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Catherine moves her hand along the ass crease in front of her and spreads the fleshy cheeks.

Catherine squeezes the tube and applies a handful of gel along Denise's rear, concentrating a dollop on her tight sphincter. She presses her middle finger into Denise's star and pushes down until her entire digit is fully surrounded by flesh. Catherine twists and pulls her finger to loosen the opening. She pulls her finger out and then surprises Denise by inserting two fingers into her anal passage. Catherine saws her fingers back and forth stimulating Denise and getting her juices flowing.

"Gawd I love it when my ass is full. I'm ready to be plugged."

Catherine withdraws her fingers and slides the purple plug into Denise's gaping hole. Her tight O-ring collapses around the stem of the butt plug ensuring a snug fit. Catherine continues to slide her fingers along Denise's crevice and dips them lower to separate her hanging inner labia. She feels the wetness starting to form and is satisfied that Denise is ready for a good fucking.

Denise retrieves the red diary from the bed while Catherine steps into the strap-on and adjusts the belt.

"I'll finish with the list while you slide that gorgeous cock in my pussy, my darling. Go slow at first, I'm still adjusting to my butt plug."

Catherine complies. She uses her fingers to stimulate Denise and spread more lube around the pink flesh before applying a liberal amount on the dildo. Catherine lines up the seven-inch cock with Denise's pink gash and slowly enters her cunt.

Denise begins reading from the red book as she feels her pussy accept the silicon cock. She spreads her legs to give Catherine more room play.

"Rob has several entries for 2015. He was traveling all around the Western states for work and met three ladies up in Idaho."

Catherine spreads Denise's ass cheeks and pushes hard, "I think that's where he crashed that high school reunion."

Denise continues reading, "I think you're right. The first entry is a lady named Tess. She currently resides in Eagle Idaho, is 49 years old and has a Triple D-cup bust. She loves to go braless. Our boy does like the big tits. Her aureole are three inches wide, dark red with thumb-size nipples that stick out a half inch when erect. It sounds like her boobs look a lot like yours, Catherine."

"Maybe a little, but I'm not quite a Triple-D. Go on, keep reading."

"Tess is shaved, has puffy outer lips with visible thick inner labia and a large clit. She also has a nice wide ass. She likes to be on top and get it from behind with a finger in her ass. She can suck a good three to four inches of cock, enjoys a good snowball. She also eats pussy and generally loves girl on girl."

Catherine fantasizes about what it would be like to meet Tess, meanwhile she pumps her seven-inch dildo into the puffy lips in front of her eyes.
"The next is Stacy. She is 49 years old and a C-cup with peach colored puffy areoles. She has thin pink inner labia surrounded by smooth outer lips. A neatly trimmed triangle covers her mons. Rob's comments say she is separated from her husband. Well, that's too bad. She is Tess's number one playmate, loves girl on girl sex, especially 69, cream pies and is a 'squirter'. Stacy considers herself a MILF, has several boy toys and adores anal sex. Wow, maybe we should take a trip up to Idaho."

Catherine pushes the dildo deep into Denise, "Who knew the ladies in Idaho were so hot."

"The third girl from Idaho is Carol. She's also 49. She has a black curly bush shaved into a triangle and a long clit. The entry doesn't show a cup size, it just says her boobs are very big and saggy with pink nipples. She has a wide mature ass that she likes to be stroked. She masturbates with a nine-inch rabbit vibrator."

Denise puts the book down for a moment and concentrates on the sensations in her pussy and ass. Catherine holds her hips and pulls Denise back onto the cock. She pushes her hips forward and drives Denise into the mattress.

Catherine suggests

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