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Marital affair - sex with a stranger.

"Leave your heels on. I like them."

Lori nodded in compliance as she hung her dress over the back of a chair carefully hoping he would have some mercy and change his mind. She stood still in her red lacy bra and panties. He was not going to change his mind. His eyes were locked on her body as he started taking his own clothes off. She couldn't help but look because he was physically impressive. He was ripped, she had never been with anyone as muscular but it was when his underwear dropped that she realized he wasn't joking about the nine inches.

"You like my big cock don't you? You're practically drooling over it. I didn't have you pegged as a cock hungry slut."

Lori was repulsed by how he was speaking to her. Comparing her to some sort of animal in heat. She crossed her arms over her chest defiantly and waited for his next instruction. The man smirked and rolled his eyes. He stepped forward and snatched her by her hair making her squeal out.

"Show me what that pretty mouth can do other than spew sob stories and drink like a lush."

He pushed her down onto her knees in front of him and with his free hand put his hard cock to her lips. Lori didn't struggle as the tip rubbed against her but instead she reached for his shaft. There was no other choice so best to get it over with as quick as possible. As she felt it she was sure it was the largest and even the hardest cock she had ever touched and seen. She looked up into his dark brown eyes with her bright blue eyes, there was nothing there but lust. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the bulbous head. He tasted very different from her ex-husband, much better. She slowly sucked as her fingers squeezed the long shaft.

"Shit, I knew you would be good."

A part of her was enjoying how lewd he was and the crazy situation she was in. She bobbed up and down on his cock trying to take as much of him into her throat as possible. She never acted this way for her ex-husband. She moaned softly as he reached down and roughly groped at her breasts through her bra.

"Give me that pussy." He ordered and pulled her up onto her feet.

Lori stumbled as he shoved her onto the queen sized bed. He climbed between her legs and looked down at her as she lay there still. He unhooked her bra from the front and tossed it casually to the floor giving him his first look at her naked full breasts. She saw him smile and was disappointed in herself, he noticed how hard her nipples had gotten. Next he gripped her delicate panties and yanked hard tearing them away from her body easily. Lori gasped feeling his aggression building. He leaned down closer putting his full weight on top of her. His skin felt hot. He put his mouth on her breast and sucked at it hungrily. She struggled to stifle the pleasure she was feeling but a groan escaped as his fat tongue licked all over from one breast to the other. Without meaning to she lifted her hips upward and felt his cock press against her opening which sent shivers throughout her body.

"Time for you pay for my car." He whispered while forcing his dick between her lips.

Lori reacted instinctively and arched her back pushing her breasts up at him. He thought she was extremely sexy in how she reacted. He braced himself and thrust hard burying himself deep inside her. Her eyes flew open wide as she tried to catch her breath, she had never felt anything like that before. He smiled knowing she wanted more. He pumped a few times stopping to grind inside her and push against her g-spot. Lori loved how he filled her. She spread her legs wider encouraging him to take her. He took her cue and began fucking her. It was like a jackhammer between her legs, her tight pussy pounded relentlessly. She was crying out loudly and moaning deeply which made him want to dominate her body more.

"Tell me how much you love my black cock." He ordered her while staring deeply into her eyes.

"I love it, I do. It feels so good in me. Please don't stop!"

She was perfect.

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