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A welcome visitor.

'I am. I won't be fired, as long as I do what I'm told, and I think Ashley is getting a raise for doing it.'

Leah sat me down on the couch, still wearing my shirt and my cage in plain sight, and made me explain the whole situation. I told her everything.

'You really want this?' She asked again.

'I do. I've never felt more aroused, and you dressed like that doesn't help,' I said, trying to bring her sexy outfit back into the discussion. She smiled and looked down, finally noticing that she was falling out of her corset. I moaned as she tucked her breasts back in, hiding her nipples.

'I got a strange package today from your office's address, but I thought it was meant for you, so I didn't open it,' Leah said, as the wheels turned in her head. Standing to go get it, I stared at the string of her thong as it disappeared between her pale ass cheeks.

Coming back to the living room, she opened the padded envelope and dumped its contents onto the coffee table. A DVD fell out first, followed by a heavy 'thump' as a long black dildo hit the wooden tabletop. Leah gasped. I groaned, knowing instantly what was on the DVD.

Without a word, Leah put the DVD in and pressed play on the remote. My boss, Marcus, showed up on the screen and repeated everything I had just told Leah about the past few days at work. As he finished, he reached up and moved the camera towards his lap. Leah's eyes widened as she watched Ashley trying to fit Marcus' cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Leah's telltale flush returned to her chest, giving away her arousal at watching the young blonde try to swallow nearly a foot of black cock. I watched my wife's eyes go from the screen to the dildo on the table. We both flinched as Marcus began talking on the screen again.

'The toy is molded from me. It's a perfect replica of this,' his fingers tangled into Ashley's hair and forced her head onto him, making her gag. When he let her go, she looked into the camera and smiled, her makeup streaking from her eyes and drool dripping down her chin. As Ashley returned to sucking Marcus, I saw Leah look to me for approval.

I nodded, and I knew my wife was hooked when she lifted Marcus' rubber cock off of our coffee table. She moved it around in her hands, taking it all in to the sounds of Ashley's sucking on the TV. Leah slid down on the couch and spread her legs. I watched as my wife pulled her thong to the side and rubbed the head against her lips.

We both moaned as it hit her clit. Within a few seconds of rubbing, her juices soaked the head of her new toy. She tried to push it inside her, but gasped at the pain of it stretching her open. I watched my wife's eyes go back to the TV and knew what she was thinking.

I wasn't surprised when she brought the toy to her mouth, trying to mimic what the young blonde was doing on the screen. I had longed for years to see my wife sucking a black cock, and this was as close as I'd ever seen. I glanced at the screen and back to my wife as both girls tried to fit the thick hard rod into their mouths as best they could. When Ashley slobbered on it, so did Leah. When Ashley tried to take it all and gagged, so did Leah. The only difference was the color of the hair trying to bob up and down on the black cocks.

Another difference showed itself as Marcus started moaning. On the screen, he grabbed Ashley's hair and yanked her head back. My boss grunted as he painted his assistant's face with his cum, plastering her eyes shut. When I looked back to Leah, her fingers were furiously working her wet pussy, trying to get an orgasm of her own. As Marcus shot his last ropes of cum on Ashley's face, Leah tried inserting the black toy inside her again.

She got the head to literally pop inside her tight folds, but as soon as she did, her orgasm hit, making her pale body shake and twitch.

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