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Wife's sister's first time.

And I am telling you, I bet you will encounter little resistance. Perhaps some in the beginning, but, if you persist, it won't be as much as you think, and I guarantee you will get where you want to be. Just start slow ... Just like you did with me. Start slow. Move slow. Make sure she is relaxed. If she tenses, back off. Then restart. Lull her. It won't happen the first time you touch her. But it will happen. Look up her skirt. Look for the wet spot. Watch for her to squirm. Listen for a moan."

He was staring intently at me now. His eyes hadn't wavered. I knew I had his attention. All of it.

"You're serious!"

"Yes. Dead serious. Really.

"Do you want to stop?"

"No." Quick. Firm. No hesitancy. None at all.

"Eat. You might need your energy later."

And I laughed.

So he did he. But his was much more a nervous laugh.

I was so turned on I could barely stand it. I had to believe he was, too.

So, I asked.

"Turned on?"


"Me, too. I am truly enjoying this. I want you to, too!"

"Yes ... I am ... honest."

As if I had any doubt.

After I finished cleaning up, and he helped me with the dishes, a first, I went into the living room and lit some candles. I didn't both with the lights.

Standing up, I moved up close in front of him. Leaned into him. And kissed him. A deep, long, wet kiss. It quickly became a mutual kiss. We fell back onto the sofa, still in a lip lock.

I like kissing. And he wasn't complaining.

I like making out. And we had plenty of time.

But he still was quite shy.


His hands failed to take advantage of an obvious situation. After everything, I would have thought he would have been primed for more, that his hands would be roaming freely over my body.

Not so.

Cuddling next to him, I broke the lip lock. Looking into his eyes, I asked him if he liked to masturbate. I wanted to turn him on. I wanted him thinking about sex. About intimacy. I wanted him sharing his sexual secrets with me.

Softly. "Yes."

"Me, too.

"Do it a lot? Like most days?"


"Think of me?"


"Think of your mom?"


"What am I doing in your fantasy?"

He turned scarlet. I couldn't have been more surprised. Truly scarlet. After everything. After I took his cum in my mouth. Swallowed it. He turned scarlet. Stammered. Looked away.

"Tell me, please?"

"I ... well ... I ... I'm ..."

Stuttering. Stammering still.

"Tell me, please. Turn me on with what turns you on ... Please?"

"I'm ... looking ... spying ... through ... through ... your door. You're ... well, I mean ... you're in your room. On your bed. You're naked. I'm ... I'm watching you ... you're ... well, it isn't real, it really doesn't matter ... And I know it's wrong to think this, it would be wrong to spy on you ... "

"Tell me. Please? I really want to know. It's OK. It's a fantasy. We all have them. I'm not upset you would spy on me. It turns me on to think you want to see me that much ... "

"You're playing, masturbating ... That's it. I watch you."

"Does the thought of that really turn you on?"

"Yes. ... A lot ..."

I kissed him. Again. My tongue wandering into his mouth. His poking at mine.

I took his hand, slide it under my top, under my bra.

And we kissed some more, his hand on my breast, gently kneading it, my nipple hardening even more under his touch. He seemed content to kiss me, and touch me.

My bra fastened in the front. I broke our lip lock yet again, just long enough to unhook it. It fell open. Now, he had access to both of my breasts. Both of my nipples.

I desperately wanted him to take them into his mouth, but I was sure I was going to have to take charge. He was still too shy.

I lifted my top, cupped one of my breasts in my hand, lifted it toward him.

He got the idea, lowering his mouth, taking it into his mouth.

"Suck it. Gently. Take your time. Yes ... like ... that ... oh ... yes ..."

He was gentle. He was good. An eager student! What more could I ask?

"There's two. Alternate."

And he did.

I was really turned on by n

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