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The most unlikely of pairings.

.. each of us imagined in our pre-pubescent innocence that sometime he would show up in the night to scoop us up and away from our drab little teenage lives to hold hands and kiss in every room of his lavish home. So, one day, we decided to at least find out who lived in that house.

We all knew how to sail well having taken lessons at camp since we were ten, so one morning before the rest of the camp woke, the four of us set out in a medium sized catamaran for the other side of the lake. It was a good distance away; we had been over to that side of the lake before, but on sturdier crafts, and always with supervision. Now we were alone, and with every breeze second guessing our intentions. Once we crossed the threshold from the lake proper, sailing into and passed Hell's Gates, I got an eerie feeling and begged that we come about and go back, but my friends were instant.

"Nicole we have come this far! Look we can see the house from here! We can't turn back now!"

Jenny had always been the brave one of our group. Following her lead, we sailed on ... the wind had been strong all morning, but the closer we came to our intended destination the weaker our breeze became. Soon, we were so close to the boat house we could drift right in with little to no wind, but all of the sudden a huge gust kicked up driving us forward much too fast. Before I knew it and could do anything about it we collided with a beautiful Beneteau sail boat docked at the boat house, the name Nicolette II was scrawled in an interesting hand along the side and at the back of the boat.

Before I could process my name being on that boat three sets of mystified but jealous eyes were on me. I shrugged it off as coincidence, but before I could speak an angry old man came storming down a rickety stair case from the house. "What the hell do you think you are doing? Trespassing I tell you ... that's what ... trespassing!" The bald little man was livid! We were not expecting him to be the one who owned the beautiful home; all of our fantasies were dashed as he spat obscenities at us through an almost completely toothless mouth. He waved his fists at us while he swore the lake police would be after us within minutes for defacing private property. We tried desperately to get underway again, but the wind had gone. We were stuck in irons, facing the entirely wrong direction, and every small wave under our boat caused our boom to scratch into the paint of the Nicolette II.

I wanted to cry. We were all terrified. It was not until I saw a young man standing at the top of the staircase looking down right at me that for some reason, I calmed a little. Slowly he descended the stairs to the boat house.\

"Throw me a rope ... I will tie you off here until the wind picks up again ..."

Jenny threw him our tie and as he worked he stole several glances at me. Everyone was stunned at what seemed to be taking place. The little man was angry because the young one was not freaking out along with him. And my friends saw the young man's interest in me right away, fueling their jealous gazes between us. We sat on our boat once he finished tying us off.

The young man walked over to the Nicolette II and studied the scratches. He seemed to be mesmerized by them and soon we all started squirming under his scrutiny of the damages to his once pristine craft.

"Um ... Sir, we are really sorry about that! A big gust came up, and we had no time to come about ..."

He raised one hand to silence Jenny as she spoke, then Kerrianne began rambling.

"Mister, our parents can pay to have it repainted ... really."

"He looked at her eliciting her silence. Then his gaze fell to me.

"All will be forgiven if you and your friends will join me for breakfast."

"Um, really, I don't think ..."

Before I could finish my sentence the other girls had climbed off our boat onto his dock.

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