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True love finds a way if you help it along

I kissed them for a moment, because I wanted to feel the softness on my lips, and then I let go of them.

"Mary, my boner is getting worse! Give me your feet, baby, please."

"I know. I think I can make you feel better by moistening it with my feet."

Mary quickly moved her soft, sweaty feet to my dick and softly wrapped the head between her sweaty, moist, soft and slippery arches. Mary softly slid her arches around my cockhead and I could feel how her feet were moistening it.

"Is it feeling any better?"

I nodded as she slid her feet over the rest of my dick...the feeling was amazing! Her soft, sweaty skin moistened my dick and the pain began to fade as I started to enjoy myself more. I looked at Mary for a moment and saw how focused she was on pleasing me. I loved the beautiful look on her face! I don't think she realized I was looking at her. Then I turned my eyes back to her sexy feet.

Mary continued with her loving footjob, my cockhead started to leak precum and she spotted it. She placed her left foot at the base of my dick, moved her right foot to my cockhead, curled her toes over the top of it and played with it. I felt her spreading my precum all over it and under her toes as she giggled.

"It's getting so slimy and sticky! I love feeling it on my toes and feet. Make some more for me!"

I couldn't believe what I heard.

"Yes, princess. As much as you want. Keep giving me those soft, sweaty, beautiful feet."

She nodded with a smile.

"Why would I stop? I already told you I wanted this, too. I love feeling your dick between my turns me on!"

She continued curling and uncurling her toes over my cockhead as it continued to leak precum, which she totally enjoyed as she played with it for a few minutes.

"I want to change position, Rick. Spread your legs!"

I didn't really care as long as she'd continued giving me her feet. She sat in front of me, lifted her feet, again, and moved them to my cock. The sight of her feet was driving me crazy! I took her right foot by the ankle, pulled it to my face and kissed the sole over and over. I licked her arch a few times and heard her moan, softly.

"Do you like when I lick your arches and kiss your feet?"

"The first time, it tickled, but this time is different. I love how it feels."

I released her foot and she moved it back to my cock, then I took her left foot to do the same. I started to kiss and lick the sole then I sucked her toes into my mouth, one by one, and licked and sucked on them. I could see her getting more excited and she moved her right hand and placed it inside of her panties and started to rub herself.

"Mary, haven't you ever had a guy pay attention to your feet?"

"No, not really."

"How come? Your feet are so beautiful, I can't believe anyone wouldn't pay attention to them!"

"Well, when I was in high school, some of the girls would tell me I had pretty feet, but I don't remember any of the guys saying anything. Although, I do remember looking around and catching random guys looking at my feet. As soon as they realized I was aware, they'd turn the other way. I guess they felt embarrassed."

"Yeah, I can understand that. A guy doesn't usually tell a girl she has pretty feet unless he's known her for a long time and knows she's not going to call him freak or something like that."
"So, is that why you never said anything?"

"It isn't the same. I trust you, but I used to see you as unreachable. You're older than me and you're my uncle's wife...if the latter weren't true, I would've probably, at some point, told you I liked your feet."

I'd like to clarify something. Mary is only nine years older than I am so we looked like any other young couple. At that point, I was twenty and she was twenty-nine, but she had such good genes, she doesn't look twenty-nine...she looks more like twenty-two or twenty-three.

"Oh, so for that reason, you were afraid of saying anything to me? Poor baby, I would've totally understood."

"I know that, now, but I didn't know it back then."

I licked her arch one more time and then

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