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Busty cop is hunted down by her horny cousin.

Then she started over again but this time after she gave their dicks a few strokes she sucked their testicles, pulling them into her mouth one at a time or both, if they fit. Her mouth would be full when she would rear back, with her teeth loosely clamped on his scrotum, pulling on his nuts. While she serviced them, the men helped themselves to handfuls of tit. All this time her boobs were pushed out and hanging and her hands were bound behind her by the ropes, her lovely breasts swinging with every move.

Then, with every dick in the room as hard as a drill bit and all eyes on Janine, she flopped back on the bed and spread her legs! Her arms were still tied behind her so Marjorie and two of the pool girls lifted her up and put pillows under her shoulders and hips so the weight didn't rest on her arms. But these preliminaries made Janine impatient because the time had clearly come to fuck men.

There were too many for Janine to satisfy at once so while they waited some of the men turned to Marjorie and the pool girls, who obliged by stroking their cocks and letting the men fondle them. Marjorie, with her blonde hair and very floppy big tits, got the most attention and seemed to have a dick in her mouth every time Janine looked over.

But the centerpiece was Janine, lying there tied up with her legs spread, her lovely boobs sticking up unnaturally because of the support from the rope bra. Janine was practically begging to be fucked now and when a man's turn came around, it didn't matter which girl had been fluffing him and how he was getting on with her, he went to Janine's bed because the set-up was just too hot to miss out on. The girls took on the responsibility of putting a condom on each guy just before his turn, with great ceremony and many unnecessary stokes. They all helped themselves to the minibar, refreshing themselves in preparation for the sexual athletics ahead.

The first man was tall and had a big grin on his face, like he had just scored a slam dunk. He mounted Janine in a hurry and the crowd in the room could hear her gasp as he thrust his long dick into her in one fast motion. Janine was so ready for it that she surprised him by coming loudly very quickly, straining against the ropes binding her arms, arching her back and curling her toes. It took him a minute or two to finish and Janine enjoyed watching the man's face and feeling his cock spurt as he came inside her. There were others behind him so he didn't have a chance to rest on top of her for more than a few seconds before he pulled out of her, holding the condom so it wouldn't slide off.

As soon as he got off her, the second man mounted her.

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