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Birthday present - a black woman, white sheets, no legs.

"Aren't you a little over-dressed?" Denise.

"Compared to you I suppose I am." Replied Denise.

"Why not make yourself more at home then?" Responded Sangitta.

Denise put her glass on the table next to the sofa and stood up. She thought that she could not wait to get on top of Sangitta and make love to her. She thought that she should try and be a bit sexy but she was not too good at that. She had a blouse and skirt on and completed the look with a pair of tights. Underneath she had a lacy bra and knickers on.

Sensuously as she could she began to unbutton the blouse. She soon had all the buttons undone and she pulled the blouse down her arms and dropped it to the floor. She was shaking she was that excited so when she struggled to undo the button on her skirt she saw Sangitta stand up and say.

"Let me help you Denise."

Sangitta wrapped her arms around Denise and held her in an embrace for a moment and then she began to kiss her. She just petted her as she ran her hands down and cupped the buttocks of Denise through the skirt that she was wearing. She had to admit that for an older woman she still had a sexy arse and she could not wait to see it naked.

She found the button on the skirt Denise was wearing and popped it open then she located the zip and pulled it down. She pulled the skirt down and Denise stepped out of it and stood there in just her knickers, bra and tights. Sangitta began to laugh.

"Next time you come round no tights please they look so unsexy. I want only stockings."

"Yes Sangitta." Said Denise.

"Now take those tights off and come and join me on the sofa."

Sangitta laid back down and picked up her glass of wine and took another sip and watched as Denise took her tights off and stood there for a moment and in just her bra and knickers. She then walked towards Sangitta and laid on top of her. She gazed into the eyes of Sangitta and felt herself drawn to her lips.

She began to pet the lips of Sangitta and then she moved to her neck and began to kiss on that. She heard Sangitta moan beneath her and she knew that she had found a sensuous spot of Sangitta. She worked on this spot for what seemed like an age to Sangitta and she felt her arousal begin to grow. She had to stop Denise kissing her.

"Please stop or you will make me cumm." Said Sangitta.

"Of course." Said Denise.

For the moment she climbed off of Sangitta and went back to her end of the sofa. She picked up her glass of wine and began to drink it. Soon both the glasses were empty and Denise said.

"Shall I get us a refill?"

"Yes please and why not bring them through to the bedroom."

Denise could feel herself getting wet between the legs. She was going to find herself in Sangitta's bed and she knew that it was a virgin bed and although she knew that Sangitta would not just have her as a lover she was going to get to christen the bed. This made her feel very special.

She went to the kitchen and poured out two more glasses of wine and went to take them through to the bedroom. When she entered she found Sangitta laid on top with her hand down her knickers just gently stroking her pussy. When she saw Denise she withdrew her hand and offered the wet fingers to Denise. Denise bent and licked them clean then she handed the glass of wine to Sangitta and joined her on the bed.

They drank their wine then Sangitta put her glass down on the bedside cabinet and turned to Denise and said.

"Please make love to me."

Denise smiled to herself. She was going to get what she had come for and she was more than happy to make love to Sangitta. She was such a lovely young lady. She put her glass down and turned to Sangitta and said.

"I would be delighted to make love to you Sangitta."

They both turned to face each other and tenderly they kissed one another. It was such a special moment for Sangitta and she wanted to savour every minute of it. She just gazed at Denise for a moment then she began to kiss her lips.

She did not pet Denise like she had done to her.

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