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The most unlikely of pairings.

Sharon sees him cum and she wants to cum too. But realizing now, however, that is not going to happen. Bill doesn't know how to use what he is so well endowed for. "Bill, do you know where my clitoris is?"

"Y-yes Dr. Childress," Bill answers.

"Touch it with the tip of your tongue." Sharon waits... "That's not it. I believe you need some lessons." As much as Sharon wants to continue, her professional nature takes over. The goal is to break Bill from addictive abusive self masturbation. Now is a good time to stop with just enough sex to keep him wanting more; hopefully, ensuring to keep him chastised longer. "Learning to be a good cunnilinguist will also help him keep a girlfriend -- which is what he really needs to find," Sharon thinks to herself trying to further rationalize her therapy. "We will continue tomorrow after another 24 hours in the lock box." Sharon dismounts Bill's head and hands Bill a new serial numbered lock.

Bill has cum but his cock is still as stiff as a rock. "You will need to do something about that," Sharon points to his penis. "There is a small bucket of ice on the end table. You will need to cool down to get locked up again." Bill is quiet and doesn't move for a moment... "Go over there, cool down, and then lock yourself up," Sharon says affirmatively.

Back in his apartment Bill can't get the taste of Sharon's pussy out of his mind, and he desperately wants to get hard. Hours pass so slowly until he can no longer stand the chastity belt. Searching through his desk he finds a tube of superglue and has a plan. He carefully cuts the lock off, casts the belt aside, and springs a rigid hardon that he grabs playfully in his hands. He jumps into bed jerking in delight thinking of burying his cock deep into Sharon's hot mound. In the morning before going to work he fits the belt back on gluing the lock together.

Work passes quickly and Bill is back in Sharon's examination office again for their late afternoon therapy. Sharon can see that Bill is nervous and she easily finds the lock tampered. Sharon had been looking forward to this session. She had been thinking about her husband -- who believes that oral sex is something that a woman gives a man and not vice versa. But now disappointed, she will really have to push the issue. "Well Bill no reward today. I know this is difficult and I will give you a second chance, but only one second chance." She hands him a new lock. "The penalty is 72 hours, and if you don't make it, that's it, no more sessions; your therapy with me will be over." A new lock is attached to Bill's chastity belt.

Not since puberty can Bill remember going this long without cumming. And struggle as he does this evening, he is determined not to lose his sessions with Sharon. The more he thinks about eating her pussy, the more he thinks about fucking her, and the more determined he is to make it. Today is Friday. He would need to go through the entire weekend without playing with himself. He tries everything he can think of to keep his mind occupied with something other than sex, but always in the back of his mind is the replay of Sharon sitting on his face. He doesn't sleep and he hardly eats. It is the longest weekend of his life. The chastity belt is hell.

It is Monday. He has almost made it. All he has to do is get through the work day. At work he finds it easier to get his mind away from sex, even if only for momentary minutes. He gets to the waiting room early. He is always Sharon's last patient visit of the day. The receptionist informs Sharon that Bill is here. She breathes a sigh of relief. She feared that if he hadn't remained chastised, he wouldn't show. Hopefully, he hasn't cheated because Sharon is thinking of his tongue, and she is in the mood for a good pussy licking.

Bill enters her office, "I don't know how I did it, Dr.

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