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A mildly amusing story of female-female spanking.

leam in her eyes?

He said nothing; merely reached into his bag of tricks.

Two infractions. You lead me on a merry chase don't you? He grinned as he slipped the gag over her head and fitted it into her mouth. Then he spanked her. Twice on the breasts. Twice on the pussy. Twice on each buttock. Each body part got a slightly harder spanking. It was as if he could feel how every inch of her skin tingled. He noticed that she was looking at him, rather than not looking at him, and that her eyes had just a tinge more desire in them than fear.

Diving once more into his black bag of tricks, he pulled out his prank. It was a dildo so massive that even he could not encircle the diameter of it with his large hands. He held it up so his captive could see it.

Yes, worth every penny. The look of horror on her face. He laughed so hard it brought tears to his eyes. She finally got the joke. He was tempted to remove the gag so that he could hear her laughter, but he did not. Those two infractions needed to be punished.

When he did bring out the dildo he would use on her, it was still a weighty object. It was a large malachite wand. It was perfectly slick. It was also terribly cold. He rested the tip of it against her anus. He was amused by the chill bumps that raced over her abdomen and thighs. It would not warm up quickly even in her hot pussy. It would be cold throughout their escapade this evening.

As he inserted the wand into her ass, he touched her clit just once. She was so very wet. He knew she wanted him inside her. During one of there earlier explorations, she had used his own words against him at one point - Anything real is better than even the best imitation .

His reply had been typical. I am fully aware of your feelings about this. I appreciate them. I will use what tools I deem appropriate for my pleasure and for yours. He seemed to recall that particular evening ended with him fucking her doggie-style as he reached around to play with her clit and she reached under him to gently but firmly pull on his balls.

With just more than half the malachite dildo inserted, he held it in place with his knee and bent over her body. He tugged on her pierced nipples. She moaned and thrashed and tried to bring her pussy into contact with any part of his body. She wanted him inside her even more desperately than before. He could see this in her eyes which never left his face now.

He entered her with one thrust and buried himself deeply. He could feel her orgasm crash and crash. Every muscle in her body tensed. He held off his own orgasm as long as he could. He pounded into her relentlessly. Just as she was about to cum again, he took off her gag.

Master , she screamed as he exploded into her. *******

Third Foray

It was dark in the room and she was alone. The scent of the candle lingered in the air as well as smoke from the incense. The comforter and sheets were darker shadows massed at the foot of the bed. One pillow was beside her, but the other two had gone adrift. She heard water running in the bathroom. HE would be back momentarily with a glass of water for her. Between the sweating, cumming, and panting, she was slightly dehydrated.

Her arms were still above her head, tied to the headboard. HE had retied her so that the restraints were not as tight as they had been. And she could move her arms a bit. She could actually untie the restraints if she wanted to, but at the moment, she didn't. She had taken off the blindfold and tossed it over there somewhere in the dark. There had been something physically taxing about tossing the bit of silk - she just wanted to luxuriate in the physical exhaustion.

Then she noticed the yellow feeling. Her arm, above her wrist but below her elbow, had a warm spot that felt yellow. It was a deep spot. It would take a few days to rise to the surface. She also had the same yellow feeling on her sternum. It wasn't quite as deep. She'd have to be careful when she wore button-up shirts.

She gently touched the yellow spot on her chest.

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