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Former lovers find themselves alone, and can't resist.

My shutter finger spasmed and the camera took shot after shot. Could there be a better view than what I was observing at that very moment?

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Cassie began to move and sway. I tried to stay focused, both physically and mentally, but I was under her spell and, literally, under her sweet sexy pussy. Slowly, ever so slowly, she weaved and danced and lowered her body, closer and closer to my lens. The music playing right then was a perfect score for her slow seductive descent. I tried in vain to stay focused and on task, my lens moving with her hips. But as she moved seductively, lower and lower, I realized she was getting too close. I froze, my camera black and vertical, as she lowered her gaping pussy directly onto the broad face of my telephoto lens. It was like blocking out the sun. I saw nothing, but I knew her wet sex was becoming close friends with my polarizing filter. They were now lovers.

As she rose up slightly I let the camera fall to the side of my head, realizing that the last tool of my defense had been compromised by Cassie's body. Once she saw my camera tumble away, she knelt down and straddled my face. I looked up in awe at the sexiest display of sensuality that I had ever witnessed. With timing best described as slow-motion, Cassie lowered her sex toward my head. I was face to face with the most beautiful pussy I had ever laid eyes on. And in what could best be described as a first gentle kiss, I stuck my tongue out and watched in amazement as Cassie lowered her bulging little clit to just within reach of my tongue.

She'd said it earlier: I was toast. And I was. My camera was gone, covered with pussy juice, and I was literally defenseless. I surrendered. I'd lost our bet. I lifted my head and made first contact; glad, ecstatic in fact, that our game was over. I licked Cassie's clit with a gentle nudge of my tongue. Then, with a tight circular twirl, I engaged her swollen labia and tasted the juices that had collected on the rigid little nubbin of her clitoris. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised at how wet she was; she was dripping with honey. I pursed my lips and kissed her core. I don't know that I had ever tasted anything so sweet. The aroma of her arousal completely overwhelmed my nasal passages and brain, and I moaned involuntarily as Cassie moved her hips and slid her clit along the vertical rudder of my extended tongue. I heard her groan deeply and knew that we were, finally, off to the races.

I could hear the excitement in her breathing and felt her slip into a rhythm; a groove. She leaned back, placing her hands behind her on my legs and arched her hips forward, offering her lovely pink pussy to my mouth. As I sucked her juicy cunt in earnest, I looked up at her body and her lovely face. She was looking back at me with lust-filled eyes as her hips rocked and my tongue swirled.

Cassie began to lift her hips up so I had full access to the wet folds of her core and I turned my focus back to the lovely open pussy that was being offered to me. I'd been somewhat passive since losing the challenge, and suddenly felt a surge of sexual energy. I grabbed Cassie's tight fleshy ass cheeks with both hands and pulled her pussy onto my face hard, grinding my tongue deep into her hot flesh. She groaned and bucked her hips, loving the pace and intensity of this cunnilingual exercise. The sensual sounds of saliva mixed with female juices and the locking of two types of lips made for a slurpy smacking soup of sound that echoed between her slender thighs. My moans were muffled by the thin spread lips of her engorged labia.

She'd been working pretty hard up to this point and her determination and guile had panned out.

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