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Dog-walkers of differring ages hit it off.

But if I find it sexy to watch you with one other guy, I'd find it twice as sexy to watch you with two."

"We aren't even going to have this conversation." Yeah, right, I was likely to fuck two other men at the same time for my husband's viewing pleasure. After the other night with Gordon, I'd decided I could deal with fucking one other man, but two was completely not going to happen. Ever.

Of course, I'd said that about fucking one other man, too.

Parker decided to change the subject. "So about Gordon? He wants to see you again, and I have the feeling you aren't exactly against that idea."

"I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that you don't have a problem with this."

"I gathered that, since you keep bringing it up. Jemma, honey, as long as you're happy, I'm happy. And if it makes you happy to have Gordon fuck you, then go for it."

"It makes you happy, too, though. You're the one who wanted it to happen."

"Exactly. Mutual happiness is a good thing. Come into the den; I want to show you something."

I wasn't totally sure I wanted to see whatever he was going to show me, but I followed him anyway. He turned on his computer and once it started up, went to a site I'd never heard of before. A porn site. "Parker, what the hell?" I said.

"Just watch, baby. You'll like it."

No, I wouldn't. At least, I didn't think I would. Other than one video that a high school friend of mine had shown at her eighteenth birthday party, I'd never seen porn. I hadn't really seen that video either, actually. I'd been too embarrassed and had spent the length of the movie hiding my eyes in the corner of the couch while the sounds around me had indicated that my friends were definitely enjoying themselves. And each other, I'd been pretty sure.

Parker clicked "play", and on the screen a naked couple appeared. They embraced, kissed, and fondled. Then another man showed up. He positioned himself behind the woman and caressed her thighs while she continued making out with the first man. I felt myself getting wet.

"You like this?" Parker asked.

"It's just a movie." I didn't want him to know how aroused I felt.

"It's a movie about two men fucking a woman. I've watched it before; it's pretty hot. You should check out this site sometime when I'm not home, if that makes you more comfortable. Just make sure you bring the vibrator in here."

"Do you watch this stuff when I'm not around?"

"Sometimes. Sometimes I watch it when you're in the other room."

A light bulb went on. "So this is where you got the idea of having me fuck Gordon? From watching online porn?"

"Not completely. I told you before, I like to watch people fucking. And I'm not likely to watch other people fuck, except on videos, when I have a hot wife here at home."

"You're not going to have a hot wife for long if this keeps up." I was furious. "God, Parker, I can't believe you! You've watched other people have sex in real life, you've fucked other women, and now you're telling me you watch porn? How often?"

"Two or three times a week, usually. Jemma, people watch porn. It's not a big deal. If it was all that rare, there wouldn't be so many porn sites. I think you like the idea and you're just reacting the way you did about the vibrator and about Gordon. Admit it, baby." His hand stole up to my crotch. "I bet you're wet under these pants, aren't you."

I slapped his arm. "Parker, knock it off. I don't want to see this shit anymore."

With a last glance at the screen- which I did want to see more of, but I wasn't about to admit it- I walked out of the room. Would Parker follow me, or would he stay in his den with his porn?

Lucky for him, he made the right choice. "Jemma, come on," he said, hurrying out of the den. "I thought it would be fun to watch it together. Some couples do that, you know. They watch porn together and it really spices things up."

"Let's see. You've fucked me with a vibrator and watched me fucking another man, and we need to spice things up why?"

"Why not? We could use the vibrator while we watch.

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