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The plot thickens as there may be more people involved.

"I didn't get them anymore."

"Then why did you get one today?"

I bit my lips, squeezed my eyes shut, and let it go. Told him everything I'd learned that afternoon from Amy, and everything I'd found out about my Aaron. He ran a financial company with hundreds of investors. He also hobnobbed with a lot of influential business people. Perhaps Amy was right. Perhaps he did have connections.

I had no clue when all that had happened. The last I remembered, Aaron was a worthless fella with an affinity for alcohol. I'd never thought he could run a business of his own.

Dave listened quietly, then sighed.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Of course I'm sure!" I exclaimed. "He's dimpled and sandy haired and he's supposed to be thirty now!" I paused, trying to stop my hands from trembling. "He was the first person to ruin my life..." I murmured. "If he hadn't ambushed me that night, I-"

"Vivienne." His voice was firm, almost reproachful. "Calm down, please." He sighed again. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know." I pinched the middle of my forehead, the breeze coming in through the window and caressing my face. "Amy was pissed off that I'm so keen to help her."

"Naturally. She thinks he'll get more violent if he gets to know she sought help. I'd say you were braver. You hit him with a knife and escaped."

"He didn't have connections. Aaron does. What..." I didn't want to say the words. Didn't want to remember it was the first guy I'd ever loved. "What if he really kills her? Most abuse victims are killed after they escape..."

"I don't think she wants to escape. And you'd rather not do anything when she doesn't want it. Don't invite trouble into your life, please."


"Vivienne, I'm sitting here miles away and worrying sick about you. Hearing you having a panic attack and not being able to do anything. If you invite danger into your life-"

"I'll be fine," I tried to assure him, despite knowing his fears weren't unwarranted. If what Amy had said was anything to go by, Aaron was indeed dangerous. "I cannot be at peace when I know she's in danger. I want to help her, really."

"You aren't welcome, you know that, right?"

"Yeah. She won't know."

"You'll help her and she won't know?"



"Dave, it's late. Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?"

"Getting rid of me, huh?" His voice was quiet, kind of troubled.

"No. It's really late. You have a conference in the morning."

"Will you be okay?" His voice was thick with concern. I took a gulp of water and tried to think how to answer that question.


"Organic tomatoes!" Mum held up a brown bag in front of my still sleepy eyes, dangling it happily. "Right from my garden. I know you'll love it."

She walked past me, crossing the living room, and heading straight to the kitchen. I looked at the clock. It was barely eight. I hadn't been able to sleep at night, and was woken up by the doorbell just when I'd been drifting off.

"I'm putting these in the fridge," she announced, going about doing her own thing. "You want me to put some in your omelettes?"


I scrubbed my drowsy eyes, not sure what was happening. Dave had been on the phone with me for a long time, soothing me, trying to make me understand that I shouldn't be putting myself in danger for someone who didn't even want help. I knew he was right. I didn't want him hurt, and if anything happened to me, he'd be absolutely gutted.

But I also wasn't someone to sit quietly and tolerate a crime. If I wasn't welcome...well, I just had to find another way.

"Are you alright?" Mum came up to me, cupped my face with both hands. I nodded, looking away.

"Dave sent you, didn't he?" I asked quietly. She smiled.

"He loves you, sweetheart," she patted my cheek. "You think he can be alright when he fears you might have a panic attack again?"

"I'm fine. I'm just..."

"What's the matter?" she asked, studying my face. "You haven't had a panic attack in ages." She shook her head when I opened my mouth to reply. "Don't tell me it's just stress. I won't buy that."

"Mum, I'm ok

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