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A mother and her son.

No, no.

Geordie had told me of his cuckold fantasies, and again he'd complained when I enjoyed this too much, going out with many of his pals, several evenings a week.

After one night of enduring Geordie's bitching and moaning, I'd ordered him to get naked and I'd given Geordie forty with my mother's old wicker carpet beater.

I had toyed with my nipples in front of his sobbing face. "I think I'm cutting you off of playing with these 36C's for a while. I don't like whiny, snide little bitches trying to control my movements."

Geordie had burst into fresh tears at the idea he wouldn't be able to kiss and suckle my breasts. I'd locked him in the closet for the rest of the evening, and he'd been quieter when released.

Then, the next time I'd gone out with a handsome but not too bright van driver for our church...

I'd tied Geordie down on the garage floor, naked had been chilly.

Geordie had had to wait while I enjoyed my evening with Buster.

Enjoying a dinner and going to the motel with Buster, and then having his sexy pal Arlen join us...

I'd kept my foolish husband's fate in the back of my mind, and when I'd gotten home around one am I'd found poor Geordie freezing his butt off.

But, after I'd untied him, Geordie merely kissed my feet and asked quietly how my night had gone.

We'd gone inside, and Geordie had licked the combined juices of both my lovers from my quim.

I had graciously allowed him to jerk off into a shot glass, and then of course, down the hatch.

Generally when Geordie was civil about my nights out, I would reward him after my return by allowing him to unlock himself and jerk off on the dining room floor.

Sometimes I would tie Geordie down and play with his cock for an hour or two...and then jerk him off myself.

Marlene didn't think a lot of this. She liked to have Curry jerk himself on his knees as she watched, opening her kimono so he could occasionally see her breasts or vaj.

Then usually right as he was on the verge of orgasming, Marlene would lock Curry back up again...

Once every six months she'd let Curry jack off as she and one of her boyfriends laughed at him and threw beer cans at his head...

As poor Curry pulled and prodded his wee-wee to a distressed completion.

I understand that Curry may now be getting silicone implants...sad for the Turkey Thicket TV sportscaster, but he can probably wear his suits really loose, right?

After Geordie's good behavior on the whole dating thing became routine, I moved his jerking off to every three nights, and only fucked him once a month.

After this I discovered I really liked screwing the blue-collar boys more.

Geordie, unlike the "oral service" slaves he'd read about, wasn't all that good at munching carpet. So I ceased all sexual activity with him.

Geordie had been somewhat bitter about this decision.

"No more sex at all, Troyce?" he'd whined.

"I can't touch you?"

"You can still give me massages, honey. And I'll kiss you from time to time."

Necking with Geordie often made him so hot and bothered that he could be quite entertaining.

Sitting on his lap, pressing the cock cage into his right thigh, kissing the neck and whispering in his ear, my perfume enveloping him...before sending him to bed, aroused and somewhat insane.

"Remember, honey. You had a faithful wife who blew you every night and pampered you, but you opened Pandora's box here."

And Geordie had just looked at me.

Geordie had been naked and kneeling that night, too.

Geordie's penis had been ready to pop the metal bars of the cage, it was so hard.

Later, I got him a cage with little spikes to help him calm down...

The spiked cage would be hilarious as he'd yelp in pain when looking at his busty secretary!

But Geordie had tried to reason with me.

"Yes, Troyce, I've always fantasized about this, but I still miss the old days.

You're a gorgeous woman, and I love having sex with you."

His voice had broken down after that, and I saw him crying a little bit, but his dick was swelling like no one's business.

Then I'd frowned.

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