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Bryan and Steph, being the great friends they were, had gone by our local food place and bought Joanna's favourite grilled chicken salad. I grabbed the latter, along with a couple of cold gel packs from the freezer before heading back up.

"Here," I handed her the takeaway bowl. "Hold on, let's put these on your bruises first.

They'll help with the swelling." I held up the cold packs.

I crawled onto the bed and carefully placed one behind her neck and wedged the other under her bruised ribs. Joanna sucked in a gasp as the latter touched her skin. Her naked body let out a tiny shiver and goose bumps started forming on her breasts, making her nipples instantly harden. I reached out my hand and began gently caressing her soft breast, feeling the tiny bumps before wandering onto her areola and tweaking her perky nipple between my fingers.

"Stop." She said suddenly, poking me with her fork. "I'm eating..."

"So you just expect me to sit here and watch you eat?" I asked snarkily.

" can sit down there and rub my feet while I eat." She replied casually, teasing me as she flexed her feet and wriggling her toes.

"Now I feel that you're just taking advantage of me!" I said in fake outrage.

" don't have to if you don't want to..." she started, knowing full well there was no way I would turn that request down.

I look towards her only to be met with a sly grin. That woman's deviousness knew no bounds.

"Fine...just eat your salad!" I replied as I quickly scooted towards her feet.

I could feel my hands trembling in anticipation as I sat at the edge of the bed, positioning myself to face her soles. My face mere inches from her feet, I marvelled at how far we had come that she was now demanding me to rub her feet when only a few months ago, the mere thought of having her feet touched would have caused her to freak out and close off. As I looked up, the view that greeted me instantly brought me to a half chub, making me shift position to accommodate my growing erection. Not only could I see her beautiful soles, but as my eyes followed up her slightly parted legs, what peeked through between her luscious thighs was a cleanly shaven pussy, her perfect flower winking at me. My gaze drew upwards to admire her full breasts that hung perkily from her athletic frame. Her eyes were fixed on me, that confident smile now plastered on her face as she toyed with her fork, waiting to see what I would do next.

"Let's get started then..." I rubbed my hands together before gently straightening both her feet towards me.

It had been a while since I had last handled those beautiful size eights, and yet, as soon as they were in my hand, I could instantly remember how they felt to the closest detail. Each moment I had previously spent with those feet, along with her reactions to every touch of my fingers, mouth and cock, had been deeply etched in my memory. And so, I began reacquainting myself with those extremely high arches, those creamy insteps and those evenly spaced toes as I caressed and fondled every inch. It was apparent that she had been taking better care of her feet since last time; the skin on her soles, especially her heels were flawless and even softer than I remembered. As she had mentioned and texted me a picture the day before, her toenails were painted a lovely shade of pink that beautifully contrasted with her tanned skin.

"I see you've been taking good care of your feet." I told her, giving her a look of approval.

"You'd better enjoy them!" She said expectantly, swallowing a mouthful of food. "It took me ages to get them looking like this!"

"Oh you know I will..." I replied once again turning my attention to her feet.

I cupped her left ankle from underneath with one hand and began gently rotating her foot in both directions. Her heel firmly supported, I cradled the middle of her insole with my other hand. As I squeezed my hand and pressed my thumb into her instep, I felt her body relax, her toes wriggling as she pressed her foot even more towards me.

"Hmm..." she moaned in pleasure.


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