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Quinn and Santana U-Haul like 'real' lesbians.


"Just remember, Jenny," her mother said smiling, "you're an adult now, you have to make your own decisions."

Sally retired to her room just before 8:30 to watch her shows on the little tv her father had installed for her.

As for Jennifer, she sat in thought for a few moments in the living room, and then stood up. She stripped off her clothes, gathered them up, and went to her Grandpa's bedroom door. It was open, with just a dim, red light affording any vision. She walked in, dropped her clothes on the floor and made her way to the bedside. Her grandpa was on his back, his head resting on his palms, and naked as usual.

"I'm here, Grandpa," she said sweetly, but with a touch of reluctance in her voice.

She bent over, then, and lifted the old man's dick in her hands. Her lips found its head and she kissed it warmly before opening her mouth to draw it in. Up and down she sucked over him, pressing her tongue against his shaft as his cock went in, and twirling around his glans as she came up.

"It's no worse than those guys I dated, just bigger," she said to herself, "besides, listen to him sigh and moan. This really feels good to him."

His hand stroked her hair as she sucked him, and he whispered "That's a good girl," again and again.

He moaned deeply, all of a sudden, and his hand forced her head down on his cock, all the way down until his root was in her lips and his head deep in her throat. She began to gag, but he held her there as his hips pumped up and down, driving him deeply into her mouth over and over. Just as she felt she'd pass out or hurl or both, he pulled her head up by the hair and let her get a breath.

"Climb on top now, pet," he ordered, "slide your pussy over my cock."

Jenny did as she was told, and found herself so wet he did slide right in.

"All the way down, girl," he demanded, and pushed on her hips to ram as much cock inside her as he could.

"Now bend forward," was his next command, "let your tits hang down for me."

Jenny did, and held herself just right so he could play with her breasts any way he wanted to. And he did, pulling and twisting them as much as massaging them, even twisting and stretching her nipples. He was rougher with her tits than the boys had been, but she accepted it because it pleased him. She tried to focus only on the feel of his dick inside her, filling her up and stroking her as he stroked himself by pumping his hips, and it began to feel a little bit nice to her.

Suddenly, again, he changed. His hands clasped around her waist, and he flipped them both over with an agility she found surprising in an old man. Now he had her beneath him, and he drove his cock hard and fast into her pussy, stretching it up into her belly. His hands slid down her legs and grasped her ankles, and he lifted her legs high up and pushed them forward until he pinned an ankle to either side of her head.

Her legs were strained as he did push-ups on her, and his cock rubbed hard against the roof of her vagina, massaging her little sweet spot. Her pussy started trembling and her body tautened as if she would cum in an instant, and he noticed it. His next push up pulled his cock from inside her, leaving her trembling in frustration.

"This one's just for my pleasure, pet," he said, and he drove his cock down again, this time against her ass.

Her pucker closed tight, resisting the intrusion, but he pushed harder until her hole yielded, stretching to let the whole thickness of his glans burst into her. She squealed in pain as his shaft forced its way through her tight hole, and she whispered through clenched teeth, "it hurts Grandpa, it hurts."

"Haven't you been fucked in the ass before, Jenny?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, "Yes, but they weren't as big as yours."

Grandpa smiled as he slipped his cock out of her. "Yeah, girl," he said, "you feel nice and tight, I like that. I'm going back in, honey."

"Yes, Grandpa," she said, and she clenched her teeth tighter to withstand the assault.

He groaned in sort of pained pleasure himself as he rammed his dick back into her

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