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Once again she is humiliated.

"Wellllllllll," laughed Julie rolling her eyes, "She seemed to enjoy what she saw and she was asking for it."

The two women were laughing about how while in one shop when they were mucking about while trying on clothes and one of the more senior female shop assistants started tutting about their behaviour. Julie and Sarah had gone back into the cubicle and Julie removed her clothing before calling the shop assistant in.

Then as the older woman stood there staring at Julie's naked body Julie asked her whether she thought the natural look suited her. The older woman stuttered as Julie then began to remove Sarah's clothes while caressing her body. At the point when Julie inserted a finger into Sarah's pussy before holding it up, and with an innocent look on her face asked if this is what was meant by the 'wet look', the woman fled, threatening to call security.

Julie was still laughing to herself as the hot water splashed down on her in the large shower when she felt a movement behind her. She looked over her shoulder to see Sarah's smiling face who began to caress Julie's back before stepping closer and running her hands across Julie's breasts. Julie lent back against Sarah and closed her eyes enjoying the touch of her hands sliding across her body as the water cascaded down. Sarah then soaped her hand and began to massage across Julie's chest and down her tummy towards Julie's groin.

The slippery sensation of Sarah's hands on her skin was sending Julie wild and she began to moan as tremors shot through her body. Julie opened her legs to make access easier and sighed contentedly as Sarah's finger gently began to circle her clit. Sarah's rubbing became more insistent and Julie put out a hand to steady herself, as her legs grew unsteady. Sarah moved it gently from the wall and supported her weight as she increased the friction and every so often slipped a finger inside. With a half cry, half sob Julie climaxed and Sarah held Julie tightly until the shaking stopped.

As the women were drying their hair and getting dressed for the evening Sarah turned to Julie and with a cheeky smile said "That's 2-1 I think."

Julie smiled and replied, "So it's a competition is it now? We will see about that." Then a wicked grin spread across Julie's face as she said with a coy voice, "How about a little fun and maybe carry the competition on?" Sarah looked a little confused at first but understanding dawned as Julie explained that the guys in the minibus were on a stag night and they had a mobile number displayed in the back window.

As Sarah watched, Julie fished her mobile out of her purse and dialled a number from memory. Sarah could only hear one side of the conversation that went, ..".Yes the two from the car"...soft laugh ..."No that was my friend who was fingering herself ... six of you, well that's three each ...OK see you there in an hour." Julie snapped the mobile shut and looked Sarah in the eyes as she said, "It's arranged and the first one to make their three cum wins." Sarah poked out her tongue as she asked what the forfeit would be and then her eyes lit up when Julie leant forward and whispered it in her ear.


Julie and Sarah walked into the guy's hotel dressed to kill, Sarah had chosen a black leather mini-skirt with a black near see through blouse which complemented her short blonde hair, whilst Julie had a calf length wrap around silk dress with short high heeled ankle boots. Julie's dress clung to her like a second skin clearly showing that she had nothing on underneath, whilst Sarah's skirt barely covered her brief white thong. The two women sat on bar stools and were the centre of attention with the six guys who were buying drinks and each trying to outdo each with tales of daring feats and sexual prowess.

Sarah looked at Julie and winked having decided on her three and taking her cue Julie said in a low husky voice, "OK boys want to party?" The young men nearly fell over each other helping the two women up to one of their rooms, which wasn't as large as Julie and

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