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White business woman loses sex toy at hotel.

She found herself proudly displaying each of them. She hoped that this might be enough to satisfy him. Yet, she knew in the back of her mind that this was only the beginning! Her body seemed more than willing to continue giving away her deepest desires to continue, as she found herself now totally wet and more than just a little horny! She hoped, that he indeed had more planned!

As she replaced the last of her "Toys" to the bag she saw the screen blink on another message. If she had thought that she was shocked before, she was even more so now. The message said, "Do you have audio ability?" She again watched as if her possessed hands had a mind of their own, as she replied, "Yes Sir!'

"Put on your headset and mic then!" he said. "I want to hear your voice." She stared at the screen and wondered if this might just be a little more than she was willing to give up? But the voice in her head and the mind her hands had seemed to be at odds, as she pulled out her headset and plugged it in. She hit the appropriate connections and was now, not only being seen, but being heard as well! She couldn't help but get dry-mouthed, as she said, "OK, I'm here!"

The deep, heart-melting, voice that replied, nearly made her lose all control! The man had a voice that seemed to melt, what little restraint she still had left. He sounded as if he could make butter seem sour. He had a voice that made her knees go weak, and the juices of her already excited person, flow freely! She realized that that voice could command her to do anything, and she would easily agree. She was now totally lost!

"I believe I would like proof that you have indeed submitted to me! If you are, then follow my instructions without hesitation." The command of his voice left no doubt in her that she would willingly obey now. She felt that anything he required, she would readily accept! Her body had no choice now as she heard his next instructions.

She remembered the next four hours as if she had been in a haze. He had instructed her to take out her longest dildo, the big red jelly. He then watched as she brought herself to multiple orgasms at his instruction. She felt no shame at displaying, to his unseen eyes, that she was more than willing now, to do what he wanted! She slipped in and out of reality, as the never-ending directions continued, until she knew she was going to lose consciousness. She was oblivious to the time, or to the fact that the sun was beginning to rise!

Only as she heard the sound of Brent's car pulling into the driveway, did she realize she had been at this all night! Sensing her distress, her unknown "Master" released her. She quickly shut down the computer, and sprayed some air freshener, to cover the smell of sex that pervaded the room. Then on wildly weak legs, she made her way to the bedroom to replace the bag of toys in the closet, and then head for the shower. She was just stepping under the spray of the shower, when Brent slipped into the bathroom. He had a smile that immediately made her feel guilty, for her night of perversities! She could barely meet his eyes as she got out of the shower. She hoped that any signs of her night did not show on her face. Today would be a long day, she thought to herself!
She wondered now, if he had seen the changes that had come over her, over the next few weeks? It seemed that, night after night, "Master Marcus" repeatedly wanted her to perform. She was lost in his world of depraved requests. There seemed to be no end to the things he wanted her to do, or those she would do!

She had just sent Brent off to work with a kiss. They had shared a few minutes having sex after the kids had gone to sleep. It felt good to her, to have something real inside of her, after all the nights of dildos, and anything else that Marcus told her to use. She knew he was waiting for her, like he always was. She logged on naked, as she had been instructed, her "Toys" neatly arranged to give her easy access to any he deemed appropriate.


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