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Rachel meets another "gal" with magic panties.

" She said stopping at the bottom step.

"Oh, ok then. So I'll call you tomorrow?"

"I hope so." She said with a smile.

Bill was a little nervous as he was still holding her hand. She hadn't let go or turned to go inside yet so he said the hell with it and leaned in planting a kiss on her lips. There was a moment he didn't know whether or not she was ok with it or not but she soon began kissing him back. Her lips were sweet as he tasted them against his and the kiss seemed to last for a while.

"I hope that was ok." He asked after they finally separated.

She smiled before leaning in and kissing him again. She wrapped her arms around his neck as the pressed her lips holding him tightly.

"Don't go." She said after pulling away.

"Excuse me?"

"Don't go, come in with me."

"Are you sure?"

She didn't answer him and just took him by the hand leading him inside. Ben was nervous because he felt maybe they were rushing a little but at the same time he really liked her. They stepped inside and she took him in to her place and turned the lights on. It was a nice apartment, there was nothing about it that indicated she might not be human or at least nothing he noticed.

They sat down on the couch together and she seemed to have a nervous look on her face. Bill wasn't sure what exactly she was nervous about as she invited him in but he had to ask.

"What's wrong?"

"I have to tell you something."


"But I'm afraid of how you might react."

"Well why don't you tell me and we will go from there."

She stared at him wanting to tell him she was a Vampire but she was scared. She was falling for him hard and knew she had to tell him but all she could picture was him freaking out and running away.

"Tammy whatever it is you can tell me." He said taking her hand.

Tammy took a deep breath before she looked at him and said "I'm a Vampire."

"That's ok I love goth chicks."

"No, I'm really a Vampire, drinking blood, night owl, the works."

Bill sat there waiting for her to say she was kidding or something along those lines but she looked dead serious.

"Ok? So how long have you been this way?"

"You don't believe me do you."

"Well I... I'm just a little confused that's all , I mean how can you be..." he stopped when he watched her eyes suddenly turn white followed by blood red and fangs sprout from her mouth. "Holy shit!" He yelled jumping out of his seat. "You're a... what the..."

"Sorry but it was the only way to prove it."

"That's... you... what?"

"Calm down Bill please."

"So did you lure me here to kill me?"

"What? No of course not."

"Then what... please don't bite me." He said covering his neck with his hands.

"Ok I can see you're a little freaked out right now."

"Freaked out, it's just... you're a Vampire."

"Bill please, I didn't want to lie to you, I really like you."

"I just... it's just... I gotta go." He said turning and leaving her place in a hurry.


Ben and Emily were getting ready to head to bed as sunrise was soon approaching when he heard a frantic knock at the door.

"What the hell?" He said leaving Emily in the bedroom to check the door.

He saw Bill standing on his porch with a freaked out look on his face. He opened the door and greeted his friend.

"Good morning Bill, you alright?"

"Tammy is a Vampire."

"I see... come in."

"You don't believe me do you? You think I'm crazy?"

"Sit down and calm down, you want a drink?"

"She had teeth and her eyes changed color.

"Here drink this." He said handing him a glass of scotch.

"Ben I'm telling the truth here."

"I know you are."

"You're fucking with me?"

"I hired her of course I knew what she was."

"You knew... wait a minute."

Emily came walking in and sat down next to Ben. "Hi Bill, So what are we talking about."

"Bill just found out Tammy was a Vampire."

"Oh, so how'd that go?" She said have sarcastic and half curious.

"Oh my god." Bill said staring at Emily. "Emily, you're one too, you're a Vampire?"

"Not just her." Ben said with a grin.

"Are you fucking serious?" Bill said shooting up out of his seat.

"Bill calm down, I can exp

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