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Steamy lovemaking to celebrate our first Anniversary .

Holding my head still, he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and then slowly withdrew, taking control of me.

I heard lust filled moans and groans from Chris. Although I could not see properly, I knew Yvonne had moved over to Chris, and I glimpsed her kneeling between his legs, obviously sucking his cock. I caught the slightest peep of Chris flail forward and then slump back in his chair, wailing in orgasm as he did. Yvonne had made him cum in no time at all, which was hardly surprising given the circumstances.

John was starting to moan as well, sliding his cock faster and more firmly into my mouth. I didn't know how much more I could take without seriously gagging and retching, but then he whipped it out of my mouth and started to jack off inches from my face. I was going to get a facial, no two ways about it. John's hand was a blur and then he grunted. The first blast of cum exploded from his cock and hit me so hard that I twitched, and then spurt after spurt erupted and covered my lips and cheeks. John started shaking and squeezing his cock to extract more which bubbled out and landed across my forehead and in my hair.

I knelt there as John breathed deeply and grinned.

"My, my, aren't you a cum-covered cutie now Carmen," said Yvonne.

I looked at her and saw that her face had trails of cum that had run down and over her breasts. Chris was still sitting in the chair, he hadn't moved or said or word, but despite cumming just before, his glistening cock was still three-quarters erect.

"Why don't us girls have some fun now, stand up Carmen and spread you legs," cooed Yvonne.

I obliged. I still had my panties and stockings on as I stood in front of Chris and John and Yvonne moved behind me. Yvonne started to probe and rub my pussy through my panties and stimulate my innermost thighs. For the next fifteen heavenly minutes, Yvonne toyed with my pussy. She was constantly changing the stimulation, tormenting me with pleasure -- one second she would be gently tracing her fingers tips along my thighs, right to the edge of my panties, the next pushing up against my enclosed pussy so hard that I thought she was going to lift me off the floor, then rubbing my pussy through the fabric so fast that I could feel the fabric heat up with the friction. Finally she reached around and slid my panties off.

"Get up on the bed," Yvonne said in an imposing tone, tinged with excitement.

I did so and spread my legs, revealing my shaven pussy to a woman for the first time.

Yvonne bent over and whispered into my ear "Open your legs wider darling. Give the boys a show. "

I stretched my legs wider, both Chris and John peered into me.

Yvonne placed a single finger on my slit and proceeded to stroke my pussy, slowly, lovingly, teasingly; and then circling my clit with her digit. Up and back, around and around she went caressing the core of my womanhood. I pushed my pelvis up hard, dying for more stimulation, but Yvonne's finger rose with my thrusts, denying me the extra stimulation I was craving.

Yvonne then used two fingers on my slit, and started rubbing faster and slightly firmer. I was starting to cum, whimpering and squirming, my toes curling. Yvonne drove her two fingers straight into my slick vagina and started to finger fuck me hard and deep, and pushed me over the edge, I descended into a deep orgasm, the like of which I had never had before. As I recovered my equilibrium, Yvonne's face descended upon mine and she kissed me deeply, her fingers deserting my vagina. I could taste semen in her kiss from the cumshot she had received from Chris.

Yvonne delicately broke of the kiss and whispered into my ear, "It's time for me to be fucked hard Carmen.

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