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Another foray into experimentation, can Juliet handle it?

With his cock pushed tightly against the opening to her cunt, Beth sank back and impaled herself on Jason's throbbing cock. Beth pushed down until she felt his erection all the way into her pussy. Trying desperately to force it deeper, Beth pushed down hard on Jason. She felt his cock stretching the walls of her pussy and pushing its way deeper and deeper into her. She began moving her hips back and forth with Jason's dick buried in her. The pressure of her clitoris against his pubic bone felt ecstatic. Not wanting to come just yet, Beth lifted her hips and began repeatedly impaling herself on Jason's dick, feeling the fullness of it.

David wanted a better view of Jason's cock violating his wife's pussy or, more accurately since she had taken charge, his wife's pussy violating Jason's cock. He moved to the floor behind Beth. Beth's pussy was full and stretched by the girth of Jason's member. The sight of her pussy lips gripping his cock and moving in and out as she slid up and down Jason's cock it made David even harder.

Beth plunged down and took all of Jason's dick in her cunt. With Jason's cock deep in her pussy, Beth began rotating her hips and grinding her pussy down into him, again putting constant pressure on her swollen clit as it rubbed against his shaft. Beth's clit began to throb, her pussy muscles twitched and quivered, and the walls of her pussy contracted tightly around his shaft. Wetness flooded her pussy as the first wave of excitement hit and rushed through her. Beth resumed moving up and down on his cock. Then she rose up until the head of his cock touched against her pussy lips, took a deep breath, and pushed down hard onto him, burying the full length of his cock deep inside her hot pussy once more.

Beth continued fucking Jason. Over and over she impaled herself on Jason's dick. Jason began raising his hips to meet her thrusts. David watched as they forcefully collided. The sight of his wife's cunt gripping Jason's cock tightly as she fucked him overwhelmed David. Jason's cock was wet with David's sperm and Beth's juices. David looked at Beth's face. She was thoroughly satisfying herself.

David stood. As he approached Beth and Jason, he could see her large tits grazing his bare chest as they swayed back and forth to the rhythm of their thrusts. David thought he would remember that image forever.

"Are you ready for me, baby? Are you ready for another dick?" David asked. Beth knew immediately what he was asking. They had talked about it many times while talking dirty to each other in the throes of passion. "Are you ready to really be fucked by two men?"

"God yes! Yes baby. I'm ready. Give me it to me." Beth pleaded. "Stick your dick in me!"

As David positioned himself behind Beth, she stopped pumping Jason momentarily. David held his hard dick in his hand and searched for the hole already occupied by Jason's cock. Beth felt the hot tip of her husband's cock at the entrance of her pussy. David first pushed gently to assure he was entering Beth's pussy and then pushed more firmly. Beth could feel the head pressing against Jason's cock as David pushed inside her. She groaned as the two cocks spread her apart. Her body felt a good pain as David's cock forced its way inside her cunt alongside Jason's cock. David thought it was strange that the feeling of another cock touching his inside his wife would arouse him so much. Beth could feel both men buried inside her. She squeezed both cocks with her pussy.

"There baby," David said as he began to move his cock. "We're both in you! You're stuffed with two cocks. How does it feel?"

Oh god, David . . . Jason . . . damn, I'm so full," Beth exclaimed. "Fuck me! . . . Fuck me! Both of you!"

Jason began to move his dick in Beth's pussy.

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