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A dad and his lustful struggle with his daughter's friends.

But for now, we were enjoying our solitude, lying next to each other on a blanket in the pastel morning light. We stroked each other softly and lovingly as we murmured professions of love to one another. Your body was soft, yet firm beneath my caresses. It responded with the expected tightening of muscles and the catching of your breath. I hadn't even approached the core of your being and you were already shuddering with intense pleasure. You were always so easy to please. The slightest attention to your erogenous zones (which were many) brought you indescribable pleasure.

My hands wandered over your body, impeded only by the small bathing suit. Looking into your eyes, I released the ties of your bathing suit and gently removed it - shushing your quiet protests. It was alright. We were alone... for now. And what better way to bring in the day? I basked in the beauty of your nudity: your perfect body, 35C-22-35, the way your nipples puckered at the slightest provocation, either from cold or stimulation, your beautiful pussy with its small tuft of pubic hair at the apex of your cleft.

Lowering my head, I fastened my lips to your puckered nipple hearing the sudden intake of your breath. My tongue expertly massaged it into full erection. Though smaller by a long shot, it rivaled my own erection in stiffness. Your nipples tasted slightly of the tang of the salt air. I licked and sucked, alternating from one to the other. Your shudders let me know I was doing something right.

I trailed my finger tips up your leg to the crest of your hip, then slowly across your flat abdomen to your other hip. Your body twisted and thrust, trying to force my hand to go where it wasn't quite ready to go yet. I loved to tease you, getting you so worked up that you would almost rape me to attain your pleasure. My fingers knew your body as they had explored it countless times. They knew which areas brought you the most pleasure. As they caressed your belly, my fingers playfully tugged on the small tuft of pubic hair that remained on your mound. You moaned as you felt the 3 light tugs that meant "I love you." You whispered your response back to me.

You hands fluttered as they searched for the tie to my trunks. Your fingers fumbled with the string as you anxiously struggled to untie the knot. You eagerly pushed down until my hardness sprung free. You had been reluctant initially, but now, as the sun broke the plane of the horizon, you shed any inhibitions you had brought with you. Your mouth lowered itself onto my erection, wetting it, drawing it into your mouth.

My moans were in counterpoint to the cries of the gulls and the sounding of the surf. I cried out in ecstasy and frustration as you brought me to the brink and then eased off. Twice more you brought me to the edge of the precipice, but wouldn't allow me to fall over. My erection was harder now than I had ever felt it, worthy of cutting diamonds.

In silhouette, as the sun in its fullness began rising from the ocean, you climbed on top of me, lowering yourself onto me. I felt the heat of your liquid center as you surrounded me. I felt the strength of your inner muscles as they gripped me as though never to let me go. We had made love countless times before, but this time, you were like both a virgin and a wild woman. The tightness and strength of your inner muscles gripped me in a warm, wet, velvety vise. The moisture flowing from your loins enabled my thrusts to go deeper than ever before.

Our eyes were locked together as the rays of the sunrise provided you with a halo that confirmed my feelings of you. You are my angel and you felt absolutely heavenly as you moved on my body. You hands gripped my shoulders as you met my upward thrusts. Your mouth, so sweet, uttered my name over and over again.

I rolled us over as one unit, remaining embedded in you.

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