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Cellmate love continues in this multipart story.

Really, I did think of taking some random guy home and fucking him. The opportunities were there. A guy I'd dated, and actually had given a blowjob to in the car years back, was there. Stephen. But he was a jerk. And Kevin, well, that was a whirlwind few weeks of frolicking before I learned he was married with two kids. Go figure. When his wife found out there was a week of hell for me and months for him.

No, I didn't want to cause any kind of spontaneous uproar with my life. I wanted to teach a lesson, but not suffer terrible consequences. Besides, I thought of my nearly perfect relationship with Lin, other than his wife and family, and I knew I was at least somewhat secure there.

That's how the night started, munchies and drinks, and with Kimberly being the designated driver we didn't have to worry about getting home. It was a fun night, lots of dancing, talk and inappropriate behavior. Just letting out all the frustrations of the week.

Guys kept sending our table drinks, and soon we were dancing with the guys from high school. Back then they were wallflowers, but the drinks and a little maturity got them up and about and getting down. During one break Tammy said I was making a spectacle of myself on the dance floor. "Damn girl, every time you turn quickly your skirt flows up and your panties show. You're driving the guys crazy."

I laughed, and figured, give the guys a show!

I asked Kevin where his wife was, and he said she was over her mom's and they had a babysitter. He didn't get out often, so he was enjoying himself. I think he also was enjoying holding my butt while sitting next to me. As the night went on, he got more courageous and slipped his hand down my skirt.

Leaning over, he whispered he still loved my ass. I told him to keep his hand off it, or at least on my panties. No bare ass for him tonight, no way, no how.

Disappointed, he pushed a little and I emphatically said I'd tell his wife everything if he was a bad boy. That brought him down a little, but I remember when I leaned back and happened to look over there was a tent in his pants. Little Kevin was getting bigger.

We talked, we danced and we took turns with different partners. But every half hour or so Kevin would be beside me. About 10 p.m., and buoyed by a half dozen gin and tonics, he laughed that everyone in the bar had seen my panties but him.

I laughed and said he could see them, as long as he didn't touch the merchandise.

"Dare you," was his challenge.

Looking around, I knew he was serious, and while I had been joking I thought back to our days together. I remembered the time I handed my panties to him at a restaurant after coming back from the ladies room. The look on his face was priceless.

Remembering that, and knowing a dare was a dare, I told him to give me two minutes then come back toward the back of the bar toward the restrooms. I told Tammy to come out back in 10 minutes just in case. I knew there was a back exit, and I thought we'd head out back and I'd lift my skirt and make his night for future masturbation visions.

On my way I noticed a stock room door ajar, and looked inside. Quiet. Secluded. Why not, I thought. Slipping inside, I waited until Kevin walked past the doorway. Beckoning him inside, he was surprised but obvious happy. He hugged me, kissed me and told me he missed me.

I told him to calm down, this wasn't going to be a fuck fest, I was merely going to show him some undies and wiggle a little. Sorry, buddy.

Agreeing to the ground rules, Kevin leaned back against the wall, fondling his dick though his pants. I silently danced a little before leaning against some boxes and slowly lifted my slinky black skirt. Soon, I was bare back there with the exception of my polka dot pink panties, the hip huggers I like so much.

"Oh my that's beautiful," said Kevin, who slowly moved toward me.

Dropping my skirt, I reminded him of our deal. He nodded, but then said the words that I'll remember forever.

"Let me cum on your pant

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