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He returns to the store.

"Shit," I thought. Just my luck to be caught checking them out. I gave them a friendly smile as they approached.

"Thanks for stopping, guys. I was beginning to think nobody would ever come."

"Hey, no problem, Katie. Eventually someone always comes." Lee was looking at me intently as he spoke. His green eyes sparkled with mischief. I blushed and looked away as soon as I realized the double meaning to his comment.

"Fuck, Lee. Subtlety has never been your strong point, has it? I apologize for my mate, Katie. He gets stupid around helpless, stranded women in shorts." Shawn let out a deep, rumbling chuckle.

I found myself smiling at Shawn.

"Hey mister, who are you calling helpless?" I turned my back on them and bent down to open up the hood of the car. There was enough moonlight to be able to see what I was doing. It was in my cheeky nature to do this as obvious as possible. I squatted down in front of the car and reached for the release catch for the hood. It was always a bit tricky, so I made an extra play of it by wriggling my ass and grunting a little. I felt the hood pop up a little and stood up slowly. I tucked my fingers under the front of the hood and lifted the heavy piece of metal up. I readjusted my grip, then pushed it all the way up, stretching my 5'6" frame as much as I could. My legs were spread a little and my ass was sticking out. I secured the hood then looked over my shoulder. The guys were just standing there watching quietly. Shawn was still looking at my ass.

"Ready when you are, boys," I purred.

Immediately after, I regretted my words and I scolded myself silently.

"Jesus, fuck Katie. What the fuck are you doing? You don't even know these guys. At any given second they could grab you and rape your ass or worse, right here, and nobody would know about it."

Nevertheless, I turned and faced the two guys and leaned against my car with a smile on my face.

Shawn moved first. He couldn't believe the show this little tart had just put on. If she was hoping to be raped out here in the open, she was going the right way about it. If he made a move on her, he knew Lee would back him up without a doubt. It wouldn't be the first time.

She looked up at him as he stepped toward the car. Looking back at her he could've sworn he saw the look of a challenge in her eyes. In a blink it was gone as she looked down at the car's engine. He flicked the flashlight on and the area filled with light. He gave her one more look before peering into the huge area under the car's hood.

Lee stood back watching the woman as she lit up a cigarette. He still had one hand in the pocket of his jeans. He was toying with a couple of pills in a plastic bag he had been given, before leaving the pub earlier. His cock had shown its approval of seeing her ass bent over the car. There had been enough moonlight for him to enjoy the view of her round ass nearly busting out of those tight shorts. It was an ass he would enjoy fucking, that's for sure. He adjusted himself again.

Shawn looked at the Pontiac's large radiator. Smiling to himself, he saw the problem. There was a hole in the radiator and there was no way it was going to get fixed tonight. At least he wouldn't have to spin her a story to get her back to the house, he thought. Glancing over at her concerned face, he caught her eye.

"You were right," he told her. "It's the radiator and it's fucked. I can't do much tonight though, sorry."

He straightened up as she swore. He watched with mild amusement as she kicked the front tire of the car. Her arms flailed, her tits bounced wildly and her ass shook. She swore again. Yeah, she'd be a wild one, all right, he thought to himself. He took it upon himself to shut the hood. The woman was standing with her arms crossed over her large tits, looking mad as hell.

"Hey, it's ok. We'll help you out as much as we can. Won't we Lee?" Shawn glanced back at his friend.


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