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Sealing the deal.

They giggled as Lana kicked it off her feet, then lent into each other to kiss once more. Tabby's long fingers found the top of her friend's panties and sunk inside. Lana moaned as Tabby's finger passed across her trimmed pussy hair to her opening.

Cliff could barely contain himself. His cock had grown hard as he watched. His hand rubbed the front of his trousers. Now as he watched this sexy girl fingering her friend he unzipped them and let his cock spring out. As Lana removed the white lace bra he began to stroke his hard cock.

With her breasts fully exposed Tabby lent back to let the blond lick at her hard nipples, flicking them with her tongue before closing her mouth over the little hard rock. Tabby let out along moan as Lana sucked on her nipple, letting it pull into her mouth and flicking it lightly with her tongue.

Tabby hugged her friend close, letting her suck on her breast, and as she did Tabby removed the red tank top. Lana's nipples wee also hard and very visible from where Cliff watched. His hard cock was now swollen to full size and he was stroking it softly as he took in every movement before him.

As Lana at back up Tabby cupped her friends face in her hands and they kissed again. This time Lana's fingers did the unzipping and Tabby adjusted her butt to allow her shorts to be pulled off. Now naked except their panties the two girls lay down once more.

Their bodies pressed together, Lana on top of Tabby, with one of Lana's legs firmly planted between Tabby's. As they kissed again Lana moved her knee to rub Tabby's crotch. Tabby moaned gently as she felt her pussy react. They continued to kiss as their hand roamed over each other's tanned bodies, stopping to squeeze a breast or tweak a nipple.

Cliff sat down to pull his trousers and shorts right off. He needed better access to get full enjoyment. As he sat up he could see they had swapped positions and Tabby was now kneeling over Lana, Tabby's finger worming its way into Lana's panties once more. He began working his cock once more.

Lana moaned as her friend's finger passed across her mound, finding her soft pussy lips. Tabby expertly guided her finger to Lana's clit and rubbed the hardening organ gently. Lana moaned again and again as Tabby rubbed. Then Tabby inserted her finger, feeling her friend's moist warm pussy. Tabby began to rock the finger backwards and forwards.

In his hidden position Cliff could see the brunette's hand working backwards and forwards inside the white lace, stretching it as she moved. All the time both girls were kissing and moaning with each other.

Then Tabby pulled the finger out, her thumb grasping the side of the little lace panties. Lana arched her back as Tabby stripped the panties off, letting them fall at Lana's ankles. As the delicate white material fell from Tabby's hands Lana parted her legs. Tabby was now kneeling at Lana's ankles and she lent forward, caressing the blonds legs, kissing them, as she worked her way toward Lana's wet, dripping pussy.

Lana let out a loud moan as Tabby licked her clit for the first time. Then she licked the blond's pussy, letting her tongue drag between her pussy lips. Lana shuddered. Then Tabby moved one hand from Lana's thigh to start fingering her again. The brunette's head bobbed up and down as she licked at Lana's soft pussy, her hand adding extra pleasure.

Cliff's jaw dropped as he watched the performance before him. He had dreamed of this, fantasised about young girls sucking each other while he watched. Now it was happening. His cock was so hard; his balls ached as Tabby moved her body to get her pussy over Lana's head. Lana pulled the little white panties down Tabby's thighs, exposing a dark trimmed bush and already swollen pink pussy lips.

It was Tabby's turn to moan as Lana licked her clit. Then the blond locked her mouth on Tabby's pussy and began to suck. Tabby could feel her clit being raped by her friends tongue as she sucked the brunette. Still Tabby kept up on her friend, licking and playing with her.

The pressure was getting too much for Cliff as he

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