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Rick and Loren continue playing with Shelly.

Then you begin to stroke my cock, wetting it completely as you slide your tongue all around it. You squeeze the base with your left hand tightly making it grow and throb and begin stroking it faster and with more determination.

I gaze into your eyes, the eyes of a sexual animal as you run your hand up and down the shaft, brushing the head against your lips and your tongue.

I am getting so aroused more cum sneaks out of the opening at the tip of my cock. You pause briefly to lick it into your mouth and make a noise I cannot describe as you stare into my eyes and begin to stroke it again.

I am not sure how much more I can take and suddenly you release your grip and step away, standing in from of me.

You say in that same sexual voice, " Now watch me baby, watch me expose my body to you, watch me play with my breasts and slide my clothes off ". I have no choice but to comply, although my eyes are drawn to your eyes so strongly.

First your blouse ever so slowly is unbuttoned and tossed aside, then your bra slowly falls to the floor as if in slow motion I watch as it drops. You begin to rub and caress your breasts and around your nipples, making sounds like moans as you do and occasionally looking up and gazing back at me.

They are beautiful, perfectly formed and so aroused. You once again kneel between my legs and rub first my cock against your now excited breasts and then rub your nipples on the head. Now you squeeze my cock with your breasts and I am beginning to struggle to maintain my lock on your eyes as the excitement and arousal is getting the best of me.

Your breasts feel so warm and soft and make my dick get even harder as you torture my cock with your breasts. Just as I think I cannot take any more you lean down and kiss the head of my cock drawing it into your mouth just down to the rim. This nearly makes me cum and I am sure you once again get just a tiny shot of my warm love juice in your mouth.

My breathing is now short and loud, my heart is racing and I am wishing I could attack you and make love to you. You lean up and stand and walk around behind me now. I am straining to try to see you, but I am too far gone and cannot even lean up to find you.

I feel you take my hands and tie them together. I am so aroused and half gone that I cannot even put up a fight. Then you are standing in front of me again and now you slowly, very slowly begin to unclasp your skirt and rub your nipples again.

Now the sound of the zipper, slowly, slowly making it's way down is teasing me. As your skirt slides down your legs you begin to rub the area protruding in your thong, the area above your pussy.

Then your fingers slip down and run up the silky panty front teasing your lips and clit. You slip the thong off and toss it aside and begin to rub across your hood very quickly. Your head whips back and you begin to moan.

Two of your fingers slip between your lips and draw upward and are covered with your love juices. You lick the sweetness from your fingers and then suck them into your mouth. Imitating what you would do while sucking my cock and staring into my eyes.

Now you lean forward and rub your nipples on my face, making them harder than ever and slap me with your breasts as you whip them back and forth. I grab one of your nipples with my mouth as it swings by and hungrily suck it in deeply and you moan and nearly lose your balance.

If my hands were free I would grab you and pull you down into my lap but you crumple onto my legs from the sucking of your nipple and you scream just a tiny little scream as you land on my legs.

You begin to stroke my cock again and wipe the cum from the tip and lick your finger so sensuously.

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