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Eve recounts her wild night with a stranger.

She became gravely self-conscious and lowered her head. Without her glasses she looked every bit the fragile creature, an ice queen melting under the heat, her brown almond-shaped eyes pleading for leniency. All that only brought my friskiness to a new high.

"You're so gorgeous. The glasses only make you look stern." I rasped, reaching out a hand to brush her shiny, shoulder-length hair.

"What are you doing?!" she snapped, backing off to the other side of the dining table.

Eyes fixated on my prey, I rounded the table to catch her. "You agree to do whatever I ask!" I exclaimed.

"No, no! Not like this....!" Germaine pleaded.

We danced in circles around the dining stable for a while, before she made a dash toward the kitchen. I was quickly upon her, blocking her way.

"You cheat! I'm giving you a chance and not exposing you!" I glowered, hypnotized by her tearful, almond-shaped eyes. She cringed as I stroked her hair and cheek with the outer side of my palm.

Germaine winced fearfully when I grabbed her waist with both arms. "Dirty, dirty cheat!" I taunted, hands roving up her torso towards the snowy globes I had eyed for months. She curled up her hands in a futile effort to block my intruding palms.

"Is this what you adults do??" I condemned. One hand ventured up and cupped her left tit. It felt exquisite, like the softest cushion, so large but so malleable. My cock stirred.

"Ahhh.... Please don't....!" pleaded the tutor.

I paid no heed. My hand was already rubbing all over that tit furiously. My other hand joined in; and so I was hungrily kneading Germaine's chest, with her against the wall and yelping futile protests.

"I hate cheats! I never cheat in anything, why should others?" I rasped. Anger at the lying and greed of adults well up inside me, expressed in lust and revenge at this desperate woman who had been cheating my nephew. Fingers met the buttons of her blouse, and instantly they were unhinged. Lumps of snowy flesh spilled out, amidst utterances of "please" or "no".

"You must make amends!" I growled.

The twin mounds of pale flesh were held by that practical, lacy blue bra. I played the irresistible mounds, forcing Germaine further up the wall. She looked away, flaring her fearful outbreathes up at me. I continued to unbutton until her entire pallid torso was revealed. My other hand continued its molest, strafing between those bosoms while I pulled off the blouse.

This was something new to me: coercing someone for my own pleasure. My prey being an older woman actually added to the thrill. It was like bondage -- only this time, the ropes were invisible! I wanted to enjoy this reeeally slowly....

Germaine snaked out of my grip while my hands were grabbing at her blouse. "I.... I want to leave! I don't want to do this!" she exclaimed, trying to collect her things from the dining table.


My voice was so authoritative, I scared even myself. Really unhinged now, I grabbed Germane from behind. I kneaded those delicious breasts, then crept my hands under her bra. Underneath, the pressure from the bra was far stronger than the resistance of her very soft tits. I pulled and squeezed as much as I wanted, while licking her neck and ears.

"You dirty cheat! Dirty cheat in a delicious body...." I taunted.

Germaine shook with fear, contracting herself by bunching her hands and elbows into her chest. My grip only became harder under the pressure of her own crouching. " little monster!" she hissed.

I went on licking her arms, neck and ears, whispering to her, "My god.... you feel sooo good, Germaine....!"


"Germaine.... I want you.... I want to enjoy you all over...."

I felt up her legs and butt for the first time. The butt is usually the firmer part, but hers was soft and pliable to every grip and pinch. Her thighs were every bit as smooth and pale as her breasts. I lifted up her skirt, and admired her blue lacy panty that matched her bra.

"I shouldn't let this body go to waste.

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