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Taryn discovers a new fantasy about naked men.

I sit facing the south sky ... my lover, he's asleep, again. I whisper his name, hoping to stir him, to bid him to come to me, to bring his breath upon me. I close my eyes, waiting, listening and the leaves begin stirring ... he's drawing nearer. The leaves are fluttering ... he's coming upon me. The leaves are rustling and I kick off my sandals, freeing my toes to dance in delight of his presence.

I unbutton my shirt, yanking it open, exposing, releasing my breast to him, unleashing the rapture of freedom within me. He grazes so sweetly up my soft supple front, his face whisking my belly, the tip of his tongue up the cleft of my chest, his breath tickling my face and prickling the hairs behind my ears. He returns to my chest to grace me again, his breath now deeper and heavier. The warmth of his lips clings to the tenderness of my breasts, my areola dimple and pucker in the sweet haze of his breath, my nipples perk yearning to be taken.

A warm whooshy wave comes forth from deep within leaving my skin tight and tingling and my bottom blood-rushed anxious. It's passing stirs my mysterious lover, his breath now a slow pant that leaves the leaves fluttering with his excitement.

I pull off my shirt and lay back, planting my feet on the grass, arching my back, lofting my hips, grasping the tops of my shorts and panties to pull them off in one swoop. But before I can get my shorts past my knees, my lover the rascal greets my bared bottom, lapping playfully as I giggle and squirm in my vulnerability, struggling to shimmy out of my shorts, until I finally manage to flick my panties off the ends of my toes.

I lay back, smiling, closing my eyes once again, but this time with my all bared to him ... my arms flung back, hands palms up, feet planted with my toes gripping the grass, my legs bent and spread wide. I am shameless in my invitation for him to luxuriate over me, to lap with joy, desiring the curiosity of his breath over all of me, wanting him to leave no inch untouched.

He stirs over my flesh, caressing me, leaving my skin tugged with goose-bumps as he whooshes with abandon up my body, from my curling toes, up my legs, licking behind my knees, grazing on my loins, caressing my belly, stroking my breasts, kissing at my underarms, time and time again. His hot frisky breath slips in deep into the crevice of my bottom, glancing up my most private folds, ascending to my mound as he frolics through my thick-haired forest searching for my dark damp ravine.

I spread my legs wider parting my vulva, exposing, presenting my gaping pussy to serve his curiosity and invite the pleasure of his hot lapping tongue. He responds in earnest, licking at the delicate mouth of my gaping vagina, a breath of his stirred curiosity whirls into the depth of my cavern. He laps with abandon exploring the delicate valley between my lips, slips up my silky crests, and laps generously to the delight of my clit. I detect the telltale essences of my arousal on his hot heavy breath. The trees nod and shiver as the indelible news of my presence is carried into forest, proclaiming the presence of woman, naked and aroused.

I join him, my fingers laying claim to my engorged clit and the mouth of my whetting vagina, finding them warm and silky from his careful attention. This excites him greatly, his breath now a hot fast pant, and the leaves shudder madly as he releases his wonton spirit upon me in a phantasm of pleasuring. He strokes me, laps at me, he caresses me longingly, teasing me, tending me, unabated, in glee, in his passion, everywhere, up the bottoms of my feet, dancing through my toes, skating up across my flinching body up to his kiss on my nose.

His pleasure is sustained at every nook, mound, crease, and summit upon the tantalizing and tantalized woman stretched before him.

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