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She starts her new job.

He told me that He was glad He found me "unblemished" by a former Dom. He said that He can train me to please Him, without having to undo any unnecessary lesson taught by another.

He gently tied my wrists to the bedposts. Then he spread my legs apart. I could feel myself getting wet already as He tied my ankles to the bed as well. He chose another silk scarf and tied it around my head, effectively blinding me.

I felt His warm breath against my neck. I turned my head to the right, trying to locate Him, wanting to kiss Him, but He wasn't there. Then I felt warmth trailing along my body, from my left breast, all the way to my thigh. I squirmed with pleasure. My pussy tingled, wanting, expecting... more.

And then I didn't feel anything. I waited. I honestly wondered if He had left me alone, tied to His bed, spread eagle. I turned my head, one way and then the other, trying to listen for any sound at all. I tried to still my breathing, hoping to eliminate any noise, but the sound of my Master. Suddenly, I felt His tongue quickly lap at my clit. I jumped, as high as I could while tied down. As much as it took me by surprise, I wanted more.

His mouth was on my breast next. His tongue ran lazy circles around my nipple. He had already learned that the right nipple was more sensitive, so He focused His attention solely on it. His teeth grazed the bud, and then his tongue caressed it. He played this game for what seemed to be forever before suddenly sucking my nipple into His mouth. I felt my breast stretch as He sucked and pulled with His mouth. My pussy was on fire. I longed for Him to play this game on my clit.

As quickly as He started, He quit. I lay there panting, wanting to beg for Him to come back. But I already knew that He was in control. I had learned that lesson the hard way and wasn't willing to learn it again.

I felt a touch, almost a whisper, against my pussy. And then nothing. Oh, there it was again. I almost wondered if I had imagined it. But there it was again. He was running His finger along my slit, gently, His touch so light I could barely feel it. And then His finger was inside me, just that fast. My hips bucked in approval. He slowly ran His finger around the inner walls of my pussy, feeling its moisture, its tightness. His tongue gently lapped at my clit, causing me to moan. I'm sure He smiled, although I couldn't see it.

When He added another finger, I felt like I was going to cum all over. He was bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. His tongue continued to randomly lap at my clit while His fingers slowly caressed the inside of my pussy, sliding out, and back in. Soon He added a third finger. This only tightened things up, driving me even closer to cumming all over His hand.

"Don't cum without permission fucktoy."

"Yes Sir," I moaned. It was excruciatingly glorious... this feeling Master gave me.

In no time at all Master removed His fingers from my sopping pussy. He held them in front on my mouth and said, "Open".

I opened my mouth to Him, and He put His fingers into my mouth. I had never tasted myself before. It was... different. Not altogether pleasant, but not terribly horrible either. I sucked all my juices from His fingers. I would have preferred to suck His cock, but Master is in control. And He knows what is best for me.

As I lay there panting, I heard Master moving around the room. As I listened, I anticipated His next move. Would He order me to suck His cock? Would He slide His cock inside me and take me to new levels of ecstasy? Would He... what was that? I heard a new sound, almost like a very large mosquito. What could it be?

Suddenly I felt something against my clit. Oh my! He was using a vibrator on my sensitive clit! I tried getting away, but there was nowhere to go. As I moaned and groaned a warm feeling spread through my body, and I felt the urge to cum.

"Please Master, may I cum?"

"Not yet."

I could hear the smile in His voice.

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