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Dee loves high heels and wins a visit to her favourite shop.

She was a virtual slave.


On a Friday night at the end of the fifth week of their relationship, Kara brought home a strapon dildo and had a wild, agitated look on her face.

Erin didn't want to but she told the police that Mrs. Brandon looked "crazy" and that she was afraid something bad was going to happen.

Meredith had been enjoying being a kept slave. Erin and the fact that Kara was finally interested in watching Meredith have orgasms kept things pleasantly bearable.

But this night even Meredith recognized there was something drastically wrong.

"Please, Kara let me give you a little guidance on using this thing. It will be better for both of us."

"Shut up whore! Do you think I give a fuck about you and what you want? I've seen how they do it in the porn films, bitch!"

"Kara...those films aren't real and those porn stars practice..."

Kara pushed Meredith violently away with enough force that when she hit the wall it stunned her.

The next thing Meredith remembered was screaming as the dildo violated her ass with minimal lubrication. Kara hit her in the eye with a large hairbrush, stunning her again.

What happened between the time Erin called 911 and the police arrived is only known by Kara and Meredith and neither would say.

Maybe they couldn't.

It was sufficient for the police to see Meredith lying unconscious belly down in bed, blood coming from her rectum, her vagina and her nose and lips.

Kara was in a fetal position on the floor in the corner of the room. When the police managed to get her off the floor there was blood on her hands, belly and dildo - all Meredith's.

Two policewomen helped Kara get dressed then they Mirandized her then they cuffed her.

Kara was frantic. Wild. Still, she wasn't physically hurt. They were taking her to Central Booking.

She was screaming, kicking and fighting every inch of the way.

Erin had a neighbor come over to be with the girls who mercifully were sound asleep at the opposite end of the house and missed the ensuing circus.

She went with Meredith to the hospital.

In the ER Meredith was sedated and waiting to go to her room. She was being admitted for a couple of days of observation. She had lost a tooth, had a concussion, a broken nose, a huge black eye and vaginal and rectal tearing.

"Erin..." Meredith could barely talk.

"I'm right here Mer." Erin took her hand.

"Erin, what'd they do with Kara? Where is she?"

"She's at Central Booking. I heard from some paramedics that came in a little bit ago that she went off on the cops and they had to hit her with a baton and pepper spray her to get her subdued."

"My God," Meredith croaked out, "Erin, do you have a cell phone on you?"

"Yeah. Is there somebody you want me to call?"

"Mmmm...just dial the number...913-555-8862."

Erin dialed and handed the phone to Meredith.

"Hey, Mrs. Avery, it's your favorite cunt toy...O

"...Yeah, there's been some's a very long and complicated story...I need a favor or two...right's very important...."


Normally persons in police custody who go berserk get transferred to a state hospital. But after she was booked in she was transferred to a private hospital in the suburbs where she was treated for a slight concussion and skin irritation from pepper spray. Then she was transferred to the locked ward of the psych unit.

Fiona Avery, one of the founders of the sorority network Meredith belonged to and, a long time criminal attorney facilitated the transfer. In a move that would only survive court scrutiny where Fiona had favors owed, she got Kara to sign a revocable power of attorney naming Meredith as Kara's "attorney-in-fact" giving Meredith power to conduct affairs on Kara's behalf.

Meredith knew Kara would be worried about losing her children and her job over the ensuing scandal over her breakdown after having what the paper called a "torrid lesbian affair."

She made it clear to the ex-husband that should he so much as call Kara a bad name in a back room poker game, she would

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