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Hanging out in the dorm leads to streaking.

Not even a smile.

"Would you shut the hell up already?" Pattie snarled. "Some of us are trying to sleep. And, if those two morons don't get it by now, you aren't going to beat it into them by morning."

"Sorry," I snarled back. "Didn't mean to interrupt your beauty sleep. God knows you need all you can get. We'll turn out the lights and bed down so you don't scare the steers in the morning."

I slammed the door in her wide blue eyes and rounded on Jay and Eric who'd just about fallen off the bed bending down like they could see up that shirt from there.

"Lights out in five," I snapped. "If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it."

Of course, the two lunkheads had to fuck off trying to get Pattie to open the door again causing her to pound on the wall and shout threats to kick all three of our asses until I threatened to tie them to the bed with the sheets and gag them with their pillows. Knowing I was deadly serious, they elected, wisely, to shut the hell up.

As it turned out, Buck was on the other side of Pattie. Far enough he couldn't hear Jay and Eric, but he'd heard Pattie.

He was friendly and smiling when we stepped out of the room for breakfast call, but he was also more than just a little curious. Seeing me being accosted by the mountain of a man for the second morning in a row while Jay and Eric sidled off to the van, Mrs. Buchanan got curious and came over to find out what was going on.

And hit it off famously with Buck who it turned out taught one art class at his school in addition to his other duties. And the pair of them decided to screw with my and Pattie's worlds by having our groups breakfast together.

Dan and Mandi were, as usual, too into each other to give much notice, much less care, others had joined us. Jay and Eric hit it off with the six guys from Alaska like a house afire. Not surprising since I knew enough to know they were all delinquents in one vein or another.

What really surprised me was Matt getting sucked into the vortex whipping around our groups.

Meanwhile, Pattie and I did our best to pretend the other didn't exist.

At least until Buck came back around to the question he'd had that hadn't been answered to his satisfaction.

"So, just what was all the fuss and bustle last night?" Buck asked the table at large.

"Aww, College there is too serious," Eric replied. "He got all hot and bothered because he's going to have to fill in for Keston on the skills team."

"So, what's the problem, Kurt?" Buck asked. "You should already know the skills you'll need."

"Oh, he does," Matt piped up. "He just knows these two don't and don't care."

"Matthew!" Mrs. Buchanan scolded.

"What? It's true, Mom. Everybody knows Kurt is the best and doesn't have a lot of patience for people who don't even try."

"Oh, the best, now is it?" One of the guys chuckled. "No, I'm afraid not, little man. That would be Pattie here."

"Oh, please! She's a girl!" Matt said.

"Hey!" Both his sister and mother responded.

"Oops," Matt said as all the other guys besides me laughed.

"I used to think that too," another one of the Alaska contingent, a guy with a nasty looking scar on his right cheek said. "Pattie disabused me of that within a week. She's more of a man than most men you know, except she has to squat to pee."

"Hey, now, fellas," Buck interrupted. "This conversation is hardly fitting for the breakfast table or in mixed company either. Keep it clean or clean your spot and wait by the van."

"I agree," Mrs. Buchanan said, eyeing Matt. "Mind your manners, young man."

But, the damage (as if the train wreck already happening needed more damage) was done.

And it only got worse when Mr. Buchanan rejoined us after lunch and took a shine to Buck Williams (once he was reassured Buck had no designs on his wife). Mr. Buchanan, while he tossed aside the idea our respective genders had anything to do with it (quite loudly since his daughter and wife were right there), stated unequivocally that he didn't see how Pattie could possibly be better than me.

The rest of our groups sett

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