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Todd and Marty have a one night stand.

Standing gives me many more opportunities to rub up against the guys, and for them to rub against me. During the game I lean forward a little on the bar, my stool in the way so my ass is pushed out quite nicely, short skirt riding dangerously high. During breaks in the game I turn back to the crowd, slipping my butt onto the stool and letting my legs spread a little, my breasts and thighs enjoyed especially by Mike.

For a soccer game there seems to be a lot of exciting moments and I am being hugged every couple of minutes. I am using different techniques on different men, Mike and Rob I put my arms around their necks, giving my body to them. Rob is cupping my ass and slipping over my breasts, making sure the others notice. Mike is pulling me tight now but his hands are still only on the small of my back. Both of them are hard. The others I have been looping my fingers through their belt loops and pulling them tight to my hips as I give them a quick peck on the lips or cheek. I can feel heat radiating from all of them.

We are between halves now so I am sitting on the stool, facing the guys, shoulders back at times so they can see how my hard and thick nipples are almost penetrating the thin material of my sweater, other times leaning forward and rolling my shoulders to increase the depth of my cleavage. My skirt is short and my legs are constantly moving back and forth, not very close together, I can feel their eyes on my smooth bare flesh. As the game starts up again I notice Mike's eyes on my legs so I make sure to push myself off the stool, my skirt becoming nothing more than a belt for a moment, my legs parted just enough for him to enjoy my sexy slit and slightly moist labia. I give him a coy smile as I turn and bend to the bar, knowing his eyes are lusting over my ass.

More goals, more hugs and kisses, Rob rubbing his hands from my butt to my boobs, Mike not quite as forward but he is starting to stand tight up against my bottom and I can feel his thickened cock pressing between my ass cheeks. Next goal I high five and let the guys hug, my hands are down by my sides, rubbing along the bulging packages in form fitting jeans. This is how cock teasing should be.

The game is tied, going to a shootout and the place is going wild. As I am turned towards the bar I look down it's length and see Rob, he is smiling at me and giving me a covert thumbs up. I smile back at him then let him watch as my fingers drop to my sweater and pop one more button, my aureole now showing, my nipples are poking so hard into the material it can't slide over them. I can feel Mike behind me, I stand more upright and press my ass to his thighs, turning my head to smile at him, coaxing him to put his arms around me. As he holds me closer his head moves over my shoulder and I hear him gasp as he sees the light pink half circles exposed to his view now. I sensuously shimmy my hips and feel his manhood twitch involuntarily against me, smiling back again and whispering coyly.

"Aren't you excited Mike?" leaving my meaning hanging for a minute, watching him flush until I let him off the hook. "Penalty kick final." I whisper.

I place my hands on his and pull them tighter around me, then slowly turn them so he is cupping the bottoms of my breasts. His cock twitches, of course, and I give him a little sigh of encouragement as I lightly grind my soft ass cheeks on his hardness. We are facing the TVs but we are lost in the moment until the tie breaker is scored and the bar goes wild. I turn and embrace Mike, then let my hands drop to his ass for a moment, then to the side as he pulls my bottom close to him, as his cock presses intro my groin my hands are slipping along other conspicuous bulges as we are group hugged by the others. I try and make it to each separately but it is a bit of a madhouse, suffice to say I made contact with almost a dozen denim covered dicks, the last of course was Robs.

Rob is hard and very excited, he has had a front page vie

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