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The Hopefuls begin their training.

"Hi, you must be Mike." I said as cheerfully as I could. In truth, even though part of me was still fired up and ready to go, my backside was a bit sore.

"And you must be Nervous Natalie."

"Just a little nervous. I new to all this."

"Ever married?"

"Ha! No!" I laughed.

"Ever had a boyfriend?"

"Not... not like this" I admitted as I poured myself a cranberry to quench my thirst. Fucking can really dehydrate you.

"Damn, where did Dave find you?"

"Oh, I just answered an ad and"

"No, no, I mean, I understand that, but, well most girls in your line of work are both more experienced and more jaded. I know, I've been with them all over the world."

"Oh! Uh, well I hope I meet your standards" I smiled as I wondered how many clap infested snatches he had plowed. Yep, this one definitely gets a condom.

"I confess, I think you are the prettiest girl I've seen. How old are you anyway?"


"And you're in college, trying to make ends meet?"


"Scholarships didn't work out?" He grinned.

"No, I mean, I have a couple but I want to live off campus and right now I can't even make my summer dorm rent, with out, you know."

"How... how did a nice girl like you ever get involved, I mean, it just doesn't make sense."

"Oh, well, lets see, you're probably wondering if I do a lot of drugs. No, I don't do any, well I will smoke weed sometimes but I don't go out of my way to. My parents are divorcing but I don't have daddy or mommy issues. I am very independent and don't want to rely on anyone I want to make my own way, and the only job where I can make some real money, real quick is, uh.."

"Turning tricks."

"Yes. Exactly. And I didn't grow up with a lot of romantic nonsense about sex. It feels good and ultimately its always been transactional, even back to the cavemen. Marriage arose as a way to govern the transaction, but ultimately, whether you're married or not, you should be able to participate in sexuality as you wish, and if consenting adults want to dispense with romance and just make it an honest trade, why shouldn't they? So I get paid for it, and I want to be the very best. Make sense?"

"Yes, and that is a much healthier way to get into the business than most. Most girls hate their customers, you are at best ambivilant and perhaps even, what? Friendly?"

"Well, so far, I like my clients. So far, I'm sure I will run into a few bad apples."

"Lets hope not but when you're turning tricks I suppose it is inevitable."

"I like that phrase, 'turning tricks'. It sounds better than 'whoring'" I smiled.

"Hmm, so, I shouldn't call you a whore. Good tip, thanks!" He laughed, making it clear to me that ultimately he was a gentleman who wouldn't call a woman that or anything else.

"Hmmm, well, in the heat of the moment I kinda like it, and a few other mildly degrading things but you will figure that out as we go along. So.. you want to see what tricks I can do?" I asked as I finished my cranberry and took his hand, leading him to the bedroom.

Once we got there he gently spun me into his arms as I shut the door, and held me close.

"A man who likes to be in charge I see"

"Not really, I'm in charge all day. I'm sure Dave has told you what services I paid for. I'll let you deliver them as you see fit. I just wanted to hold you close for a moment as you are the most beautiful woman I think I have ever been with."

"Awww, thats sweet.

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