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A time of discovery. Not knowing where it leads.

Matt was the unofficial leader of our little study group, he's always prompt, has a full comprehension of the material, and takes extensive notes.

Noticing the lack of an actual study group I realized we were the only two here.

"Where's everyone else?"

"Well Staci has the flu, Terry had a conflict with her history study group, and Bill and Ted said quote 'It's fuckin Friday' and decided to go to a party instead."

"I swear those two are only friends for the irony of 90's nostalgia."

"Yeah well it's just us today, are you prepared to go over the tetrahedral bond angle proof?"

"Oh that reminds me! I have a chemistry joke"

Tilting his head in curiosity "I'm intrigued"

"A kid gets his report and he has one C and four F's, his mom asks him to explain himself. He says he was making Carbon Tetrafluoride."

I sat there making a rim shot to signal the end of the joke. Matt stared at me for what felt like forever before a small smile broke across his face and breathed a quiet chuckle.

"Do you know any Organic Chemistry jokes?" I asked

"I know Alkynes."

I stifle my laughter with my hand over my mouth, I was surprised by his humor.

"You're pretty funny." sounding a little more surprised than I intended.

"You seem surprised."

"Well I guess I just don't know your personality that well. You're strictly business during the study group. I don't think I've ever seen you smile."

"There's nothing funny about organic chemistry."

"I think we've both just proved that's incorrect. What do you do outside of the group?"

"Besides school being the most obvious, I'm in a band, I do archery, swordplay, LARPing, I'm a dungeon master, and I volunteer at hospitals."

"You're in a band?"

"Yes, did you hear anything else I mentioned?"

"Of course, I just can't quite picture you doing these things. Well besides the dungeon master thing."

"Don't judge a book by its binding Natalia."

"You're absolutely right, so tell me about the archery, it sounds fascinating."

Matt and I stayed at the library for three hours talking about everything from the instruments he plays to the rules and regulations of Dungeons and Dragons. It was nice talking to Matt about the many interesting things he's involved in. Honestly it made me feel a little inadequate, he's our study group leader, pre-med and has a ton of extracurricular activities. I go to class and hang out with Art whenever he's not busy trying to sleep with some modelesque creature. Matt agreed to teach me some archery and invited me to his bands next gig. Hopefully I can pick up a few pointers on being better well rounded. I like Matt he's nice, which is something I sorely needed right now.


I was not the least bit surprised to come home from the library and see Art sitting on the sofa watching Criminal Minds.

"How'd the date go?"

"She passed pre-screening." I hated his 'prescreening' requirement for talking to girls. I'm all for getting to know someone first, but his intentions are dishonorable. I feel responsible as his only female friend to remind him of his stupidity whenever I can.

"You're an idiot." I go to my room and put my books away and change into my comfort clothes: a tank top and my school pride shorts.

"You also have really fucked up logic." I continued as I entered the living room.

"Hey my dating techniques are sound. I have a very effective two- step process. She gets prescreened to make sure she won't go crazy on me, then second date in-out- goodbye. I spent years perfecting this okay, I know what I'm doing."

"You're such an asshole" I remark as I plop down next to him on sofa and snatch the remote out of his hand.

"Yeah but I'm your asshole" He teased as he planted a slobbery kiss on my cheek.

"Argh! Only dogs can give slobbery kisses"

"Woof Woof baby" He panted heavily right before giving my cheek an emphatic lick. I pushed him off in an attempt to keep away anymore slobber attempts.

"You should be arrested for slobbery. Get it slobbery-robbery."

He sat up immediately and took on a serious tone

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