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A man's life continues, but not the way he expects.

"Umm, Mistress. Am I coming after all tonight?" I asked, watching her put her hair into rollers. She looked over at me and scrunched up her face.

"Why on earth would I take you with me, this is a works thing and you know the rules." she said.

"Oh," I said slightly downhearted. "It's just earlier in your text, you said that we don't need dinner Mistress. Not you, we."

"Ah yes, I bought you my leftovers from lunch," she said. "Sorry if you go the wrong end of the stick, I thought you wouldn't have time that's all."

"Um, ok." I said.

Left overs, seriously. What was I a pet dog or something? She must have seen my face and turned to look at me.

"I wasn't trying to upset you hunny. It was an awesome lasagne, trust me. I really thought you'd like it. Besides, I wasn't lying when I said you'd be a little tied up tonight to come, I have some treats for you as well before I go out and have my fun."

The way she smiled at me lifted my spirits, in fact the fact she was thinking of me at all when out made me smile.

"Look, it's in the fridge. I suggest you go heat it up and eat it now. I've got a taxi coming for me in two hours, I need to get you ready in about an hour as I need time to change after."

I smiled at her and scurried out the room.

"Bring up the bubbly when you have a moment, I'll finish this glass in no time!" she shouted after me.

Of course I took the bubbly up immediately, that went without saying and soon enough I was microwaving the left over lasagne. I had to admit, even after being re-heated it was really tasty.

I was just tidying up from dinner when my wife came downstairs putting her glass on the side. She had flung on her robe again just to walk around the house, she left the front open she her underwear was clearly on show. Not that I minded, she looked stunning and I wish she'd walk around like that more often.

"Do you need a refill mistress?" I asked.

"No slave," she said. "It's time to get you ready, put this on will you."

I caught a loose fitting hood that she threw and me and looking up at her saw the look of utter mischief I her eyes. She was clearly looking forward to what came next so I quickly pulled on the hood and tightened the base up. I felt her grab my hand and pull me out of the kitchen.

"Mind the steps, I asked you to sort the playroom out for a reason. You'll be staying in here tonight until I'm back."

I took the stairs slowly, I wasn't used to them so I actually had no idea how many there were. I nearly fell over expecting another step as I reached the bottom, and my wife dragged me over and pushed me down to sit on some form of seat.

The padding of a seat conformed perfectly to my arse, I could feel it had a reasonable amount of padding and felt almost silky smooth against my skin. I felt one of my hands as it was pulled forward and then the familiar feel of the metal mitts being fitted to my hands. I could hear my wife humming away happily as she worked.

After fitting both mitts to my hands rendering them both totally useless I felt my arms being guided up behind my back. I had to lean forward slightly to reduce the tension in my shoulders as I felt the metal mitts being secured to something, and I grunted as my Mistress pushed my elbows tightly together, seemingly securing them with some sort of padded restraint. When I tried to move my arms it was useless, I could barely manage a wiggle of my fingers.

I felt something enclose around my arms, totally encasing them and as I heard it snap shut it felt as if the restraints holding my elbows together tightened even more.

"Ahhh Mistress, that's really tight!" I said. I wasn't sure I'd be able to stay like this for long.

"Oh hush slave," She said. "I've barely got started yet!"

Each leg was pushed into some sort of holder, again perfectly shaped to my body as I felt something tighten around each leg.

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