Couple High Quality Sex Pics

Two couples get together and relive the past.

I walked towards the kitchen with my ass cheeks once again jiggling in front of Paul and Gary.

"Phew!" Paul whistled at me as I walked to the kitchen. "Hot damn, your ass can jiggle, boy."

I blushed red. My mind tried to grasp for some sort of sarcastic response but it just ended up drawing a blank so I remained silent. I continuing walking to the fridge and obtained another beer. I walked back out into the family room and handed Paul the beer.

"Thanks for the beer... and the show," Paul snickered. He reached over and grabbed the back of my right butt cheek and gave it a firm squeeze.

"Hey!" I objected as I pulled away from Paul. "Don't touch me!" I walked back over to the dinner table and sat down in my chair. I crossed my legs and grabbed my glass of wine and took another sip.

"Come on, relax, Danny," Gary said as he took a large swig from the beer he was holding. "We're just joking around here. You don't need to be so sensitive. Also, why are you sitting all the way there? There's plenty of room on the sofa. Come over her."

I picked up my glass of wine and walked over to the sofa where Paul and Gary were sitting. Contrary to what Gary had said, there was not plenty of room. I had to scoot in between the two large men and pull my legs tight crossed over each other. Paul's arm stretched out above my shoulder and I could feel the weight of both men pressing against my sides. Somewhat nervously, I took another sip from my wine glass.
"Let's watch something on TV," Gary volunteered. He turned on the television set and began flipping through channels. "I get all the premium channels," Gary explained. He ended up settling on a channel I had never heard of before. It was readily apparent from the images on screen that it was a channel that broadcast hardcore pornography.

"You want to watch porno?" I asked in a surprised voice. I did not understand why Gary did not just do this sort of stuff by himself like a normal person.

"Sounds good to me," Paul interjected. Turning his attention towards me, he spoke, "Gary told me you give a really good handie. Go ahead and beat our dicks off while we watch some porn."

"You told him about that?" I said in a raised, appalled tone of voice directed towards Gary.

"Well, we never said it was going to be some sort of secret," Gary explained. "Guys talk about these sorts of things. You know, who is putting out and who is a good lay. Men gotta know their sluts from their bimbos."

"Well, I am not beating off any dicks!" I said angrily. "You said that I would just be serving drinks and I didn't have to do anything sexual."

"Relax," Gary said impatiently. "Paul, keep your penis in your pants. Apparently you're making the princess over here uncomfortable."

"You're no fun," Paul remarked as he took a drink from his beer. Paul focused in on the pornography being displayed on the television screen. It depicted a gangbang scene where a large breasted woman was on all fours getting fucked. All of a sudden a second actor approached the woman and pushed his cock inside of her mouth. The actresses ended up getting jackhammered from both directions.

"That's so hot," Gary commented. "That's always been a fantasy of mine. To just fuck some bimbo from both ends like that. I have never been in a threesome before but I wouldn't hesitate for a chance to experiment like that."

"I couldn't agree more," Paul added. "Nothing makes my dick harder." Turning his attention to me, Paul spoke, "Would you ever consider taking two cocks like that, one in your ass while a guy fucks your mouth?"

"Never going to happen," I interjected. "I'm not taking any one's dick and I am certainly not going to be part of some old guy's gross sexual experiment."

"Oh, but if it was two young muscle bound guys like in the porno you would do it?" Paul asked me.

"You're not listening to a word I am saying," I responded.

"I for one could use another beer," Gary said interrupting my conversation with Paul.

Noticing my own wine glass was empty, I agreed, "I will get us another round.

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