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Good guys, bad guys, and Becky's first date.

"Careful princess." He groaned in her ear, grabbing her hips, to steady them.

"I can't get comfortable, daddy! I'm taking off my shirt!"

"O-Okay princess...wait."

Emma pulled off her shirt, unaware of anything wrong. She laid back down on him.

"Much better! Daddy, you forgot goodnight kisses."

"Right, I'm sorry baby girl." He kissed both her cheeks and laid her back down on his chest.

Cane was ashamed of himself. His little girl laid shirtless on him, in her little pink panties. His cock strained against her.

"Daddy, why don't you kiss me like mommy?"

"Those are special kisses baby, not for little girls."

"I'm not a little girl daddy!" Emma sat up pouting again. Cane saw his daughter In full light. Her perky breast and tight belly. Her hips started rocking back and forth on his.


"What daddy? Please! I'm a big girl!"

She rocked back and forth faster throwing a fit. Not realizing she was rubbing her daddy's cock.

"Princess, You are a little girl and you'll get little girl kisses."

"Daddy that's not fair!" Emma leaned down, inches from her fathers rugged face. He moaned feeling her hips rub against his hard member.

"Daddy." She whispered.

"Yes princess?" He said with his eyes closed, Biting his lip

"What's that?" She reached down and grabbed his cock.

He gasped.

"Pr-princess. Now, now..."

He grabbed her face and pulled her into a deep kiss, feeling her small hands around his cock.

"Mmm thank you daddy"

Something came over cane. Something of peer lust and desire. He threw her on her back, and got on top of her.

"Do you have a crush on daddy?"

Chills went threw Emma's body, she nodded her head pulling him closer wanted his lips on hers. He pulled back, not allowing her to kiss him.

"Use your words, big girl."

He growled in her ear.

"Yes daddy..." She pulled him closer kissing him again. He grabbed her perfect breast rubbing his covered cock In between her legs. Rubbing her clit, she soon became soaking wet. Pulling her fathers shorts down, he slapped her hand away.

"Wait little girl. You want me? You have to beg for it."

"Mm yes daddy. Please let me have you. Show me what you want, take me, I'm your little girl. Please daddy!"

He started kissing Down her body. Pasted her breast, and tummy. Kissing her hips and inner thighs. He grabbed her panties with his teeth and pulled them off.

"Daddy what are you doing?"

"What you begged for princess..." He felt his little girls pussy, how wet she was.

" princess parts feel weird..."

"Oh princess." He licked up and down her slit, sucking on her clit. Emma gasped and moaned, grabbing the blankets sting her. Her little toes curled up. He put his pinky in her virgin pussy, slowly getting her ready for his member.


"Oh princess. You're so tight."

He reached up and covered her mouth. Her moans were becoming louder and louder.

"Daddy...stop please." Waves of pleasure and pain coursed threw her.

"Daddy what are you doing?"

"Shh, princess." He crawled on top of her. He put her arms above her head and held them there. His strong arms rippling, pinning her. Her little legs squirmed. He pulled off his pajama bottoms and rubbed his hard 8inch cock around her wet pussy.

"Now sweetie, don't be scared. This might hurt a little. Ill be slow at first, you'll be okay."

"Daddy..." He kissed her neck, nibbling on her tender, intoxicating skin. He slid his head in, making her gasp, and body tense.

"Relax, baby girl, it won't hurt as much." He slid a few inches in, going in and out of her, further and further, deeper and deeper.

"Daddy please stop! It hurts!"

He held her arms down and began going faster. Soon her painful cries became moans of pleasure, not wanting him to stop.

"Daddy...please, please, daddy. Fuck my pussy"

"Mmm fuck princess...give me your slutty pussy!" He flipped her over on all fours, shoving her face into the pillow. Pulling her arms back behind her.

"Don't tell mommy baby girl."

"Our special secret daddy.

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