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Look at her, she's still cumming. It's running down her legs. Beautiful!"

Slowly she returned to reality, looked at me and gave me a major toe curling kiss. Then she dropped to my cock and said to Peter, "Fuck me, hard!" She sucked my cock into her mouth and began trying to get every drop of cum out of my balls. She was like a vacuum cleaner she was sucking so hard. It wasn't long and I exploded down her throat and Peter dumped his balls in her pussy. We all collapsed to the deck, breathing hard. My cock went limp quicker than it ever had before.

"FUCKING HELL, THAT WAS THE BEST CUM EVER." How come you never stuck your thumb in my ass, Peter? That's what made me cum so hard, ohhhh, I need to try a cock up my ass. Maybe later tonight when you guys recover."

About that time we heard, "Ahoy, that sounded like fun over there. Can we join you?" All three of us were surprised because we couldn't see another boat.

"Hey, Mate, where the ell are ya?"

"We're looking at a cruiser. Aren't you on that?"

"No, that is between you and us. Come on over, but be warned, no clothing allowed!"

We heard three splashes. I looked at Peter and Helen and held up 3 fingers with a questioning look. Helen shook her head yes. A few minutes later 2 women and a guy appeared swimming past my boat and climbed aboard Peter and Helen's boat.

"Hey, Mates. I'm Peter, that's Helen my wife, and this is James from the cruiser. Welcome aboard. Now get those suits off."

"Hi, I'm Phyllis or Phyl as I prefer, that's my sister Joyce and her husband Jack."

All of them were stripping out of their suits. They appeared to be in their late 30's, trim and fit. Both girls had smallish breast, and Jack had a substantial cock. It caught Helens eye immediately.

"As you know, we just finished shagging Helen so James and I are in recovery, but feel free, Jack, to shag her. She looks like she is ready for your magnificence cock."

"James, lets get the ladies a drink and get them warmed up so that when we're ready they are too."

When we came back up with the drinks, Helen was sitting on Jacks cock and bouncing away. The look on her face was pure bliss. As we handed the girls their drinks, Joyce sat on her husbands face and played with Helens tits.

Phyl came over and sat next to me and made sure her tits rubbed my arms as she reached for my cock and started trying to stroke some life into it. Peter stood next to Helen and Joyce and they took turns trying to suck life back into him. Watching Helen, Joyce and Jack with Phyl stroking my cock, it didn't take long for life to return to it. Phyl leaned over, kissed me and started sucking my cock. I reached around her tight little ass and found her very wet pussy and started to finger it. Quickly we migrated to a 69 position and began to pleasure each other orally.

I think anyone within a hundred miles heard Helen when she came. She collapsed on Jacks chest and simply laid there. Joyce was sucking Peters cock as she crawled off Jacks face. Phyl pulled off my cock and said,"I need your cock in my pussy, fuck me."

Turning around, I pulled her legs up over my shoulders as I entered her. What a tight little pussy. It felt marvelous and I took my time as I slowly stroked in and out of her.

Looking over, Joyce was on her hands and knees and Jack had entered her from behind. Peter was balls deep in her face. Helen had crawled over to Phyl and I and was playing with Phyl's clit. Both girls seemed to cum at the same time, but Phyl screamed out as she came matching Helen's scream. I looked down. There was Helen smiling with her thumb in Phyl's ass. At that moment, I dumped a small load into Phyl before sliding to the deck. Helen was quick to clean my cock before moving to Phyl and cleaning her. Joyce had Jack's cum running down her legs and her face was covered with Peter's spunk.

It had cooled down considerably and everything was damp from the fog, so Helen and Peter passed out blankets for us to sit under as we recovered.

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