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They were too different, weren't they?

My thoughts began to drift toward the sex I had with Matt. I couldn't understand it. One minute I'm scared out of my mind from almost getting raped, then scared shitless after waking up in a strange room in strange cloths and all of a sudden I'm having sex with a man I barely knew. What the fuck was wrong with me?

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt arms wrap around my waist and my back pulled against a muscular chest. I screamed and sputtered, lashing out with my eyes still closed. When I opened them, Matt himself was standing in front of my in a t-shirt and jeans getting soaked by the shower spray. Anger grew inside of my and I started screaming at him, calling him every bad name I knew as I shoved at him. Matt's eyes widened and he backed out of the shower, but I wasn't finished and I was still pissed off. Granted it was at myself, but I had plenty of reasons to want to kick his ass. I followed him out while still hurling insults and threats at him as I slapped at his head and chest. I foolishly ignored the growing irritation in his eyes in response to my tirade.

"... and what the fuck? What is your goddamn problem you piece of shit? You are one audacious son of a bitch. How dare you? I almost get raped and the next day you make me have sex with you?" I railed as I reached up to slap him on the side of the head. With one of those feral growls he grabbed both of my wrists in one hand and pulled me forward. When I realized I was still butt naked and dripping water, I grew even angrier, but also a little afraid. Matt could wipe the floor with me. Before I could continue with my insults, Matt cut me off with the look he gave me. His eyes were swirling with gold and I felt lightheaded at the sight.

"What the hell are you?" I whispered, pulling weakly at my wrists to get away. Matt backed me up against the glass wall of the shower and looked me directly in my eyes. He had shaved recently and his skin looked soft and smooth.

"That's quite a vocabulary, hun. I wonder who taught you to speak that way," he said casually, using his free hand to caress the side of my face. I flinched at the intimate gesture. "Now, I may be an audacious son of a bitch, but you didn't exactly protest much in bed. As I remember it, you were screaming for more." My face must have been the color of a tomato.

"You have no right-" I was cut of by a terrifying growl that emanated from Matt's chest.

"I have every right!" he roared, whirling me around and pinning me to the floor beneath him. He pinned my hands above my head and I screamed in terror. I was completely shocked when he gently caressed the bite mark he left on my shoulder. "This marks you as mine." I was panting with fear and I could feel Matt's heartbeat through his chest.

"I don't understand," I said quietly. "You're insane." Matt's eyes narrowed and he stood, pulling me up with him.

"Get dressed and meet me outside of the room. I'll explain everything at dinner," he said. He caressed my cheek and kissed my forehead before he left. I was freaked out by the oddness of Matt's behavior. He acted as if he owned me. I looked around the room and saw the clothes he had laid out for me. Another oversized shirt and a pair of sweats yet again.

I exited the bathroom carefully and walked over to the extravagant double doors left open by Matt.

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