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Her plan backfired.

"You do know that I've been left in charge whilst our parents are away", I continued in my strictest tones. "Your behaviour is hardly that of an obedient younger sister, is it?" I demanded.

"I just missed you so much whilst you've been away" she whispered in a meek little voice that tugged at my heart. However I had to maintain my posture of outraged would be worthwhile in the long run.

"That's all very well, but that's no way for a young lady to behave, especially with her very own brother". I thought the use of "young lady" might have been a little overdoing things considering I was only a couple of years older, but she averted her eyes extremely prettily and mumbled about being sorry.

"Saying you are sorry is a little too easy considering the way you've acted today, my girl, it's going to take more than that before you can be forgiven."

"Please, I'll do anything" she uttered as tears began to roll down her cheeks uncontrollably.

"You'll have to be punished for such wanton behaviour, you do realize that" I gravely informed her and she begged for chastisement in such a charming manner that I couldn't keep her in suspense a minute longer.

"Very well" I told her and relished the relief in her beautiful face at the chance of redemption.

I sat back down on her bed and instructed her to stand and face me....stood there clad only still in her bra and pants but looking so subdued in her disgrace I could scarcely keep my hands from reaching out to caress her smooth tight body.

"Come here need a firm hand. A good hard spanking will drive that wanton sluttiness out of you."

Or drive you to new levels of slutty wantonness I thought to myself as the realization of my proposed punishment sunk in and renewed hope dawned across that familiar face I'd known all my life....that beautiful face framed so well in a tangle of whore red hair and with eyes brightly shining despite their recent threat of tears.

As she stood there before me I once again marveled at the half naked vision of physical perfection waiting for her chastisement with solemn dignity. My head was swimming as I prolonged this momentous instant in time....after this there would be no turning back but I'd never forgive myself if I didn't proceed as intended. I'd seen my sister orgasm and the thought of not going so much further was frankly unthinkable....but just sex would never be enough....I had to make her mine in every sense of the own her body and mind, both so ripe for corruption and training. That would be the only tribute worthy of such a sexually spectacular creature as my sister; to seduce her and school her in vice and debauchery beyond even her vibrant imagination. To be her teacher and Master and cultivate her hunger for perversity until her need for depravity matched my own: That was the only path to take under the circumstances.

The tension of the situation seemed to be telling upon the nubile teenage girl before me as if she was reading my mind, which probably wasn't too difficult considering the way I'd been letting my gaze roam over her body with undisguised lewdness....the tell tale damp patch at the crotch of her panties had spread considerably and her nipples had screwed themselves into tight knots and were protruding most fetchingly against the sheer material of her bra.....she was obviously ready to take her punishment.
Without a word I looked up into her face and gestured to my lap, and as I did so I hoped she took the correct hint and wasn't thinking I was indicating the blatant erection painfully restrained in my pants, but without hesitation she daintily positioned herself across my upper thighs and I was presented with her pert rounded little buttocks ready to receive whatever punishment her cruel older brother thought best.

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