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Flirty co-worker emails lead to a hot encounter.

Instead, you could see my bare ass.

I had accesorized the dress with some long dangly rhinestone earrings, a wide rhinestone bracelet on each wrist, and a rhinestone anklet.

To finish the effect, I was wearing my tallest pair of shoes: black patent ankle strap sandals with 6" metal-spiked heels. They were clearly fuck-me shoes, and thus a perfect match for the dress.

There was no chance I would be mistaken for a woman. Dressed like this, I clearly looked like a hooker.

I was delighted.

It was going to be a good night. With any luck, tonight would be the night I'd pick someone up at the club. I was still a "virgin", but every time I strutted my stuff, I got closer and closer.

What I really wanted was to turn on a man so much that he'd take me. And I mean *TAKE* me. I wanted to feel his hands clasp my arms, draw me toward him, and plunge his manhood into me.

Maybe tonight would be the night. I kept hoping, and I kept dressing more erotically, more explicitly. Eventually, someone would want me.

I drove into the city, and scoured the area for a parking space. I decided that I wanted to flash a little before getting to the club, so I parked about 10 or 15 blocks away. It would also give me a chance to get used to these shoes again; I hadn't worn them in a while.

It worked. I saw a few men watching me appreciatively as I walked by. Since it was time for many of the theaters in the area to start their shows, the crowd on the street was was elegant. Yum.

The crowd at the club was a little thinner than usual. I don't know why. The weather was fine; a perfect spring night in fact. People just didn't seem to want to be out.

But I was determined to socialize with someone.

I mingled for a while, chatting with a few people, and finally just sat down at a stool in the middle of the bar. I was sitting there sipping my drink when Bill came up to me. His line didn't waste any time.

"Hello, gorgeous. I like your dress. I'd like it even more if you'd stand up and model it for me."

He was tall, reasonably handsome, and seemed interested in me. We talked, drank, flirted, and danced until closing. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to, I couldn't persuade him to take me home with him.

Oh, well, I'd be going home alone. Again.

Which was too bad.

Bill had made me really horny. I guess I'd have to just go home to put a plug inside myself and masturbate to an exploding orgasm. Again.

Starting the walk back, I realized the problem with parking so far away. I was tired, and just wanted to get back to my car.

After about 5 blocks, I heard a wolf whistle. Some guy was on the other side of the street, admiring me as I passed. He was very tall, maybe 6'4", and really well built.

Maybe it was my horniness from flirting with Bill all night, or maybe it was the alcohol, but I couldn't resist giving him a little show to turn him on. I spun around on my heels, flaring my skirt out to show my ass.

He just smiled.

I was almost thinking to myself that I should go over to him. After flirting with Bill, I was horny enough that I'd almost pay him to fuck me.

But I decided to play it safe. I didn't know who he was or what he wanted. Smiling back, I straightened up, and continued my walk to the car.

Suddenly three more men were in front of me, and one of them had a knife.

"Gimme your purse, whore!"

Before I could even hand it over, one of them grabbed it and started looking through it.

I didn't have much in it. My license, maybe $10, a couple of condoms, some lube, and my handcuffs.

Oh, god. I'd brought my handcuffs with me tonight!

As the spotter walked over from across the street, the one fishing through my purse held up my handcuffs.

"Look what the little whore has. Does the whore like her tricks to tie her up when she gets fucked?"

One of the others slid his hand under my skirt, and announced, "This whore isn't wearing any panties. But she does have a cock. She's a little boy-whore. She dresses really nice for a boy."

They grabbed me, and pulled me down the alley.

I was terrified.

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