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Tascha's Submission: Tascha finds a way out of her situation.

"I wouldn't want you to think that I was purposefully trying to peep at you, even though I really am." His smile made a hot flash course through my body. I was quiet, remembering that last night I had looked out the window towards his house and got the impression that the shadows were moving in the darkness. I also remembered that I had been clad only in my underwear.

"So, cowboy have you seen anything interesting?" I glanced down at my lap, smoothing the fabric over my knee. His answering remark caused me to flush.

"I am now, Miss Moppet." He caught my delicate hand in his, bringing it to his lips. He kissed the open palm and brushed it across his cheek. "Soft," he whispered. Still holding my hand, he leaned over towards me, his breath tickling my lips and said, "You owe me a welcome to the neighborhood kiss. The kind Widow Brown gave me one. But I think I will like yours better."

His lips were gentle on my trembling ones. I was nervous. I hadn't kissed any one in almost a year. I was so shy suddenly. A small helpless fly trapped in the enticing carnal web he was creating. I was swept away in the intensity of his kisses, his tongue stealing my will power. He placed his free hand on the nape of my neck, sliding fingers through the auburn tresses. We couldn't break the melding our lips and tongues. He pulled my lithe frame against his strong firm one. His kisses rained down my chin, over my neck and landed on the top of my right breast where it swelled over.

I knew that I should stop this. One shouldn't let a neighbor seduce you in brood daylight; especially one that you had just met face to face. Granny would really have a cow if she saw what was transpiring under the shelter of the magnolia tree, she and Grandpa planted before my mamma was born over 55 years ago. But Granny was not around to shoo him away with her broom. I was lost in his kisses, captured by his touch, entangled in his embrace and burned by his passion. I couldn't stop; no more than one can stop the rain.

I sighed with pleasure as his lips captured a dark rosy nipple he released from the straining fabric of my dress. The warm spring air sent chills through that breast as he ventured over to the other breast. He said over his kisses, "I have been watching you. At first I tried not to. I felt guilty looking when you had no ideal that I could see you. But you are so beautiful, all pale and radiant in the evening light. I sit in the dark wanting to touch you, kiss you. I touch my cock, stroking it wondering if you were as delicious as I thought you to be. I want you, my sweet beautiful neighbor. Give me the welcome wagon gift that only a woman like you can."

I was naked before he could finish the last sentence. His passion and the desire I saw in his eyes melted me. I forgot all manners and ethics. Let them be damned. He ignited a heat in me that was dormant and I thought long dead. I pulled at his clothes, trying to get him into the naked state that I was sporting. He suggested our retreat to the inside, but I refused. I needed him here in Eden, his Adam to my Eve. I didn't care about the other neighbors. The sanctuary of my roses hid us from prying eyes.

His mouth was on the outside of my pussy. With tenderness he kissed my pouting pussy lips, tugging a little on them. I shivered with anticipation. His tongue teased my wet slit, as I arched my back, touching his hair with one hand while I caressed my left breast with the other. He buried his tongue in my opening, moaning and licking with delight. His hands went to my breasts. I took one of his hands in mine, to bring a finger to my mouth. I sucked it as if it were his cock that I longed to taste and feel the hardness of him in my mouth.

I came, raining his face with wetness.

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