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Professor becomes the property of coed's master.

"Do you remember Ruth, the tall dark haired one with the massive tits?"


"I did her, she begged me to fuck her after Terry had been licking her out. Terry is really good at licking out"

"What about the coloured girl, Trishia?" Andrea asked.

"Oh yes, she's the one that liked ATM, my cock from Terry's arse to her mouth, a real naughty one that one"

"Who was the best?"

"Besides Terry?"

Terry butted in, "That has to be Charlotte, God she was a real dirty cow"

"Insatiable too," I added, "I suppose she caught me at my best, she would keep both of us at it all night, I don't think I could keep up now, do you know what she is doing now?"

"Last time I heard she was working in the city."

Terry, jumped in again "She had the widest arsehole I have ever seen, she could cram two of anything up there, cocks, bananas, cucumbers, anything"

"Did you see her do that?" Andrea asked in amazement.

"Oh yes", we both nodded

"Did any refuse?"

"Oh yes, the ginger girl, Eve, she wouldn't go in for a threesome."

Terry smiled wryly and said quietly, "But she did go in for me once or twice."

"It's time for Terry's truth or dare - do you find me attractive?" Andrea asked looking straight into her eyes.

"Nice tits and a tidy arse," Terry responded looking Andrea up and down, "nice smell," breathing on to the back of Andrea's neck, "but a worrying tongue aversion, I wouldn't get a good licking."

"How did you get all of your room mates into bed?" Andrea pushed further.

Terry, with a sexy grin and looked over at me and said "Later"

"I like to watch. Derek has a bigger than average cock, not in length but girth.

I love to watch a girlfriend struggle to get her jaws around his cock and to see her tight hole stretched over and around his thick prick. Hardcore wasn't easy to get a hold of back then, we had no telly and to make our own entertainment, I have largely grown out of it since then, the kids came along and we haven't really done a threesome since we got hitched." She said, wistfully.

Terry continued, "There has been too much truth and not enough daring," stirring Andreas competitiveness further.

Andrea said, "I know another game"

She gathered the two dice from the drawer under the television.

"The game is quite simple," she instructed, "it is called odd and even. It is based on a game that one of the footie team girls played, although she did it with two guys. I have been thinking about how it could be adapted. It starts with us two girls taking it in turns to throw the first dice"

"You are even and the other girl is odd. If you throw an even number it happens to you and if you throw an odd one it happens to the other girl"

"What happens?"

"It's all about where you would receive an object of pleasure. If it is a 2 it happens to your mouth, a 4 to your tits and a 6 to your cunt. Even numbers"

"If it is a 1, 3 or 5 it happens to the other girl, although it could be in different places."

Terry, "Can I choose where I want it?"

Andrea, "Oh yes"

"What each time? Can we mix and match?"

Andrea continued, "I can't see why not, we'll have to see how it goes, perhaps we could leave it up to the other person or even Derek. But you must say it before the dice is thrown - OK?"


"OK, Terry, 2 mouth, 4 cunt, 6 arse. Me 1 tits, 3 cunt, 5 arse. Derek you throw the other dice"

Even numbers are for the actions, 2 mouth, 4 fingers, 6 prick.

"What about the odds?"

"The odd girl, the one who isn't getting anything does them, 1 mouth, 3 fingers, 5 toy instead of prick"

Terry, "I don't get it"

"If I am throwing it is my turn I get the evens Terry gets the odd numbers. Throwing a 3 that means Terry is due to get something in her cunt. If you then throw a 3 on your dice that means I have to finger her."

"Oh, I get it." Terry said nodding her head with one big lunge.

"Let's have a test - Terry you throw."

"Go 5 or 6!" I called out in excitement,but not really knowing why.

"A 3, odd, you are even so that means I would get it in the cunt. Now Derek you throw" Andrea stated.

A 2, even, mouth, that means he goes down

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