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At the dress shop Penny is readied to be shown at the club

After the training he'll be conditioned that way, so there will be no need for the shocker. Here's your syllabus, have a nice stay!

She unstrapped me from the chair and I could get dressed. When we left the exam room I tried to talk my wife out of this.

- You are out of your mind if you think I accept this! We are going home! - I exploded at her.

- Calm down! One way or the other you have to obey me! - She laughed.

I got undressed in our room and I started getting the know the odd equipment. It was indeed impossible to get it off my cock. Meanwhile wifey was going over the schedule:

- First day: walk in the park. Second day: flirting from 10 AM to 11 AM, lunch at noon, and flirting again from 2 PM to 3 PM. Teacher: Allison, second floor, room number 211. Later you're going to learn about stroking a naked body, how to use your hands and tongue properly, and about having sex with a vibrator.

This is going to be though. I mean, if I see a naked chick, the shocker will kill me, I'm sure. The next few days are going to be an interesting experience to say the least. And then Julia started getting naked.

- What are you doing? - I asked furiously. She was half-naked and I felt that there is going to be a little problem.

- I'm having a nice little bath, why don't you come with me? - She asked jokingly.

- I rather go after you are done.

- Oh, what has became from the big man, I have known? You got scared from my tight little ass? The brochure says that during the first week your "straddle" is always on, but after that I can give you a little break from time to time.

- What do you mean, "the first week?" - I asked - How long are we staying?

- The training lasts for a month! - She laughed and went to the bathroom.

I just sat on the bed and stared at the wall. One month! I can't take this.

As soon as Julia came out of the bathroom, I glanced at her perfect body. I shouldn't have done that. The electric jolt stung my penis like a needle.

- I'm really sorry for you, but there is nothing I can do - my wife said - You have to learn to behave. In a month you will be the perfect husband for me, you'll see.

There were no more tests that evening, so we turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Breakfast started at 8 AM, there were already a few couples at the dining room. The women were having conversations with each other, but the men didn't dare too look at the otherwise very good looking ladies. A few muffled screams signaled that the shockers were working just fine. I rather focused on the breakfast.

After our meal we went to the park to take a long walk. There were couples and some single girls. When a chick with a particularly nice booty walked in front of us I couldn't help but look at her ass and pictured her without a skirt. That was a big mistake. It was like pressing a long needle thru my urethra. The girl looked behind her shoulder and just laughed at my misery. Wifey got really angry:

- You can't control yourself! You're just like a filthy pig!

- It would be better if we just went up to our room.

- Don't even think about it! Your schedule says a one hour walk twice today. Try to focus on the flowers.

I managed to get through the hour without another punishment. We got back to our room, but Julia suggested that we hit the pool in the afternoon. I didn't wanted to go because I was sure, that the place would be crowded with bikini chicks.

In the room I tried to remove this humiliating predicament but I couldn't manage to take it off. Julia just laughed at my futile attempts.

I managed to do fine during the afternoon, I was only shocked once: I couldn't help but notice a hot chick with wet hair. Man, she was irresistible!

After dinner the girls stayed at the bar for a few drinks, but I went up to the room just like the other men. It's better be safe.

Next morning we started to look for room 211 for the session with Allison. The room had three nice little chairs placed around a small table. Allison was waiting for us.

- Take a sea

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