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Two travelers finally reach their destination.

He has set his eyes on her the moment he saw her. She was his next target, but it won't be easy, as she didn't give any 'sign'. However, he was sure that he'd break through her defenses and reach small, vital spark of infelicity that he knew was buried in the heart of every married woman.

As Jason hurried down the stairs to reach the bar across the road before closing time, he had to suffer through an unpleasant encounter in the building's lobby.

"I don't know you that well, Mr. Jason, but I hear that you're making 'sheep's eyes' at my wife," said his aggressor. Jason recognized him; he was Marc who had moved in with his wife recently and right next door to his own apartment.

"I've no idea what you're talking about, and I'm afraid that I don't have the time to discuss it with you at the moment." He said and slid past Marc, continuing down the stairs as Marc glared after him. The man had dumbfounded and confounded him completely. A thousand retorts to the insult he had just been given sprang to tip of his tongue. In the decisive moment he had been rendered speechless, and it made Marc furious.


"I tried to have a chat with that Jason guy." Marc said caressing Linda's hair.

"What for?"

"I don't mind any guy looking at you, but that Jason doesn't have a good reputation. I thought I should put an end to his ogling. Besides, when I approached him to have a chat, he just ignored me. Next time I won't talk, I'll kick his ass first." Marc answered trying to prove his point.

Linda sighed and snuggled close to her husband, she thought for sometime and finally said, "I shouldn't have broached that topic earlier."

Marc held Linda and the way she snuggled he realized that she was worried. He kissed her lightly on her forehead and said, "I won't do anything stupid."

"I'm sure you won't" Linda said returning the kiss.

"Let's not spoil our mood; in fact, I'm ready for another round." Marc said getting on top of Linda. They made love again and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Next day Jason was at shopping mall when he saw Linda. Jason realized Linda was all alone; her over protective husband wasn't there. Despite Marc's little aggressive cameo a day before, he smiled to himself and thought it was a good opportunity to make a move on his target.

Linda was busy cross checking items in her trolley with her shopping list when she heard - hello in a rough voice. She turned around and saw Jason standing behind her. Finding herself in a 'sticky' situation she replied quick hello, tried to turn her trolley and walk away from Jason.

"You need help with that?" Jason asked pointing Linda's overflowing trolley.

"No thanks, I'll manage." Linda refused politely.

"I'll be happy to help." Jason said grabbing the handle of the trolley in spite of Linda's refusal.

"You done with the shopping, or anything is left out?" Jason asked trying to make a conversation.

"I'm done, payment is remaining."

All the way to payment counter Linda walked at a 'safe' distance from Jason. After last night's conversation with Marc she wanted to avoid any trouble. When she saw there were hardly any people at the counter she gave a sigh of relief.

Jason felt his heart made a somersault when he saw almost empty counters. He began to put his plan in action. "When she'll thank me for my generosity, I'll ask her for a coffee or drink. It's time to break her defenses." He thought

Jason stood behind Linda while she was busy at the payment counter. He checked her out and his gaze stuck on her tight ass. "It won't be long - I'll get that piece of ass very soon." Jason thought - his cock getting hard. Linda wanted Jason to just disappear from there. She did notice he purchased few things just for the sake of shopping. She quickly paid for her purchase, turned to leave when Jason stopped her.

"It won't take long, just few minutes." He tried to convince her.

"Mr...." Linda knew his name, but pretended she doesn't care.


"I'm getting late, thanks for the help.

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