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After months of yearning, Janet surrenders.

, I was exhausted but that didn't stop me, I just got right down between her legs and pushed my face against her pussy, its smell was like heaven, I know it was only 4 days since I last fucked a woman but it seems like a lifetime to me!

Her pussy was wet and pink, I pulled those lips open with my fingers and looked at her clit before pushing my nose against it and my tongue rammed deep into her pussy, god it was hot and tasty, I just licked all I could get and swallowed no time to savor this girl was too sexy for that I needed to fuck her not 'make love' boy did I fuck her too! My tongue went mad in there I couldn't help it, I just pulled her thighs open with my hands and went to work licking and sucking ever inch of her sticking my tongue deep then pulling it back out and rubbing her clit with it, what a clit too diary so big and sensitive.

She writhed and moaned and screamed as her juice flowed into my mouth, I loved it so much, I can never turn down a woman, don't care who she is or what she looks like, I just need sex and this girl was providing! I got her to cum 3 times all together and then she was done, my tongue was wiggling in her and she was pulling my hair for the last one, my mouth and chin was dripping with her sweet, sexy, tangy juice and I was loving ever second. Finally she pulled away from me, her pussy was too sensitive for more she said (she couldn't handle it like me I bet lol) so I stopped reluctantly (I could have gone all night!) and I let her get dressed.

Not sure if I will see her again, suspect it will have been a one night thing like normal, I was going to go out tonight but I have to stay in and get some work done, I'm so turned on from last night though I may have to go to the loo and frig my pussy till I cum hard before bed (lol)

Right diary that's it for today's entry, Friday is rent day so better get all my stuff sorted by then.


Paid my rent again today. Its 2: 12 am Saturday morning at this second so as you can see diary I had a lot to pay this time (lol)

I went round to Mrs. Penny's at 8 pm as she always tells me to when its rent time, she was waiting in the kitchen for me, I went in and she came over and asked if I had her rent ready, I said yes and smiled at her as she grabbed the front of my long brown coat and pulled me against her before kissing me, I kissed back of course and giggled as she ran her hands down my body then back up.

I tell you diary for a woman who is 53 she has lots of energy, and paying the rent this was is far cheaper and more pleasurable (lol) he ripped my coat off and stepped back and looked over my body, I had on my sexy undies she bought me special, the frilly pink panties and bra set with the garter belt and white trimmings I felt so naughty as my landlady looked over my hot body and licked her lips, I tell you it's a good job I had panties on or my thighs and her floor would have been soaked!

I smiled and giggled as she came back over to me and ran her hands down my body, her fingers were so warm and tender but I knew it wasn't going to last, it was only going to be matter of time before I was really paying my rent (lol)

She pulled me to her bedroom, I remember the first time in there dear diary when she said I could pay my rent a different way, I jumped at the chance, I am such a slut (lol) anyway back to today, I was so horny as she took me into that room, her bed was made to perfection as always but I didn't have time to look at it long, god that one is strong, she thrust me back and I landed on it in heap she is quick for a woman of 53 too, I am 20 and can't move that fast (lol) before I knew it she was on top of me kissing me hard!

I felt her weight on my body, she is a little overweight but at that age I guess its ok to be and I don't mind (I know I'm such a dirty slut lol) she pressed me down and held my shoulders with her hands as she kissed me and I squirmed below her body, she was straddling over me and I could feel her big old boobs pushing against mine, that silky bra she got me to wear is so sexy on he o

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