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Frustrated sexy librarian meets her perfect lover.

My cock springs out and a moan escapes her lips. Her hand finds my cock and her lips find my cockhead. I watch as every in of it disappears into her mouth taking it down her throat.

As she sucks me I manage to remove my pants, leaving me totally naked on the couch. After several minutes, Riley stands and removes her shorts. I put my hands on her ass and pull her to me so that her pussy meets my mouth and I start to lick her beautiful pussy. I feel her body shake and get a little weak and then her orgasm explodes. She literally drops right down onto my cock, her pussy is so wet and my cock slides all the way in without a problem.

We start off nice and slow, building up as we get more and more into it. Her pussy is so wet that it glides on my cock with ease. Riley wraps her arms around my neck as she grinds her clit to my pelvic bone causing yet another orgasm to wash over her.

She gets ups and turns around and then settles back down onto my cock and leans back against me. I bring my hands around to grab her breasts and play with her nipples. Leaving one hand on her breasts, the other travels to her clit. I play with her clit, rubbing circles on it and driving her wild.

I begin to feel the cum boiling in my balls so I push her forward and down onto her hands and knees on the floor. My cock never leaves her pussy and I start to pound her pussy as soon as we hit the floor. I grab her hair and plow my cock in her one last time, deep inside her and unload my hot cum deep into her pussy. Thick streams of cum shoot into her and when I am finished I kiss Riley on her back as my cock slips out. Pussy juice and cum drip from her pussy onto the floor shortly after. I sit back on the couch as Riley sinks down on the floor.

"Hey Justin," my sister says as she enters the living room with Miranda in tow. Both girls are naked and as lovely as ever. "Do you think Miranda and I can join the fun?"

"You just missed the excitement," I tell her.

Sophia laughs and says, "No we didn't. We watched the whole thing. Our pussies are so wet and we want your cock too."

I laugh with her. "You get me hard again and we can have some more fun."

Sophia whispers in Miranda's ear and I watch as Miranda goes over to Riley and kisses her full on the lips and at the same time, Sophia gets on her knees in front of me and starts to suck Riley's juices from my cock. As my sister works my cock, Miranda had Riley laying on the floor, licking the cum from her pussy. I am hard in seconds.

I pull Sophia up onto the couch and onto my lap. She guides my cock to her wet and waiting pussy. As she starts riding me, I can see that Miranda and Riley have moved into a sixty-nine position, licking at each other's pussies. Miranda slides a few fingers into Riley, making her squirm under her.

Sophia's pussy is hotter and wetter than Riley's was. I pull Sophia to me as I kiss her deeply and passionately, feeling her breasts against my chest and her skin on mine. I can hear Miranda and Riley start to orgasm and I can feel Sophia's body start to tremble and shake on top of me as she begins to orgasm.

The harder Sophia cums the harder she rides my cock. She is riding my cock so hard that she has me to the brink of cumming, but I have an idea...

I stop Sophia for a moment and have her get up off my cock and turn around with her back to me. Then I have her settle back down on my cock. I look over at Miranda and Riley, "Miranda get over here and lick my cock and Sophia's pussy while I fuck her."

Miranda gets between mine and Sophia's legs and starts licking my cock and my sister's pussy. I feel her hand start to rub on my balls, squeezing them and making it hard for me to hold onto my cum. In the mist of all that is going on, I see Riley slide under Miranda and start to lick her pussy.

With one final push on my cock and a hard kiss, I shoot my cum deep into my sister's pussy just as orgasm grips her.

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