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A husband's revenge.

"I was thinking jewelry, a bracelet or something or some stuff from bath and body works or perfume, just make me look good," He adds

"What does she like, I mean what kinda perfume does she wear now and what her favorite scent?" I asked, " She likes that Victoria secret stuff and I think she's into strawberries, she's got a few candles with that scent there," he told me

"Okay I will get her something." I commented. He hands me some cash, tells me keep the rest, and get you something nice with any of the change. I smiled and watched him walk out the door.

I looked over the topics and decided on one that no one would probably do, jumped online, found the books I would need for the report and printed them up and set my alarm clock then went to bed.

The alarm clock was going off and I hit the snooze alarm a few times, finally getting up and got dressed for my day. I looked over my thing to do list and I had a busy day ahead of me. I had to do Ron's report, find his girlfriend a birthday gift along with the things I needed to do. I walked out the door and walked over to the library. I searched thru the stacks and found most of the books I needed for the report. I spent like 20 minutes copying the material that I needed and got out of there as fast as I can. I was somewhat hungry so I walked over to the student union and got some breakfast. I was sitting there reading the newspaper and eating Mickey D's.

"Hey cutie, can I join you," This guy said. I looked up at him and he was a hottie for a white guy but I was not interested in him and he did not do much for me.

"If you want to but I'm almost done here and got a lot to do today," I replied

"I'm Jason," He said

"Tara" I reluctantly said and continued to read the paper. He continued with the small talk until I finished my breakfast.

"Can I get your number and maybe we can do something, " he asked

"No, I don't like giving out my number to people but you give me yours and if I'm interested I will call ya" I replied. He rips off a sheet of paper and gives me his number.

"Nice meeting you, Tara" He said as I began to walk away. "Nice to meet you too" I said unenthusiastically. I walked back to my place and grabbed my purse from the bedroom and decided that Id go over to the next town to the mall and find Tisha her gift and maybe a few things for me. It was a 30-minute drive to the mall and it was still early, so there were not many people there. I found the Bath and Body works store and looked around. I found a nice gift basket that came in strawberry. I held off buying it and continued thru the mall. I found a cute bracelet that would match the necklace she had on. How I remembered that I have no clue. So decided to get that for her and decided to get the gift basket also. I put those things in my car after I got a card and a gift bag for her gifts

I thought to myself she is going to be impressed by these gifts. Now it is my turn to shop until I drop. I wandered thru the mall and found a few tops and pants for the upcoming fall season. I wandered around some more and bought some new cd's. I moved to the food court, grabbed myself some lunch and tried to think of something else that I needed to buy.

"Hi, I don't mean to be rude but can I join you" I heard from a soft sweet voice. I looked up and it was this semi-attractive woman in her cosmetics department outfit.

"I just don't want to eat alone and I tired of guys hitting me out while I'm trying to eat," She adds

"No problem, I'm Tara" I said

"Pretty name, I'm Angela" She said, "I see someone is charging up a storm here, I can see the credit card smoking in your purse" she adds. I laughed and said "Yup, get outta my way today" We chatted for the duration of her lunch break and talked about the guys that hit on her and other things.

"Do you live around here," she asked. "No I'm from the next town over and just here for shopping" I replied

"Oh, I kind of thought that we might do something together maybe catch a movie of hangout at my place." she said

"Never know what can happen in life.

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