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Joel reconciles with wife Renee due to her "Incentive".

"But I'm not wearing any underwear..."

"Do you think she is?" Jessica sneered. "Show her Scunt."

Cathy raised her skirt. Tammie gasped in shock. The girl was shaved bare. Her lips were wet and swollen.

"Scunts don't wear panties and Scunts shave every day." Jessica said. "Isn't that right Scunt?"

"Yes Prefect," Cathy answered.

"Now polish my shoes dummy." Jessica ordered.

Tammie began to move her slim hips. The shoe was cold at first, but soon grew warm. It also began to grow very wet as Tammie moved back and forth.

"Faster dummy," Jessica ordered.

Tammie struggled to find a rhythm, but finally her hips began to work faster, as she gave shallow pumps. It was mortifying. It was. And yet, horribly the task was somehow enough to stimulate her sexually. Her clit bounced along the grooved surface of the soft leather. No. No, she would not let this happen.

There was worse to come. The prefect raised her wool skirt, and with a start, Tammie realized the girl wasn't wearing any underwear either.

Tammie felt a hand on her neck pushing her from behind. It was Cathy, pushing her closer to Jessica's blond damp tangle.


Jessica shifted forward. Poor Tammie was now in contact with another girl's sex for the first time. This was all she would do. She would not give the girl the satisfaction.

However, the heat in her loins had other ideas. Her wet lips sloshed as the worked over the prefects shoes. Then her nose was pinched. Okay, she was just going to open for a moment.

The musk assaulted her nose. The tang of sex taunted her tongue. She was temped to bite, but thought better of it. This was all she would do - all her pride could bare.

Slap! Her throbbing ass smarted anew. Cathy had spanked her raw bottom. She groaned at the cruel sensation. She began to lick.

"That's it. You may be dumb, but you aren't worthless," Jessica purred. "Clumsy, but good."

Clumsy. She'd been taken advantage of, and the best the girl could say was 'Clumsy.' Tammie's pride took another blow.

Soon Cathy knelt beside her, and pulled her away from Jessica's sex. She offered pointers. "Lick here. Up and down. Now the lips. No, not like that. Like this."

Cathy licked the swollen lips expertly. Then it was Tammie's turn.

She learned how to lick like an artist. With short strokes. Long strokes. Thick. Thin. Light. Heavy. She learned to suck. She learned to tease and please. The flick a clit. To dance over it. All while she worked her hips on the girl's shoe. She almost came several times, but each time Cathy stopped her. Made her switch shoes with Cathy and start again. Over and over until at last Jessica pulled hard on Tammie's hair and climaxed on her face.
"Oh baby," Jessica cooed in satisfaction, reveling in her post climax bliss. "You are actually pretty good at it. Have you been holding out on us? Have you been going down on all the girls at your high school? Have you?"

"No." Tammie said, her cheeks blooming a bright red. "I..I only date boys."

"Well, you are a natural, only-dates-boys. As a matter of fact, I think I'll come up with a good little nickname to incorporate your quickly learned oral skills." Jessica said, putting her index finger beneath her chin as she mimed thinking. "I think we'll call you Lickie-Lou."

"Please no." Tammie begged.

Jessica's eyes never softened. "Now finish cleaning my shoes, the last one to come, cleans both shoes."

It took a moment for the words to sink in as Tammie had forgotten that she'd been grinding on the foot between her thighs. What did she mean, clean both shoes. Then she heard the grunts from Cathy. Saw as the sweating girl's hips humped like some sort of sick rabbit. Those wet sloppy sounds.

The loser would have to clean both shoes. Well, that wasn't so bad. She'd do it that night with a towel.

"With her tongue." Jessica finished with a laugh.

Oh dear Lord. It wasn't possible, but she knew it was. She began to hump, desperate to catch up to Cathy's pace. No wonder her former friend was so eager to finish.

"Look me in th

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