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When the pressure got to be too much, she stepped out of the tub and sat down on the toilet. She leaned forward, released some of the air in the butt plug and pulled it out. She immediately emptied the contents of her bowels. She picked up the book and began to read as her bowels continued to purge.

When she was empty, she cleaned herself, filled the enema bag again and repeated the process. Again she was wet and throbbing, but again, she didn't allow herself to play with his property.

She continued this process until the water released was clear. Sometimes it took 3 times, sometimes 4 or 5. She never rushed the process. It took a long time, that's why she had learned to take a book in the bathroom with her.

When she was finally done, she hung the enema bag from the shower head. She hung the hose from the same place. She cleaned the butt plug thoroughly and put it away and then climbed into bed.

The next morning as she was getting ready, she got a text from her Master. It instructed her to bring the plug and the enema bag. She wondered why, but she knew better than to question him; she would assure him when she got there that she had cleaned herself out.

They met at a hotel. They checked in and he took the bag that contained the toys, the bondage rope, the enema bag and the plug from her. He put his hand on the small of her back and they went up to their room. She got goose bumps on her arms when he put his hand on the small of her back. She didn't know why, but this gesture always excited her as she found it to be very erotic.

When they got in the room, he told her to strip. She immediately began taking her clothes off while she looked him in the eye. When she was naked she stood and waited for his next command. "Come here so I can inspect you," he said. She walked over to him and raised her arms some, so he could look all over. "Turn around," he ordered. She turned around and spread her legs. His hands roamed her body, asking about the few bruises she had. After she explained them, he continued inspecting her. His fingers slipped between her legs and slid into her pussy. He smiled as he asked her, "Already wet, my pet?"

"Yes, Master."

"Why are you wet?" he questioned.

"Because you excite me, Sir. Because I love the ritual of stripping and you inspecting me. Because I know I am now going to give myself to you completely."

He smiled at her answer, knowing how much she meant what she said; she thoroughly enjoyed giving herself to him and loved being his sub.

He went over to the toy bag and took out the enema bag and the butt plug attachment. "Did you follow my instructions last night and clean yourself out, pet?" he asked. She assured him that she had. He went in the bathroom and filled the bag with warm water. He called out to her to come into the bathroom. "Get into the tub and bend over," he told her. He lubed up the butt plug and slid it into her ass, fucking her with it a few times before he blew it up larger. He hooked up the hose and asked her if she was ready.

"Yes Master," she replied, her voice quivering slightly, giving away her excitement. He released the clamp and watched the enema bag drain. While it was draining, he slipped a finger between her legs and rubbed her clit. She moaned with pleasure.

"You naughty slut," he said. "You're getting excited, aren't you?" He already knew that she got aroused when she gave herself an enema for him.

"Yes Master," she replied as he unhooked the hose and pumped up the butt plug more.

He rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger, getting it nice and hard and slipped a clamp on her nipple. He repeated with the other nipple. He gave the chain attaching them a tug and she whimpered. She was still bent over and she asked him if she might be allowed to sit on the toilet and release the water.

"Not yet."

He told her to turn in the tub so she was facing him and he stepped up to the side.

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