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A new power mysteriously emerges.

As my hand made contact I realized that it was a good sized piece of meat, much larger my own, but not nearly as big as Chris'.

"Come on, give it a little taste, you'll like it I promise," the stranger stepped forward again causing the head of his penis to hit me again in my face. I tried to sit up but he pushed me down and put his hard cock back in my face. "Why don't you just give me a little blow job and then I'll blow you."

I was still horny from before. The stranger leaned up to me and said, "here" and put something under my nose. I knew it was a bottle of poppers. Instead of saying no, I took in a deep breath and immediately got dizzy. The poppers and the booze from earlier in the night put me back in the mood. I felt warm and safe and extremely horny. The stranger started massaging my cock.

"See you're already hard, you know you want to suck my dick," the stranger's voice said. He moved his cock again only inches from my face and continued to rub my cock. I thought about it for a minute and realized that I actually wanted to do this. The stranger was making me feel so good that I was honestly interested in sucking his dick. The stranger inched closer so that his cock was practically resting on my lips. Out of instinct I opened my mouth and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. The taste was nice, I could feel the heat on my tongue and a slight taste of pre-cum.

I took a bit more of his cock into my mouth and began to move my tongue around the head in a back and forth motion. The stranger began moaning deeply as I sucked his cock. I pulled my mouth off, and told him to lie down on his back. I snuggled in between his legs and took in my first good glimpse of the stranger's manhood. It was big and well veined, with a purple head that seemed to dominate my vision. It was probably 8 to 8 __ inches long and pretty thick. The cock before me was mesmerizing and I wanted nothing more then to stick it back into my mouth.

I was drunk and horny and really enjoying the slutty feeling I was getting from pleasing this stranger. I dropped back down in between his legs and moved to the tip of his cock. I slowly sucked in his head, and then dropped my mouth down onto his dick until it hit the back of my throat and I gagged hard. I made it about __ way down his cock but continued working the tip bobbing up and down. The stranger moaned quietly as I slurped noisily on his rod. It felt great and I began to massage his balls as I gave him head. Again I dropped my head, more slowly this time taking as much of his cock as I could. He hit the back of my throat and kept going almost taking it down to the balls. The stranger moaned again in surprise as I nearly deep throated him. The stranger pushed my head down on his cock enjoying the blow job and wanting me to go deeper. "Man you are a real good cock sucker, you like being a little slut don't you."

I thought to myself, I can't deny the fact that I am a cocksucker. I am in a gay bath house. I have been fucked by two different guys tonight, the last one without a condom. I continued my attempt to deep throat the stranger. I was loving it, and he was, too.

I increased my pace sucking his dick faster then before. I was getting more used to the feeling of a cock in my throat. When he reached down and stroked my cock, I decided to go for it all. I relaxed my throat and took his cock all the way down to the hilt. I felt like a whore when I felt his pubic hair scratching my face. The stranger almost lost it as he felt me deep throat him completely. He continued to put the poppers under my nose as I deep throated him. I could feel the crown of his cock and the veins on it pulsing in my throat. The stranger was still massaging my crotch, but had moved down from my cock to my balls.

He must have had some lube around, because he slowly plied two of his finger into my hole and whispered to me "you little slut, I've got something you might like, while you suck my dick.

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