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Frustrated wife tries to spice up marriage.

I started to arch my back up, pushing deep into her throat. She pushed in to meet me, taking me all the way into her throat and lightly squeezing my balls as cum erupted from me violently, my daughter humming along as my hot sperm shot deep into her mouth and down her throat.

After I quit shooting, Kim slowly withdrew her lips from my cock and climbed up to lie next to me on the bed. "You call me Penny, but I'm gonna keep calling you Daddy, because she sometimes liked to call you that, too. Especially that one letter where she wanted you to spank her and punish her in her school uniform." Her eyes sparkled as she whispered, "That story was SO hot. I bet you'll like that even more with your real daughter. I'll wear the uniform for you, Daddy. I'll do everything Penny wrote about and much more". She smiled at me. "Now, get your ass out bed Daddy and stand right over there". I looked at her funny. "Go on, get!"

I climbed out of bed; so dizzy I could barely stand. "You look good, Daddy, good enough to eat. Oh, I did that already!" she giggled again. "How about me, do I look good enough to eat?" She caressed her thighs and rubbed her pussy, spreading her legs wider as she stared at me. I started towards her at what I thought was her invitation. "Not yet Daddy, stay THERE until I tell you. Look, but don't touch! Penny said masturbating in front of you would get us both much hotter, and boy do I need to cum again."

She began to fondle herself with several long strokes that started above her breasts and moved slowly down her front and sides to her hips and pussy and back up again. She closed her eyes for a few moments and brought her hands across her nipples slowly, shuddering. Her hands again worked down across her beautiful flat stomach and started making swirling circles above each hip as she moved her spinning fingertips towards her sex. She took the fingertips of one hand and started stroking her clit, while she stuck two fingers deep inside herself with her other hand, pumping her pussy, raggedly breathing in rhythm. She opened her eyes and stared at me as she started rocking her hips to match her hands.

"Am I as pretty as a Penny?" she asked smiling. "You like to watch, don't you Daddy? You can touch yourself now if you want, but don't touch me until I tell you!" I did just as she suggested and started stroking my cock. I couldn't believe she was getting me hard again. I thought about all we had just finished doing and finally took a long look at my daughter's naked body. She was glistening with sweat and love making juices, her nipples sticking out as she reached up with one hand and pinched and pulled on her breasts. Her other hand was rubbing her clit and fingering her hole at the same time and I saw her bush was trimmed very neat and narrow. She started panting and really getting into touching herself more seriously, bringing her knees up and spreading her legs even wider apart, pushing her hips up and down to meet her fingers as she started moaning in rhythm to her movements. She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

"Penny, you look so gorgeous, and definitely good enough to eat," I whispered, remembering our deal. "Take the panties off the pillow and see for yourself how sweet you taste," She smiled at me with glazed eyes, took her hand off her breasts and grabbed the juicy wadded yellow cotton that used to be her panties and rubbed them on her face. She put them to her nose and inhaled deeply and then licked them a few times before she dropped them to again concentrate on masturbating her sex with both hands. She looked like she was getting close.

Kim took one hand up from her pussy and licked her palm and sucked her fingers and then went back to playing with herself. "I am sweet and juicy, aren't I Daddy?" She looked over at my glass of brandy by the bed and picked it up. "Maybe I'm delicious enough to drink." She slowly poured the brandy on her belly, the dark liquid pooling on her flat tummy. "I know Penny did this with wine, but brandy will have to do for now."

She was

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