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A couple having sex after work. From the man's perspective.

Wonka didn't believe advertising till He saw it in real effect so had been itching to give the instrument a test buzz. The bulb slid into the girls gaping vaginal canal very easily and he used it angled towards pelvic bone first off. The girl started moaning almost instantaneously and then for good measure pissed on His best gray spats. Far from being annoyed Wonka was impressed and rotated the head through one hundred and eighty degrees to pummel the thin membrane between vagina and anal canal.


"That was just too loud My dear."

Wonka pulled the ball gag back up over the girls chin and into her eager mouth just before she climaxed with such force the vibrator was pushed clear out under the pressure.

"Close to the best ten dollars I ever spent."

Wonka pulled the slip knot on the girl's bindings and settled in His high back chair whilst she got her shit somewhat together. Twenty minutes later he led Estelle down the back stairs and having sent her very contentedly on her way slipped back through the trick mirror into the Shops interior appearing magically to the girls like some great illusionist.

"Wonka your back. Where the fuck did you come from? Barn doors open by the way."

Yui had a wicked look on her face and pausing only for a moment's consideration Wonka decided to leave the barn door ajar a little longer.

"Had a little business I had to put My hands on Yui. But I doubt you missed me particularly."

In a rather pointed reply Yui spread her still exposed labia in a show of supreme wetness.

"For a Japanese girl you have some very nasty ways about you Yui."

"That's why you love me Wonka. I almost rank as perverted as you if that's possible."

Bella returned from the store room just in time to catch the end of the conversation.

"What's possible?"

"It's possible that you going to regret fetching both sugar dildos and butt plugs."

Both Wonka and Yui dissolved in laughter and Bella turned a strawberry crush shade of red.

"What's going on?"

Cara returned from her sojourn in the restroom with her panties still in her right hand.

"More like what's going in Cara from the look of you."

Wonka was feeling in fine form and wasn't missing a stroke.

"You got any of those love hearts you so fond of handing out Wonka?"

Willy slid behind the counter and opening the till offered the girls a small tin box.

"Take one if you willing, two if your desperate."

Each of the girls took two.

"Sit down on the divan over there and I will get us all some of the special orange soda."

The girls sat down quite thankfully, all their legs were still in orgasm mode and quite shaky.

"Any special requests from the patrons?"

"Would love some chocolate Wonka."

There was something about Yui's tone that made Bella and Cara glance at each other.

"I might just be able to do something about that Yui, let Willy work His magic."

By the time Wonka returned with the tray of four orange sodas the girls were fully occupied under the miraculously carnal effects of Willy's special Love Hearts. Bella and Yui were attempting to suck each others epiglottis and Cara was fully engrossed in fitting a lime green sugar butt plug in her ever ready sphincter. Willy placed the tray on the counter and taking His own glass sat on the large leather covered wingchair opposite the girls. He flicked open the top of the right chair arm and within a few moments ten separate cameras were recording the action from every conceivable angle. He took a contented slurp through the barber striped sherbet straw enjoying the pop of the heavily syrupy mixture as it sloshed against his gums and inner cheeks.

Raising the chairs right arm He activated the forty inch flat screen television mounted on the wall above the divan.

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