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Heading to work and learning Bambi's story.

Eyes averted in submission, Gus lead her into the Club by the chain to her collar and mingled with acquaintances as Danny knelt by his side or by his chair, often putting her head against his thigh when he was seated as he stroked her hair. Anyone who bothered to notice, could tell the two of them were very much in love by the way they touched each other.

Other female subs who knew her were allowed to pet her intimately, and vice versa when their Doms or Dommes came over to speak with her Master. However, this evening Master Kirk wouldn't allow other subs to get her off as he had in the past, explaining he'd brought Mlle. Lissa to the Club for Time-out. He didn't explain, nor was he required to, that her punishment was fantasy role playing of Mademoiselle's choosing, not punishment meted out by her Master.

Eventually arriving at the Time-out corner, he helped Danny into a school uniform mini-skirt, but no shirt or blazer because she wanted her skin coated with cum. Attaching leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles, he attached them to the table, splaying her out in total submission. After lubing her anus generously, even finger fucking her ass to her glee, he turned on the spotlight and wrote on the whiteboard:

Uppity Slut

Please Fuck Me Hard

To Teach Me A Lesson

To Obey My Master

Gus also selected a crop for corporal punishment. Even before finishing the sign, men were lining up to fuck Danny and a crowd was forming to watch.

As Gus took his place next to Danny's cute butt, the first client asked him to smack her while he fisted his already glistening tool. Gus laid a pink stripe across the area between her pussy and anus causing Danny to yelp.

She cried: "More, Master," as tears welled up in her eyes, her vulva engorged, the lips spreading, and her clitoris stood proudly as her arousal dripped from her pussy.

Immediately after pleading, a cock filled her mouth and the stranger grabbed her hair and face fucked her as hands pushed her skirt up, and a big, thick cock impaled her and fucked her hard. Other men were already wanking off to spray their seed on her.

When the first client began to come, he pulled out and discharged his thick, creamy semen all over Danny's ass which trickled down across her anus, lubricating it more. As he finished coming, he slapped her prominent clit with the big head of his cock. Danny almost had an orgasm and hoped the next client would take her over the top. Gus applied another strike to Danny's ass, almost on top of the last one which propelled her towards release. As the next client stepped up, swiped his long, hard organ up and down her slick folds and plunged into her, she climaxed hard, her sheath clamping on his pumping steel which propelled him to his release quickly. He was so amazed by how her vagina rippled around his penis that he pounded into her, uncontrollably as he shuddered through his orgasm, grunting and groaning, leaving marks where his powerful hands dug into her skinny hips. When he withdrew, cum dripped out of her pussy.

The first oral customer unloaded deep in Danny's throat holding her nose against his pelvis as he tried to push farther with each eruption of his release. At all times, several men masturbated over her, their cum spraying across her ass and back. Slick, glistening cum dripped off her chin and she was licking it happily as the next man stepped up to face fuck her.

Since Gus knew the next Master in line, he handed the crop to him. Master Zhu, an expert at flogging, lightly rubbed the wide leather tip of the whip up and down Danny's inner thighs noticing the involuntary twitch it caused. Suddenly he smacked her vulva with the tip, smartly, spread her lips with his thumbs and plowed into her forcefully. Fucking her hard, grunting softly each time his pelvis slapped her ass, caused Danny to climax and clamp on his tool like a vice.

Master Zhu took his pleasure stoically, stopping deep inside her as he came.

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