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What happens when a slave grasps control?

He pulled and stroked her toes, and her hair lifted on her head as his touch shivered through her body, cell by cell. Working up the heel and ankle, he then moved up her calf, building the delicious mental and physical anticipation in her, waiting for the spot that was waiting for his touch, all the while he was taking his time.

Then at last, he massaged her thigh and moved up to her buttocks, all unconsciously, as if he were hardly aware that his hands were so close to her vulnerable sex, or making her melt with the promise of release......

"Turn over," Ryan commanded softly.

He started with her face, gently stroking across her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and then more firmly, his thumb rubbed oil into her lips. Even her ears received his attention. He moved down to her neck making the lightest strokes over her throat. When he arrived at her chest, he lifted the halter top of her bikini and tossed aside, and Renee's breasts shivered in anticipation. Ryan continued to fit his hands below her breasts and stroked the nipples gently with his thumbs. She was electrified by the sensation and simultaneously felt him take a nipple into his mouth. She felt as if a shot of electricity had gone through her whole body. He then transferred his attention to the other nipple until she was stifling moans.

He worked his way down her body, stroking her abdomen and again retreated to her feet, working his way slowly up past ankles, calves, knees and thighs.

He pushed her thighs apart and now his fingers pulled aside the thin Lycra fabric that kept her from him, and she felt a breeze brush that part of her, and knew that she was now almost naked to him. His thumb touched the soft, slippery spot that was waiting for his touch, and now, nothing impeded the sensations that streamed through her from head to toe. Her body leapt as the tension built higher and higher, desire and delight like two perfectly matched horses taking her to her destination.

"Thank you," she cried out as she arrived and the honey of pleasure flowed through her under his touch. His thumb stroked and caressed her until her trembling had subsided.

She then felt his hands at the edge of her bikini, felt him pull it down her legs, and then she was totally naked. The next thing she felt was the heat of his mouth, her own body's sharp reaction as her pleasure climbed to another level.

His tongue was merciless. It stroked with tiny, rasping vibrations that drove her crazy like she had only ever felt with him. She thought that she would explode and die before release came, although he didn't speed his tormenting pace, or increase the pressure that would have ensured her immediate sweet release. Everything in her seemed to stop, as if she were listening for a distant sound. At last she heard it, felt these sensations building to a peak, and the cries that came were from her own throat. Her mind floated away on the wings of pleasure to a perfect peace.

"Hello," he said. "Nice nap."

She felt shy as she had been the greedy recipient of all that pleasure, but had given him none.

"How long did I sleep?"

"Lunch is nearly ready," Ryan responded. "If you want to take a quick swim to cool off, now's your chance."

She dropped off the shirt that Ryan had draped over her while she was sleeping and approached the ocean. It was heaven and she felt at one with the universe. It wasn't just the pleasure he had given her. It was the joy of loving him. They had made it through 12 wonderful months of living and loving and this was the 1st year anniversary of their new life. Ryan had turned out to be the one man in her life who could hold her forever.

After a wonderful meal and another nap on the sand, they decided to pack up and move up to the patio where the sun was filtered and they would be a lot more private.

After Ryan had cleaned up all the utensils, not allowing Renee to lift a finger, he turned on the stereo and asked her for a dance.

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