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and Sherri said:

"We have been elected to apologize for the group."

"Apologize? What for?"

"For keeping quiet about what was going on between Mike and Claudine. We didn't know what the situation was so we kept quiet."

"The situation? I don't understand."

"We didn't know if you knew or not and we didn't want to interfere."

I guess they saw the confusion on my face because Dan said, "We didn't think you were really that kind of guy, but there are guys who get off on their women playing with other men and guys who like to watch their wives with other men and there are what are called open marriages and there are people who are swingers. We didn't know if that was what was going on or not so we just kept quiet. It wasn't until we noticed that it only happened when you were out of town that we began to suspect that you had no idea what was going on."

I looked from Dan to Sherri and I guess they still saw that I was still trying to figure out what they were trying to say so Sherri said:

"We decided that we had to let you know, but in such a way that if you didn't know we could let you know and if you did know we wouldn't embarrass you by asking you about it face to face."

Dan took over and said. "I knew you were supposed to be in Chicago when I saw you go into the bathroom so I followed you in and faked the phone call that you overheard. If you knew there was no face to face that could cause embarrassment and if you didn't it would have clued you in. We got our answer on Friday when Mike and Claudine were served. The icing on the cake was the company getting served also. Mike was called into the office and suspended without pay pending investigation of the allegations you made. That's what the greeting you got this morning was all about; getting rid of the asshole as well as suing him."

Sherri said, "They sent him home at one and by three everyone in the office had been called in and asked if they knew what was going on. Management is severally pissed at most of us right now. They say that by not letting them know we opened them up to your law suit. I expect that when the big cheeses get here this morning you will be called in."

"I planned on seeing Markman first thing and giving him my letter of resignation. As far as talking to him is concerned I've already been told by my attorney to refer any questions to him."

"Why are you resigning?"

"After overhearing that phone call I figured that every one here knew what was going on and were laughing at me behind my back and no way could I keep working with a bunch assholes like that."

"We don't want you to resign."

"Might not have any choice in the matter. Not likely that they will keep me around since I'm suing them. Another reason for the resignation is so I can leave on my own terms rather than be terminated on some trumped up bullshit that would be used to cover up the real reason for my being fired."

I looked at my watch and said that I'd better be getting to my desk. I stood up and offered my hand to Dan. "Thanks for the heads up." We shook hands and I gave Sherri a hug and went to my desk.

At nine-fifteen I was called into Markman's office and I handed him my letter of resignation. He asked me what it was and he asked why and I told him. He gave it back to me and told me that they would never do something like that.

"Besides, we have plans for you. We want you to take Mike's position. He is gone you know. We will want to discuss your lawsuit, but I understand that we will need to set up something with your attorney so we can do that."

The rest was anti-climatic.

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