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Jesse's Birthday Cruise; fun on the high seas.

She found it difficult however as she was still feeling quite light headed and the action next to her was beginning to get more intense. She started to get up to leave but Dawn reached out and held on to Jen's free arm with a vice like grip as Tyrone worked his magic on her pussy.

Jen tried to loosen Dawn's grip but to no avail. Jen was in it now. Dawn was panting passionately as her pleasure began to increase.

"Oh. Oh. Oh." Dawn whimpered aloud.

"SHHH! Dawn, please." Jenny pleaded but Dawn was too far gone to even realize that Jen was still there next to her. Dawn didn't even realize that she had been hanging on to Jenny's arm.

Jen placed the phone to her chest and tried pleading with Dawn once more. "Dawn, please. I need to get out of here. Arron can hear you guys and is wanting to know what is going on." Her pleas fell on deaf ears once again.

Neither Tyrone or Dawn was aware of Jenny's predicament. Their only focus was on their mutual gratification. Dawn was squirming now while still hanging on to Jen's arm.

"I want you inside me now." She mewed to Tyrone. He lifted his face from her sex got on his knees on the bed and placed Dawn's legs upon his shoulders as he entered her cunt with his monster dick.

"Oooohhh that's it baby. It feels so good in me." Dawn squealed with delight. Tyrone's balls were slapping against Dawn's ample bottom. Jen was getting so turned on right now. Dawn finally released her grasp on Jenny's arm and even though she was now free to go she could not pry herself away from the show at hand.

Jen stuck two fingers up her wet cunt with her now free hand. While Tyrone was fucking Dawn he peered over at Jen playing with herself and this really got him going. As he continued pouncing on Dawn he focused his sights on little Jen.

"You look so fucking hot." He whispered to Jen and smiled. That smile would be the death of her. Why did he have to be so damn sexy?

"You are so fucking gorgeous." Jen said to Tyrone.

Tyrone reached over with his hand and stuck two fingers of his own up Jenny's pussy as he continued pumping into Dawn.

"I'm fucking cumming!" Dawn screamed as she arched her back.

"Jen, you still there? What the hell was that?!" Arron asked her.

Jenny found it hard to speak. "Uh, what. Oh, uh. Dawn is coming. She said she is coming..."

"Coming to do what?" Arron was confused.

Tyrone pulled out of Dawn as she began to settle down from her climax. He moved over to little Jen and placed his schlong slick with Dawn's pussy juice. Jen looked up at him and whispered fuck me now. He did as he was told and slammed it on home.

"Yes!" Jen squealed loudly.

"Jen? What the hell is going on?" Arron demanded.

"" Jen just couldn't anymore and handed the phone over to Dawn.

"Hey, Jim. How you doing?" Dawn said.

"Where's Jen? Is she okay? She seems a bit distracted this morning."

"Yeah, she just had to head to the bathroom. Poor thing just can't seem to hold her liquor." Dawn had to hold back a chuckle.

"Oh, that's too bad. Hey what is that ruckus?" Arron asked.

"Ruckus? What ruckus? Can you describe the ruckus?" Dawn was being cute.

"I hear a lot yelling and squeaky noises."

"Oh, you mean my neighbors? They are um having some "playtime" if you know what I mean?"

"Wow, really? They are pretty loud. How long they been going at it?"

"They just started in a few minutes ago but they went at it pretty hot and heavy last night." Jen wrapped her legs around Tyrone's waste and was bucking her hips against each of his thrusts. She was in heaven. She was completely oblivious to the conversation that Dawn and Jim were having. Her only focus, all she cared about was the fucking she was receiving from Tyrone.

"Here take a listen" Dawn aimed the phone towards the two lovers.

"Make me cum! Make me cum! Make me cum!" Jenny shouted.

"Yeah, you like that don't you baby? Your man can't give it you like me with his little white boy dick can he?" Tyrone gnarled.

"Oh, fuck no! He can never make me cum.

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