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She's a tiger inside.

As I turned around, I saw a beautiful fox looking at me with much interest. It started to walk toward us when I spoke to let the others know, and that's when Toshio got up and angrily threw an empty pop can at it. The fox then quickly retreated back to the tree margin but continued to watch us from there.

I sat back and watched as Toshio turned and came back to us and muttered angrily in Japanese, I couldn't make out everything he said under his breath other than when he said 'Kitsune' amongst other things. I wondered what was it about a common fox that made him so angry? I asked Yuki what was going on since she and Aisha were two of the few there that spoke English well. She replied "It's an old superstition. He thinks the fox could be an Inari Kitsune or what you Americans would call a 'Fox Demon.' it is most unnatural for a normal one to be this friendly and he is trying to drive it off."

He threw rock after rock at the fox, which dodged to the sides of each one easily and looked at him without retreating any further. Toshio grabbed another and threw it, which missed the target again. Toshio then turned back to the group and spoke in Japanese saying "Let's get the hell out of here!" which brought multiple protests from the others, but since he was driving they had to comply. There was something about the fox's behavior that was disturbing; like it was taunting him, and he didn't want to stick around. He also seemed a bit spooked as well as angry. I helped them gather all their belongings along with my lunch cooler and we walked to the cars. When everything was packed and we were leaving Aisha asked if I would like meet up with her in Tokyo the next day and go sightseeing, to which I agreed. She gave me her phone number to call her later and then we said our good-byes. I stood and watched them drive off and then turned to walk back to my rental car.

As I reached the car I heard what sounded like a weird bark coming from the end of the lot, from where we had come from the picnic area. I looked in the direction and there was the fox! After a moment of looking me over, it cautiously made its way toward me and stopped about 20 feet away, it then sat down and watched me with ears cocked forward. I was kind of curious about just how friendly it would be, seeing that it was both wild and an adult. I turned to my lunch cooler and got out some of the leftover sandwiches I had made the night before. when I turned back and tossed half of a baked fish sandwich at the fox, it jumped to the side at first, still skittish from Toshio's earlier treatment. But when it came back to the sandwich and realized what it was, it immediately devoured it and then came even closer.

Now that it had come closer I could tell that it was a female but she was still slightly large for a fox. I took the cooler and sat down on one of the large rocks and tossed the other half. This time the fox didn't even flinch, it stood stock still until the sandwich landed and immediately consumed it. After that the fox seemed to realize that I was no threat and came up to me with her tail wagging as I sat on the rock. It licked my hand and whined as if it were begging so I gave her another sandwich (I had packed a big lunch just in case).

After that it appears I had made a friend. She allowed me to pet her and seemed to love it, she kept completely still as I stroked her beautiful soft fur, and she especially loved it when I scratched her back where her hind legs couldn't reach. After that she seemed grateful and tried to climb up to lick me in the face happily, but since she was a wild animal I knew better than to let her lick me there. But she did settle for licking my hand and letting me give her a belly rub as she rolled onto her back.

It was the most fun I've had in a long time, but I realized it was getting to be late afternoon and I wanted to be back in time to call Aisha for our date.

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