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Putting the right encouragement in the buyer's way.

After I deposited a huge load into Dana, she hurriedly showered and headed off the videographer's business to watch the raw footage and to start working with the team there to edit it down.

Dana not only had a project to complete for college but she also had to finish our commercial videos for the CYN Suits website and pass them on to Diana for our social media campaign.

I was still in bed with a nude Sonia who was cleaning my cock of Dana's juices with her exquisite mouth, tongue, and lips when Monica arrived to spend a few nights.

As you may recall, I had Monica and Susan spend almost a week in the same room in Las Vegas with only a queen size bed as they did their market research for the swimsuit line.

I was sure there was a lot of female hanky-panky going on between those two lovely ladies but neither one said anything to me about it.


My plan was to move Dana out for a few days while she did her college project and move Monica in and be roomies with Sonia and I. Then head back to LA.

Kathy was still sick and I had asked Monica to coordinate her care as she recovered. I purposely kept Sonia away from Kathy; Kathy was a bit too demanding and controlling and I needed Sonia to see some of what was available to her as a young, hot female adult.

Mainly, how to make some money through modeling and how to accommodate a man's hard cock in each of her orifices.

I didn't want Kathy interfering with Sonia's education, sexual and otherwise.

So, when Monica came in I had her put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and had her get into bed with us.

Monica had long ago lost her shyness and she was nude in less than a minute.

She greeted me with a kiss, lots of tongue. I reached up and rubbed her ample firm breasts in greeting.

I now had two women, one on either side of me, nude, in bed, and they kissed hello over my midsection, Sonia still holding my cock.

Monica said "Mr. Jack, how can we pleasure you today?"

I smiled and said, "We need to get to know one another better" and with that I directed Sonia "to make Monica feel welcome with us" which meant, I wanted Sonia to lick Monica to heaven.

Now, I wasn't being a jerk about this request.

I had Monica explain in Spanish that we would all have a good time and that Sonia needed to mind her elders and that she would be rewarded in turn.

With a sly smile, Sonia climbed between Monica's tan and toned thighs, and began pleasuring Monica.

Despite her young age, Sonia was about as good at eating pussy as I had run across.

Dana sang Sonia praises for taking care of her the previous night.

Before she left for work she said "Jack, if I am stranded on a desert island and I had my pick of women, Sonia's the one."

As Sonia settled in, I began kissing Monica and playing with her very nice breasts.

I described them quite well in "I Hire Monica the Maid."

Remember, Monica (the Maid) was no spring chicken, but since I had hired her she had gotten into better shape, physically and mentally.

Morally, I had corrupted her, converting her into a bi-sexual but she was fine with that. I say that because she never dated any men after her husband had passed and never mentioned any interest in men except after I started fucking her (three holes a day). After our sexual adventures started she seemed to be satisfied by what I did for her or to her.

With Sonia now eating at the Y, within about a minute, Monica was writhing on the bed; Sonia had Monica's hands held down as she licked all around Monica's clit, only blowing on the clit itself, which was causing Monica to moan and start begging for Sonia to give her relief.

Sonia just kept up her kisses and licks, and her eyes smiled at me as I knew she was pleasurably torturing Monica for a reason. Sonia wanted Monica to know who was in control and when Monica could cum and how she would cum.

Monica may have been her elder, but when it came to oral sex, Sonia was in the drivers seat as far as Monica was concerned.

The teasing continued, unabated as Sonia masterfully brought Monica to the brink, only t

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