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Adventures of a Somali man and his Egyptian gal.

" she said.

"I think Trey is really committed to making this whole thing work, too." Julie said.

"Trey says there will be little competition in the area." Julie commented.

"Oh, Trey said the most interesting thing today ..." I'd hear Julie say.

It was humiliating for me to hear this every single night as she continued talking about this young, black stud with such high regard.

She seemed genuinely fascinated and impressed by him, and she seemed to agree with him on anything and everything he said.

"Trey says this is a great investment opportunity." Julie would say many, many times.

"It would be a good business for me to learn now so maybe I can open my own business in the future. That's what Trey says." Julie often commented.

When I asked my young blonde wife why she didn't want to have her "own" buisness anymore, or open her own workout center for women, she seemed to concede. She had backed off of this idea.

"Oh, I don't know if I could anymore. Trey says it can be really tough if you don't know what you're doing and all." She stated.

"Trey has so much more experience, he knows what he is doing." Julie repeated, on and on.

"I'm thinking that it would be better to invest, then learn more about the business by working in it first. That's what Trey says usually works." my wife added.

"For at least a couple of years he says." Julie would say.

"Do you think we should invest in Trey's workout center, honey?" Julie asked, many times.

I always told her it was a bad idea. I suggested that she should start up her own rather than invest in one and learn the business from the inside.

"No, honey. I-I don't want to invest in someone else's workout center business unless it's yours." I repeated numerous times.

By this time, my blonde wife had stopped commenting on my beaten up looking face from the sparring workouts with Tra'mon.

It seemed normal that my face constantly looked a little beaten up from these workouts, and it was beginning to become even more of a source of embarrassment for me because the young black man was becoming bossier with me, too.

Every other morning at 6, I was consigned to being his sparring partner. Every other morning, I was basically getting beaten up and being made to "clean up" after the workout. I wanted so badly to call it quits, but I waa afraid to mention it to Tra'mon. I grew more nervous to stop being his workout partner and tell him that I needed to stop. The last 6 times that I brought up the subject the workouts were much tougher on me, and he called me a "pussy" each time.

Without notice, and after 5 weeks, the black man changed the workouts to 6 o'clock p.m. rather than 6 in the morning.

I wasn't sure why he did this but I felt this would give me a better excuse to finally get out of it. I would "lie" and tell him that I needed to work at the office later. I prayed this would be a good excuse.

But, this disturbed him even more. He knew that I had never worked that late before and began calling me a "pussy" for trying to quit.

"P-Please, I-I just don't want to fight with you anymore." I whimpered, finally confessing.

The black stud laughed.

"Well, boy. If you don't want that pretty little wife of yours to know what a big pussy ya' are then I suggest you continue for at least a few more weeks." He said.

"At least until I find another sparring partner." He said.

"A f-f-few more weeks?" I cowered.

"Yeah, 6 tomorrow night. Be here. Understood?" He said.

"Well, O-okay. If it's j-just f-for a few more w-weeks then I guess I can do my best. I-I guess that will be okay." I conceded.

When I told Julie about the sparring workouts being changed to 6 o'clock after work, he eyes nearly lit up.

"Oh, wow. Really? That's great. Maybe I can watch you guys practice then, huh?" she shouted.

"No way, Julie. No. You can never watch!" I howled, scared nearly out of my mind.

"Oh, why not" she asked, curiously.

"It's just practice, right?" she asked.

"Well, y-yes. But, it's just not something for women. It's just a guys' thing. Please." I lied.


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