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Nature Girl's friends sneak away from a family trip.


Pete saw them kissing like lovers when he returned. The Master claiming his sub, he thought, and then, how he would feel if his Master kissed him like that. But Daddyslut was content. At last, he had found a willing Master and he had seen from her sore arse how hard his beloved Cathy had been spanked. He hoped he could expect the same, just as he had longed for over the years. It was all in the family and he was happy to be subservient to his son. His wife was also happy with the solution and it would keep their marriage together and probably improve their love and devotion to each other. He knew that it meant his son was making a cuckold out of him but wasn't that what he had just signed up to? He hoped their Master would grant him some loving time with his wife.

"We will all now sit down while I set out our new sleeping arrangements. Tomorrow we will move my bed into the master bedroom and I will decide from day to day who will be sleeping with whom. If I allow you to sleep together, you may make love as you wish but I may be there watching you. I will be going shopping tomorrow, as I need some equipment so I will need your bankcard Daddyslut. Don't worry, I'm not going to bankrupt you, just pick up a few items for our pleasures.

"We will have to keep up our appearance as a normal family outside our home but here in the privacy of our home you will both be under my command in all matters. I will decide what clothes, if any, you will wear. Obviously, I will be fucking Mummyslut any time I want, which will be several times a day. As we go forward, I will decide on your r__le, Daddyslut. Both of you must appreciate that any reluctance to obey my orders will mean I will punish you in whatever manner I decide. Are you happy to obey me?"

He looked at Mummyslut and she answered, "I am yours to command and use as you wish Master."

"And you Daddyslut?"

"Master, command me."

"Daddyslut, I sent you for your bedroom slipper. That will be used to give you the spanking you crave and I promise you it will hurt. You will bring your slipper to me on your knees. You will kiss my dick as a sign of your submission then present me with the slipper. Both of you will learn to present what you will bring to me in future. So start your servitude Daddyslut: present the instrument that will be used on you."

Pete swallowed nervously then dropped to his knees and shuffled over to his son and Master. He bent his head, looking for the first time at another man's tool from close up. It was flaccid but twitched when his lips contacted the flesh. Sitting back on his heels in what he thought was a submissive posture with his head looking down at the floor between his Master's feet and held up the slipper in both hands. Carl kept him waiting for several long seconds before accepting the instrument.

"You will crawl to the end of the sofa, stand then bend down with your elbows resting on the arm, your legs will be spread open and you will be ready for your first spanking."

"Yes Master." Daddyslut crawled and assumed the position his Dom demanded. His heart was beating fast in his chest; he was excited by this but nervous of the pain. He flinched when Carl rested the sole of the slipper on his father's bum.

"Both of you listen carefully: in your many punishments there may come times when the pain is too much to bear. You can end the punishment by using your 'safe word' at any time. I will stop whatever I am doing and release you from any constraints. Your safe word will be 'RED' but be warned: I do not want to hear 'RED' very often and I will devise other methods to continue your punishment. There will be one change to that rule. Daddyslut, just for tonight you are going to be spanked mercilessly and you may not call your safe word. Do you understand and agree to that?"

"Yes Master. Please spank me hard."

Carl used his hand first, starting with light blows, which increased as Daddyslut's buttocks and thighs took on a rosy glow.

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