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Alessandro explains how and why she has come to be in his be.


Back in Susan's room, Miriam was waking up from her transforming trance. She felt horny as hell and she had an overpowering craving that she didn't quite understand.

"What happened? Where am I?" Miriam whispered.

"Hi sis. Welcome back. You are in my room, with our master." Susan responded.

Miriam looked around and saw her son, David, lying naked on the bedroom floor. Then she noticed David's completely erect cock and her pussy twitched so hard that her fluids gushed forcefully between her legs.

"David! He is naked... and his cock is fully erect," Miriam exclaimed.

"Yes, Miriam. David's cock is ready for you. He wants to give you his sperm."

The astounded woman was so aroused and confused that she didn't acknowledge the tentacles attached to David's ears, or the main bulk of the fungus that extended across the floor.

Deep in the back of her mind, Miriam wanted to protect her son, but she couldn't shake the image of herself humping that phallus until getting the precious sperm. Before she knew it, she was straddling David's hips and lowering her body.

"This is wrong... David is my son. But I want his cum. I need it..."

"Don't fight it, sis. You can't resist a big phallus, regardless of who or what it belongs to. I'm telling you from experience," Susan said.

The moment she sat on David's cock, Miriam fully understood that nothing in the world mattered more than feeding her master, and she had been changed completely for that purpose. Her entire body was hypersensitive, but particularly her pussy. She had never felt so good in her entire life.

"Fuck him, sis!" Susan rubbed her clitoris furiously while she watched her sister fucking her nephew. She felt so proud for bringing another sperm collector into the fold. All of the family was coming together at her master's service.

A few meters away, on the bed, Leila was using one of her mother's bedroom pets to her own advantage. She loved to mate with the caterbugs. Not only did they have enormous reserves of sperm, but their cocks were as big as a podont's and flexible like a maggot's. At this moment, the bulky creature was penetrating deep into her ass.

"Yes! Like that! You are going to make me cum!" Leila said with a seductive voice.

They both were on the verge of climax. Leila could feel the big appendage bloating within her loins and this meant only one thing; the caterbug was about to stuff her with cum. Her pussy twitched hard from utter joy.

As expected, the first discharge of sperm was exceedingly abundant. It was immediately followed by a second and a third.

"He is cumming!! He is filling me with my master's food!"

Leila's pheromones were driving the creature to insane levels of arousal. Instead of a normal, limited ejaculation, he was going to expel all his reserves of sperm into this female, regardless of her tiny size.

Miriam felt her son's cock twitching, followed by the warmth of his sperm. She reached climax by the sheer sense of fulfillment. She was serving her purpose for the first time.

David's mind and body now belong to the fungus. But, contrary to the females, his function would not be as a sperm collector but as a dispenser. He was completely unaware that it was his mother's pussy that constricted his cock so delightfully, though it wouldn't make any difference if he knew. He ejaculated the largest load of cum in his life. From now on, this would be his only purpose.

Meanwhile, the caterbug's ejaculation quickly filled Leila's bowels and reached her stomach. Leila was certain that the precious fluid was going to overflow from her like it had so many times before, and there was no way to stop this waste.

"Oh shit! I am going to cum too and I won't be able to hold it."

Reaching an orgasm meant losing control. She tightened her lips in a futile attempt to keep the sperm inside of her, but it was a lost battle.

Susan realized what was going on with her daughter and told her sister about it.

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