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Todd and his women continue with their carnal activities.

It was a small firm, but they paid really well. Her job in the morning was to make coffee and clear the firm's inbox. She went about her business as usual. Turning on lights and sitting the plants in the windows when she noticed someone sitting at their desk. It was the newest lawyer Clyde.

"Attorney Elps you been here all night?"

He raised his head, "Yes ma'am gotta show and prove around here."

"Would you like some coffee?"

He nodded his head and continued working.

The day crept by as people complained about the usual, their bills, and their kids being arrested on the same trumped up charges. Marissa watched as the clock creep towards 5:00pm as she prematurely grabbed her things. Clyde closed his office door, pulled on his hounds tooth blazer and loosened his tie

"Hey, would you like to get a professional bite to eat?" Clyde punctuated professional.

Marissa stood up straight, "Only if you're buying."

Clyde smiled, "Sure."

The restaurant was nice and dinner was full of small talk. Marissa didn't know how to take Clyde. He was a tall and quiet man who smiled more than he spoke. He was a mystery. She had never taken a call from a girlfriend or a wife for him. Marissa couldn't just sit there, the suspense was killing her. Finally she threw her napkin on the table and asked, "Where is your girlfriend or um...boyfriend?"

Clyde choked on his key lime pie and reached for his lemon water, "Boyfriend, Ms. Marissa do I give off gay vibes?" He took a sip; his eyes were frantic as he searched Marissa's face for an answer.

She became nervous, "Honey, I didn't mean it that way; I didn't want to offend you if you were gay."

"Gay, OH LORD NO!" He leaned back into the booth. Tossing his napkin down on the table he sat up straight.

"I was married, but my wife decided she liked my boss better than me or better yet he wanted her more than I did. I still have yet to figure that ouf."

Marissa shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "Didn't mean to ask that, I'm sorry."

"Yeah, well I chalk that up to a lesson learned." Clyde removed his tie and asked for the check.

The weeks passed by as Clyde paid attention to his work and very little attention to her. Every man in the office had tried to get in her panties and she would only blow them off. At 5'6 with long brown hair and a round ass that drew men like fruit flies on rotten bananas, Marissa generally had to politely fend off attorneys. It got so bad at one point she stopped wearing blouses and skirts and started wearing pants suits, even in the summer. Marissa watched as Clyde came and went almost unaware of her presence. Finally, one Friday morning as he came in early she stopped him, "Would you have a professional dinner with me tonight?"

"Sure." He smiled softly, and then disappeared behind two solid oak doors.

Five o'clock came Marissa gathered her things and waited until Clyde walked by. She passed him a slip of paper that contained her address and phone number.

"Anytime after seven." She didn't know what she was doing but she was doing it.

She drove home frantically she had to get ready. Pulling into the drive-way, Marissa parked then sprinted up to her apartment. She opened the door and pulled out outfit after outfit finally deciding on a pewter gray dress with black overcoat, heels, and earrings that said screamed sexy but not whore. She jumped in the shower and by 6:45pm she was sitting at her kitchen bar. At exactly 7:00pm there was a knock at the door and her date began.

They rode all over the city of Birmingham Alabama looking for a nice restaurant, but everywhere they stopped was booked. Clyde became frustrated.

"I am sorry I didn't think this through, I have been so busy, how can I make this up to you."

Marissa laughed, "I asked you to dinner silly. When is the last time you had a good home cooked meal?"

"It's been a minute."

"Well let's go back to my place.

Back at the apartment Marissa kicked off her heels and had Clyde take a seat.

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