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She's bathed, prepared, and humiliated by servants.

She should demand her keys, but was paralysed by a pulse, a thrill that rippled through her thinking of being made to listen to the sow primer, being scrutinised, weighed like a sow at market. She had never heard of this sow primer, but she wanted to listen to it, she wanted to know more. Already her eyes locked hungrily upon the package on the desk. She told herself she didn't have to become a sow, that this enabled her to surreptitiously indulge her desires. She saw a way out, of keeping her job, earning the respect of her boss as well as experiencing the scintillating excitement as she worked through this sow primer of an evening.

"You mean I carry on at work while I work through the primer?"

"That's right."

She hesitated, not because she was undecided. In fact she felt relieved and grateful that she could keep her job. She was also excited and eager at the prospect of satisfying her appetites in the sow department. Katie felt so confused by the competing feelings struggling within her. She was about to do something that she knew she should not agree to, but it made her pulse quicken and her heart thump in her ears. She was in no doubt she would grasp this opportunity.

"I'll do it," she said. Was that a little too eager? She didn't want to speak too much as the throb of excitement might reveal itself in her voice.

"I am glad you see it my way. I am sure this test will clarify for both of us what is best for your future. I warn you there is no commitment on keeping your job at the end. I need to be convinced you will not disgrace the company as one of its employees.

"Now there is one more condition I have." He leaned back in his chair, moving on as if he had mentally ticked off that item of the agenda. "I don't see this should have any difficulty for you. You carry a sow mark, and I think you and I should respect that. I insist that when we are at work we both acknowledge your position. You will present your sow mark to me whenever you enter my office. This will just be between the two of us, but I want to avoid a double life at work and at home. To facilitate this, you shall shorter skirts."

Katie's eyes shot wide. Her mouth dropped open, but no sound came out. Carl Hansom looked sternly at his underling.

"I said you could keep your job for now, but I said nothing about treating you the same as other employees. To my eyes you are a sow that just refuses to recognise the fact. I am willing to give you this opportunity to prove me wrong, but from now on in my presence alone together you will present your sow mark to me. There is no need to let everyone else know about this while you are on probation, but of course if we agree that it is best you adopt the sow life at the end, then you will need to show everyone your sow mark and make a declaration of your intention to leave the company and be a sow. If, as you say, you intend to forego that life then none of this will happen. These are my terms, take it or leave it."

The image of Katie lifting her short skirt and letting the guys I the office see her sow mark came crashing down over all her senses. She was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of her sow desires consuming her other life. She resolved to prove him wrong, anything to avoid that humiliation. She nodded.

"Good. I didn't think that would be a problem. You will need to get some tight fitting shorts to wear under your skirts to protect your modesty around the office; but we will need to make sure they do not cover your sow mark. They will be tight." He looked at her with intent, the power of his words gripped Katie's belly like the tight fitting shorts she would have to wear. She could see in his face he would not accept any dissent.

Totally crushed, Katie sat collecting her recoiling thoughts.

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