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Hetero guy's homophobia leads him on a journey.

Sara got out of bed and looked at her cum covered face in the mirror. She continued crying, cursing Rob for what he had done to her. By the time she was done cleaning herself, not to mention throwing up a few times, she was furious and she was beginning to have a plan for revenge.

Being a girl who likes to have many guy friends that she meets at parties and clubs Sara has gotten a few gay friends over time. Many of which have seen the way Rob treats her and heard about what their sex life is like. She also knows a couple of them who would be more than happy to carry out Sara's revenge with her. She calls Barry and Henry up and tell them what happened and what she plans to do. They agree to help and come over immediately.

With Rob still sound asleep Sara opens the door and let Barry and Henry into the house. Barry is a decent sized white man with a muscular build and from what Sara understands a larger sized cock. Henry is a huge black and whose dick is more legendary. He is said to be at least 10 inches long and pretty big around. Barry brought all of the supplies that Sara requested. Some of which include: Arm and leg restraints, an 8 inch strap-on dildo, a blindfold, a whip, a gag, and a cock-ring. Barry and Henry restrain Rob's arms and legs to the bedposts without Rob ever even noticing what is going on. Sara asks the two guys to please wait in the living room until she calls for them.

Sara then takes the whip and slaps it down onto Rob's now flaccid dick. He jumps and tries to grab his now red penis on impulse and comes to a full realization that he is unable to do so because of the restraints that are on him. Sara whips him again.

"What the fuck is going on?" Rob yells

"This is what you get for forcing me to swallow your filthy cum you prick," Sara Screams.

She them whips his chest a few times and Rob yells out in pain.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again," he yells "I just wanted to experiment. I thought maybe you'd like it. I'm sorry,"

"No, you are not you asshole. All you ever care about is getting your pathetic little dick off. You have never even given me an orgasm." She retorts

"I will from now on I promise. Please let me go." He begs

" Oh, I will make sure of it," Sara says as she gives him a wicked smile.

That being said, Sara climbs onto the bed and straddles Rob's chest. Rob has always claimed to have enjoyed the taste of a woman's pussy, but, being a man who likes instant gratification, often gives up way to soon. Nontheless Sara plans on using Rob's lust for Cunnilingus to her advantage. Sara moves her way up Rob's chest, just out of reach of his tongue. Upon looking back Sara notices his dick is starting to grow.

"I can see this excites you doesn't it?" She implores

"Oh yes I love the way your wet pussy tastes Sara!"

:"Sara!? Oh no you cocksucker you will only refer to me as Mistress for the remainder of the evening and possibly our relationship. I will, in turn, refer to you only as "bitch boy," how do you like that?"

"Sara, what has gotten into you?"

Slap! Sara's hand landed right across his impudent mouth. Slap! A backhand just for good measure

"What did you call me you little bitch?" Sara screamed at him

"I'm sorry Mistress it won't happen again I promise." He whimpered.

Sara then hovered her pussy over his face.

"Do you want it slut?"

"Oh yes Mistress I would like nothing better." He replies

"Good! Then maybe this will be a little fun for me after all."

Sara then begins to circle her middle finger around the entrance to her pussy.

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