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It's a Trap.

Julian and Amelie went to bed naked but that night they just cuddled together. "We will make love in the morning Julian," Amelie said and then she kissed him goodnight.


Pierre woke up the Sunday morning with his customary piss hard-on and he went into the other bedroom in search of his mother. Amelie had already been fucked into submission by Julian who was now in the bathroom taking his morning piss. Pierre looked over at Amelie lying on her back with an angelic smile on her face. Pierre eased his body over Amelie and slipped his morning erection into her sweet pussy. Amelie moaned softly and then she opened her eyes and smiled at her son Pierre. Amelie wrapped her arms and legs around Pierre's body and they began to fuck. Pierre had done this many times and he knew that he could fuck Amelie into submission without cumming himself.

Amelie didn't expect the ride that she was in for that morning. Pierre fucked her with long steady strokes keeping his cock in constant contact with her clit. Amelie went wild as she repeatedly orgasmed. Her orgasms seemed to be continuous and her body squirmed under Pierre as one after the other rocked her voluptuous body. Pierre stopped fucking her when she collapsed on the bed. Her arms and legs left Pierre's torso and flopped along side her body. Pierre eased his cock from Amelie's pussy; it was still hard and looked ominous as it glistened with her juices.

Julian had come out of the bathroom and he was standing in the bedroom watching as Pierre fucked his mother. Julian was stroking his own cock as he watched Pierre and Amelie. Pierre moved off the bed and Julian dropped to his knees and sucked Pierre's cock clean of Amelie's pussy juice. Pierre told Julian that he had to pee and that he would be back after he relieved himself. Pierre went into the bathroom took his morning piss and then returned to the bedroom. When Pierre returned to the bedroom, Julian was in bed on all fours and Amelie was lubricating his asshole.

"Julian wants you to fuck him again," Amelie said sexily.

Pierre climbed up on the bed and Amelie took his cock in her hand and applied the lube to it. Amelie had Pierre hard again in no time and then she guided Pierre's cock to Julian's ass. Pierre eased his cock into Julian's snug opening and Julian groaned as his asshole was stretched open again. Pierre fucked Julian slowly at first and then Pierre picked up the pace. Amelie had moved under Julian and she was sucking her nephew's cock as Pierre fucked him. Pierre felt his balls tighten and he knew that he was only seconds away from cumming in Julian's asshole. Then Pierre felt the surge of cum rifle through his cock and he flooded Julian's ass. Julian groaned aloud and announced that he could feel it.

"Oh yes, I feel it, shoot it into me," he called out and then, "Oh Amelie I'm cumming too."

Pierre felt Julian's body stiffen as Julian shot his wad into his aunt's mouth. Julian's asshole tightened around Pierre's cock and squeezed any remaining cum from Pierre's shaft. Julian fell forward on the bed and Pierre's dick slipped from Julian's asshole. Pierre looked at Julian and saw traces of cum seep from Julian's anus. Amelie smiled at Pierre and looked at his still hard cock. Then she got on all fours, tossed Pierre the lube and patted her ass in an invitation for Pierre to fuck it. Pierre was ecstatic with desire as he was really turned on that morning.

Pierre lubed Amelie's ass and he fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time. She cooed and told Pierre how much she liked his fingers in both her holes at the same time. Then Amelie begged Pierre to stop teasing her and put his cock in her ass. Pierre eased his cock into her and he was still amazed how the both of them were able to take his cock in the ass so easily. Pierre fucked Amelie for a long time working up to his second ejaculation. Julian had recovered and he moved under his aunt in a 69 position. Amelie took her nephew's cock in her mouth and he began to lick his aunt's pussy.

Julian also played with Pierr

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