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She runs into her crush without her pants.


"I am Mrs. Clarke, this is my home and I have caught a very naughty boy haven't I?"

"Oh Mrs., I'm so sorry. Please don't tell my mom. I was just... "

"Shhh. Enough of that rot," I exclaimed. "You have been caught in seriously compromising position and I'm not sure what I am going to do with you yet."

Even as I chastised him he was looking at my tits. Flushed from my orgasm my nipples were still sticking out to their full extent, almost an inch long and half an inch thick, giving my big DDD boobs their distinctive missile shape.

"You have been a bad boy and I must punish you for that. Do you understand?"

"Y...ess Mrs," he murmured submissively. " I know I've done the wrong thing but... "

He licked his lips again, no doubt still tasting me.

"What are you called boy?"


"Malcolm, Mrs. Clarke," I prompted sternly.

"Mm...malcolm, Mrs. Clarke," he stuttered.

"Stand up and step out of those pajamas Malcolm. I want you naked as well"

And again the obedient, "yes Mrs. Clarke."

We stood up and he kicked his pants away and slipped out of his pajama top. I couldn't help but stare at his lovely young body, so slim and fit, hands by his sides. He continues to study me as well; his huge cock, hanging down between his thighs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mary is wrapped up in a fluffy white towel. It doesn't even come close to covering her big gorgeous ass and looks like her nipples are holding it up. Her massive cleavage precedes her as she emerges from the en-suite bathroom.
My tits are big but I look flat next to Mary. Her broad hips, hefty thighs and massive fat ass are so sexy.

Holding the inadequate towel carefully so it doesn't fall, she sits down at my old antique dressing table. In the reflection from the big oval mirror we watch her take off the shower cap she's wore to keep her hair dry and her long black hair falling down around her shoulders.

Out of one of the two big draws she takes out something flimsy and transparent - my nightie, the one I was wearing to bed a week ago. The light aqua blue one that shows my cleavage off so well. And the one with my scent. I watch mesmerized as my sweet darling buries her face in the unwashed satin, her eyes closed, breathing in my aroma.

"Look what she's doing boy!"

Taking his hand I lead him closer, taking up position on the little paved area directly outside, looking in through the glass. I hear Malcolm's intake of breath thinking we will be seen but I know that the light in the bedroom makes the glass into a perfect two-way mirror.

I squeeze his hand reassuringly. "It's okay little pervert. She can't see us."

"Yes Ma'am."

If she could see us what an unlikely pair we made. A big old amazon of a woman with short cropped gray hair and hard features, robust, healthy and totally naked, holding the hand of a slim youth, a quarter my age, a boy just tall enough to suckle my nipples without bending down. Normal enough looking except for the huge cock dangling between his legs.

I find my fingers between my legs again, lazily playing inside myself. I was already getting horny again watching my girlfriend imagining what I would do to her. I'm so wet and slippery down there. Still holding his hand I watch his reaction. As I hoped his big cock twitches as he watches me masturbate.

"This beautiful creature is Mary," I tell him in an undertone. "She's been my best friend since we were children. We are very different but still perfect for each other. Can you guess why Malcolm?" I ask turning to him, still holding his hand.

"No, Mrs. Clark," he responds quietly.

His eyes roam over my body. Miraculously his huge cock is starting to grow again. In front of my eyes it is twitching and slowly rising up like an elephants trunk.

"Because of our appetites sweetheart. We have similar demanding appetites." I explain in my best teachers voice.

"There is nobody on this world who fills me with such lust or who can make me cum so well. And I do the same for her. I know I do. Look at her fantasizing about me."

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