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Wife finally has her first threesome.

He grabbed the black nylon rope from the duffel bag on the floor, and bent her legs to tie them up. She started to tense her legs, but his thumb at the pressure point on her ankle reminded her that she had to behave, and she relaxed them. He tied her legs to themselves, bent up so she couldn't move them. He stopped for a moment to brush his hands down her legs, admiring the soft, pale skin.

"You really have the most beautiful skin, Lily," he said, as he ran his hands back up her legs, and over her stomach and chest. "I wonder how pretty it will look covered in red stripes from my belt." She flinched and whimpered. Marrok stopped at that. "..Not a fan, I take it?" he asked gently. Lily took a moment to calm her breathing, and to remind herself that Marrok wouldn't hurt her beyond what she was ok with. She was his sub, and his student..not his slave. There was a difference.

"Not particularly," she said in a level voice. "A belt is a bit beyond what I can take. A four-tailed medium is about my limit."

"Cat-o'-nine ok, then?" Marrok asked with a sly grin, his demeanor and energy switching easily back to that of a dom. "That could still make some very pretty marks."

Lily nodded. "Yes, sensei." It didn't take her any more time than it had taken him to slip back into her role. Marrok reached over to the duffel and pulled out a black-and-blue leather cat-o'-nine-tails, swinging it down to the mats once to check the weight, and how hard it would hit. Then he lifted Lily up by her shoulders, turning her around so that when he let go, she had to support herself with her hands to keep from falling on her face.

The first strike was hard. Lily winced and let out a small sound as the leather tails hit her back. Marrok continued the strikes, though a little lighter. Twenty-five lashes later, Lily was crying out with each stroke. He switched to swinging the whip at her ass, harder than he had with her back. Over and over those tails smacked against her milk-white cheeks, each one leaving a bright red mark in its wake, covering her ass in red welts. He stopped every five or six lashes to knead her ass cheeks with his hands, then giving each one a hard slap before resuming with the cat-o'-nine.

After about ten minutes of that he finally set the whip down. Lily was breathing hard, and her throat was sore from crying out. Marrok untied her legs, lowering her down so she lay on her stomach. He gently massaged her skin, starting with her still-red ass, eliciting a sharp hiss, and then a soft moan as the pain faded away under his rough hands. As he worked up her back and shoulders, Lily began to really relax. Combined with the deep-tissue impact of the whip, the massage was doing wonders for her tense muscles. He kept going even after her whole body was completely relaxed, placing soft kisses along her neck, licking and nibbling the small place between her neck and shoulders that always made her squirm. He left a trail of soft kisses down her spine, stopping to lick circles around the small of her back. He turned her over, now, kissing around her hip while she moved her hands and arms to lay above her head. He kissed his way over her stomach, all the way up to her soft breasts. He circled his tongue around her right nipple, then sucked it into his mouth, continuously flicking his tongue over it as he did. He did the same thing to the left, leaving both nipples as hard as they could get.

Putting one leg between hers, he got on top of her, one hand reaching up to hold down both of her wrists.

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