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Derek Strikes Back.

Though her breasts were bare and her pussy open, his hands stayed tangled in her hair. Lips locked, they writhed upon the bed like a couple of teenagers. She wanted him so bad. And from the feel of the hard lump in his pants, he wanted her too.

Bam! Bam! The sound of a fist against the door brought a sudden fearful memory to Kelli, of her father catching the two of them making out on her bed at home. Never unclothed like this. But kissing, nonetheless. Bam! Bam! The sound brought her back to the present, where Jack was releasing her, his eyes filled with lust, his hair a mess, his breathing uneven.

"Get the door," he groaned at her, shaking his finger when she picked up the dress to cover up.

Get the door like this? She couldn't do that and still cover up her breasts and her sex! Unless . . . unless whoever was at the door was meant to see her like this. Her lust rapidly turning to fear, she placed her hand upon the knob . . . and opened it.

Surprise, shock and amazement hit her in rapid succession. It wasn't the big, burly biker she'd imagined all day. It was a woman. A sexy, busty, green-eyed blonde woman dressed in a tight, black spandex minidress, with black hose and mile-high heels. Kelli knew this woman. But from where? As the woman slipped into the room, the memory of another night hit Kelli like a ton of bricks. The strip club! This woman had given her a lap dance. She felt her face turn beet red as the full memory replayed in her mind. The woman's body sliding up and down hers. The full breasts. The erect nipples. The dampness between her legs. And a more immediate memory . . . that night's porn movie. That had been a message. One of lesbian love.

"Hey again, honey," the woman called sweetly to her as Kelli fastidiously locked up. She needed to keep everyone out, especially any memory of her father's hand upon the door.

"Kelli, you remember Candy," Jack said, getting off the bed to stand next to the woman. "Candy, this is my wife Kelli. She's going to be your play thing for the next couple of hours. With a little help from me, of course."

Kelli stiffened as Candy came over and inspected her. "My play thing, huh? I've been someone else's play thing, but I've never had one of my own. This could be lots of fun!" Kelli fought the urge to run as the woman's fingers trailed over her bare ass. "I remember you from the club," Candy continued throatily. "We kissed. And your nipples were hard under your blouse. Sooooo hard."

"Kelli's just learning, so take it slow," Jack warned, stepping closer. "She may need some special help."

"Ohhhh, I think she'll get all the help she needs. And I don't think she needs that much. She's already hot, aren't you baby?"

Kelli didn't know what she was feeling. Dread? Icky? Curious? Excited? Interested? It was all mixed up inside her, leaving her with an overall feeling of unease. Certainly not the pure revulsion she would've felt just two weeks ago. Two women together? That was sinful, with a capital S. It was just, well, that little kiss at the club last week had been tugging at her brain. Had she been excited by the overall sexuality of the place? Or had there been something else in their brief but intimate encounter? She shot a quick look at her husband, but from the way his eyes were smoldering, she could tell he'd be no help at all. His instructions to go slow had been all bluster; he wanted them to jump to it right away.

As the woman moved towards her, she instinctively edged away. Suddenly, though, her legs caught the edge of the bed and she fell backwards onto it. There was no place left to flee. Candy hopped on the bed next to her, and for a fleeting moment Kelli was sure that the woman was going to grope her open pussy. She was totally unprepared when she found the woman's soft lips upon her own, and the tip of a tongue tentatively probing her mouth.

"My goodness, you're shaking like a leaf," Candy commented, looking down at her.

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