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It was Brian. He'd pulled away from Trent and was trying to talk to me.

"Mikey, I'm sorr-"

"Shut up!!" Trent slapped him across the face.

"No!! NO, Trent, STOP IT!!" I felt control leaving my body. It was all so wrong! Trent's whole manner was more exhasperated than angry, and it disturbed me.

"Stay quiet now," he whispered to Brian, inserting the gag back between his teeth. "Be a good boy..." He pushed Brian down onto his back and spread his legs, beginning to work two moistened fingers in and out of his opening. Brian moaned, and his cock swelled. Trent wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed, pulling his hand back and forth. Brian arched his back and clenched his teeth, and we made eye contact. A tear slid down my cheek.

"Come here, babe..." Trent said, unzipping his pants and pulling Brian across the bed towards him. "Mmm..." He rubbed the head of his cock at Brian's opening, kissing his inner thigh.

I felt sick, like a Clockwork Orange. That was my job, my place. Trent was mine. He was mine, and he didn't want me anymore, he wanted Brian, and I had to watch it and it was all my fucking fault. God, I felt so sick. Heat rose in my chest again, hammering into my heart like a nine inch nail. I began to struggle against the leash.

"TRENT!!!" I screamed, feeling the first tears spring to my eyes. "No, no, stop!! PLEASE!!"

"Why?" he whipped around to face me.

I hung my head, remaining silent.

"Why, bitch? I'm waiting!"

"Because you're my master," I mumbled.


"You're MY master!" I shouted, "Mine!!" And here come the tears...

"No!" he grabbed my leash and jerked me closer, and I cried out. "Because you're my slave."

"Trent..." I moaned, clutching at the front of his shirt. Yeah, Michael. Cry like a bitch.

"What, are you ready to do as you're told?"

"Yes, Master..."

"Good." He unchained my hands. "Now I want you to get into that bed, and I want you to make Brian scream."


"You heard me, you cunt, I said make him scream. Now, DO IT." He gave me a good hard push in the center of the back, and I stumbled towards the bed. But I was still reluctant. Hurt Brian...

"Or I could chain you back up and you can watch me do it!"

My head snapped back up. "No, master, I will." I didn't want Trent to touch him any more. He wasn't going to lay another finger on my beautiful Brian, not if I could help it.

He detached my leash from the bedpost and I climbed up onto the bed with Brian, taking my pants the rest of the way off.

"Brian..." I mewled, pushing some hair from his face.

"Shut up!" Trent slapped me and I cried out. "Lay down on top of him."

I laid him back, placing his arms up above his head and settling between his legs.

"Now here, you take his leash--" he handed it to me, "And I want you to bite him. On the neck."

I leaned over and kissed the spot on his neck once, holding his head in my hands, before I bit down. I heard him groan, and he stiffened, so I pulled away and looked up at Trent. He shook his head.

"No. Harder."

I did it again, sinking my teeth in deeper. He gripped my sides with his legs and bit down hard on the gag, moaning louder. Suddenly, I felt a sharp jerk on my leash.

"No, you stupid cunt. Draw blood."

"Yes master."

I looked down at Brian. He closed his eyes, grimacing, and nodded his head. For a third time, I sunk my teeth into his neck, and this time he screamed past the gag, arching his back. Blood came rushing out between my teeth, and I forced myself to pull away and look up at Trent.

"Good boy. Go ahead and drink that, it's your reward."

I didn't even look at Brian before I put my mouth over the bite marks and sucked. I heard him whimper, so I jerked his leash. You don't bitch and moan when I'm feeding. He stopped, but I could still feel his chest heaving beneath me.

"Good, Mikey!" Trent said, smiling, "Very good! Assert your dominance over him, it's cute. Now how about you take that gag away, and untie his hands, and see what else he can do with that mouth. Okay?"

"Yes, Master."

I pulled the gag from his teeth and sat back on my knees, unchai

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