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Mike inherits a home full of fuckable monster girls - Part 2.

'I've never been with a man before.' His voice was as soft as a whisper.

'You're in good hands.' Luke told him. 'I'll be real gentle.'

'I think I'm ready.' Craig struggled to get the words out of his dry mouth.

Craig could tell that his buddy Paul was staring at him as he left the bar with Luke but he didn't care. He needed a warm beef injection and this man was going to give it to him. None of the other men in the bar could meet his most urgent need. Craig resisted the temptation to grab a handful of Luke's crotch when they got outside and instead hopped into Luke's truck and directed him back to his house.

Craig just about skipped to his front door. He was going to get laid! He couldn't believe it was about to happen at last after all these months of longing to be with a man. And what a man Luke was. On the short ride to his house Craig had reached over and stroked Luke's powerful thigh. Luke had patted his hand.

'I'm gonna fuck you nice and slow.' He said in that gravel-and-honey voice of his and Craig could swear he felt his asshole twitch.

That short ride home had felt like the longest journey Craig had ever been on. As soon as the front door closed Craig went up to the big fella and nuzzled in close. Luke kissed Craig's forehead and hugged him tight.

'You've been waiting a long time for this, haven't you?' Luke said softly.

'It feels like I've been waiting all my life.' Craig replied.

And then the time for talking was over. Luke's lips sought out Craig's and as their tongues dueled their bodies pressed ever closer, mashing their hard cocks against each other with enough friction that Craig was afraid he would shoot his bolt. He was relieved when, at last, Luke broke off the kiss and asked Craig to lead the way to the bedroom.

'I want to watch you.' Craig said.

Luke nodded. He fully understood. He could remember the first time he saw a real live flesh and blood red-blooded hairy bear of a man strip down. Luke had been just a nineteen year old stripling then and the memory of that man would live forever in his brain and was still used as wank fodder from time to time. It pleased Luke that he would hold this place in Craig's lust lobes.

Luke stripped slowly, revealing his hairy torso and belly. He watched Craig drinking in the sight of him, lusting him up like he was the hottest man on earth. Very slowly he undid his boots and peeled off his socks and Craig was shocked to find that he was even turned on by this man's feet! He watched as Luke slowly pulled down his jeans and then stepped out of them. A large, fleshy cock was outlined above a pair of bull balls in Luke's pale blue underpants. Luke hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his undies.

'Wait!' Craig cried.

He went and kneeled behind Luke and cupped his hands around that big, beefy ass and felt his excitement build as he fondled a man's fuckflesh for the first time. Luke's ass was just out of this world beautiful, Craig though before he buried his face up against the soft cotton and inhaled the scent of a man. Craig's head was in a spin. A part of him was disgusted with what he was doing but another, larger, part of him was inflamed with lust. This musky stench was causing his precum to drool out of his cock. He peeled Luke's underpants down his legs and marveled at the pale, smooth perfection of his lover's big rump before parting his cheeks and seeking out the object of his desire.

Luke yelped as Craig's tongue danced over his wrinkled pucker before urgently plunging into him. The big man bent over allowing Craig better access to his ass. For a man who had never had gay sex before Craig was proving to be one hot ass eater. Now that Luke was holding his beefy cheeks apart, Craig's hands were free to roam over those muscular, hairy thighs and caress those massive, surprisingly smooth balls. Every now and then he reached up for a feel of Luke's thick cock and wondered how the hell he was ever supposed to accommodate such a monster.

But Craig needn't have worried.

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