pizza delivery man while she took a shower. When the man arrived, my mom walked into the room with a towel wrapped around her head, and nothing else. She stood there for a long time with her breasts and bush completely exposed for the man to observe. Then she apologized, stating that she had just gotten out of the shower and didn't know that the man was there. When she left the room, she treated the man to a clear view of her smooth round butt.

My mom has a history of undressing in front of the window when the mailman delivers the mail. She also likes to sunbathe when the neighbors are mowing their lawns. My mother wears the tiniest bikini bottoms and when she unties the back of her top, she always manages to accidentally flash her bare breasts to the men that are watching her.

It gives my mom a huge thrill when she thinks a man is getting excited because she showed him a little skin or casually revealed her panties to the man. I, on the other hand, am deathly afraid of a boy seeing me without my clothes on. I'm so fearful of being seen naked that I have nightmares about it, which is why my mother contacted the doctor.

Part 3: The Doctor and the Naked Girls in the Shower

When I saw the way my mom was looking at the handsome doctor's picture, I was afraid the doctor was going to be my mom's next target. Then my mom discovered that the insurance she gets from her job at the local discount department store does not cover counseling. I was relieved because I really didn't want to see the doctor anyway, but my mom sent the man an e-mail. In her message, she told a sob story of how she was a single-mother raising a teenaged daughter in a trailer home on the outskirts of town. Because of her circumstances, she hoped the doctor would cut her a deal.

The doctor said that most counselors charge seventy dollars per hour. However, he made house-calls allowing him to reduce his fee since he didn't have the overhead of an office and receptionist. The doctor offered a rate of fifteen dollars a session provided my mother paid in cash. My mother was thrilled and jumped at the offer, but I was leery of the doctor's motives. However, I decided to honor my mother's wishes and I agreed to see the doctor.

The doctor arrived on a Friday evening and he was driving a Chevy Aveo. It was a fairly new car, but it wasn't the type of car I'd expect a successful doctor to drive. He introduced himself as Doctor Hefferton and he took a seat on the couch next to me. My mom settled into a chair directly across from us.

The doctor had a warm smile and a caring demeanor, but I still had trouble opening up to him. Doctor Hefferton is a very handsome man in his early forties who claims to be one of the top psychologists in the area. He also said that he specializes in sexual abnormalities, so my mother thought I was in the best hands. However, he didn't have any credentials backing up his claims and it wasn't easy for me to talk about my innermost feelings to a complete stranger.

The doctor said, "Why don't you tell me what's bothering you."

I couldn't speak, so my mom opened up and gave an explanation of what was troubling me.

My mom said, "Well, Doctor Hefferton, my daughter is having problems that are sexual in nature," and then she smiled at the doctor.

The doctor smiled back and said, "Please Mrs. Wilson, call me Bob."

My mom's face lit up and in a flirty tone, she responded, "Okay, Bob...and you can call me Debra!"

As I said before, my mom is a beautiful woman. She's thirty four years old and stands about five-foot-four. My mom has sandy brown hair like mine and she's on the slim side, but she has full round breasts and a firm butt. We've been told that we look more like sisters than mother and daughter, but I wish my mom would act her age instead of mine.

My mom was wearing a short je

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