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The Roommates and their third have fun at home.

"Useless prick, someday I'm going to leave you for a hunk with a cock bigger than yours" mum whispered to herself as she lay there on the bed.

I nearly did cum in my hand when I saw her pull her fingers out of her pussy and then lick and suck on each one, sucking on her own juices.

"Maybe I'll turn lesbian and then what would you do" mum said to her self.

I wanted to stay and watch mum some more but I heard Claire stumbled out of her room and walk along the passageway toward me, heading towards the toilet. She was wearing her usual panties and her favorite T-shirt with fuck me gently written on the front, which went halfway down to her stomach. I backed slowly and quietly back into my room as Claire turned the toilet light on and closed the door slightly behind her. I didn't want to be caught by her for snooking on mum and dad when they were having sex, she wouldn't let me live it down for the rest of my life.

Anyway I stayed near my door and watched Claire come out of the toilet, she had the front of her white cotton panties open. I could see her running her fingers through her curly brown pubic hairs, I could even see the split of her vaginal lips before she released her panties and turned off the light. I was so horny I started to wonder what she was like in bed and if she had ever been fucked by a man yet, would she cry out and thrash around on the bed when she came like mum did just a moment ago or would she just ly there and let the guy fuck her. I took a closer look at Claire's ass as it wobbled as she walked back to her room, god her ass looked good, nice and firm and well rounded.

Another thought came to my mind and made me smile as I thought about what it would be like to fuck that nice little arse of hers, I bet she would scream and beg me to stop but she would have no chance of me doing that if I started.

"Bloody hell man she's your sister, of course she'll scream, scream rape more like it not fuck me, fuck me hard" I thought to myself as the house grew deathly quiet again.

I peeked through mum and dads door again to see if mum was still finger fucking herself but she had fallen asleep, I could hear her lightly snoring, she didnt even bother to cover herself.

I knew that mum and dad were heavy sleepers so I slowly entered the room and stood next the bed and looked down at the naked body of my mother. Sweat slowly dribbled from breasts to her belly button and from her thighs, her nipples were still hard and her pussy lips were absolutely wet. I took the biggest chance out and ran my fingers over mums breasts, touching her stiff nipples.

"Mmmmmm" mum moaned, stretching her arms over her head and stretching her legs wide open before going back to lightly snoring again.

I stopped and waited before I ran my finger tips over her swollen pussy lips, feeling her swollen moist clit.

"Oh mum, only if you were awake, I'd make you suck on my cock and swallow my cum while I finger fucked your pussy for you" I whispered, slipping one of my fingers in between her pussy lips until it was deep inside her cunt.

The walls of her pussy instantly tightened around my finger as I began to slowly finger fuck her. The heat was incredible, mum was very wet and by the moaning she was doing in her sleep, still very horny. Mum moaned and lifted her pussy up as I drove my finger deep into her pussy.

Mum's breasts heaved up and down as I continued to finger fuck her soaked pussy, her moans coming more frequent now.

"Any second now and then get the hell out of here" I thought to myself as I gently massaged her clit with my thumb.

Right on que, mum let out a loud mournful sign as she slowly tossed her head from side to side as I felt her juices explode inside her pussy.

I slowly pulled my fingers from her pussy and walked out slowly, closing the door to mum and dads room and went back to my own, only stopping when I thought I heard Claires door close.

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