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Julie and Stevie go college shopping.

. . changing to concern . . . fear even.

"Um... Ja-Jake," she whimpered, closing her eyes and turning away slightly. "We... We really need to-."

He didn't want to hear it. He quickly brought his lips to hers again, silencing her as his tongue dove into her mouth. Her protest seemed easily forgotten. She pressed her lips to his and raised her own tongue. Her hand at the back of his head pressed his lips firmer against hers. While they kissed his hand slid away from her chest to slip up under her shirt, where it fondled her breasts unhindered.

"Mmm," she mewed again and again.

They made out like this for a long time, his hand manipulating her hidden breasts while her fingers clawed at his shoulder and ran through his hair.

I listened to her mewing grow a little louder with each passing moment, watched her body begin to writhe under him, her feet shifting, her hips rolling upon the cushion.

His hand moved away from her chest, dropping down so his fingers could grip the hem of her shirt and start lifting it. He'd barely moved it when Tiffany's hand dropped down to grasp his wrist, stopping him.

Jake allowed his hand to relax, letting her win . . . for the moment.

She released his wrist. Reaching up to cup his cheek and push him away she broke their kiss.

"We... We really sho-should stop," she panted.

But he wasn't having that. His hand slid back up under her shirt, closing atop one of her breasts again. Simultaneously he dropped his mouth to her ear again.

"Oh Jake. Oh please. Please," Tiffany suddenly gasped, her entire body quivering.

From her reaction I guessed that he must have slipped his tongue into her ear.

"Yes. Oh yes," she started to murmur. "Bu-But we shouldn't."

His whispers were quieter than Chris', so the distance between us kept me from hearing the words that elicited her responses.

"We jus-just shouldn't." Although Tiff seemed to be protesting, her body revealed her true feelings as it writhed upon the couch, her legs shifting more and more, spreading herself. One set of fingers tensed in his hair while the other latched onto his shoulder. "We just shouldn't."

For long moments this continued, him molding her breast with his mouth to her ear and her whimpering.

Then his hand once more dropped to the hem of her shirt. But Tiffany still wasn't quite convinced and she once again grabbed onto his wrist, stopping him from lifting it. Jake brought his lips to hers and drove his tongue into her mouth. This weakened her resistance enough to allow him to lift her shirt, although she still dragged at his wrist, making it a slow process.

"Mmm," Tiffany whimpered as her breasts were exposed, her erect nipples standing proud and dark against her mounds' milky flesh.

Jake's hand closed atop one of those full mounds, his fingers tensing.

"Mmm," she mewed.

For the first time I saw another's hand manipulating my wife's breast. That image was exhilarating, driving a new kind of hunger . . . of desire through me. It made me growl somewhere deep inside as my cock throbbed voraciously within my shorts.

But that sensation was nothing compared to what was to come.

Seeing Tiffany's exposed tits urged Chris off the sidelines and back into the game. He stepped up to the couch and covered her other breast with his own hand.

"Mmm!" Tiff writhed upon the couch, her back arching to push her tits into the pair of hands. "Mmm-hmm!"

While the two young men continued manipulating her tits for a minute, her and Jake continued their passionate kissing. Then, braking their kiss, he shifted down to bring his mouth to her breast.

"N-No," Tiff whimpered weakly, her head rolling from side-to-side. "We... We ne-need to stop... Oh!"

He dropped his mouth over her nipple, suckling on it. She gasped . . . panted. Her body stiffened, then spasmed slightly. Her head settled on its side, facing outward . . . her eyes staring at Chris' crotch again. Once more her expression melted with desire.

It appeared that her shirt was giving Jake problems.

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