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A man who loves to please orally explains his obsession.

I hung out with a few girls my age initially, but after a while all I could think of was my mother. Couples of all ages were dancing to groovy music. I finally spotted my mother talking to a group of ladies. They were all in dresses, but she was the only MILF in the group. She was drinking too and seemed rather tipsy. I saw her walk up to the bar with her friends and do a round of shots. I had never seen my mother in this spirit. I guess she had decided to let down her a hair a bit.

A while later, I was getting pretty drunk. I saw that my mother was drunk too as she was dancing wildly with her other lady friends. I walked up to them and danced with them for a while. The DJ then announced that it was time for the couples to dance to romantic songs. My dad had been drinking with his pals and wouldn't be interested in dancing. My mother grabbed my wrist and said "Honey, I hope you wouldn't mind dancing with me, because your dad definitely wouldn't agree to."

Thoughts raced to my mind and in an instant I replied "Definitely mom, infact, I would love to dance with you."

We swayed to the music. It was a very platonic dance as you would expect. Once the DJ was done with the slower numbers, he began to play commercial dance music. With the flashy lights, I didn't know what was happening initially. But it didn't take much time for me to figure it out, because I could feel it. My mother was grinding her ass on my cock. In an instant, I had a boner. She could feel it for sure. She began rubbing her ass even harder on my cock. What would our relatives make of this? I quickly ushered her to the side. I took her into the hotel so that we could talk about this.

She had a naughty expression on her face. Her eyes had an unusual gleam. I had never seen this side of my mother, but I loved it. She walked over to the lift sexily and pressed the button. I was trembling as we got into the lift. The moment the door closed, she grabbed my hands and plonked them on her ass. My instincts took over. I squeezed as hard as I could. She moaned softy. I pulled her close to me by her waist. The tension between us was palpable. I could see that she wanted me in her. Our lips touched and we began kissing passionately. We lost track of where we were. The alcohol in our systems did play a part but we knew exactly what was happening. I put my hand up her dress and began to rub her pussy vigorously. Just then the door opened. We had forgotten we were in a lift. An elderly couple walked in. Luckily they were foreigners and we didn't know them. They smiled, which meant they knew exactly what was going on.

We entered my room. My mom then went into her room. I was perplexed as I thought we were going to go further. She didn't emerge from her room for a while. So I went over to lay down on my bed. I still had a raging boner from what had just happened. It was a once in a lifetime kind of moment. I wished it would have lasted longer though.

But some dreams do come true. My mother then came to the doorway, signaling for me to go to her room. "Darling, Come over here, I need some help in setting up the bed". I flung my jeans and shirt off. I was in my boxers. I rushed into her room.

What I saw next blew my mind.

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