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Raven prepares to confront an old enemy.

"Of course," he whispered, "we could also just spend the night right here doing adult things amongst the adult titles."

I giggled at that thought - appealing as it was - and squirmed my way out of his grasp. "Perhaps another time," I said.

The walk home seemed much longer than usual because of my desire to watch this with my big brother. But eventually, he sat on the sofa while I sat in his lap. The only light came from the TV screen as he picked up the remote to start the DVD.

Whoever was responsible for creating this DVD had done things "properly," disabling the option to skip the FBI warning and the sex-line commercials. So we used this time to kiss and fondle. Already, I could feel the familiar manhood solidifying and lengthening against me, just as I was certain my forbidden lover could feel my nipples trying to poke holes in the cups of my bra.

At last, the main menu appeared. Removing a hand from inside my thong, he picked up the remote again and pressed Play.

The discovery of adult films was about to begin. I was about to voluntarily have another lesson which would truly shock our parents.

The first scene was rather loving and romantic in a way. A tall, muscular man in swim trunks grabbed a coil of red rope from a shed and stepped back outside into the daylight. The camera followed him as he approached the house, and a tall woman - practically an Amazonian goddess - emerged from the back door dressed as a bride, her arms behind her.

That was unexpected, especially for an amateur scene. She had not been shown in the screenshots on the box cover.

The bride descended the steps from the porch and stood in the grass, her cuffed wrists finally coming into view as her arms were lifted. The camera focused on the man's handiwork as he slowly and carefully performed breast bondage on her. The red of the rope contracted sharply with the white of the wedding dress, and the red color clearly enhanced the swells of her breasts in a way that even I found appealing. Then he fondled her chest for a few minutes, occasionally kissing her as she kept her hands behind her.

At last, he lowered her veil, took her by the hand, and led her away from the house. There was a trail near the house, leading into a thick region of trees, and he led her along the trail, the camera following them diligently with nary a cut.

Just as the walk through the trees was becoming boring, I could hear the sound of flowing water. At first, I thought it would simply be a stream or small river nearby, but the sound kept increasing in volume. At last, the couple emerged into a clearing, and ahead of them was a waterfall spilling into a small lake before flowing off-screen to the right.

The dominant led the submissive straight into the lake, even though she was wearing heels. I found that unbelievable, almost as insane as Timmy's mother in the old Lassie series wearing heels on a farm! Yet he slowed their pace, allowing her the time she needed to assure herself of steady footsteps.

The cameraperson remained on the shore, but zoomed in on the couple as they made their way toward the waterfall. The sound of the falling liquid was fairly loud even at this distance, attesting to the powerful technology used in the microphone of the camera.

Once at the waterfall, the bride was turned around, the water tumbling behind her. She raised her arms, and with his hands upon her chest, the dominant eased her backward. She shrieked initially as the water descended her back, its temperature apparently rather cool. Once she was pressed against the rock behind the waterfall, he reached into the pouring stream, seemed to search with his hand for something, and pulled out a chain with a clip at its end, surprising me again. The clip was attached to the ring of a cuff, then the same process was repeated to secure her other wrist to the cliff.

The dominant walked away, leaving her there, bound to the cliff under a torrent of falling water.

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