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Peggy continues her training.

Tommy picked up the girl, and carried her to the kitchen. Sitting her on the chair, he laid her on top of the table. Clara groaned as she lifted her head, looking around.

"Jack, baby, you were too rough last night." She blinked a few times, her vision blurry. Her vision cleared, and she gasped as she looked at Tommy.

"Do not move your ass from that chair, or I will tie you up again." Clara nodded as Tommy started a fire. He stripped out of his shirt, smiling when he saw his captive staring at his expansive chest.

"Why did you come to Oregon, little kitten?" He asked, stretching. Tommy began to prepare a soup, noticing Clara's eyes following his every move.

"I came here with my family, and got sidetracked. Why are you here?" She demanded. Tommy laughed as Clara rubbed her raw wrists.

"I came here a few months after our night together, baby. Our amazing night together. Your pussy is still so tight." He groaned, and Clara looked at him disgusted.

"Fuck you." She spat. Tommy stalked over to her, pulling her up by her waist. He pulled her flush against him, as she kicked her legs.

"I plan on fucking every tight little hole. Starting with your tight pussy." He pinned her against the table, slipping a hand into her panties.

"Your tiny little asshole." His hand brushed her ass, and she gasped. Tommy flipped her over his lap, and spanked her. Clara cried out as he spanked both her ass cheeks until they blushed red.

"And your sassy, hot mouth." He flipped her back, and kissed her passionately. Clara cried out as he slipped a finger into her pussy, and arched her back.

"I will make you beg to be fucked. Drive you crazy for my cock again." He whispered into her ear, as he added another finger. She rocked against his hand, moaning out.

"Do you like that, little whore?" He finger fucked her faster, as she tensed up. Tommy pulled his fingers out, making her cry out in frustration.

"I will make you need me." With that, he stood up and stirred their dinner, smirking at Clara.

"Do you really think that this is going to work? That I was going to fall in love with you, and want you again? You kidnapped me!" She shouted.

"I took what was rightfully mine. I fucked you first, so I have marital rights." Clara gaped at him as she teared up.

"I will never be the wife of someone like you." Clara said.

"Legally, you should already be my wife. I have the law on my side baby, and the law says that you are mine." She shook her head, standing up.

"Sit your ass down now little girl!" Tommy roared, stalking over to her. Clara immediately sat down again, tears in her eyes.

"Please, I love them. Don't do this to me. I will never be happy as your wife." She begged. He kissed her cheek, and walked over to their dinner.

"If they really loved you, they wouldn't have let a little thing like you out of their sights. You were just asking to be taken by anyone in this town." He sneered at her. Tommy set a steaming bowl in front of her, giving her a spoon.

"Eat. You will need your strength tonight, little kitten." Clara cried as she began to eat her dinner.

Across town, Jack and Henry were eating dinner when a knock was heard at the door. They both rose from their seats, running towards the front door.

"Clara?" Jack yelled, as they opened the door. The woman in front of them was the virtual opposite, tall and sultry with a pout on her lips.

"My name is Isabelle, good sirs. I'm your neighbour down the road. I brought pie!" Jack and Henry looked at each other, before Jack let her in. Isabelle strutted in, placing the pie on a nearby table.

"I daresay, you two are a pair of fine young men. Where is the woman of the house?" Henry looked uneasy, and sat down.

"Clara was taken from us." Isabelle gasped.

"You poor dears! My husband Arnold was also taken, but by sickness. You both must be as lonely as I am." She grinned, as Jack stepped behind her.

"There is nothing like the touch of a woman, isn't there.

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