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Now it's Brett's turn to plan a weekend getaway.

She twitched and gasped as they tickled their fingers over the tender flesh, stroking slowly at first but with an increasing urgency as Jules became more excited, their fingers soaked in her juices.

Both guys took their hands away as Jules suddenly shifted position raising her hips so that she could reach under herself, they watched expectantly as she touched a finger to her pussy, dipped the tip of it between her lips then slid it slowly along the length of her slit pulling the damp bikini away from her slick labia.

It stuck to her tugging the puffy lips of her vagina, using two fingers she parted her pussy lips slightly, opening herself up to the penetrating gaze of the two guys watching in a hushed silence as she displayed herself.

Gently she moved her hand down under her body, from the way her buttocks tensed I knew instantly that she had pressed a finger to her clit and from the way her arm was moving that she would be rubbing it in slow, gentle circular motions.

She let out a little murmur.
As Jules lay back down on the towel they both reached out to touch her again.

I shifted so that I could look down on the smooth cheeks of her ass and the slick wetness of her damp pussy, watching expectantly as one of the guys ran his hand along her slit, taking the slick labia between his fingers and rubbing gently while the other guy massaged her buttocks moving them outwards so that her pussy lips parted with a damp sound.

As they switched places he ran his hand over her cheeks and pushed her buttocks out opening her pussy up and exposing the pink depths, little bubbles of juice could been seen at her wet entrance as we all gazed between her legs.

Jules was moving her own hand at more frantic pace gasping words of encouragement as the guys took turns stroking their fingers over the length of her wet pussy from the top down to the bottom and back again, harder and more insistent as they tried to match her growing desire.

Caught up in her need to cum Jules started to rock her hips back and forth, pushing back against their hands the increased pressure and the slick wetness between her legs causing a finger to slip between her lips.

Both Jules and the guy froze for a moment "Accident, sorry." He said panicking; a little afraid he might have spoilt things.

As he started to move his hand away Jules said. "No, leave it there."

He hesitated at first until she rocked her hips back at him.

"Its ok I need to feel something inside me."

He gently held two fingers to her pussy then worked one of them between her lips adding pressure until it sank past the sopping string of her bikini and into her depths.

As soon as her swollen lips had closed over it he pulled it back and added the other finger, working them in and out.

Both of them watched fascinated as her tight pussy close over them then the way her delicate lips were tugged back, gripping him as he pulled his fingers almost all of the way out, before pushing them slowly back in, her wetness coating his hand.

Jules was starting to shudder and I new she couldn't hold back any longer.

She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees arching her back and pushing her ass out offering herself to be pleasured, working her hips back and forth in time with their movements as they took turns to finger her.
While one guy knelt behind her the other positioned himself at her side, as she was now on her hands and knees he was able to reach out and cup her breasts squeezing them in turn gently manipulating the hard nipples between forefinger and thumb causing Jules to take a sharp gasp of breath.

He gave them one last squeeze then ran his hand down her body between her legs,

her body stiffened and she let out a little moan as he touched her clit making her gasp and jerk each time he rubbed a finger over it.

Sensing she was nearly close to orgasm the guy fingering her pussy increased the speed of his thrusts pushing his fingers so deep his hand made a wet slapping sound with each stroke.

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