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Dylan needed an adventure. So he got one.

She took Andrea's cigarette from her and sucked hard, inhaling the smoke deeply. "Watch this," she urged her friend.

The scene was much like those from yesterday: one normal sized woman taking on a group of men with unusually large cocks. Lauren found the dialogue especially enticing, full of the men suggesting that the woman's husband probably never fucked her that way, and the woman saying that her husband's dick was simply too small to do the job. She squirted a generous amount of lube onto the dildo and pulled off her skirt and underwear.

Andrea looked at Lauren and found herself staring at the blonde-furred pussy before her. She had seen Lauren fully naked before on occasion, but never this close and never in such a setting. Suddenly she realized that Lauren really was going to go ahead with this dildo thing and felt her own cunt starting to ooze. "Do it," she whispered.

Lauren leaned back so that her spine was flush with the wall and spread her legs as far as they would go. The position gave Andrea a bulls-eye view and she leaned in to take advantage of it. She watched Lauren put the apple-sized head of the latex cock against her pussy lips and smear the lubricant around with it. Then, slowly and inexorably, she began pushing the dildo inside of herself.

Having once been through this experience, Lauren was much more confident than she had been the day before. She knew that the dildo would fit, and she shuddered as she remembered how good it had felt. With that in mind, she didn't hesitate to press the dildo hard into herself so that when she hit a point of slight resistance, the rubber dick moved cleanly past it and was engulfed in her twat.

"Holy shit." Andrea said it slowly and simply. The thick dildo was deeply lodged inside her friend, and Lauren's pussy was stretched tightly around it. She watched in awe as Lauren pulled it halfway out, moaning loudly, then pushed it home once again. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed, Lauren began to work the dildo inside of herself. Almost by magnetism, Andrea felt her hand slip forward to touch Lauren's moist clit. She was rewarded by an encouraging moan and rubbed it some more. Then she put her hand on the shaft of the toy and started fucking Lauren with it.

Lauren was only too happy to raise her hands above her hand and stroke her scalp and hair. Her nerves felt like they were dancing electrical wires, so stimulated she was. Andrea fucked her for a few minutes, then whispered, "I want to try it..."

Lauren was almost jealous; she didn't want to stop yet. But she also wanted her friend to experience this pleasure, so she nodded. Andrea carefully pulled the dildo out of Lauren, who gasped at the sudden vacancy. She stripped off her own jeans and underwear and started rubbing the thick toy against her own cunt. Between the lubricant and Lauren's abundant secretions coating the rubber, and her own overflowing gash, Andrea felt the toy easily sliding through her folds. She continued to rub Lauren's pussy with one hand as she worked the toy against herself.

Lauren rocked her hips against her friend's touch, enjoying the contact but missing the fullness of the dildo. Her movements caused two of Andrea's fingers to slip inside and she gasped approvingly. Andrea took the hint and starting fingerfucking Lauren, first with two fingers, then rapidly adding a third and a fourth. All the while, she was trying to get the dildo started in herself.

"More," begged Lauren. "Give me more."

"I already have all four fingers in you," Andrea responded. "What more do you want?"

"Give me your thumb," Lauren urged. "Fuck it - give me your whole hand!"

Andrea felt her pussy starting to stretch around the tip of the dildo as Lauren said that, and her mind was reeling at the first hint of the sensation her friend must have been experiencing.

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