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A chance encounter leads Alec to cross all his boundaries.

Without being fully aware of what she was doing, she slipped out of her Jockeys to have better access to her throbbing cunt.

"Shit! Look at that, will you?"

"Guess you have to send your wife and your daughter, asshole."

"Who am I supposed to sleep with if both of them are gone?"

"Jack it off or sleep with the goat. Serves you right for making such a stupid bet."

"Tell you what. We'll double up again on whether Jake gets any of that pussy before the end of the week. Deal?"

"You just keep making stupid bets. Deal."

Jennifer's eyes widened as she watched her GranPa's dick draw up and begin shooting streams of hot cum all over the girl's body. She managed to get her mouth over the end of it for a couple of shots, but most of the hot slimy stuff ended up on her face and across her tits.

This was more than Jennifer could stand without joining them vicariously. Her own orgasm shook her entire frame, just as she heard her GranPa knocking at the door. Hurriedly straightening herself and grabbing a robe, she ran to the door to let him in, little guessing that he had been watching through the window for the right time. He wanted to be next to her in the flesh while she was still hot from getting her rocks off and still had the image fresh in her mind of his big dick spewing cum all over a girl that could have been her.

"Everything ok, Jenny?"

"Oh, yeah. No problem."

"You seem a little flushed and out of breath."

"Uh, I was in the kitchen when you knocked and ran in to let you in." She couldn't tear her eyes from his unbuttoned fly, wondering if she could get a glimpse of his massive organ. As big as it was, how could it hide when the buttons were all undone?

I saw her sneaking peeks at my fly and cast about for some deniable way to give her a shot. "Would you like for me to bring in the rest of the boxes for you, Honey"

"Oh, thanks, GranPa. I forgot about them, but I do need some of those things tonight. Mom made me bring my special pillow so I won't get asthma. Do you want me to help you?"

"No, you just sit right there and I won't take a minute." On the way to the car, I pulled my dick out of my fly and left it lolling through the opening. When I picked the box up, I held it low over my dick until I rounded the corner to take it upstairs. Jennifer was sitting in the perfect position to get a great view as I lifted the box up for the climb. I heard her make a little gasp and saw her hand dive to her cunt, out the corner of my eye. She thought I couldn't see her. Just to give her an extra thrill, I stopped with my foot on the first step and stood holding the box against the root of my prick to make it stand out even more as I chatted with her. I acted as if I had no idea it was out.

My dick got harder and harder knowing that I was standing a few feet from my inquisitive young granddaughter while she studied my supposedly hidden prick.

After some long minutes, when I couldn't stand not to touch it any longer, I took that box on up the stairs and crept quietly back to a place where I could watch her play with her cunt. She was driving two fingers in and out very fast. I forced myself to tear my eyes away and made a lot of noise coming down the stairs so she would hear me, and went out for the other box.

This time, I jacked it up even more and positioned the box at exactly the right place to make it stand out before taking it into the house. Again, I stood sideways to Jennifer and chatted with her, knowing that my hard prick was the only thing she was paying attention to.

"Listen, since you're still up, why don't we go in the kitchen for some of my patented hot chocolate. Did Jason go to bed?"

"Yeah, he zonked out a long time ago. Guess the excitement was too much for him."

"Well, you sit right down.

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