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A voyeuristic experience leads to more.

I probably drove him half crazy with my need for reassurance, but I finally got to the point where I was considering it.

The turning point came when we were on vacation at an all-inclusive resort. The sun made me feel all languid and sensual. I felt like I walked differently. My limbs were looser and I loved going around in a bikini and a sarong. I loved the eyes on my body as I walked, but most of all I loved watching Jeff's face as he watched them watching me.

I remember walking toward him across the open bar. My strides were long. My thigh split the sarong open. I was aware of my nipples tightening beneath my top. My eyes never left his even though I knew I was being watched. I wanted to seduce Jeff by arousing him by attracting attention. It worked.

I walked right into his arms and he buried his face into my hair and pulled me hard up between his thighs so I could feel his erection. He whispered into my ear, "Fuck, baby, every eye in this bar was on you."

He gripped my ass and rotated my hips against him. I was so turned on by the thought of everyone in the bar watching this and I was so turned on by Jeff's reaction that I could feel myself throb and a rush of wetness pooling between my pussy lips. "Look at them," he whispered and he slowly turned me to face the room while cradled between his outspread thighs.

I was flushed. I felt hot. I was incredibly nervous and throbbing with sexual awareness. I didn't look up at first. I kept my gaze down until Jeff pulled me back against him. With his erection pressing between my ass cheeks, he whispered in my ear, "Look over to the left...see the tall man stroking his wife's thigh while he's looking dead at you?"

I lifted my eyes slightly and first caught sight of the hand languidly sliding up and down the length of a woman's shapely thigh. I caught my breath and my gaze slid up and for just a brief moment I caught the man's eyes. My heart pounded and my pussy clenched at the unbridled lust I saw in his eyes. I didn't mean to...but I moaned out loud.

"Easy baby," Jeff whispered to me. His fingers dug into my hips and he turned me slightly to the right. "Now. Look." His hand splayed over my belly and casually stroked it. I kept sucking in one deep breath after the other. "See that man in the yellow t-shirt looking at you?"

I nodded catching sight of the man leaning against one of the center poles holding up the tiki roof. "Yes," I murmured and was surprised at how husky my voice sounded. Jeff drew his index finger underneath the curve of my breast and I felt it grow heavier and somehow fuller. My eyes were blinking slowly as I watched the man in yellow.

"Look down, baby, tell me what you see," Jeff whispered and his finger flicked over my nipple quickly. I whimpered at the tight aching sensation that created and let my gaze dropped. "Aahh..." I nearly cried out and felt my knees weaken as I spotted the man's shorts tenting. His erection was straining against the loose fabric and I could see a darker spot. A wet spot.

"Oh. Fuck." I trembled against Jeff. I wrenched myself around unable to take any more of the eyes on me. My skin felt alive. I could feel every pore. My entire body throbbed. I wrapped my arms around Jeff wanting to be reassured and held in the onslaught of such arousal.

"Fuck," he growled into my ear. "They want you. I want you. I am going to fuck you now," he pulled me with him. I stumbled after him. I remember stubbing my bare feet as we nearly ran back to our room. We didn't make it to the door before he had ripped off my top and buried his face between my breasts. His mouth moved hungrily from one nipple to the other. "Open the god damned door," he said as I managed to swipe the card hanging from my wrist and we tumbled inside the room.

I fell to the floor and he followed me down.

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