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Did Jeff, Julie and Becky make the right choices in life?

It was the other man in the boat.

"Wow, you are back from the dead." He said.

"It must not have been my time." She said.

" I'm Xavier; I don't think I introduced myself before." He said.

"Hi Xavier, I am Alexis." She replied, then they shook hands.

"What happened to the other people on the boat?" she asked.

" I don't know, all I know is one moment I was in the boat the next moment I was in the water swimming and then I came across your body floating in the water." He said.

"So, how did we get to this island?" she asked.

" I swam with you until I found shore this morning." He replied.

"Where you tried to bring me back to consciousness." She said.

"That is correct." He replied.

"So, I think we should take a look around this island to see if anyone lives here." He said.

"I certainly hope so."" She said.

As they both walked away from the beach she couldn't help but notice how sexy this man was. He was about 6' 4'' with black curly hair and grey eyes. Broad shoulders and a small waist. The water dripped from his tanned hairy chest and beckoned Alexis closer.

"Look!!!" he said as they came up to a hill.

"There are coconut trees." She gasped.

"Maybe we can find something to eat with the coconut." He replied.

So they ran frantically up the hill. Looking for signs of plants with food.

" I found bananas!!!" Alexis yelled.

" I came across pineapples." Xavier said.

While Xavier climbed up the coconut tree. Alexis looked for leaves to use as plates for the food. She knew she must look like a total mess but she would take care of that later. First she had to feed her hunger. She took some banana leaves and smoothed them out. Looking for something sharp enough to peel the pineapple.

" Well let me help you." Xavier said.

"Thank you." She blushed as his hands touched hers.

Xavier found a large stone and with another similar stone sharpened it and used it to crack the coconut and peel the pineapple.

"This was good." Alexis said.

" Yes, definitely." He replied.

" Do you think anyone is here on the island?" she asked.

" I don't think so." He said.

" Well we should continue looking." She replied

" I don't think we should split up you never know what is out there." He said.

So, they got up and kept walking until they came to a lot of trees. They walked into what seemed like a jungle. She thought he was walking next to her until she came to a stream. When she looked around and called out his name. She realized she was alone. The stream looked enticing. Alexis took off her shoes, shorts, panties, blouse, and bra and jumped into the stream. The only thing missing was some soap. She lowered her head into the water. Letting the water droplets cascade down the auburn of her long hair. The water felt so cool she did not want to come out. It was while she was bathing in the water. Alexis had her hands on her breasts and was slowly washing them when she felt eyes on her. She turned around to see those pair of grey eyes on her.

"Hello there." He said.

" I was looking for you." He continued.

"Ah, I-I-I- was calling your name, when I realized we got split up." She said.

"Really."' He said as his eyes moved up and down her body.

She felt her skin getting hot and wanted to submerge into the water but was unable to move.

He brought her, her clothes and she found it difficult for her to take all her clothes with one hand while using the other hand to cover her breasts. While the stream covered the lower part of her torso. She accidentally dropped the clothes. As they both reached to pick them up their heads bumped each other. Xavier grabbed her before Alexis fell and kissed her on the lips. He wrapped his strong arms around her. The kiss deepened as Xavier used his tongue to probe her lips open. The kiss seemed to last for a log time.

"Um... Um.... I think we should get back to what we were doing earlier." She said.

"That is true." He replied.

Xavier reluctantly let go of Alexis and turned away walking away from the stream as Alexis put on her

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