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Doree makes her final gambit in the Duc's game of power.

Focused on his dark eyes, she slipped her panties off and placed them on the folded dress. Tahlia trembled as she stood before him. Her hard buds protruded from her breasts and her shaved mound still exhibited the stripes left by his crop from the evening before. She was unsure if her heart pounded from excitement or fear.

"Hands out," he ordered and bound her cuffs back together. He pulled her forward and guided her to his lap. Facing him, she straddled his legs. In a graceful motion, her arms raised over his head and rested behind his neck.

Their kiss was one of passion. His tongue explored the wetness of her warm mouth. Lost in his claim, Tahlia forgot her surroundings and surrendered to him. Small moans escaped her as his hands roamed her naked body. Her juices covered his fingers while they probed her sex. The caress to her clit caused her hips to undulate against him.

"Stand and turn around."

Hesitantly, Tahlia got down from his lap and turned from him. She gazed towards the floor. Her mind focused back to her surroundings. She did not want to see if they were drawing attention.

"Bend over, girl."

Her face flamed red, but she did as instructed. Her desire was to please him but the pain of her shyness was evident. It became an internal struggle. His will over her own. Her vulnerability exposed. She swallowed back her sobs. Tahlia's only comfort was the way her long hair fell over her face. It became her shield to hide behind.

With a firm grip on her hip, Master Falcon's fingers entered her glistening pussy. He roughly fingered her. Tahlia tried to keep her silence, her breath laboring with her efforts. Keeping his fingers inside her, Master Falcon used his other hand to release his cock from his pants. Strong hands gripped her hips. In a swift action, he impaled Tahlia onto his rigid shaft. A deep guttural moan came from her lips as he filled her. He lifted her back onto his lap once more, pressing her further down his length.

"Ride me, girl," he ordered. His hands moved from her hips to her heaving breasts. Their firmness squeezed and manipulated by his fingers while she bounced on his cock. Tahlia moaned loudly at the sensations that ran through her body. She was aware that her outbursts would draw attention, but it was out of her control. Her body responded to the desire he created.

His hand took hold of her silken hair and pulled her from his lap to lay face down over the arm of the chair. He pushed her forward to raise her hips, then invaded her tight ass without hesitation or gentleness.

Tahlia cried out from the force of his entry. She sobbed in pain while he rammed into her. There was no time to adjust to the intrusion. Master Falcon fucked her with abandon. Tahlia could only cry and wait for him to finish. She was helpless to his assault.

He thrust forcefully into her a few more times before he took hold of her hair and pulled her to her knees. His engorged cock entered her mouth and released its offering. Tahlia's lips wrapped tightly around him as she swallowed his gift. Her tongue washed every ridge of his shaft as she cleaned him thoroughly.

When she was through, Master Falcon sat back in his chair, leaving Tahlia kneeling at his side. This immediately left her aware of her state and of the public scene that had just unfolded. It soon intensified.

Master Falcon rose and refastened her cuffs to his chair, then walked to the bar. Tahlia's eyes zeroed in on a spot on the floor. She couldn't look at the faces of those passing by. What was taking him so long? The longer he was gone, the more self-aware Tahlia became. How did such a shy girl develop an animalistic need? And in a public place. The tears came as the thoughts invaded her mind. She gulped back her emotions and waited his return.

Sensing her discomfort, but pleased with her, Master Falcon returned and removed the chain from his chair.

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