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Idyll along a creek - but watch out for the berry bushes!

I was taken back by what I saw before me. The client was about 5'9", with a very curvaceous body, blond bbw with green eyes wearing jeans and am unbuttoned button up shirt with a t-shirt underneath. She mentioned she had a friend with her for the initial visit and we all got to talking about services and expectations and her health problems and everything seemed to be going well until she asked if I smoked. I said "No not cigarettes." Wishing I could take it back, the subject came to smoking marijuana with other clients for medicinal purposes and she let it go. I thought I might have lost her as a client but she asked me to return the next day and we would talk more.

The next day she was alone in her apartment wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. I knocked lightly and let myself in as per instructed and found her resting on the couch grimacing in pain. The first thing she asked me was if I had any of the marijuana that I smoked with my clients. I told her yes and went out to my car and got a nug with a little pipe to smoke her out. When I returned she said she had not smoked in 20 years and thinks it might help with her condition. I agreed with her and we got to talking about the job while smoking. When we were done with the first bowl she asked for another and I told her she should wait. She said ok and took a few pills and went to lay down in her bed for a while and asked me to do some light housekeeping. After a while she called for me asking to smoke another bowl and I gladly obliged.

She asked me to massage her lower back while she laid in her bed. Her skin felt amazing. She was laying on her side facing away from me and I used her lotion to rub her shoulder and went to her lower back. I reached her hem line and went further and rubbed the top of her buttocks and when I started getting close to her front she asked me to stay in one area and not touch her there. I apologized and continued for another 15 minutes, she adjusted her shorts and I caught glimpse of creases that turned me on a little. This woman had an incredible body I thought and I would love to touch the rest of her so my mind drifted off and my pressure increased and she winced and cried out asking me to stop. She put herself back together and sat up and said I should go but please come again tomorrow. I asked if she might be interested in an edible form of marijuana next time and she said yes.

The next day I came the door and let myself inside and handed her a special brownie made just for her. I told her that if she takes a pain pill and eats the brownie it might cause side effects and to take it easy. She took a pill, ate the brownie, and then asked to smoke a bowl. I told her that might make her tired but she didn't care. I started my light housekeeping and then afterwards went to check on her. She was still awake and asked for a massage but quickly passed out.

This woman with the incredible body was now passed out before me. I called her name and lifted her wrist and dropped it, she was out cold. I continued the massage using the lotion rubbing her shoulder and lower back. When I got to her rear end I kept going following her creases reaching around to the side of her stomach where she asked me to stop before and kept going. I rubbed her stomach, which had some curves and was smooth. I lingered where her breast met her chest and then back down to her rear end. I tried to shake her to see if she would respond but she did not so I continued.

I rolled her on to her stomach and eased her shorts down a bit and put her in a recovery position in case she woke up.

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