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She cuckolds him and takes control.

"I've wondered what that would be like," she whispered. "And I knew you wanted to."

All the time I was constantly reminding myself of her repressed background. One night during the sixth week I tentatively unbuttoned her blouse. At the freeing of the first button she broke from the kiss, looked at me, before placing her mouth on mine again. Other buttons opened to reveal no bra. I felt her shudder slightly as I first marvelled at the perfect shape and thrust of her breasts, with their delicate brown nipples.

Tentatively, and feeling myself harden, I ran my fingertips over the incredible smoothness of each mound, trailing around and over each nipple. My fingers felt her heart beating like a hammer. I lowered my head to gently kiss those tempting mounds, moving lips and tongue around the darkly raised nipple, she half turned away, her breathing short and gasping, "It's not a sin, is it?"

I raised my head to look into her eyes, "Only if your heart tells you it is. I'll stop if you wish.". Bold of me since my trousers were bulging massively.

"It felt so good," she admitted. "It can't be wrong. I so want it to be you, Jack." And added, "It has to be you, you've seen my breasts. Why don['t I feel embarrassed?"

So the slow progress went on. For me it was often pure agony. Somehow I was able to direct her attention from the serious bulge my erection was making. Despite my past experience of women, I feared it might scare her off. Yet when we kissed standing up she must have been aware of "the gun in my pocket".

Sometime in the seventh week as we stood in a warm clinch our lips and tongues working frantically, I knew for certain that she was indeed aware. Her hips unexpectedly began to grind, thrusting her delta against my hardness. Almost trembling with the surprise of it, I pressed into her thighs felt them part slightly so that I was thrusting through trousers and her clothes in the direction of her dark, sweet secrets.

She broke from the kiss and half turned her body away from the sensuous contact. Her eyes looked clouded as she gasped, "It's a good job we had some clothes on."

"Were you all right with that?" I asked, allowing one hand to slide down to the perfect curve of her belly, and taking the risk, covered the swell of her hidden triangle .

"Better than all right," she said, with her breath still heaving. I could sense her hips twitching, uncertain whether to move into or away from my lightly pressing hand. My little finger curved subtly into where I was sure her valley began. "I think you'd better go. I need to get my head in order."

Our next date was into the eighth week, and I had fears of what her response was going to be to our last meeting. It began with the talking. That particular night she had cooked me an excellent pasta meal, "I'm learning fast-----about everything," she said. Later,warmly snuggled together on her sofa she asked, "Jack, you know how it was when we were kissing last week."

Was this the beginning of the end? Something she had decided she couldn't face. Prepared to find her inhibitions were taking over, I told her I did remember.

She turned her face up to mine, all open and trusting, "Well, the feelings I had ---down there--- I knew they would happen, sooner or later. In fact I've been getting those feelings---not as strong-for a week or two now when you've held me."

I gave her a comforting squeeze, "It's no bad thing, Maria."

Her head shook slightly, " I wasn't complaining. But I wanted to tell you---when I was living with my parents I knew that if I touched myself there I got pleasurable reactions. " She laughed nervously, "My father would have called them signs of the devil in me."

I kissed her gently before she went on, "But when you've touched me, it's been like a fire on my skin. But that fire has recently grown, spread, moved downwards, deep down there where I feel the need to explode. A physical ache. After last week I wondered how it would be if we-if you-- I want to know it all--."

I couldn't tell her that I h

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