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He plays while mom and boyfriend away but gets caught!

A gasp of surprise escaped me, sounding a bit more like a sexually excited sound. He pushed my bra back, exposing raw white flesh. Nipples stood hard under the cold air-conditioned air. With one hand he reached down to pinch a nipple.

I felt my back arch up, pushing the soft flesh against him. The side of his mouth flicked up in a wicked smile. He twisted the tender flesh, pulling. A sharp gasp came from my lip as I twitched on the table.

And then he went back to stabbing the toy deep in me. One hand assaulted my nipple, the other reeked havoc on a spot right next to my cervix. My body snaked up to meet his hands. First the hips lifted, and then the back to trust my breast up. My head fell back as my eyes closed. My heavy breath rasped over my vocal cords as I fought to stop. It was fight that I was destined to loose.

Without warning my other nipple was bit. I heard myself scream, and my head flew back up. Hand cuffed hands swung forward, suddenly trying to protect the sensitive flesh. He looked at me, my nipple captured in his teeth as he pulled it up. His eyes crinkled in a smile. Like a dog, his head went back and forth, worrying the nipple. My mouth opened slightly as I breathed. Eyes dilated in unspoken pleasure.

My pussy muscles clenched tight, high up next to my cervix. Like a bowling ball rolling down the lane, the tightness rolls over the remainder of my pussy, flicking my body along as an after thought. The slow motion crack of the whip drove my head into the table. And I finally began to breath again. He has staid on thru this crashing wave of a building orgasm. He looked up at me in awe. Eyes that were simply cruel were now filled with something different, desire maybe. I didn't have time to think as that high spot next to my cervix sang it's squeezing song again. A sensuous whip ran thru my body again. And then my body stilled against the table.

A dreadful shame fills me. This man has now been left with no doubt that I am enjoying myself. I laid still, drained for the moment. Emotionally I was a wreck. The anger was still boiling in me, but now it was mixed with my desire for this bastard. It was a hard knot in my throat.

He stood up, looking down at me. Assessing where I was, and what he could do. I whimpered under his gaze. He had plans, and I had no control. It was scary, and so exciting.

He knelt down, spreading my pussy wide. His large thumb resting on my sensitive clit, just pushing. My breath came in big gasps, heavy. The hips opened, and I squirmed.

I felt his fingers running over the lips. First the outer lips, and then opening the inner portions. A finger danced at the hole, and I thrust my hips at him.

"Please!" The word escaped my lips before I realized. More a breath. I prayed he didn't hear it.

"What?" He stood up to look at me. One hand resting on my wet, needy pussy. "What did you say?" His voice was hard, demanding an answer. I couldn't believe myself, begging this raping bastard, begging him to put his fingers back inside me. Standing there, his finger on my clit, I rolled my hips around hoping he'd simply go back to his play. "Count of three, answer me. What did you say? One. . two"

"Please!" I closed my eyes and said the word, biting my lips after I let the word escape me.

"Ohhh . . you like this!" Grinding his pelvis against me.

My legs fought against my jeans, fought to spread wider, to lay myself open before him. Before this stranger having his way with me. He bucked against me, and I bucked back. He dug in, nails in my thighs, growling.

A low sound came out of my throat, meeting the wild sound in him. My lip curled, one side coming up as I pushed back, flicking my hips from side to side. My pussy lips opened around the cock in the trousers, a wet trail being left along his pants. Deep in my throat a noise arose. Pure pleasure. Wonderful, uninhibited.

A hand reached down to grab my nipple again.

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