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Muddle continues his quest and telling his story to his frog.

ent with one of our servicemen?"

For some reason when he said "servicemen" I pictured a train mechanic, but I could see standing just behind him the tan beret of an Army Ranger. "Of course," I said, somehow feeling that I was fulfilling a patriotic duty.

"Thanks very much, ma'am." The porter stepped aside with a bit of a flourish and held the sliding door for the man in uniform.

He stepped into the compartment and nodded at me. "Thank you for your generosity. I was starting to think the only way I was going to get a seat on this train was to ride the roof." He flashed a big bright smile at me and removed his beret.

I smiled back. "Well, there's plenty of room. It's foolish not share."

He took the seat across from me. "I appreciate it."

He was beautiful. His face looked like it had been chiselled from the proverbial granite. His shoulders were at a 90 degree angle to his muscular neck, and his barrel chest quickly tapered down to a slim waist. As he sat I could see the definition in his thighs through his dress pants. His uniform was crisp and clean, and I imagined that he'd ironed it himself that very morning. Probably after waking up at 4, running about a thousand miles and lifting a few tanks for a workout. He sat with no slouch at all. He had a short blonde crew cut, and light blue almost grey eyes. He was tanned, which seemed odd considering it was January.

"Are you just back from oversees?"


I didn't know if it was impolite to ask what it was like over there, so I asked the next logical question. "Are you on your way home?"

He smiled again. "Yes, to my parents' house in Rockport." He undid the top button of his dress jacket. "I haven't been home in four years."

"Oh wow. You must be very excited."

"I am. I haven't seen anything but pictures. I can't wait to see my family and all my friends."

"They must be excited to see you too."

"Oh no doubt. No doubt." He looked out the window. "It's good to be home."

I looked out as well, uncrossing and crossing my legs as I shifted in my seat. I remembered I'd worn a short skirt and thigh high stockings. Looking down I realized that was on display. I looked up at the Ranger. He was still looking out the window. I leaned a little and pulled my skirt up my thigh to cover the top of my stockings. "What brought you home via Washington?"

He looked back at me from the window and blushed. "Oh, I had to attend a ceremony."

I looked at his left breast. It looked like he had every ribbon there ever was. "For one of those?"

He didn't look down. "No," he smiled some more, "I, uh, I was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor."

"You must be very proud."

He almost shook his head. "Yes, I am, but I'm proud of my men. I'm proud of the work we did over there, and the recognition I've received is due in no small part to what we accomplished as a team."

"Well I'm sure you'll hear it a thousand times, but we're all very grateful for what you've done."

"Thank you ma'am. That's very kind."

I smiled and looked into his eyes. I felt my heart pound. "You're welcome."

I looked down at the compartment floor. His boots shone like they were patent leather.

"You're travelling on business?" He nodded at my attire.

"Yes, I am in Washington every other month for a few days."

"A lawyer?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Grey suit."

I laughed. "Yeah we're a pretty dull bunch, fashion-wise."

"Well, I'm guessing the skirt isn't exactly regulation."

He was right; a lot of my thigh was on display. "Oh. Well, you know when you're tall."

"Understandable." He looked at the ring on my finger. "Your husband must miss you."

"He does. We miss each other. But it's only a few days, and it's only every other month."

"Must make for a great welcome home."

"It does. Sometimes we don't even make it home."

I couldn't believe I'd said it until after it was out of my mouth.

He smirked. "Yeah, I don't think I would wait until I got you home either."


"No." I felt myself get warm.

I shifted in my seat and uncrossed and crossed my legs.

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