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Ellen Returns. Lacy's punishment.

" The guys applauded politely, but I was concerned about the 'so far' part of Keith's announcement. I wasn't sure I could take much more.

When the clapping stopped, Keith offered me his hand and indicated I should stand up. Keith had me face him and held my hands in front of me between us. He pulled my white leather wrist cuffs from his pocket and began attaching them to my wrists. The guys watched as Keith buckled my wrist cuffs on saying things like, "Oh yeah!" and "Now we're talking."

When the cuffs were buckled on, he locked my wrists together behind my back, and stepped behind me. He moved us a step back from the table, and turned me until I was facing the guys so they a nice clear view of my entire body. "You know, you can stop this with a word." he whispered.

He stood behind me with his hands on my hips. I used my cuffed hands to feel his hard cock inside his pants and wiggled my ass into his thighs - maybe I 'am' that bad little girl. His cock was so hard. He loved teasing and humiliating me, especially in front of a crowd of people. He groaned softly as he moved back a little so I couldn't reach his cock or rub my soft little ass against him. "Earlier tonight, while you gentlemen were kind enough to dance with Heather," he continued his announcement, "she mentioned to me that she hoped that her dress didn't get wrinkled or torn while you gentlemen were feeling her up." He was interrupted by a few cheers.

I didn't like the looks of this, with my arms cuffed behind my back, only my thin dress covered my naked body. Then it hit me. Keith was going to make me pay for the smart remarks I -- well, that bad little girl inside me -- made to him. But, surely, he wouldn't strip me in front of all these strangers. Except for my nude, thigh high stockings and my blue high heels I was naked under my dress.

"Oh please, master," I whimpered softly, trying not to let everyone hear, "please don't strip me in front of everyone. What if someone comes in; I'll be naked." I was wriggling trying to get my hands loose, even though I knew it was impossible. The guys started whistling and cheering and I realized my wriggling was giving them glimpses of my shaved pussy and peeks at my bare breasts.

I stopped wriggling and Keith said, "I think, after all she has done for us, the least we can do is grant her request and make sure her dress doesn't get wrinkled or torn."

The guys were quiet; waiting to see if Keith would really strip me in front of them. I knew he would; he had stripped me naked in front of people before -- and made me do a lot more. But, these were total strangers, and not part of his club. On the other hand, he knew how humiliated and excited it got me when he made me stay naked while everyone else was dressed, even if it was only him.

He took his hands off my hips and quickly undid the two little eye hooks at the back of my heck that held up my dress and let the top of my dress fall. The top fell to my waist where it hung, clinging to my hips. I gasped, loud enough for everyone to hear, as my bare breasts and hard little nipples presented themselves to Phil, Tina and six total strangers.

I instinctively tried to move my hands up to cover my now bared breasts, but, with my hands cuffed behind my back, all I accomplished was to shake my little tits for the guys watching me. I know I was blushing from my hairline down to my chest. The guys were speechless for a few seconds then I heard one of them moan, "Beautiful, just beautiful." I was so humiliated, but I knew it was going to get worse. I closed my eyes but I could still hear them, "They're perfect." and "Her nipples are so hard: she must love this." and "I'd love a few minutes alone with her."

Naked from the waist up and hearing what they were saying about my body got me even more excited. I tried to stay still so my dress wouldn't fall from my hips and my tits wouldn't jiggle, when Keith said, "Now, gentlemen, we have to encourage her to make her dress come off completely."

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