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Joan joins priest, who is entertaining another person.

"But, Mr. Reins, I thought I was doing a good job and that everyone liked me."

"I do...I mean we all do but Miss, Partridge, but you have been driving all the men and even some of the women totally to distraction with your short skirts, and your low cut blouses. It's as if your every movement in the office is designed to tease or show off your body."

I drifted off the end of my sentence as she eyed me warily. I thought I even saw a hint of a smile at the corner of here mouth but she quickly pursed here lips and furrowed her brow into of look of put-on worry. I tried to pick it back up, "No One is getting anything done. When you go to the water cooler three guys get up and follow you. There have been more pencils dropped in front of your desk in the past ninety days than since I came to this company nine years ago. And when you grab a stack of files to replace in the cabinets why does it always seem that they have to go in the bottom drawers? Really Miss Partridge, men are practically hanging around you like puppy dogs."

"But that's not my fault. I can't help it if they like me. Mr. Reins, I can't lose this job...I just cant." Tears began to flow and I had to stern myself and stay on task.

"I am sorry Miss ..."

She looked in my eyes and said, "Please call me Lori, Mr. Reins," she said as she shifted closer to me. In a lowered voice she asked, " Is there anything I can do to keep my job? I promise to stop flirting with the guys. I'll wear long skirts and dress like a spinster even. I'll focus on my job. You'll see; I'll do better"

"I'm sorry Lori, I don't think you could do anything to hide your assets...and It would be a pity if you tried to do that."

"huh?" she looked up at me. Then she proceeded more carefully. "Do you...I mean is there something I could do to save my job. I mean..."

"Well, Lori, I really don't think it would be possible to hide your looks or change your behavior at this point. I do think that I could probably arrange to keep you on but I'd move your desk to a less public spot. My typist is leaving. Perhaps I could move you to my outer office." I hesitated then added, "But, of course there would have to be some discipline or reprimand for your failure in this first review." Lori smiled and looked straight ahead.

"And ...what would you have in mind, Mr. Reins..."

"Lori, you can call me Lewis. It's only fair if I can call you Lori while I'm spanking you that you should call me Lewis." I paused for effect. My knees were shaking a bit but I maintained my poker face and stared at her profile as she turned to meet my gaze. She began to play her protest card.

"Excuse me, Mr. ...Lewis but what did you just say?"

"Miss Lori, I said, that the way for you to keep you job ...the only way is for you to lay across my lap and take an old fashioned bare bottom spanking for your failure in your review. Do you understand me?"

She met my gaze with a soft pout then slid closer to me and before bending forward she whispered, "Yes, Lewis, I understand you." Then she stretched out across my lap so her round behind was over my right thigh. I placed my left hand on the small of her back and slide my right over the contour of her very shapely ass.

"yes, I thought you would see it my way."

My Temp Worker secretary slid across my lap like a cat stretching to her full length. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears above the roar of my anxiety. She locked her knees out straight behind her. This lifted and tightened the muscles of her calves and thighs accentuating the shape of her ass. Her position with her weight supported by her elbows on the couch and her legs locked lifted her tummy slightly off my thighs. I placed my hands on her body. She was wearing a thin silky pale yellow print dress-casual but so thin I could feel the outline of her panties beneath the thin fabric. I slid my left arm over the small of her back and around her waist so that I could caress her soft tummy. I explored the shape of her ass with my right hand.

Lori coached me along, "How many spanks will I get Mr. Reins?"

"Ten, Lori.

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