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She works through the rest of the porno shoot.

He slowly leaned into her and kissed her neck softly just below the ear, complimenting her on how beautiful she was, loving the little blush that came to her cheeks, she turned and her lips met his, kissing softly as he held her to him.

The bell went and the bar was shutting up as he finished his drink and picked up her coat for her to slip into, heading back out to the car it was a warm night as he drove down the dark country lanes, teasing her a little bit about the incredibly hot photos she had sent him the other day. With a naughty flirting note in her voice she asked him if he wanted to see the real thing.

To his credit he didn't crash the car instantly but his almost whispered affirmation was lost as she giggled and slowly slid her hands down to the hem of her top, sliding it up her body till she gently raised it over her full gorgeous breasts I was the black bra and god she looked 100% hotter in person than she had on the photo, and she had looked damned hot on the photo.

He spotted a lay-by, covered with trees and pulled the car in out of sight, turning the lights off he turned to her, only lit but the moon and the stars in the dark night and slowly reached out a trembling hand to caress her firm, rounded breasts. Leaning over he kissed her softly as he slid his hand down over her ribs, cupping her tits gently as he kissed the side of her neck, his thumb rubbing gently over her nipples...

He moved away from her, opened his door and walked round, he gently guided her so her legs were sticking out of the car, his fingers more confident now as he knelt on the ground in front of her, fingers undoing her jeans, she lifted her ass and let him slide them down. She looked slightly puzzled at what he was going to do but she seemed very willing.

With her jeans around her ankles he lifted them over his shoulder so that the jeans were bunched behind his head. Leaning down he pulled her little G-string to one side and slowly began licking her pussy. Long slow strokes up and down, getting her wetter and wetter as he tasted her for the first time. Soon his tongue was pushing deeper, searching for that spot, the one that would make her moan out loud. He found it and licked her hard, over and over on the spot, licking, sucking, and listening to her soft moans as he brought her higher and higher till she came hard for him.

He stood up carefully and gently lowering her legs back down and opened the back door. Had no idea if this would work, she pulled her pants up for the moment and moved round. He sat in the middle of the back seat and slowly unbuttoned his jeans; sliding them down past his knees with his boxers he revealed a hard throbbing cock.

"I want you to try riding me hun." He smiled at her as she lowered her jeans showing of that gorgeous pussy. She crawled into the car with him, sliding one leg out of her jeans she slowly straddled him, the low height of the car meaning she slightly hunched over, her head on his shoulder as she slowly slid down onto his hard cock, feeling it stretch her tight underused little pussy.

"Oh God..." His breath was a silent whisper as he felt her envelope his throbbing shaft. His silent prayers answered as she kissed the side of his neck, feeling the warmth of her around him, the wetness and tightness as she started to grind against him.

His hands gripped her ass tightly briefly before sliding up under her top, stroking her back and shoulders gently over and over. His lips found hers and they kissed; hot, furious, passionate and full of need as she slid herself up and down, he could feel her body trembling as they moved together gently for what seemed like an age, suddenly he felt her stiffen, it had crept up and surprised her.

Her eyes flicked open, her mouth a little 'O' of shock as her second climax washed through her, shuddering as she came and then collapsed against him. They sat together like that for a while, his shaft still hard with need inside her, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

He gently moved for her to slide off him.

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