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Resistance becomes eager participation.

And for a moment, when he painted their faces with white semen stripes, he had to admit, he liked the idea of mother and daughters kneeling before him, their eager faces staring up to him as if in prayer. In short, his fantasy was getting head from a three-headed human hydra.

What caught Tony's eye (and others'), however, was how Sarah Engel carried herself. She was, simply put, a lady. Often, she dressed sharply in well-fitting jeans or shorts (depending on whether she was in the fields), wrapped around a firm and healthy butt, and in a white or blue blouse showing only a touch of tanned cleavage. In church, she was modest in her nicely cut dresses, skirts mid-length at the knees. She also made a habit of wearing a gold-gilt necklace with a cross, something that sometimes made Tony feel guilty about thinking of her as something other than a mother and wife, and her refined finger- and toenails were always painted bright red or blue, something the girls also made a ritual of theirs.


The twins decided the time to lure their man into their lair was the following weekend, late that Friday night. Their parents had to go into town early Saturday morning, leaving the farm to them to supervise for most of the day, but it would still permit Anna and Maria ample time to mate with Tony, or, as a giggling Anna put it, "to breed with him on the family farm!"

On Monday, the day after the blowjob, while working in the barn loft, the girls, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt, stepped down the wooden ladder and walked over to talk briefly to Tony. He was sweating in the summer heat, hauling hay inside the barn. The sisters thought him to be so sexy, his muscles ripped and veins protruding from his arms as he labored so hard. They grew moist in their vagina as they approached him.

"Hey, girls," Tony said, a little tentative at first.

"Hey, Tony," the twins responded in unison, the way Tony liked it.

They brushed back their long, dark brown hair with their fingers tipped with blue polish.

Anna took the lead as usual. "Tony, would you like to go out on a date with us in our place on Friday night?"

"Yes, Tony, we want to make a nice dinner and enjoy your company," Maria added.

"Make a nice dinner, and we would be the dessert, or..." Anna chimed in.

"Or you could be our dessert," Maria finished off the thought.

Looking down, Tony stood still and thought intently. "I want you both. You know that. I just don't want to put you or me into any trouble."

Anna said, "There's no trouble."

"No trouble at all," Maria added.

The sisters smiled in approval. "Then it's set," they both said almost instantaneously in their mysterious way. "See you at our place on Friday night."

"I will be there."


Sarah had grown tired of Tom's erectile dysfunction. Despite doctors' prescriptions and her own sexy seductions over the years, it was becoming ever clearer to her that his chronic condition or inability to consummate sexual intercourse with her stemmed from his deep psychological guilt about the girls. Though no medical evidence at all substantiated his fears, he had blamed himself for the girls being conjoined. And he feared producing yet another child or children like Anna and Maria. It was not his fault, she had told him repeatedly, and lovingly.

Tom did feel arousal, but he could not act on it. Even with her gentle and tender assistance, he could only produce a partially erect penis, but beyond that stage, he had the inability to grow hard to finish off the act. The doctor said that there appeared to be no physical problem, but that it was probably more psychological, a powerful, deep-seated mental block.

Over time, Tom grew frustrated, desiring sex but afraid of failing in the act.

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