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On a new chair, a couple relishes and enjoys sex.

He released my breast and cunt at the same time he stepped back.

"Your next task is to clean me. Run a bath then undress me. You may take off the knee pads and gloves."

I blew out an exasperated breath and turned to start the water. Jason had gone back into the other room. I removed my knee pads and gloves and crawled into him. He was sitting on the bed. I pulled his tie over his head then slowly unbuttoned his shirt hoping to god I was teasing him like he was teasing me. When I got to the last button I put my hands on his lean stomach, letting my thumbs stroke the hair under his belly button. His little happy trail was so sexy I wanted to rub my face up and down it. I ran my heads up his chest and then down his arms pushing the shirt off as I went. I kept my face very close to his body breathing him in. He smelled so good; I wanted to taste him but thought that I was already pushing my luck. When his shirt was off he reminded me of the bath.

"I think you better go check that water."

As quickly as I could on hands and knees I went to turn the water off. When I turned Jason was in the doorway. I crawled over, and put my hands on his hips, rubbing my thumbs in small circles over the bare skin above his waistband. He took my wrists and moved my hands to his zipper. I undid the zipper and button and then did my favorite thing when undressing a man. I put my hands into his underwear and instead of moving down the front I slide them slowly around to his ass, then down his hips caressing as I pushed his underwear and slacks at the same time. They snagged a bit on his enlarging cock but he helped them over it. I continued to move my hands down his hips to his thighs. I loved the feel of the course hair tickling my palms as I continued all the way down to his feet. He lifted one leg then the other. Now that he was naked except for his socks I had to look. As I slid one sock down, I looked up. His arousal was right in front of my face. I caressed it with my cheek. I rubbed my nose in his pubic hair. He smelled delicious. I took his other sock off, with my nose still buried in his crotch I looked up at him. He was looking down watching me. He took my head in his hands pulling me up to my full height while still on my knees. He bent down and kissed me.

It started as a slow soft kiss, I licked is lips very softly. He understood what I was asking for and opened his mouth. My tongue slowly slid into his mouth searching. As soon as my tongue touched his he took over; forcing mine back so he could plunder my mouth. He took the breath from me. I had to put my hands on his hips to steady myself. His thickening dick was reaching out to rub between my breasts. He gradually eased back. Teasing me by nipping at my lips, then snaking his tongue in the out quickly, finally he kissed one corner of my mouth then the other and pulled away.

"My bath is getting cold."

He stepped around me and into the water. He eased himself down slowly, put his arms on the sides and rested his head on the back edge, closed his eyes and sighed.

"Second position."

I quickly moved over to the tub and assumed the position.

"Hannah, you did pretty well but it was a very easy day. Not much for you to worked up over. It will get harder and you will be punished for acting without permission. I didn't give you permission to peek at me or to touch me."

"I'm sorry, Master."

"I didn't give you permission to speak either."

He didn't say anything else. He just lay soaking and I was getting antsy again.

"Sir, Permission to speak."

"What Hannah?"

"May I wash you Sir"

"I'm not sure you deserve the pleasure of touching me again. Heat the water up and let me think about it."

I moved to do as he said, then moved back to into position.

"You may wash me but strip first and no excessive touching."

He watched me strip and I did it slowly.

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