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Vesper finds there is more to him than she bargained for.


Undressing in front of each other the girls take off all their clothes to put on their bathing suits.

Sitting on the bed naked Jessica starts to lather up her legs and stomach with tanning oil, when Christina starts to dressed . Bending over to pull the bikini bottoms of her bathing suit on Christina is totally unaware of her friends staring at her beautifully round bottom. As Jessica is admiring Christina's firm round ass, she starts to stroke her pouty, bare pussy lips while her friend bends over. not realizing what she's doing Jessica continues to touch herself. Christina slowly turns around speaking to Jessica bringing her out of her dream-state like trance .

"So what do you think?"

"God, C you look so beautiful, if I were a dude id fuck you on the spot!!!!"

"Wow, really? You really think so?"

"Hell yeah girl you look fuck-tastic!"

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself."

"What are you talking about I haven't even gotten dressed yet?"

"Yeah I know, but your so beautiful you look great in everything. And I love how you have your whole pussy shaved bare. I only trim it enough so that no hair shows through my suit."

"Yeah you like it", Jessica says, while stroking her bare mound. "I'll do yours for you if you like?"

"Yeah, will you?"

"Sure C, lets go over to my house I have some stuff there.'

Putting on there bathing suits quickly the girls walk over to Jessica's house . Being that no ones home. Jessica offers to do it in the main bathroom where there's plenty of room to move around.

"Okay just sit down in that chair by the double sinks. I have to get the stuff out of my room, I'll be right back"

Walking to her room, Jessica grabs her favorite waxing gel and hurries back down to the main bathroom to attend to her best friends pussy.

"Okay are you ready for me to start?"

"Yeah sure, go for it I've always trusted you."

"Good that's what I wanted to hear. Now first I have to clip the hair on your pussy. So go ahead and take off your bottoms and we can get started."

"Okay, cool."

Getting up form the chair she was sitting in, Christina slowly slides her shorts over her beautifully ,thick hips following the same procedure with her bikini bottoms. Sitting back down in the chair, Christina slides her lush ass to the front of the chair sitting with her pussy right over the edge and in clear reach of her friend.

Watching Christina position herself in the chair, Jessica reaches into the bathroom cabinet and grabs some small, sharp, cutting shears she knows her mother keeps in the bathroom for the exact same purpose. Walking over to Christina, Jessica looks into her friends sensual eyes and kneels down in front of her friend and spreads the girls thighs wider getting her ready for the cutting. Clipping all the hair on Christina's young, sweet, virginal pussy Jessica gets up to grab her waxing kit.

Watching Jessica get up from between her spread thighs, Christina sighs wondering if her friend has yet noticed her arousal.

As she moves across the room Jessica thinks about how soft and lush her friends pussy will be when her job is down. Grabbing her kit Jessica walks back to her friend, kneeling down in front of her getting her wax ready.

"Now Christina this may hurt a little bit at first but you'll get used to it and you'll barely feel it."

"Okay, im sure it wont hurt to bad."

Getting the wax and strips ready Jessica begins to wax her best friends tender pussy lips, watching her as she slightly flinches when she pulls the first couple strips off. continuing her waxing Jessica is soon finished on her friends pussy and begins to rub off the excess wax left over with a soft, warm, cotton wash cloth generously stroking the newly bare flesh. Pretending to be cleaning off wax Jessica slips her hand into her friends inner pussy lips slowly, rubbing up and down them hitting Christina clit on every up stroke.

Christina starts to moan wondering if her friend knows what she's actually doing to her tender, wet, fully aroused cunt.

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