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A gorgeous student and busty teacher are facefucked.

 Just like she had seen the night before, Ben began to silently kiss her legs. With each kiss she could feel energy building within her. Her body's craving to be touched only grew with each teasing caress of Ben's lips. At last, Ben's soft warm kisses had reached her thighs, and he crawled up onto the bed to lean in and give her pussy a single tender kiss. His warm breath felt like heaven as it drifted in to her slightly open slit.

    Ben slowly began to lick up and down Laura's soft sweet pussy lips, carefully covering her clit with saliva with the full length of his tongue. My god, he's so tender. Laura began to wish that she had a brother like this. She let her mind race into the part of the innocent sister, letting her brother eat her out for the first time. The feeling was electric, and somehow familiar. So this is where Rosie learned her stuff. Ben licked and wet his fingers and began to softly, and very slowly push them inside her. By this point her vagina was craving him so much that the feeling of his fingers inside her was almost better than any cock she'd ever had. Ben slowly pushed two fingers, in and out of Laura's wet pussy, each time letting the tip of his fingers rub the roof of her vagina, just like his sister had done to her before, only this time it was with bigger and stronger hands.

    Ben repositioned himself beside Laura as he continued to finger-fuck her as if she was his own sister. With his other hand he caressed her chest, circling her beautiful tits getting within a hair's distance of her painfully hard nipples with each pass. And finally, Ben bent down to kiss her. Laura couldn't wait, and even though she was tied to the bed she did her best to lean upward into the kiss. Ben's breathing became deeper by the second as his tongue explored Laura's mouth. His fingers began to thrust inside her faster, and deeper as Laura moved her hips in tandem. Their tongues met and twisted together savoring each other's taste and texture. Oh my god! I'll do anything! Anything you ask, just please give me your cock! Ben then broke off the kiss and Laura gasped, hoping that he could read her mind just then. She wasn't disappointed however when Ben went down to give one of Laura's nipples a kiss. Then he gave each nipple a strong suck, pulling in with them as much of her breasts as he could into his mouth. She let out another little gasp and then tried once again, in vain to silence herself. She was desperately trying not to give her identity away, but she wasn't even sure if she cared anymore.

    Ben stopped thrusting with his fingers, and instead began to flick them up and down inside Laura's drenched pussy. He sat up, and took hold of his rock-hard cock, and he positioned himself beside Laura's head. Laura immediately took the hint, and opened her mouth wide, letting Ben feed his dick to her, inch by inch. She took in as much as she could, letting her tongue lick each side of his dick in her mouth. Once his member was wet enough, Ben began to slowly rock back and forth, fucking Laura's mouth while his fingers continued to flick against her g-spot. He gently held her head with his free hand, guiding her. After only a few seconds of this Laura began to moan over Ben's dick.

"Yea, sis." Ben whispered, "You like to suck your brother's cock don't you?". The words excited Laura beyond any dirty talk she had ever heard before, and she tried her best to respond with his member deep in her mouth.

"Uhmmm-hmmm" Oh god yes! Let me be your sister, your personal slut!

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"MmmHmmmm" Laura moaned loudly, already starting to feel close to an orgasm.

Ben pulled himself away from Laura's lips, and moved himself the V of her legs created by the constraints of the silky white rope pulling at her ankles.

"You want this?" Ben tea

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