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Michael pretended not to notice.

"I used to make these all the time, even when we had regular bread," Sandra scooped some peanut butter from jar. She opened the hot dog roll with her thumb and forefinger, and then spread the peanut butter thickly down the inside. Then she scooped out some grape jelly, and spread it on top of the peanut butter.

"Bite?" Sandra offered out the first nibble to Michael. He looked at her for the first time. Her face was beautiful, youthful and smooth. Her big brown eyes just pulled him in, and before he knew it, he was leaning over to take a bit from the sandwich. She was smiling when he opened his eyes.

"Hey, that's good," he said, around a mouthful of food. "That's really good!"

Michael grabbed another hot dog roll, and started making another sandwich just like it. Sandra turned about and hoped up onto the counter. Sitting on the counter top made her taller, almost taller than him. Michael couldn't help but notice her wonderfully tan body, the curves of her youth, and the way her hair just cascaded down her front. His mind flashed to visions of this girl, naked before him, in the tent earlier that morning. He felt a stirring between his legs.

"I love peanut butter," Sandra stuck a finger into the jar and scooped some onto her finger. Michael watched as she brought the finger to her lips. Her tongue flicked out to taste a small amount. "Mmmm!"

Their eyes met, and Sandra saw that he was enthralled with her. His eyes were twinkling blue; she wanted to stare into them forever. His eyes glanced to the rest of the peanut butter, still thick on her finger. She lowered her hands slowly, so as not to break the spell. She peeled aside the fabric of her bikini top, and one ample breast sprung free.

Sandra covered the exposed nipple with peanut butter, watching Michael's face intensely. His eyes never wavered. She spread the peanut butter around her sensitive aureole. Michael licked his lips, and took one step closer.

Sandra dipped two fingers into the jelly jar. They came up with a nice glob of sweet-smelling, grape jelly. She pulled the other side of her bikini down, and spread the sticky goodness all across the surface of that bosom. Some of the jelly fell down onto her thighs, but most of it stayed in place.

"Try this PB and J," she whispered. Michael's eyes were transfixed on her breasts, one covered with peanut butter, the other with jelly. Sandra reached one hand behind his neck, and slowly coaxed him closer. She could feel his breath on her chest.

"Taste," she said, pulling him closer.

His mouth took in her left breast, the one covered with peanut butter. Sandra closed her eyes as she felt his tongue roll across her nipple.

"Yessssss," she sighed.

He suckled at her tit, licking all of the creamy peanut butter from her skin. He squeezed her flesh with one hand, and bit down on her nipple softly. Sandra inhaled sharply. Michael then licked at her tenderly. Sandra turned her body, and he found her grape-covered nipple in his mouth.

"Oh, this is yummy," Sandra whispered in his ear. Michael licked, nibbled and gobbled up all of the grape jelly, until her skin was bare. As she looked down from her perch, Sandra couldn't help but notice that Michael was quite aroused now. This was more than evident from the bulge in his swim trunks.

"Pardon me a moment," Sandra pushed Michael back slightly, and then jumped down from the counter. "This looks even yummier."

Sandra dropped to her knees, her head just inches from the bulging front of Michael's bathing suit. She looked up into his brilliant, light blue eyes. His face was expressionless, chiseled stone as she pulled the waist band of his swim suit down with both hands. She had to tug the front of the suit out, so that it didn't get stuck on Michael's cock. With a final yank, she pulled the garment all the way down. Michael's rod was thick, erect and heavy before her eyes.

'Oh my," Sandra said, admiring the tool. "All for me?"

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