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Sam gives herself a wedgie.

Besides, the administrator likes to smoke weed, too, and the examiner's a buddy of his. So Mandy always gets enough warning to detox before her screenings."

Harry snickered around his breakfast, and stopped when he saw his wife giving him a dirty look. "This is really, really great, honey," he said to his wife.

"You're welcome, dear. Just remember, my folks are comin' by tonight, so don't get so drunk while you're out fishing you can't function."

"Yes, dear. I don't drink that much with Dad and Bobby."

Julie went around the corner and then stuck her head back around. "No, you usually don't, but there's always a first time."

"Spoilsport," Bob whispered. "Guess you're the designated driver." Harry punched him hard on the arm, and Bob was going to retaliate until he saw my look. I swear, those boys will never really grow up. They went back to eating and stayed sullen until we'd pulled out of the driveway and were on our way to our fishing hole.

It was a glorious day, and we loaded up the boat at first light with our gear, our beer and sandwiches Julie made to spend a day on the water. After a short cruise, we dropped anchor and got our lines in the water. The fish were biting as day broke around us and in a half hour, we'd caught our limit. The sun rose over the horizon, and we settled back with Bob's iSomething or other to listen to some good music while we enjoyed our refreshments.

The lake was pretty empty, and the boys got to speculative topics after a couple of beers. "How much action do ya think Jenny got in High School?" Bob asked.

"None, if Dad had anything to do with it," Harry replied. I nodded and Harry smiled with me. "She was pretty picky anyway. Liked to look nice and be nice and use her looks to get what she wanted, but never made much of a promise and kept all of 'em boys at arm's length."

Bob popped open his third beer and said: "I used to dream 'bout her all the time. My God what a body." He gave me a worried look and added quickly: "Ya aren't gonna whup me for that, are ya Dad?"

"No, son. Statute of limitations, and besides, I can threaten to tell your wife Wendy if you piss me off."

He gulped, took a sip, relaxed and settled back again. "Damn, she had such a killer body. Used to beat off thinkin' about her tits. All that blonde hair and those tits. Her butt was pretty good, too, used to help her wash the cars just to get a look at it."

"You weren't the only one," Harry cut in. "When she got all wet it was like she didn't have any clothes on. You weren't the only one thinkin' 'bout her. Course, Dad woulda whipped our asses if he knew."

I took a sip of my beer and laughed. "I think Jenny would have whipped them harder than me. She could still take both of you when she left home. Coulda whipped both of your asses at the same time." I snickered, and we spent the rest of the day talking about politics and religion. When we got back to Harry's house, I played Grandad to a seven and three year old, which is the best.

Dinnertime found me at home, and my dear one was waiting for me with grilled steak and baked potatoes. JoAnn wore a blue tube top and white shorts, her nipples almost poked holes in the fabric of her top, and I could see her pussy lips through the material of her shorts. Life couldn't be better.

Baseball was on the agenda that evening, and I was in my favorite place: sprawled naked on the rug in front of the TV, my package comfy in the indentation, a cold beer at hand. We jumped out to a lead, and JoAnn sat behind me on the sofa, knitting for the new grandchildren.

About 9:00, I felt something open up underneath me. The air was cool, and I was touched with a slick hand. "Something happening, dear?" JoAnn asked from behind me.

"I think so."

"That's nice, dear. Go with the feelings." The needles clicked, and kept up their work.

A hot draft touched my cock, then a slick hand.

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