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Owner gives new uniforms to workers.

Harry thought Sierra was bright person, so interesting and lovable, at least to him, but with tough edges making her a toughie who'd slap him if she thought that was necessary or simply lost her cool; he was sure of that.

She was a wild one but she also had soft edges and clearly had become attracted to him. He should seize the opportunity to have her.

Harry scratched his head in torment, wondering could he handle living with her.

He called Eric, asking him to take over for a while, that he was going out. Harry couldn't recall ever walking out like this since he'd been promoted into his first position of responsibility.

Harry greeted Margo who was pleased to have been asked out for coffee by a personable young man she fancied as her son-in-law but an hour later they parted, Harry was frustrated that she had contributed little during their chat. Margo really needed a rev up.

Well there was one other person to consult.

He phoned Duncan who said he was at the Old Immigration Wharf Restaurant with someone called Fishhead.

Harry wondered if that might be Peter Fish - it sounded a likely nickname for Peter.

The three of them sat in the shade outside the restaurant, listening to seawater slapping against piles below and eyeing the yachts and other small craft.

Early in the conversation Harry learned that a new and quite deep relationship had opened between Peter and Sierra and so at the appropriate moment, having filled their glasses with light alcohol wine, Harry said, "Right guys, what am I going to do about Sierra?"
Duncan's eyes hooded and he looked a little alarmed, whereas Peter's snapped into focus: he was in professional mode.

"I guess you mean personally or are you so insanely jealous of her success that you want her shifted out of editorial?"

"The former."

"I thought as much."

"I didn't," said Duncan now smiling. "That makes me very relieved."

"It easy to handle young man," Fishhead soothed. "Two minutes flat and we'll be back discussing wines, gambling, women and fine dining. I detect your problem with her is emotional. You need to switch out of that and analyze your current relationship and any thoughts you have about a future relationship with her as if dealing with a business issue.

Determine whether she would be an asset to possess, how much it would cost in terms of upkeep and in this instance personal pain. Think about the relationship from her viewpoint, and then crunch out your decision, not forgetting to figure out what she would bring to you if making such an acquisition."

"Brilliantly presented Fishhead, although I'm not too keen about having my daughter regarded as a tradable commodity, but it should enlighten this young man."

"Thanks guys," Harry managed, wondering how Sierra would have reacted had she overheard this conversation. "She's such a difficult critter to handle; I agree I must take unconventional steps. Look I must return to work, check that everything is going well and then retreat to a dark corner and contemplate my navel."

The two older men waved him off, pleased to have successfully offered fatherly advice.

"He'll be a great son-in-law," Duncan smiled.

"Agreed, and has the ability to rein her in, which is what she needs," Fishhead smiled. "Do you think they will tie the knot?"

"Who knows? But they'll have sex if they are not already into it. What's your opinion?"

"He hasn't managed to nail her yet, because if he'd had he'd be hanging around her like a puppy," Fishhead said, rubbing his chin and waving away the waitress who wanted to bring another bottle. "And marriage - if I were you I'd order your new suit now to avoid a last-minute rush."

"Really? Do you think the wedding will be this year?


Duncan licked his lips. "How much are you prepared to wager on that prediction?"

Back at the office, Harry told the weekend PA he didn't want to see anyone or take any calls for the next two hours and shut his office door.

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