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First it's Daisy, then California Crazy.

But slowly he made progress. As she moaned and groaned he pressed harder and harder. After more effort they both felt her pussy lips snap over the ridge of his cock head. He was in! There was still many, many inches to go, but the head of his dick was pushing deeper and deeper into her clasping cunt!

"Uh, yes, do it! Do it! I need it! I want to feel that fucking dick deeper and deeper! SO big, I worship your cock! I adore it! I can't believe how gigantic it is! How it stretches me! You reach places no one else can reach! And I love it! More more more!" she implored him.

Dr. Shaun began to press and release, press and release in an effort to drive himself deeper and deeper into her. It was difficult but it was working, He was shifting his weight left and right. Deeper he went. Further into her sopping wet pussy. She was watching him work thru half-closed eyes. His abs flexed as he worked. She adored the sight of his defined muscularity as he held himself above her. The only part of his body that was touching her was his massively thick dick as he slid more and more of it into her.

She felt the ridge of his dick head as it drove further and further into her. It massaged spots that had never been touched. And it felt so good! She felt a little orgasm deep in her cunt. It wasn't a big wave but it was a foretaste of what was to come!

Cecilia reached up to cup her breasts. Pinching and twisting her nipples she distracted herself from the over-stuffed feeling that was growing in her twat. He was SO big, SO thick! It was an exciting combination of pain and pleasure! Looking down her body, between her tall, firm tits, she felt the first of many true orgasms sweep thru her. She saw that he was only a couple of inches into her. And there was more than a foot to go!

Almost at once she felt another spasm of lust take over.

"Oh, my God, what a big fucker," she moaned. "I love the feel of being filled by your huge dick. I've never had one bigger! I love it, I want it, I want more. You make me feel like no other man has ever made me feel! Fill me up you horse cocked fucker!"

Dr. Erik Shaun made no response. But he began to push harder and faster than before. He kept up a punishing speed! Faster, harder he went sinking deeper and deeper into her stretched out cunt. She was crying out in passion as he drove them both higher and higher toward a mutual climax.

Minutes later he began to spew an amazing load of jism! The first several gouts filled and over filled her twat. Pulling out, he directed the next several spurts toward her face and breasts. The first few flew over her to land on the arm of the couch. The rest fell onto her face before the last ones collected between her big tits.

Cecilia was crying and sobbing in pleasure and delight. Both her hands were busy massaging his goo into her breasts and pulling the excess to her hungry mouth.

"It may not help make my boobies get bigger," she said. "But I'm not going to take any chances. Bigger tits are sexier! All the guys like bigger boobs! Little Limply never wanted me to show off. But now I want the guys to know what a hot piece of ass I am! How busty, how slender! What great fuck I'd be if they got me into bed!" There was no response from her husband where he sat across the room.

As she finished cleaning herself up she reached out to grasp the Doctor's still erect penis.

"You are SUCH a STUD," she crowed. "Look at him, Little Limply! He just blew a load four times as large as any you could possibly produce! And he's ready to go again! You would be done for the week," she sneered.

Pushing Erik onto the couch she rose over him. Bending over she offered her huge tits to his mouth for attention. He began sucking and licking while Cecilia climbed onto his rampant cock. She began to ride him energetically while making sure that her tits remained within his reach. Pounding herself up and down she pushed herself to several exquisite orgasms.

"I want to drink you down, darling! Are you ready to cu

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