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A game of strip mini golf leads to public nudity and sex.

The first bed was empty, as apparently its user just recently been discharged. The one by the window, 2202, was still occupied by a woman 38 years old and rather bedraggled looking. A quick search of her mind revealed that she was married, had 3 kids, and had just had surgery to remove a growth on her liver. She was in some pain even though she had a self-controlled injector for a pain killer.

When I nodded, she pushed down her sheet and pulled her gown up above her breasts, revealing a nice large pair of breasts, a belly with a little extra meat, and a nice little brown bush above two shapely legs. She was sporting a modest sized bandage where a small incision had been made for the operation. I leaned over and captured both of her jugs, rolling her flaccid nipples between my thumbs and forefingers until they became hard and rubbery, watching her face go from a frown reflecting her pain to a smile showing only pleasure.

Pinching her nips lightly, I pulled them away from her body and said "Eureka!" Her face displayed shock first, then lust, and finally satisfaction. I began to knead her boobs and her right hand dropped between my legs and her open hand grabbed a handful of my balls, giving them a careful massage. I gave her a second, third and fourth climax while she worked that hand over my nuts and up my shaft. I suppose it could be considered a "mercy fuck" but I loved the feeling that we were both getting pleasure where she had been feeling pain.

I leaned over and whispered that she was a really sexy woman as my right hand traveled down her body, finally finding her crease. I sank my middle finger into the squishy opening as the pad of my thumb found her clit. The woman was soon moaning her pleasure through orgasm after orgasm while she tried to milk my now-exposed cock. By the time she had cum a dozen times as I repeated the trigger word, she had directed the streams of my milky white cum over her body and the hospital bed and she lay totally exhausted and feeling good. I pulled her gown down and the sheet up and bent over to kiss her.

Moving on to the next room, I found 2203 occupied by a wizened old lady whose face brightened considerably when she saw me. No doubt she didn't have many visitors. At a nod she pulled her gown up and I massaged her withered tits until she had cum three times and then I slid my hand down to her cunt. Seven more times she climaxed before I covered her up. She was already asleep with a smile on her face as I walked around to 2204.

The bed was occupied by a younger woman, just 23 years old and nearing discharge after having her tonsils removed. At my nod, she bared her body and I couldn't help but lick my lips in anticipation. I grasped her firm knockers and began to work them. Quickly I brought her to five cums; her hand found my crotch after the first. I moved my left hand down her smooth body and into her slit, where my middle finger found her wet opening and my thumb teased her clit, but after only two more orgasms, I said "Eufalla" and shifted my middle finger into her open anus and she continued to climax. A pretty nurse came in to check on her and stood across the bed fascinated by our actions. Finally after cumming almost constantly for several minutes, the woman was exhausted and I let her curl into a ball of satisfied flesh.

I went to the sink to wash up and returned to find the nurse still in the same position.

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