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What Marty saw out the window changed his life.

Well my girls must have had the same idea I had, sit and wait, because they never turned up at that bar. After what seemed like hours of sitting there and getting frustrated I started talking to a couple of cute Spanish boys sitting next to me at the bar. They were older and had long curly black hair. Not ratty like the grunge boys in America but oiled and well taken care of. The bought me another red bull and vodka and yelled over the music about the city and the club. I told them I had lost my friends and they suggested I come with them to a bar where they were meeting friends. I told them where my Hostel was and they said it is on the same street as the bar. I figured well I would have one drink with them and then go back to the hostel and wait for Jen and Samantha.

The bar was further down the windy street than the Hostel. The neighborhood started to look really sketchy and I was beginning to question if getting into a cab with two strange older men in a foreign country was a good idea. As soon as we arrived at the bar my fears were gone. The bar was called Bar Marsella and it was fantastic. It was like something out of a Van Gough painting. It must have been 200 hundred years old and was covered from floor to ceiling in wooden shelves filled with ancient unopened black bottles. The center of the bar was a cluster of old wooden bistro tables and the lighting was an electric yellow.

The waiter came by and asked for our orders. The guys, Alberto and Ramon, as I had just learned explained that this bar only serves absenta. They went on to explain that absenta is the Spanish word for Absinthe and it is very similar. Now I have had Absinthe before, well the legal stuff they sell at home, and I knew this was a drink to be careful of. I told them I had had too much to drink and there was no way I was taking a shot of that stuff.

They went on to explain that you drink diluted with water and it is a sipping drink. Against my better judgment I decided it is spring break and you only travel to Europe as a 20 year old once so hey why not. The waiter brought me a glass filled one third of the way up with a yellow green liquid. He set a fork across the rim of the glass and placed a sugar cube on the fork. Next he handed me a bottle of water with a hole punched in the top. He must have sensed I had no idea what to do with that because he motioned for me to tip the water and pour it over the sugar cube. With each drip of water the cube started to dissolve and the drink changed from clear greenish yellow to a cloudy milky green. I was mesmerized. No wonder all the artists drank this stuff. It's an ancient light show in a bottle!

The drink did not taste like the shot I had in the US. The American stuff was like ouzo only worse. This was sweet and tasted of creamy licorice and honey. It was then that Alberto and Ramons friends came to meet us. They were a couple and when I say a couple they were wow. Josep was tall light skinned and blond, with long side burns and short hair. He was a dream. Colina his girlfriend was no slouch either. She looked about 25 and was tall with a smile of thin lips from ear to ear. Her hair was black and curled around her shoulders. She was wearing the coolest cloths I have ever seen. She looked like a character form the Matrix. The Spanish goddess was wearing a long red coat with knee high black leather boots and jeans that could have been painted on. As they sat down I finished my absinthe and the waiter brought us all another round.

It is at this moment that I blacked out. Well kinda sorta. I have learned the hard way that absinthe does a funny thing if you drink too much. You black out but you don't go to sleep and you don't entirely forget anything.

Part 2

I woke up in a strange place with a sharp panic.

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