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The bar was done out in a Wild West theme.

My hair grew out more and we had it styled in a longer women's style. I kept getting manicures and pedicures, and it began to feel natural to have my nails painted. What little facial hair I had left, we had removed my laser. So my face was as smooth as Stephanie's, and with no more shaving. It even felt like my hips started to change shape. It looked like I now had a woman's ass and hips.

Once in a while, Stephanie and I saw Rob and Ellen. Rob looked at me weird any time we saw them.

"Jody, I know you're the guy I went to college with, but I swear to God, when I see you like this, I want to fuck you. You're one hot chick."

"Rob, I'm not into guys and I never have been, and I've still got a dick - no pussy."

"Damn girl. My eyes still say you are really fuckable."

"Bro, don't think that way. I'm not anything you want to fuck, and I sure as shit don't want to fuck you."

That was mostly true. Part of the effect of the hormones was that I began to find men more attractive. They sure seemed to find me more attractive as well. If Stephanie and I went to a club, unless it was one frequently by lesbians, I was constantly having men ask me to dance and having men offer to buy me drinks and wanting to take me to dinner. The killer was when I looked at one handsome man and remembering Stephanie's strap-on, could almost feel his dick in my ass. That scared the shit out of me, and I tried to quit even looking at guys after that.

Even Stephanie called me 'girl' when we were alone.

"Why do you call me 'girl' when there's no one around to hear. You know I'm a guy."

"I don't dare get in the habit of thinking of you or speaking of you or to you as a guy, or I might do it by mistake when people are around, then we'd have real trouble. Besides, except when you take your special panties off, you look one hundred percent girl."

Stephanie got promoted to VP, and I moved from being an administrative assistant to being an assistant department head. We were jubilant, until she started thinking.

"Jody, your driver's license and all your docs say you're a man."

"But aren't I?"

"If anyone at the company looks deeply, you lose your job, and it might cost me mine too."

"So what can I do?"

"File, the way you would if you were trans, and have all the docs changed to female."

"But I don't know."

"Girl, right now if you got arrested, they'd throw your ass in a man's jail. What do you think those men would do to you?"

"Why would I be arrested?"

"Who knows? And what if you're driving and get stopped? What do you think the cop would do looking at you and looking at a license that shows you as male?"

"I'd be in a world of shit."

"At the very least. Please. Do it for your protection and for me."


I was now legally a woman, at least according to my driver's license and birth certificate. It felt weird as shit, but in many ways it was safer. Besides, in the way that counts, I was still male, even if the equipment seemed to be faltering a bit. I wasn't sure why, but I was having a harder time getting it up and keeping it up. It didn't seem to bother Stephanie that much, but it kind of disturbed me. I mean, I have a dick, I just can't fuck anything with it. I still got pleasure from sex, just no ejaculation.

Work was going well. I was made department head and was running my department so it became more efficient and more effective. Management seemed to love my performance. Stephanie was also doing well and was now responsible for the development and rollout of a new product. She spent months and months working on creating this new product and making sure it worked right and was what the market wanted. There were some similar products, but ours was better - she made sure of it.

While the new product was better, it also cost more to make than competing products, which meant we had more trouble competing on price.

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