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A Genie will take Lenny down a path he didn't exactly intend.

Of course, in my opinion, the project was simply time filler since any flunky in the office could have crunched the numbers. It was just one other reason I was becoming disenamoured with the job.

I removed my shoes at the back door and proceeded down the darkened hallway to my office. However, I had only just started when I noticed the sliver of light from below the almost closed door to the den/office. I crept nearer to investigate since I never leave either the light on or the door ajar. There are too many important papers strewn about and since the baby is just starting her initial steps and loves to explore, Julie and I agreed that the door should remain closed.

I drew close enough to the door to hear the sounds on moaning and slurred words coming from within. Unsure of what I might find, I slowly pushed on the door until I could see around it. Seated at my reclining leather desk chair - with her back to me - I could see the auburn tresses of my sweet Julie waving back and forth along the seat back. Her head was thrown back over the chair and I could just make out the fact that her eyes were closed shut and her mouth was hanging open. Suddenly the chair swivelled half way towards me and I almost fell back from the shock of the sight that greeted me.

Julie was sprawled in the chair and was completely naked. Her legs were draped over the arms of the chair and her one hand was pulling wildly on her nipples. They were the hardest and reddest I had ever seen in our relatively short time together. One of her hands left the comfort of her breast and slid slowly downwards along the course leading from the exotic valley between her breasts towards the brightly shining pussy that awaited her ministrations. As soon as her hand cupped her mons, I heard the hiss as she drew her breath in sharply; she had been delaying this warm touch as long as possible to make the sensations all that sweeter.

I was blown away by the sight of my wife as she masturbated in sight of me without knowing I was a willing voyeur. As I stood rooted to the spot, I watched her fingers curl inwards until the obviously touched her g-spot since her keening mews of unbridled pleasure filled the small room. Her arousal sent the sweet aroma wafting across the room to my waiting nostrils and, as I inhaled deeply, my cock strained against the tight slacks I was wearing.

Completely in her control, I started to disrobe at the open door; becoming impatient, I ripped away the constricting buttons and tore off my slacks and briefs. My cock sprang to immediate attention and pointed me quietly to the love seat in front of the desk where my darling wife remained so into her experience. I had to touch my throbbing cock for fear that I didn't, it might explode and spoil the illusion.

As I slowly stroked my cock - I was sprawled out on the love seat facing her - Julie's eyes opened just a slit and through the hooded lids, I could see her blue eyes crinkle in gladness. She wanted me to be here and to see her! Not being one to disappoint, I lifted my legs a little higher to show how my full balls moved with the stroking of the shaft above them. Now her lips were curled into a smile which best be described as one of love and lust as her fingers churned in and out of her sweet wet pussy. I could hear the slap of her hand as it bottomed out each time and her moans as she drove them in.

My own arousal surged over and over again like it wanted - no needed! - release and I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer. I stood up shakily and reached for the chair and drew it - and its precious cargo - over to touch the edge of the loveseat. I then returned to my position immediately in front of her and, gripping her ankles, pulled her even closer. At that point her legs were resting over mine and my feet were tucked behind her back, thus holding her captive.

We were by now gazing directly into each other's eyes as we re-newed with vigour our self-pleasuring.

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