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Best to go late to avoid other people....or is it?


"I know," he said, finally looking into my eyes, trying to find the answers to his unspoken questions. "I just can't believe that..."

"I know," I responded. I pulled him close for a hug, and was surprised to feel him trembling just slightly, even though I was the one who was about to willingly lose all sense of memory and self for several hours.

"This is just so... so..."

"'Strange?'" I finished for him. "I know it is. I don't understand it myself, but I definitely want to do this. I don't want to know what happens to me. I want to feel the wonder afterward, the concern..."

"Okay." He finally pulled back from me and stood from the sofa. "I'll go do it."

"Thank you."

He retreated to the kitchen, leaving me alone. The darkness outside allowed me to see my reflection in the window, and I studied my face. I saw a recent college graduate, worldly yet na__ve, struggling with the unknown as she was about to embark upon a bizarre journey most never want to make... yet she was doing it quite willingly, moreso than the one man she trusted more than anyone else in her young life. I stood and closed the curtains, to provide us the privacy for the inexplicable event which was about to occur in the small apartment.

When my fianc__ finally returned, he seemed far more nervous than I had expected. The glass of Bailey's shook noticeably in his hands as he approached me.

"This is it? It's in there?"

He only nodded as he handed me the glass.

I was about to take a sip when he stopped me. "Let's sit," he said returning to the sofa and motioning for me to sit in his lap.

Nothing else was said. Nothing else needed to be said. I sat in my fianc__'s lap and slowly drank the chocolate-flavored alcohol, unable to smell or taste anything unusual. As I drank, his hand slowly, gently, respectfully kneaded a breast, subtly arousing me, preparing me for the unpreparable. When I was finished, I leaned forward to set the empty glass upon the coffee table, then leaned back into his strong chest, closing my eyes, waiting...

"I'm sure most guys would love to have this chance presented to them," I said softly, reaching up to caress his cheek. "A helpless young woman passed out, unable to say no, unable to defend herself, unable to stop them from doing whatever they wanted with her, from using her body for their pleasure no matter how rough or twisted they wanted to be with her."

"Sure, it's a fantasy," he responded, practically whispering into my ear, "but some fantasies are probably best left strictly as fantasies. Or, with some nameless babe, it doesn't really matter, but with someone you know, someone you love, it takes on a very different dimension which is hard to handle in some respects."

"Well, keep handling my chest as we wait for it to kick in," I replied, not yet feeling sleepy or lethargic. I arched my back away from his chest, pressing more of my breast into his hand. He fortunately took the hint and brought his other hand to my chest, fondling both breasts, adding to my arousal, causing me to whimper softly.

A thought crossed my mind: Would I be able to look him in the eye when I emerged from this bizarre experience? But it was definitely too late, for I had already consumed the spiked drink.

I could feel the telltale hardness lengthening between us, but before I could reach between us to stroke him through his jeans, I felt the beginning of lethargy. A few moments later, I began to sway - just a little, but it was noticeable to us both.

Carefully, I was shifted upon my fianc__'s lap, then he stood and picked me up, carrying me.

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