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Bonnie explains her pregnancy.

She was already quite wet from her own orgasm and that of her husband's, but that didn't prevent her from feeling a trickle of new excitement.

Whoever the woman was, she was clearly enjoying herself, and as her cries became more frantic, Liesel dipped her middle finger into her dilated hole, coating it with her and her husband's comingled juices. She brought it to her lips and greedily sucked it clean, which sent a tremor coursing through her body. She could feel the silky fabric rubbing across her overly sensitive nipples as she panted, and it felt like burlap being dragged over her rock-hard points.

Propping one leg up on the small table beside her chair, she parted her legs wider and felt the cool breeze caress the juncture of her thighs. Cum leaked from her pussy and dribbled down the crack of her ass, and when the wetness reached her tight little back hole, a new shiver ran through her.

At last, the woman came loudly, and Liesel couldn't help but smile.

"She's a screamer," she thought. "Glad I'm not the only one."

Liesel used her middle finger to smear sticky love fluids around her asshole, allowing the pad of her finger to slip inside slightly. She stifled a little groan as a new sound from the upper room reached her ears.

The rhythmic slapping, punctuated by grunts and moans from the woman, told Liesel that she was now getting fucked hard by her man, most likely from behind. Liesel pictured the woman on her knees, head buried in the covers of the bed as the man took her doggy style. In Liesel's mind, the woman would have large breast that would be swaying beneath her, perhaps being mauled as the man rutted deeply into her.

Maybe he'd slip his hands into her hair, pulling her head back as he rode her hard. He might even rain some well-aimed slaps onto her upturned buttocks. As these and other nasty thoughts were running through Liesel's head, her fingers danced over her swollen clit, and she felt her second orgasm of the night approaching.

As she came closer to cumming, the sounds of the man joined the moans of the woman, and Liesel knew they were all getting close. Her fingers moved even faster in an effort to reach her release at the same time he did.

All of the sudden, a loud, distinctly male groan filled the evening air, and she knew he was pumping his semen into her wet gash, and that was enough to send Liesel over the top. She convulsed in the chair as the orgasm racked her body over and over. She had to bite her lip to keep from crying out.

It took minutes for the tremors to fully subside, and she sat there in the chair twice-sated and gathered her strength so she could return to bed.

That's when she saw her.

At first, she was just a silhouette. The outline of her figure defined by a soft glow coming from the room. Liesel liked the shape she saw, and then, the full moon escaped the shadow of a cloud, and its beam bathed the fully naked woman in a cool light that seemed to catch her off guard, as if she hadn't really expected anyone to be able to see her standing there in all her glory.

It's amazing how much the mind can take in with just a quick glance.

Liesel saw the woman's blond hair, and immediately could tell that she was a "natural" blond, or at least naturally had light-colored hair. She could see the woman's breasts were full and heavy, and while she was clearly slender, she also clearly had the shape of woman. Liesel could also tell that she was attractive, but she had to admit that distance, moonlight and her own libido could be playing tricks on her.

She took all of that in during the brief amount of time that the woman on the balcony glanced nervously around to see if anyone could see her little exhibitionist display, and that's when the woman spotted Liesel.

In a flash, the woman disappeared back into her room, but Liesel could hear the clear sounds of laughter coming from the woman who knew she had been "busted."

The laughter carried on for

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