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Introduction to me and I have some fun at the lake.

9 and the shop should be on the left just after the third traffic light. I pulses is rapid as I approach the third light. I see it but go to the convenience store on the right hand side of the road. I desperately need a drink and to calm myself. I park in the lot, button a couple buttons on my sweater as well as three on my skirt. I still will be showing a glimpse of stocking top while I walk and have my long coat on for safety.

The act walking is becoming thrilling. Every step I take my heels make a sound, a sound that says "look at me I'm sexy". And as everyone looks to the sound they see me, nipples protruding and a flash of nylon lace on my thigh. It makes me hotter and hotter as each set of eyes sees my display. I enter the store, get a drink and decide to browse the bottom shelf of the candy isle across from the counter. This lucky clerk gets a glimpse of wet white sheer nylon. I make sure he gets a good glimpse of cleavage as I turn and slowly rise, my skirt slowly dropping to a decent length. I make my purchase and slowly walk out. There sure are a lot of gentlemen when you dress and exude such sexiness.

I think I have enough courage to go to the store. I know I have to get something to give me the massive orgasm that has been building since I pulled the first stocking on. I should get some panties also, as these are completely soaked. It is a quick drive to the spot where I can make a u-turn and I am parked in front of the store in no time.

I walk in the door like it is a store I am in all the time. My eyes spot the stocking display first, so many wonderful varieties and different colors. The smell of the leather from the shoes and boots is intoxicating. I proceed to browse through all the fine silk, satin, lace and leather lingerie. I love the textures on my hands and can only image them caressing my skin, especially my nipples and pussy. I find a red Lycra thong; it is very thin and stretchy. I am sure it will hug my pussy and caress my clit. I get it a size small because I want to feel it tightly against my sex. With that in hand I walk to the back section of the store. The store is empty with the exception of the girl clerk. As she walks back to me I see she is wearing a very sexy gothic corset in black and matching full ankle length skirt with 9-inch patent leather ankle boots. She asks me if I need help with anything. I stop, and build my courage. I say to her " I'm looking for something... that attaches ... you know ... around your waist ... and ...". At this point she stops me and says " you can relax, I know what you are talking about ". She walks past me and to the wall, " this is called Joni's Butterfly, this is what I believe you are trying to describe. They are a wonderful thing, and as you can see we have quite a variety. " She picks up another and continues, " this is the one I like best. It is a little smaller and very comfortable. I can wear it all day and pick and chose when I want to activate it and how much." She glances around the store and grabs my hand. "Come with me" she says as she leads me to the back room.

In the back room she gathers her skirt as she says, " I can show you, if you don't mind. After all it is just us girls." I shake my head in agreement. As she continues to pull up her skirt past her lace patterned thigh highs. I see the controller tucked in the elastic band of the right thigh as she pulls up the skirt to expose her thong. It was just like mine in black. I see the bulge of the toy.

She continues her sales pitch. " You see it is barely noticeable and stays where it works best. This also stays in place while making love. That is an awesome feeling." She pulls the top of her thong away from her body. I see a small butterfly tattoo on the smoothly shaved skin and then a colorful rubbery device with a wire attached. It is held in place by elastic straps. She lets go of the thong and reaches to her thigh. " You see it is very hide able and virtually silent". She said as she slides the control knob up.

I ask " is it difficult to put on?" I pause, " a

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