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Second day of Li Su's visit.

Her reaction to the touch of my tongue fed me the first small wave of my come. I did my best not to dwell on its presence and just focused on pleasing her.

She softly caressed the top of my head and began speaking between moans of pleasure. "See, hon? No matter how badly either of us want to believe otherwise, you just can't give me anything like the experience that we witnessed last night. I don't want you to worry or feel bad, it's not something that I will need all of the time. It would just be nice to occasionally have someone around who could fill that need for me. I know there are plenty of guys out there that would love to get the chance. Hell, we both know of one who already has. Would it really so bad if I gave him a call? I bet he still wants me even after all of this time."

Her earlier hesitance to address the elephant in the room had clearly evaporated. I attempted to voice my disinterest, but all that I accomplished was almost choking on a large flow of semen as it rushed into my mouth once I removed my tongue from her clit. After clearing my throat, I found myself unsure of what I'd even have said so I simply retreated back to performing the job at hand. As I did so, my mind began to wander back to certain events of our past.

The guy that she was talking about was someone from the swinging experiences that we had in our early twenties. That was roughly 8 years ago, long before I had embraced the extent of my submissive nature and even longer before I had managed to work through the many sexual insecurities that plagued me throughout the beginning of our relationship.

This guy was your stereotypical southern good ol' boy. His confidence was off the charts, he was in great physical shape, and he didn't have a submissive bone in his body. He also had no problem letting everyone know that he was the alpha male, which for some reason made him a hit with all of the ladies (including my wife). To top all of that off, it turned out that the size of his cock almost matched the size of his ego.

I on the other hand, had a personality that was the polar opposite from that. Physically I was lean, but lacked any significant muscle mass. I was the shy, quiet guy who couldn't grasp the concept of small talk and had barely any experience flirting with women who weren't my wife. I was naturally submissive both in bed and in day-to-day life. Conflict and contention were two things that I strove to avoid.

As if I didn't already feel inferior enough, I let all of my nerves and insecurities keep me from being able to take full advantage of the opportunity to properly fuck his cute, blonde, and eager little wife. Out of the handful of times that we tried, I either failed to maintain an erection or ran out of physical stamina before coming anywhere near achieving orgasm. Failing to perform was embarrassing on its own, but doing so while he had no problem giving my wife the best sex of her life made it even worse.

You can probably guess how the situation unraveled. Things got really complicated as the young, insecure, and submissive me witnessed my wife become infatuated by a stronger, smoother, and bigger (in more ways than one) man who never passed up on an opportunity to point out the ways he was better than me. In retrospect, I basically got to experience one of my biggest fantasies before I had even realized it was my fantasy.

If it had happened in recent years, I'd have been thrilled. It didn't though, so the result was a big hot mess of jealous angst fueled by sex and alcohol. It taught us quite a bit however, and our relationship came out stronger for it. We never ended up talking to him again though, which left some unresolved emotions and feelings over the whole situation.

It took my wife quite a while to get over the (completely unnecessary) guilt she felt for letting her attraction to him cloud her judgement.

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