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Sara's visit to her brothers becomes a nightmare.

Nice enough but way too loud for me. He gave me a tour starting in a spacious locker room. Lining both walls were changing stalls and a bench. To my right were showers, lining around a big shower room. Currently someone was taking a shower, but I couldn't see anyone. As we exited out the other end we were in a brown tiled hall, white walls and every 10' was a door. In all there were about 12 doors. I followed him all the way to the end which he opened a fire door and now we're in a hot brown and white tiled expansive pool room. Directly in front of me was a medium sized pool. On either side were hot tubs. Just before each hot were massaging tables. At the moment both tables were being used. Men of every shape color and size were scattered about the room. And I could see only a couple had a robe or towel covering them. The rest were all naked. Not a lot, maybe a dozen or more men. And I didn't see Gary. He could've been in the sauna.

The far wall facing us was a glass wall, steamed up but the man pointed out that's the sauna.

I noticed as we were standing there two couples of men, one engaged in oral while the other was sitting facing each other obviously playing with each other. I also took notice of one of masseuse' giving special attention to his client while another man stood close by, hard cock just inches from the clients face. But he didn't seem to notice.

The last thing he showed me was a lounge. Tv, pool table, vending machines and couches. Nobody was in here at the moment.

Finally we wound up back at the front desk in a small entrance room. He went back into a room with an opening and did some quick paperwork then asked me for ID and 75$ membership fee. My first time is free. Any time after now, 30$.

A few things Gary asked me to do before heading to the bathhouse was to paint my toenails and fingernails. My toenails I did in a nice cherry red. My fingernails, gloss. The next thing I was to do is pack an outfit for after so we could go eat. And lastly, insert the buttplug Gary had left for me. Then once I was about to go in, I was to ask for a short robe. I wasn't sure why but when I did the little man gave me a wry smile and wink then after he gave me a key for room 6 and my 2 towels, 2 wash clothes and 'small robe' he said "have a good time sweetie but be safe."

I thanked him and entered after he hit an electronic button to open the door. I was again in the locker room and I was all alone.

I was to strip naked "as per the rules of the house" and then in only the small robe I was to enter the pool house. Then I was to find a man, any man, with a big cock and make eye contact and give a knowing smile, he stressed serious eye contact. Gary explained how this is the key to scoring with anyone. Then I was to take my robe off, take a quick dip in the pool and if available, get a massage. Whoever I had made eye contact will join me. He guaranteed this.

If however there was no available table, just go to the man and get on my knees and give him the best blowjob I can. He told me in the text that I give an amazing blowjob and anyone in there would be lucky to get one from me.

He had ground rules, no swallowing, nobody allowed in my boypussy and only one man. Once I had made the guy cum he was to cum on my face. I was to then retreat to the showers, then to my room. Gary said he would find me.

I understood now about the small robe. It's a white cloth robe, pretty normal except for me, it's mid to high thigh hemline. It's a females robe.

That was fine with me I would be able to show off my smooth tan legs and cherry red toenails. I had added a silver anklet before I left.

I always found myself closing my eyes, taking a deep breath before trying something new and this time was no different.

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