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Brittany & her busty friends on the town.

I'll kick the little pussy's ass again the next time I see him. And cut out all this 'good mother' crap. I know why you really invited me over."

"I have no idea what you're talking about you little shit!" my mother snapped.

"Don't play dumb with me Mrs. Stevens" Seth moved closer and my mom backed up. Her legs were up against the side of my bed. "I saw the way you were looking me over. I knew I was a legend but I didn't think everyone in town knew.

"Sh-sh-shut the fuck up you asshole. I-I-I-mmmmmmmm" That was all she could get out. I looked in the mirror on my door and saw Seth's back with my mother's arms around him. She slid a hand up under his shirt and rubbed his muscular back as she made out with my bully right in my bedroom. I was so confused and hurt that she didn't even try to back away and made no effort to protest.

Mom pulled back after a minute or so and confessed to everything. She told Seth all about the other PTA moms who used to gossip about the size of his dong. "May I see it?" Mom asked shyly and nervously. The sound of a zipper lowering struck me like a gunshot. I could see in the mirror that they turned to the side. Seth's erect penis jutted out and upward like a big, thick tree branch as my mom crouched down to admire it.

"Oh my, Seth!" mom gasped. "That's so fucking big! It's at least twice the size of my husband's!" She grabbed the magnificent member as a shock went through my body. My dick was getting hard. I didn't want it to, but I couldn't stop it. My jeans started to feel tighter and tighter. The sight of mom's small hand, wedding ring and all, sliding up and down Seth's cock left me barely able to breathe. He moaned loudly and mom scolded him again. "Shhh. My son is probably around."

"If he comes back, I'll just kick his ass and throw him out the fucking window!" Seth's cock looked almost like it was visibly throbbing as my mom's hand moved a little bit faster.

Mom laughed. "Hahaha, ahhh, I'd like to see that. That little sissy pisses me off sometimes. She stuck her tongue out and started licking the tip. Then she started kissing it all over, right down the shaft then licking her way back up again. She could barely fit her lips around Seth's penis but still managed to get it pretty deep in her mouth like she was swallowing a sword. I watched in horror, though still hard as a rock, as Seth's dick got wetter and shinier as my mom slathered it in her saliva. I could see strands of it dripping off and landing in the carpet only a foot in front of me. The slurping noises only made me get harder. Seth helped raise my mom back to her feet and gently pushed her onto my bed. My head was too close to the bottom which slammed down on me under my mother's weight.

"Seth. Not here," my mom pleaded. "This is my son's bed!"

I'm gonna make you forget about your loser son!" Seth pounced and landed lightly on top of my mom. I heard more kissing sounds as they rolled around right above me. I wanted so badly to be able to sneak out and just run away but it looked like I was in for the ride. A couple of minutes later, my mom's small black t-shirt landed in a heap next to the bed. Part of me wanted to reach out and grab it but I resisted. I looked back at the mirror and saw mom sitting up with her back to Seth. Her bra suddenly went from tight to loose as she effortlessly slid it down her arms and exposed her breasts. They were perfect and natural. Her areolas were kind of big and her nipples stood erect as if they were begging to be sucked on and bitten. Seth fondled my mom's boobs from behind and she turned her face to meet his as they kissed some more. He quickly pulled his shirt, pants, and underwear off and threw them on my desk. Then he helped Mom get her shoes off, and then her jeans.

I finally gave in when my mom's black panties landed in front of my face.

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