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He opened the box, and handed one of the bears down to Peggy, who looked it over, approvingly.

While Harry returned to the truck, Brian pulled cartons of teddy bears out of the car. Harry came back with a hand truck and a few sheets of plywood, which he used to cover wet spots on the path leading from the boxcar to the truck.

Brian handed the cartons down to Peggy, who stacked them three deep, and Harry wheeled the stacks of boxes to the truck. Each carton contained eighteen teddy bears, and although they were not heavy, reaching up to receive them was awkward. Brian was impressed by the stamina Peggy displayed.

It wasn't long before the collection of boxes on the ground was way ahead of Harry, who was already huffing and puffing. Peggy offered to spell him, but he wouldn't hear of it.

Then, when Brian had to climb down into the boxcar and toss the boxes to the side of the car, the stacks of boxes on the ground dwindled. Realizing that he was sweating, he removed his overcoat. They worked at a brisk pace until Harry said he had a full load.

"I'll need the keys to your house, Brian," Harry requested, and when Brian resisted, "We're going to need a place to store this load out of the weather."

Brian reluctantly handed over the keys to his house. Harry left, and Brian was ready to go back to work when Peggy asked him to help her up. The way she said it reminded him of the way Amanda raised her arms when she wanted to be lifted. He reached down, and after a few failed attempts, she fell laughing on the side of the boxcar.

He went below and tossed the boxes through the opening. Peggy spread them neatly on the side of the boxcar.

"Water!" Brian shouted with alarm.

"How bad is it?"

"I can't tell. My flashlight is giving out," he shouted.

He didn't know that she had a cell phone with her until he heard her talking. "Dad, Brian says there is water coming into the car. Bring us some flashlight batteries when you come back...I'll tell him."

"He says to try and salvage all we can," she said, looking into the darkened space below.

Brian looked up, trying to visualize what she looked like, and thinking, she called me Brian. She knows my name. He went to work tossing the damp cartons to the surface above.

Harry returned with flashlight batteries and a thermos of hot coffee. Brian and Peggy took a break to enjoy the coffee while Harry began wheeling the stacks of boxes to the truck. It didn't take long to load up and for him to be gone.

Brian was down below again when he heard something drop. He flashed his light in that direction, and was surprised to see Peggy.

"I wanted to see this for myself," she said, as a way of explaining her reason for surprising him.

She helped him move the boxes from the far ends of the car to the center, and then he helped her climb above.

They had the boxes for the third load stacked next to the road when Harry returned. The sun was coming up, and it was easy to see what they were doing. It only took a few minutes to load the truck.

"Go with your dad. I'll stay here and finish up," Brian offered. She refused, saying she preferred to stay. There was still a chill in her voice, but it gave him a warm feeling to hear her say she preferred to stay.

They moved the last load of cartons to the road. Peggy called her father, who was on his way back to the site.

"He said we'll have to put the rest of them in the barn," she said when she hung up.

"The barn leaks."

"He'll cover them with a tarpaulin."

Brian nodded, somewhat in awe at the way Peggy and her father connected.

"Why did you buy that place?" she asked.

Brian wondered if she was beginning to loosen up, or was she just curious?

"I've been renting a room and taking my meals out since I took the job. The owner offered me a price that I can afford. I guess I yearned for some space."

"Mr. Bennett was probably happy to get rid of it," she laughed. "He owns a lot of real estate around town."

"He financed it at a reasonable rate. It saved applying for a bank mortgage."

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