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Monee has a new friend.

" He said softly exiting the room.

Kelly rose from her desk when Mr. Neil walked by. He smiled at her again before he was gone. Kelly shook her head a little and gathered some papers and went to Ms. Braxton's office door and knocked before she entered.

"Is everything alright?' Kelly asked softly as she shut the door behind her. Ms. Braxton was already sitting back in her chair and had it turned to the window.

"Yes. Is everything set?" Ms. Braxton asked

"Yes everything is ready. Is there anything else?"Kelly asked setting the papers on the desk.

"No. There is nothing else. In fact take the rest of the day off till tonight. Be here at 6pm sharp. And wear something very..." She paused putting a finger to her chin. "Sexy, but nothing to reveling, we want to make a good impression." She spun around the chair to look at Kelly.

Kelly smiled softly as she listened. She never got off early even if she had to do a night meeting. A soft blush rose to her cheeks at her boss' words.

'Thank you. And... well...' Kelly cupped her hands in front of her. "I will be here. I'll leave a few notes before I go. See you tonight.' Kelly spat out and left the office before Ms. Braxton could get a word out. Kelly's face one once again hot and red as she moved to her desk. She wanted to hurry up before Ms. Braxton changed her mind. Writing down a few things on some sticky notes she put them up. Moving from her desk she grabs her things. She lingers at Ms. Braxton's door than leaves out.

Ms. Braxton went to say something but Kelly was already gone. Shaking her head slightly she got up and moved to the door. Once she head that Kelly was gone she left her office and went to Kelly's desk. Looking at the different notes she smiled to herself. She started to look through the drawers and found a photo. It was one of Kelly and her sister. Ms Braxton ran her fingers over the photo and looked at the calendar on the desk. Looking at today's date was circled in red and writing said 'Ask today!'

Ms. Braxton shook her head a little as she picked up the phone, and dialed a number. "Yes cancel all of my appointments for today except the evening one. Also I will need to change my schedule around."

'Yes Ms. Braxton. Is there anything else?" A women's voice answered.

"No that will be all. " Ms. Braxton hung up and moved to her office. Gathering her things she left the office to get ready herself.

Kelly was there at 6pm on the dot and was already getting stuff ready in the meeting room. Her red dress went down to her knees but it was los at the bottom but hugged her hips, and the rest of her frame. She made sure everything was ready when Ms. Braxton walked in. She had on a black dress that showed off her cleavage but not too much. It went to just her mid thigh and it had very thin straps. Kelly couldn't help as her eyes wandered over her boss's body.

"Is everything ready?" Ms. Braxton asked with a sly smile on her face.

Kelly blinked and blushed softly "Yes Ms. Braxton." She said softly moving from the room to stand at the door as Ms. Braxton walked in.

"Good. Do me one more favor and run to my office and get my briefcase. I seemed to have left it behind." She turned to look at Kelly.

"Sure.' Kelly hurried from the doorway to the office. Once inside she looked around by the desk and didn't seem it. "Now where could it be?" She put her hands on her hips as she thinks.

Ms. Braxton sighs softly as she stands at the front of the table. "Alright, we are ready." She says softly as the empty chairs move slightly as men and women appear from the shadows and take a seat.

"Welcome members of the council. I called this meeting tonight to tell you of..."

"What little progress you have made?" Spoke a woman who sat on the far end.

"No I have had much. In fact I already have a plan in action that will speed things up very quickly." Ms. Braxton said. She than started to speak in Latin on how she plans to send Kelly away and that over the past 5 years she has be making very careful plans to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Kelly in the m

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