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Boss uses sexual blackmail to defeat the law.

Number two whipped in as hard just below the first stroke. The third caught Sue on the lower curves and caused her to yelp out loud, but she gamely stayed in position. Mr Norton then moved forward to inspect the first three marks, his hands roaming over the ridge marks, caressing and squeezing. He also teased Sue's legs further apart so that he could slip a finger inside her. She readily responded to this and she pushed her bottom out towards the probing finger. From where John was standing he could see the look of pleasure on Sue's face as Mr Norton expertly brought her from agony to ecstasy. Before Sue was able to reach her peak Mr Norton withdrew his finger, now slick with her juices and resumed his caning position. The next two strokes were given as ruthlessly as the first and Sue could not believe that the hand that had just brought her pleasure could not be causing such pain.

As Mr Norton was preparing for the sixth stroke John noticed a face at the door of the studio looking in -- it was Mr Buca, the school caretaker. John stepped forward to tell Mr Norton they were being watched, but in doing so interrupted Mr Norton's swing and the stroke landed diagonally across the previous five causing Sue to cry out and stand up. Mr Norton was furious as John tried to explain what he'd seen at the door. Despite John's protest Mr Norton turned to the door and beckoned Mr Buca into the studio telling him that he could watch what was going on. Mr Norton turned to Sue and told her to bend over again as he was going to repeat the last stroke. Both John and Mr Buca stood and watched as the sixth stroke was repeated. After the stroke Mr Norton again took the opportunity to inspect the vivid welts on Sue's bottom and this time he slipped three fingers inside her, bringing her so close to the release she so desperately wanted, but again stopping short. As John looked enviously he noticed that Mr Buca had one hand in his pocket and was clearly playing with himself.

This was also noticed by Mr Norton who asked him to help with the next stage of the caning. He told Mr Buca to remove Sue's bra and knickers and then stand on the opposite side of the vaulting box to make sure she stayed bent over. Mr Buca eagerly stepped forward placing his hands appreciatively on Sue's hips. John wasn't too keen on Mr Buca touching Sue and he was dismayed to see that rather than slipping down her knickers he had taken hold of the thin material and with both hands had simply snapped the lace at both sides, pulling the torn shred from her body. Mr Buca brought the material to his nose and inhaled, he had a lecherous grin on his face. He then turned his attention to the bra and rather than simply undoing it at the rear he managed to grope and squeeze Sue's breasts before finally removing the garment. After stuffing the knickers and bra into his pocket he took up position on the other side of the box, his groin level with Sue's head.

John watched all of this, but was not prepared for what happened next. Mr Norton turned to John and said that to allow a better, more free cane swing, he would strip before giving Sue the next six strokes. Without further question Mr Norton then quickly slipped off his track suit and trainers, revealing a firm toned body, and even though not erect, a sizeable penis. Sue was able to see this in the mirrors of the dance studio and she was clearly focusing on Mr Norton's penis. John wasn't sure if he saw her lick her lips? However, the moment passed and the now naked Mr Norton took up position behind Sue and prepared to resume the caning. And so it began again.

Sue wasn't sure if it was because as Mr Norton had indicated, being naked allowed a better swing, or if he was just caning harder, but the next three strokes were certainly harder than the first six. She could also see in the reflection of Mr Norton, that as he gave each stroke he gradually became more erect. So by the time he paused after the ninth stroke he had a massive erection that was swinging almost as wildly as his cane.

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