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Will the arrival of a new girl at school change his luck?

I looked down at my smiling salon hostess who seemed very focused on collecting the information she was charged with reporting. She seemed to take a little longer than I expected but she eventually slipped out from between my legs, wrote some stuff down and said, "One last place Mr. Hampstead. I need to check your butt. This is always the whitest area on most people and the area we see the most color change. Just hold your towel open for me."

I opened my towel at the side and Stephanie did her last color check on my white butt.

"Okay Mr. Hampstead let's get your moisturizer on your back."

"So how much of this stuff do I put on?"

Stephanie had already started doing my back. "I will show you in a minute Mr. Hampstead."

Her application of the moisturizer was more of a massage than just an application. I had to release my grip on my towel and put both hands on the wall so she didn't push me over. Man her hands felt good for someone so young. Her hands ran down my back and brushed along the top of the towel.

"You have a nice body Mr. Hampstead."

"Thank you Stephanie." Her innocent honesty was nice and flattering too but I was feeling a little uncomfortable being essentially naked and having this gorgeous young woman rubbing lotion all over my body.

"So Stephanie, tell me about this Prestige Service. What does it cost? What does it include? I don't remember seeing any information about it when I was out front."

"Umm yeah, well... it includes umm.... A shower and umm, yeah, someone will put moisturizer on your back for you. "

"Okay. That sounds like something I may want to sign up for, especially if everyone puts the moisturizer on the way you do Stephanie. I won't need to schedule sessions with my regular masseuse if I get you to do this for me. So what's the cost?"

"That would be great Mr. Hampstead. I think you should just ask for me when ever you come in. Ummm the cost. Gee. Ummm. I will have to look that up Mr. Hampstead. I will let you know after you tan."

She stopped rubbing my back. I started to lower my hands and turn around.

"I'm not done yet Mr. Hampstead. Please put your hands back on the wall."

I turned back and heard Stephanie squirting more moisturizer on her hands. I felt her hands on my lower legs.

"I can do my legs Stephanie."

"I know Mr. Hampstead. But I already have this all over my hands and." She continued rubbing my legs reaching up under the towel to do my thighs. Man this girl's hands felt great. My cock was at full attention straining against my towel.

"I've got too much moisturizer on my hands Mr. Hampstead. So, why don't I show you our umm... our... Elite Service."

"Elite Service? What more could there be?"

On the next pass of Stephanie's hands up the outside of my thighs, her hands continued up under my towel forcing the loosely tied knot open , allowing my towel to fall to the floor. I tried to grab it before it fell to the ground but I wasn't fast enough. I was now standing against the wall naked.

Stephanie continued, ", I'm going to moisturize your butt for you and that will finish your backside."

"Uh Stephanie. Uh, I'm uh, I'm uh, not sure how comfortable I am right now."

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Hampstead, I just thought you wouldn't mind and all being that you hang out on nude beaches. And this is part of our umm, our... uhhh, Elite Service. Don't worry Mr. Hampstead, I uh, do this for a lot of customers... both men and women"

Stephanie was standing behind me kneading the moisturizer into my buttocks.

"Uh well yeah but um, on a nude beach I don't usually have an um, well, um an attractive young clothed woman who's not my wife rubbing lotion on me."

"Would you feel more comfortable if I was naked too Mr. Hampstead." Stephanie giggled, "I can do that if you want. You know with you being so cute and everything."

Stephanie laughed. I chuckled and shook my head not believing what was happening.

Her kneading had turned to long slow strokes of my buttocks.

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